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Filling in the Blanks: What Every Neopian Needs
Guides that Actually Work: Impressive Accounts
Ten Ways to Make an Account "Stick

Adopt, Trade, & Pound

Adopting & Trading
A Beginner's Guide to Trading Pets
Add Another to your Family!
Are You Ready to Adopt? Are you Ready to Abandon?
Don't Judge a Book By Its Cover: True or False?
From Achrei's Lab Notebook: "The NP in a Name
Happily Traded
Lost and Pound
Penny Trading Guide
Pet Lending, Borrowing, and Transferring Guide
Pet Trade Database
Say What? A Guide to Pet Trading Etiquette
The Hullabaloo over Transfers: Is Trading Degrading?
The Steps to Adopting
Trading Beautiful for Spectacular
Trading Points
We Can Adopt Painted Pets Too!
What is my Pet Worth?
Writing Effective Trade Neomails

A Complete Guide to Neomail Applications
Abel's Application Guide
Cib's Pet Application Guide
How to Adopt a Dream
How To Fail At Applying For A Pet (Every Time)
Just Another Application Guide
Lady Media's Guide to Neomail Applications
Make or Break
Morwella's Guide to Making UFQA/Neomail Applications
Rawrimmakitty's Guide to Making an Application
So You Wanna Apply for a Pet?
The Application Process
The Apptionary

Abandoning Your Neopet - The Right Choice?
After the Abandonment
Avoiding the Pound: An Owner's Guide
Pondering The Pounded Pets
Pound Release
The Neopian Pound
The Pound – Adopt, Transfer, Abandon, Your Choice!
The Pound: Unfair Advantage Or Absolute Delight?
The Pound Updated—Shaking our Society's Foundations
Things to Think About Before Abandoning Your Pet
What Not to Believe When Reading About the Pound
Zap-and-Pounding - Does It Work?

Pound Chat
A Neopian's Guide to 'Pound Surfing
Blue's Pound Chat
Eva's Practical Guide to Pound Surfing
Secrets of the Pound Chat
The Pound Chat (Jazzy style)- The Lingo Edition
Your Lingo Guide to the Pound Boards (PC)

Advent Calendar

Advent Calendar 2010
Advent Calendar List
Everything You Need to Know About the Advent Calendar
Fizzy's Advent Archives
Loveywovey's Advent Calendar List
Shelby's Advent Calendar Item List


The How To of Adventures


Good Things in Small Packages

Altador Cup

Altador Cup: How to Stay on the Track to All-Star
Altador Cup Video Guide
How to Help Bring Your Team to Success
Krystal's Yooyuball Guide
Mastering the Yooyuball Game
Shootout Showdown
So you want to play Yooyuball?
The Utimate Yooyuball Guide

Altador Cup Dictionary
Altador Cup HQ
Altador Cup V Standings and Predictions
Altador Cup List
Altador Cup Supporters
Altador Cup Teams and Predictions
Celebrity Altador Cup
Jelles Altador Cup GIDS
The Altador Cup and Good Sportsmanship
Turn Up the AC!
Your Guide to the Altador Cup
Yooyuball Planet

Altador Cup Directory
The Altador Cup Directory
The Original AC Directory

Verren's Altador Cup Commentary

Specific Teams

Darigan Citadel
Darigan Citadel Headquearters
Darigan Graphics Unlimited


Kiko Lake

Krawk Island
Krawk Island Art and Support
Krawk Island Graphics
Krawk Island Living Legends

The Bubble
We are Maraqua

Knights of Meridell
Meridell All-Knighters


Mystery Island
Mystery Island Yooyuball Pros

Peace to the AC
Team Raspberry

Roo Island
Roo Island

Terror Mountain
Terrors of Terror Mountain



Altador Plot

Altador Plot Guide
Altador Plot Guide Supplement
Aardax's Darkest Faerie Plot Guide
Ferrarihorse360's Altador Plot Guide
Guia de Plot de Altador Portuguese


