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About The Guild

CSS Is Poetry, or CiP for short, was created on March 29, 2006 by Amyishh just a month after she won the User Lookup Spotlight. Amy created the guild in the hopes of broadening the skills of Neopets users who enjoyed coding with CSS, and making friendships in the process.

What makes CiP special is that our members are helpful and caring; if you're stuck with a layout you're coding, they'll guide you through it until you understand why it works the way it does. Don't be afraid to ask for help when you need it!

The guild also offers many activities that you can partake in. These range from our famous Lookup Exchange to our own Petpage Spotlight! For participating in CiP activities you will also receive a special pin, which you can learn more about later on. With all the things happening in the guild, you're sure to never be bored.

Have you ever been in a guild, and wanted to talk about something other than Neopets? Well, in CiP you can! Amy, the guild leader, provides the guild with their very own forum where you can talk with some of your close 'guildies' without intruding on other member's conversations. You can even join the forums if you aren't in the guild and get help from our members!

Ah, the dreaded ranks. Most guilds give you a rank, and you're stuck with it once you meet the 'requirements'. In CSS Is Poetry, we allow you to chose from two different ranks once you've been in the guild for a month, and four different ranks once you've been in for two. And best of all, you're able to request for a rank change at any time you want!

Sound like a great guild yet? Keep reading to find out more about our activities and members. Or if you want, go straight to the application section.

Guild Activities

CSS Is Poetry offers a wide range of activities that all guild members are allowed to participate in. For participating in an activity, you will earn yourself a special pin. These pins can be put on your lookup or petpage for everyone to see what you have accomplished! Listed below are some of the activities that our whacky council have come up with in the past.

• User Lookup Spotlight
CSS Is Poetry holds it's very own User Lookup Spotlight every few months. Members are given a predetermined theme and one week to complete their entries. The members then vote on who they think has the best entry.

• Petpage Spotlight
Just like the User Lookup Spotlight, except members get to choose the theme and content for the page.

• Design a Pin
Every so often, members are allowed to design a new collectible pin for use in the guild. If the pin design is chosen, members receive a special pin to let other users know. You can trust us to make a pin making pin. ;)

• User Lookup Exchange
This is by far CSS Is Poetry's most popular activity. In this three week long event, members fill out a survey and are entered into a Secret Santa of sorts. A chooser, one of the council members, randomly hands out member's names to each other in secret. Those members then have a week to create a lookup for their Secret Santa based on the survey that person filled out. Lookups are then given out, and are displayed for a week (and sometimes even longer!).

• Make a Cake
For the guild's first birthday, members were given the template for a cake. All they had to do was decorate it in a graphic's program and they got it displayed on the forum (and received a special pin).

• Design a Homepage!
Every so often one member will be selected to design a new guild layout. The member gets to choose any theme they want, and the layout is used for one or two months!

The Members

There are currently 39 members in CSS Is Poetry; not too many, and not too little. Our members enjoy helping people when they can, and have also done some great work of their own.

Amazingly enough, CiP has had five members win the official Neopets User Lookup Spotlight! We are very proud that these members won, and are very hopeful that many more will. Below are the members that have won.

The members in the guild not only like making lookups, but they also spend their time putting help pages together. Below are some of the wonderful pages put together by our members.


Yes, the council does have an application process. Although the guild was made to help people, we would like people with a good understanding of HTML and CSS to be allowed in the guild so we can build on their skills. This also prevents any spammers from getting into the guild and disrupting our members. Also, if you are already in a guild on your main account, and don't want to leave it, then feel free to apply on a side account.

Applying for CSS is Poetry is a very easy to do. Unlike other guilds, we don't require you to have a certain number of avatars, a gallery with 500 items in it, or a great grandmother with the last name Frederickson. All we want is for you to have a passion for coding, and that you make a user lookup with one of our premade graphics. Listed below is what we look for in all applications.

(Please keep in mind that following all of these rules does not guarantee you an invite, these are just basic guidelines to go by.)

In your application we will look for...
• Thorough understanding of CSS
• Organzied code
• Functionality
• Desire to learn advanced CSS
• Creative twists
• A great personality
You might not get accepted if...
• It doesn't work in Firefox
• There's a heavy use of guides
• There's chatspeak
• There's innapropriate content
• The code is stolen
• Minimum requirements are met

Now that you know what to do, and what not to do, how about you start making your application? Simply choose one of the premade graphics below (drag the thumbnail into the address bar for a larger view), and make a lookup out of it.

Hover over an image for more information.

Once you have finished your lookup, please include the following questions, with answers, somewhere on your lookup. If a question does not apply to you, please omit it. If there is not enough room on your lookup, please include them in your neomail to a council member (more on that below).

  1. How long have you been coding?
  2. If you are applying on a side, what is your main account?
  3. Do you have your own website?
  4. What is Internet Explorer?
  5. How did you hear about our guild?

Once you are done with everything, simply neomail your application to either Amy, Diane, Mai, or Tom. Once received, your application will take a few days to be looked over. After that, a council member will neomail you back to let you know if you have been accepted into CSS is Poetry or not!

Well, that's it! Now you know something about CSS is Poetry and what goes on in the guild, and your application is sent in. If you'd like to meet the members, and find out even more about the guild, then visit our site, which is located at thenameofourguild dot net.

We hope to see you in the guild soon!
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