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Greetings, guest. I see you are interested in learning to riverboard, aren't you? Well, you won't be able to get anything out of me. This old body of mine wouldn't allow such, how you youths say, "extreme excitement" to become it. However, there are two others who can help you. They are two students of mine, Bowe and Cassile. They have been riverboarding for at least two years now, so they know everything there is to know about the sport. To get started, just click any of those buttons on the top, and they will lead you straight to either one of them. Just be sure not to hurt yourself in the process, my friend. Dear old Anshu has gotten tired treating these kinds of injuries.

Hey, what's up? The name's Bowe, and I'm one of, and if not, the best riverboarders in Neopia! Most neopets like to surf during the summer months, but many could only go to Mystery Island for that. We in Shenkuu found quite a different way. On the 20th day of Swimming, Y9
(July 20, 2007), me and my best friend Cassile brought the world to Shenkuu to experience a one-of-a-kind sport of skill, speed, and stamina. I'll show you how to pull off all kinds of tricks, what you need to watch out for, and where to find riverboard-related goodies!

Oh, would you look at that? Looks like Cassile just arrived! Why don't you speak to her? She might have some tips for you as well.

Ah, why hello there. My name's Cassile. I see you were talking to my good friend Bowe over there. Did he mention anything about being the best riverboarder there is? He did, didn't he. Oh don't believe that big oaf, he couldn't hold his balance for more than half a second. (And just between us, I'M the best there is ;) ) But anyway, you'd like to learn about riverboarding, wouldn't you? Well, it may sound simple, but there's a lot more two it than just pushing keys on that keyboard you've got. Just stick with me, and you'll get that gold trophy in no time. I'll show you the basics of how this sport works, what items you can use on your journey, tips I've learned from fellow riverboarders, and other places you can go for help.

So, are you ready to begin? LET'S GO!

Now in order to play this sport, you'll need the 3Dvia Player (formerly known as the 3D Life Player). This player will only work in the Firefox and Internet Explorer browsers on Windows XP and Vista. To install it, go to Follow the instructions. If you have trouble installing the player, contact the site's troubleshooting section. If you have and older version of the player, you'll have to remove it via the Add or Remove Programs section of the Control Panel before installing the new one.
MAC USERS: The player will work in IE and Firefox on Macs, too. However, the installation can be kind of tricky. Consult the troubleshooting section if you have problems.

Before you begin, you'll need to know the controls. Take a good look below.

As you can see, the controls are very simple. It can take a bit of time and patience for the keys to respond, but once you get the hang of it, the challenge is easy.

Now that you know the controls, here's what you you'll be seeing on your screen.
When the game loads, you'll be given the choice of either Bowe or myself. Either one doesn't really matter, so take your pick!

(I'm the best choice, FYI. :) )

Now once the gong goes, you'll be on your way! Here's what you'll be seeing on your screen:

That clock's gonna be important, so make sure you remember it.

That's all the basics you need to know. Now Bowe would like to show you the
tricks of the trade.

OH YEAH! If you wanna get the gold, you gotta show it to the fans! Tricks are the way to do it, and once you know how to, that trophy's as good as yours! There are 6 different tricks to do, and they require 2, 3, or 4 arrow keys to do it! Just remember that you need to hold SHIFT in order for your key commands to work. Also, don't forget to cancel all qued tricks with the SPACEBAR.

When you do the same trick more than once, you earn one more point than before to your score. For example: 1, 2+1=3, 5+1=6, and so on. If you alternate between tricks, you can add more to your score! (see Cassile with her tips to find out more.)

Two-Key Tricks
These tricks are the simplest to pull off, and the quickest, lasting only 1 second. When just one trick is pulled off continuously, you start with 1 point then it continues on to 3, 6, and so on.

Tomamu Tail Flare

Whirling Kazeriu

Three-Key Tricks
These tricks take a little longer than the two-keys, lasting 2 seconds. Keep in mind that these and the four-key tricks are meant for pretty high jumps, so be careful you don't accidentally activate one. With just one continuous trick, you can earn 4, 9, 15 points, and so on.

Juma Spin

Sandan Somersault

Four-Key Tricks
In the long run, these tricks are pretty much just for show and not for getting any trophies. These last 3 seconds, and are not recommended for medium jumps. Unless you're challenged to only use these tricks, I'd keep away from these. Anyway, here they are, worth 8, 17, 27, and so on if done with only one continuous trick.

Pygui Roll

Quilin Eclipse

It looks like Cassile's trying to get hold of something down there.
You'd better go and take a look. It might be worth something.