Aura's Art Guide
Create Your Own Faerie
Drawing Your Own Neoart
Everything You Need to Know About Art
Mirelle's Colored Pencil Tutorial

Art Gallery

Dos and Don'ts of the Art Gallery
Extensive Guide to The Art Gallery
Lobster's Guide to the Art Gallery


Auction Sniping List
Going... Going... GONE!!
The Addictive Auction House
The Auction House: The House That Never Sleeps
The Way of the Auctions


2dog2's Avatar Help Page
Avatar Collecting: The Sport, Obsession, and Problem
Avatar Collecting Made Easy
Avatar Guide
Avatar Guide (2) inactive
Avatar GuideGerman
Avatar Help
Avatar Help (2)
Avatar Hunting the Safe Way
Avid Avatar Collecting: 300 in Less Than a Year!
B's Avatar Guide
Chef Bonju Avatar Solved
Choosing Your Avatar
Heartpearl's Avatars
Jocelyn's Avatar Guide
Mylanithi12's Avatar Guide
Neopets Avatar Guide
Quyda's Daily Avatars
Secret Avatar Guide
Spottypuppydog's Avatar Guide
Stevo's Avatar Guide
Tavi's Avatar Guide
The Unofficial Guide To Avatar Collecting
Your Guide to Avatars

Avatars Chat
The AC Games

Beat the Avatar Opponent
Snakanat's Avatar Opponent Guide

Av Game Guide
Game Avatars 101
Ten Easy Game Avatars
Your Guide to Avatar Games

Ace's Avatar Lending Agency
Darkie's Lending Agency
Diana's Pet Lending
Collateral Exchange Program
King Artuhr Lending
Lend Me Plz
Lending, Inc.
Vanna's Avatar Lending
Vicki's Lending Agency

Cheap Items List
Cramming in One Giant Space
Packrat Emporium
Packrat Guide
Packrat List 1
Packrat List 2
Packrat List 3
Pack Rat List 4
Safety Deposit Box Avatar Guide
The Packrat Hills
The Packrat List
The Pack Rat List

Specific Help
Chocolate Restocking Avatar
Daily Asparagus Guide
How to Get Every Borrowable Item Avatar
Kelp's Maraquan Menu
Restocking Chocolate Guide
SM Bonju Hunt
Spooky Restocking Avatar
The Most Efficient Way to Collect Avatar Pets
Three Keys to Unlocking the Number Six Avatar
Tried and Tested Bonju Avatar




A Basic Guide To Capsules
A Beginner's Guide to Mystery Capsules
Almost Capsule Guide
Capsule Addicts Anonymous
Fall Pumpkin Patch Mystery Capsule
Fall Pumpkin Patch Mystery Capsule (2)
Fruity Mystery Capsule
Mystery Capsules
Spooky Moon Halloween Mystery Capsule
Trading With Capsule Values
Values are not in Capsules
Winter Igloo Mystery Capsule
Winter Snow Flurry Mystery Capsule

Caption Contest

My Top 10 Tips to Get Into the Caption Contest
Winning the Caption Contest


Tips to Design Your Very Own Cave using CaveMaker


Isca and Caylis
Neopian Character Directory


A Guide To Understanding Abbreviations On The Boards
A Quick Guide to Common Chatspeak
Bumpity Bump
Chat Speak Dictionary
Chatspeak Dictionary
ChiZzab3L's Acronyms
Commonly Used Acronyms and Abbreviations
Crio3mo's Acroynym Page!
Help Us to Help You
How to be a Neoslang Nerd
Katfun's Word Help
Know-how Language of Today
Side Note
The Slangtionary


Codestones: The Ultimate Guide!


Chomby Crash Comics Course
Comic Making Tips
H33lix's Comic Guide


The Competition That Is For You!


Concert Guide
Concert Headquarters
Concert Mania
Concert Schedule

Cooking Pot

Cooking Pot Recipes
Neopian Cooking Pot Information Center


Cool's Med Chart
Etheline's Guide to Health and Cures
Neopian Emergency Room
Pet Cures, Diseases, and more!


Background Bonanza
Bargain Priced Wearables
Customisation Spotlight: Can You Be a Star?
Customized Clothing
Customizing: The Artist's Guide to Composition
Customizing VS Paintbrushes
Dressed-Up Pet Screenies
Guide to Paint Brush Clothing
Guide To Winning the Customization Competition
I Have Too Much to Wear: Guide to Closet Clutter
Knocking Sense into Fashion
Lilacia's SWF Collection
Making Your Neopet Look His/Her Best!
Neopets Fashion on the Fast Lane: Customization
Neopian Fashion Guide to Backgrounds
Panther's Customization Guide
Restockable Wearables
The Neopets Closet
Scat's Ixi Modeling Project
Strut Modeling Center
The Beginner's Guide to Pet Design
Toddler's Togs: A Guide to Dressing Your Baby Neopet
Wearable Backgrounds (Neopoints only)
Wearable Clothing Guide
Wearable Items (Neopoints only)
What in Neopia are Grams?
Your Festive Clothing Guide






5 Common Uses of Your Gallery
Choosing Your Gallery Theme
Destiny's Guide to Collecting
Gallery Basics: The How and the Why
Gallery FAQ
Galleries Galore!!!
Galleries Made Easy
Getting Started: Glorious Gallery Making
How to Create a Keepable Gallery
Mario's Corner for Collectors
Piggy's Gallery Guide
The A to Z of Galleries: Life as a Collector
The 10 Coolest Ways to Revamp Your Old Gallery!
What To Collect

Gallery Spotlight

How to Build a Spotlight Worthy Gallery
Truth About The Gallery Spotlight

Games Master Challenge

Gamemaster Challenge
The Games Master Challenge: Total Domination


A3k's Help Guide
Common Misconceptions
Copy & Paste;
EmPwns: Guide to Becoming a Successful Neopian
Exploring Neopia Help Guide
Got a Question?
Guild Universe
How-To GuidesMetis

My Help Page
Neopets Quick Link and Help Guide
Quagthistle's Web
Questions of Neopia
Steph's Help Page
Sunflower25's Help Page
The Condensed Neopian Times Editorial
The Guide!
The Neopets Q & A
The Secrets of Neopets
The Things You Should Know
What'd I Miss?


Neopets Gift Guide

Gourmet Food

Getting Started in the Gourmet Club
Gourmet Foods
Likramet's Guide to Gourmet Food
Paupers Gourmet Foods
Quramia's Gourmet Food Guide
The Guide to Gourmet
Zkharr's Gourmet Food List
Zzzippie123's Gourmet Food Database


Zel and Grace's Grammar Guide


Guide to Grooming Products
The Dos and Don'ts of Grooming Your Neopet
The Guide to Grooming


10 Keys to a Great Guild
A Guide to Guild-Leading
A Guild-Hopper's Guide to Finding the Perfect Guild
Are YOU a Guild Hopper?
Becoming A Worthy Council Member
Being A True Guild Leader
Diggerzy's Guild Helping Site
Froggy's Guide to Starting a Guild
Guild Advertising Advice
Guide to a Successful Guild
Guide to a Successful Guild War
Guilding: Finding the Right Guild & Being a Member
Guilding: Starting & Maintaining a Successful Guild
How to Be a Guild Member
How to Be A Successful Guild Leader
How To Find The Right Guild For You
How to Start a Successful Guild
Jess's Guide to Guild Advertising
Kensie's Guide to Finding the Perfect Guild!
Perfecting Flower's Guild Guide
Pirate's Guild Guide
Serennoking's Guild Owning Guide!
The Art of Guild Making
The Guild Guru
The Makings of a Great Guild
The Ultimate Guild Guide
Tips When Looking For A Guild






2cents on Kad Feeding
A Closer Look at the Kadoatery
Andy's Kadoatery Guide
Aqua's Helpful tips on Feeding
Carmen's Kadoatery Food List
Carmen's Kadoatery Guide
Cathy's Grouped Kad Food List
Feeding Kadoaties For Beginners
How to make a list of Kad foods from the last main
Jae's Crash Course in Kadding
Kad Feeding 101
Kad Foods A-Z
Kadder Directory
Kadoatery Birthday List
Kadoatery Feeding Guide
Kadoatery Dictionary
Kadoatery High Score List
Kadoatery Tips and Tricks for Super-Fast Wiz Feeding
Kali's Kad Guide
Lizzie's Kadoatery Guide
Mandy's Kad Feeding Guide
Refreshing at the Kadoatery
The 5-Step Guide to Feeding Your First Kadoatie
The Kadoatery
The Kadoatery (2)
The Kadoatery (3)
The Kadoatie-Feeding Troika
The Myths of the Kadoatery
The Tooseas Kadoatery Guide
Time Explanation
Toni's Rad Food List
Top 10 Kadoatery Myths, BUSTED!
Xaiveren's Kadoatery FAQ





How to Name Your Pet
Imposing Names
Kilajui's Custom Naming Guide
Name Me, I'm Yours!
Naming the Average Neopet
Naming Your Neopet
Operation N.A.M.E
The Fantastical Pet Naming Guide
The Name Game
Simple Buttons
Tips & Tricks For Naming Your Pets


All about n00bitis
How Not to be a N00b
N00bs vs. Newbies
Please Don't Feed the N00bs
What is a n00b and how to avoid meeting them

NC Mall/Neocash

Ara's Values
Guia de NC
Mall Minutiae
Msyterious Morphing Experiments
Mysterious Morphing Experiment Guide
NC Board Webpage
NC Card Items
NC Mall Catalogue
NC Mall FAQs
NC Mall Items Retiring Soon
NC Mall Limited Edition Guide
NC Mall Newbie's Guide
NC Mall Trading Etiquette
NC Value Guide
Neocash A-Z
Neocash Card Guide
NeoCash in Review: The Best Items of Y10!
Neocash Item Values
Neocash Laws
Strateger's Values
Sweeetly Gifted
The Archive
What in Neopia are the Mysterious Morphing Experiments?
What's My Neocash Item Worth?
Your Personalized NC Mall Album Guide

NC Trading

A 5-Lesson Beginner's Guide to NC Item Trading
Angel's Thoughts on NC Trading
NC Trading 101
NeoCash Item Trading: The Whats, Whos and Hows?!
The Complete Beginner's Guide to NC Trading
Your Complete Guide to NC Trading!


All About Neggs
Complete Guide to Neggs
Guide to Neggs
Negg Training Guide
Neggery Neggs
Neggs: What Are They?
The Complete Guide to Neggs


Delicious Debating or How To Win Your Argument
How to Be a Responsible Neo-Chatter
How To Survive The Neoboards
Lending Adam! And Other Amusing Neoboard Trends
Neoboards: Friend or Foe
Neopia's Guide to Chatting Safe
Neopian's Guide to the Neo-Boards
Personality on the Neoboards
Show Off Your Pet! But First, Rate My Lookup?
The Boards for the Bored
The Complete Guide To Neoboard Pens
The Neoboards: How to Steer Clear of the Drama


Hello! My name is...: A Guide to Making Neofriends
How to Maintain Neofriendships
Making Neofriends - The Courteous Way
Seven Succulent Suggestions for Scoring Neofriends


A Planning Guide to the New Neogardens
A Realtor and Designer's Guide to the New Neohomes
Adjusting to your Neohome 2.0
Building the Perfect Neohome
Cheap, Easy Neohome Decorating
Creating Fabulous Neogardens
Designing an Attractive Neohome on a Budget
Finding the Perfect Location for your Neohome
Flash's Tile Tutorial
Furniture Catalog
Grazy's Neo Guide
Kate's Furniture Index
Making the Perfect Neohome
NC Mall Catalogue: Neohomes Edition
Neohome 2.0
Neohome 2.0 FAQ
Neohomes and Garden Guide
Not Just Your "Average" Abode
NPT's Furniture Guide
Rascalus's Revered Rooms
Right vs. Might
Spring Has Sprung: Planting the Perfect Garden
The Good Neohome
The Shed
Top Tips for Neohomes 2.0
Version 2 NeoHome and Garden Guide
Views of items in neohomes and gardens

Neopets Toolbar/Tarla

A Witch's Guide to Tarla
How to fix the Tarla Alert bug in Firefox
Neopets Toolbar Info Page
Tarla's List
Tarla's Toolbar
Tarla's Toolbar - Do You Have What It Takes?
Xoe's Tarla Guide

Neopian Events

Special Days

Neopian Times

9 Sure Ways to Get Into the Neopian Times
All That Blah: NT Edition
Be a Star
Being a Neo-Writer
How to Write a Proper Question for the Editorial
Itsy's All You Need to Know Guide About the Neopian Times
Neopian Times Story: Yet to Have A Title
Six Simple Steps to Help You Write a Story for the Neopian Times
Talia's Guide to Becoming a NT Star
The Condensed Neopian Times Editorial
The History of the Neopian Times
The Journalist's Guide to Getting in the Times
The Neopian Times – A Guide to Getting Published
The Neopian Times Phrases
The Secret Rulebook
The Weewoo Den
Too Many Good Entries
Why Write For The Neopian Times?
Why YOU Should Write for the Neopian Times


Neovision: The Guide!


Nerkmid Guide

Newbie Guides

Complete Newbie Guide
Gauditt's Newbie Help
Graciegirl63 Explains
Guide for Newbies
Help for Newbies
Ladera's Guide to Everything and Anything Neo
Newbie Help Guide
Newbie Q n A
The Hitchhiker's Guide to Neopets
The Information Station
The Poor Newbie's Guide to Lavish Living
Traveling Neopia




Eyes on the Prize: Guide to Obtaining a Paint Brush
Darayan's Paintbrush Guide
Let's Paint
Meep! Paint Brush Prices
Osarc's Coloring Guide
Paint Brush FAQ
Paint Brush Free Painting
Paint Brushes for Points: Ultimate PB Guide!
Paint Brushes of Neopia
Repainted and Proud

Pant Devil

The Pant Devil: Malicious Fiend, or Helpful Friend?

Pet Rating

Five Key Ways to Survive the Pet Rating System


All About Lupes
Cheap Ways to Get Your Own Limited Edition Neopet
~Dytz's Unconverted and Rare Pets Guide
Eight Ways To Make An Impressive Pet On A Budget
Emily's Guide to What's My Pet Worth?
Guide to Rare Pets
How to Keep Your Neopets Happy
Keeping Your Neopet Happy... On a Budget!
Pet Emotions
Pets are Priceless
Quart C's
Rishi's Guide to Limited Edition and Restricted Pets
Studio 54
The Joys Of Owning A Food Pet
The Perils of An Only Pet
The Resistance
Top 50 Pets
When Pets Go Green


Ayperi's Guide to Petpets
Candychan Sanctuary
Goodsigns' Petpetpet Guide
Mao's Painted Petpetpets Petpetpet Directory
Petpet Price Guide
Petpets Under 100k
PetPetPet List
Pet(Pet(Pet)) Matching
Petpetpets (2)
PPL List
The PetPetPet Guide
Toowumba's Petpetpet Guide


50 Things to do While You Wait for a New Plot Step
Journey to the Lost Isle Plot Guide
Prizes from Quests/Plots
Sweep's Plot Prize Guide
The Return of Doctor Sloth



Random Contest

A Beginner's Guide to the Random Contest

Random Events

Darkstormer666's Page of Random Events
Random Events

Real Life

Cookie Compendium
Earth Matters
International Talk Like a Pirate Day
Phantom of the Opera
Wildlife Treasury

Restocking & Malls

1000 NP Deals
Ayperi's Guide to Restocking
Bits and Pieces Shopping Guide
Bugsy's Guide to Effective Shopkeeping and Malling
Choosing the Best Shop to Restock At
Does Your Shop Need A Theme?
Epode's Seasonal Shopkeeping
Eno's Shop Guide
Jetaketa's Ultimate Guide To Shopkeeping
Lisa's Guide to Malling
Owning a Shop with Interests
QuadTail's Shopkeeping Guide
Restocking Guide
Restocking Guide (2)
Restocking in Specific Shops
Restocking is Fun Again!
Running a Profitable Shop
Sabrina's Ultimate Shop Promotion Guide
Simplest Restocking Guide Around
So You Want to Be In a Mall
Surviving Restocking
The Lazy Neopian's Guide to Restocking
The Neopian Paint Brush Inflation Rate
The Outsider's Guide to Reselling
The Restocker's Road Is Paved With Gold
The Wizing Hour
TML Guides to Shops and Malls
Unstocked: One Writer's Restocking Ineptitude
Wait, What? Another Restocking Guide for Newbies?
Weatherbee's Guide to Malling
What is reselling?
What To Sell in Your Shop and Earning Neopoints
x_Kousei_x's Restocking Guide
You Made It to the Market! Now What?
Your Guide to Restocking: Better Than Gaming


How to Roleplay
How to Roleplay in Five (Possibly) Easy Steps
How To Successfully Create a Roleplay Board
Roleplayer's Guide
Roleplaying for Beginners
Roleplaying for Newbies

Rules & Account Safety

Ageless Accounts
Akaunts' UNOFFICIAL Guide to Neopets Account-Keeping
Believe it or not: You were not hacked!
Better than a Blah
Brayca's Guide to Scams
Chain Letters
Cheeroh's Summary of Copyright Law
Defend Yourself from Fake Login Pages and Cookie Grabbers
Keys to a Long Neo-Life
Kittyxneo's No Worries Guide to a Safer Account
Lanivia's Scammed Help
Learn the Rules!
Loyal User Perks
No Script and You
Protect Yourself from Cookie Grabbers
Punchback Bob
Quick Checklist in Case you are Cookie Grabbed
Scam Guide
Scammers, Hackers, Etc.
Stop Yourself Getting CGed
The Anti-Scam Tips Page
The Legit List
Warnings About Some Common Scams
What is theft?
Who Knew?
Your Complete Guide to Avoiding Scams


Stamps, etc.

10 Rarest Stamps: Shedding Light on the Most Elusive Collectables
All About Stamps
An All-Around Guide To Stamps!
Collectable Sea Shells
Complete Stamp Spolier List
Dargona5's Stamp Guide
HRH's Guide to Stamps
Narazok's Guide to Stamps
Stamp Collecting
The Neopian Collectables Guide


Advanced Stocking Techniques
Advanced Stocking Techniques Part 2
Buy and Sell Stockmarket Guide
Buy Low, Sell High
Exposing Neopia's Darkest Secrets: The Stock Market
How to Play the Stock Market
Ilovemypup's Journey Through the Stock Market
Market Tales: Neopians and Stock Investment Risks
Sniggy's Stock Tips
Stock Market
Stock Market Guide
Stocks: A Board Game, Not a Game of Chance
The Beginner's Guide To The Neopian Stock Market
The (not so confusing) Stock Market!
The Savvy Stockbroker's Guide


A Comprehensive Storytelling Guide: Part One
A Comprehensive Storytelling Guide: Part Two
Stories of Neopia
Talia's Guide to the Storytelling Competition
Writing a Story: The Beginners Guide









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