I've almost got it.... YES! Hello metal mote! Huh? Oh, it's you. So you learned how to do tricks, eh? Well, tricks aren't the only way to earn your keep here. Items here are plentiful here on the river, and they can be quite helpful. There are two types of items that can be used here: Power Motes and Equipment. The motes always appear in the same spots every time you play, so once you learn those positions, they can give you the upper hand. As for equipment, you'll have to find those at Wonderous Weaponry, cause they are actual neopian items! If you can afford the price, I'll tell you, it'll be quite worth it.

Power Motes
There are three different motes on the river, each with their own unique ability.

Electric Mote - Speed Boost

There are a lot of these little guys out there, each one giving you a quick burst of speed. Be careful you don't take too much of them, though. You're more likely to lose control and crash.

Air Mote - Super Jump

This mote has the power to send you high into the sky! The faster you are, the higher you can go, so it's no wonder you can usually find these after a line of speed boosts. Just be sure not to land on it, or you won't get enough air for more tricks.

Metal Mote - Invulnerability

These motes are my favourite, 'cause this little guy can protect you from one hit of damage, which is nice if you want have all those tricks you did count for your score, or when you accidentally hit something. You can only be protected once, you cannot add 1 more hit to your protection when you collect another metal mote. However, you can always gain your invulnerability back by collecting another mote.

These neopian items come from the
Wonderous Weaponry shop in Shenkuu. If you have bad luck finding them there, you can always try the Shop Wizard, the Auction House, or the Trading Post. Be sure you can pay the price for it, though; some of these items don't come cheap. Once you obtain them, keep them in your safety deposit box or equipped to your neopet for battle so that they don't get stolen from your inventory. As long as you possess the item, the effects will be felt.

Speed Beads - Increases Speed

Shop Wizard | Auction House | Trading Post

Boots of Flight - Increases Jump Height
Shop Wizard | Auction House | Trading Post

Pack of Holding - Gives bonus points at start of next level
Shop Wizard | Auction House | Trading Post

Bracers of Fury - Decreases chances of crashing during a quick trick.
Shop Wizard | Auction House | Trading Post

Helm of Recovery - (supposedly) Gets you back on the board faster than normal.
Shop Wizard | Auction House | Trading Post

Winged Talisman - Decreases gravity, aka fall time.
NO LONGER AVAILABLE. This was an NC Mall item, but that fact forced TNT to take it off, as explained in
Neopian Times Editorial #303, question 17. However, you can decrease fall time by holding down SHIFT while in the air.

Uh-oh, looks like Bowe has has a bit of an accident up ahead.
Think you can help him out?

Uuuuugh, gonna feel that one tomorrow... Eh? Oh, hey man, how ya been? You hit any rocks today? I sure did. X~x That metal mote can come quite handy in a tough spot like this... Anyway, the river's full of obstacles and traps you must avoid at all costs. If you don't, those lives there are gonna go with you, and *poof* Game over. Just take a look below on what's gonna get in your way...

Just watch yourself out there, 'kay kid? You don't wanna end up like I was.

Cassile's up ahead to show some
tips on getting that trophy!

Well, now that you've learned how riverboarding works, now it's time to show you some secrets and tricks you can do to improve your high score. There are many ways you can use the riverboarding system to your advantage, as well as things you should stay away from to save yourself some time and grief. I've learned some of these myself, but other riverboarders learn the tricks themselves. If you'd like to contribute,
Neomail our agent, and he'll see if he put it up. Anyway, let's get to those tips, shall we?

Technical Tips
If you want to get the best out of riverboarding, you'll need to know a couple little tidbits about the technical aspect of the game.

  • Bug - One score per period: 3Dvia games such as this one have a habit of only letting you send one score each time you open the game -blocked- If you close the window and reopen it again, it might let you send another one, but there's no guarantee. The player tends to be picky like that.
  • Bug - Featured Game Message:It seems TNT had problems putting the featured game message in the 3Dvia games when you send the score on that day. When this happens, you get a message saying, "Sorry, we're experiencing problems with our servers and cannot accept your score right now." JUST RELAX, the score still sends. If you see your neopoint balance increase from last time, you'll know it sent the score. However, the games does have a habit not sending another score after that even after reopening the window, so be careful.
  • Don't have too many programs on at once: If you have an older computer, this makes it even more of a problem. The only other program you should have on is your browser. The 3Dvia player can take up quite a bit of memory, so be careful you don't have too much going on at once.

Game Tips
If you know how game physics work, you probably know that there's a lack of it. It's quite easy to abuse, especially in this game.

  • Many experienced riverboarders already know about this trick: if you have invulnerability active and you have enough air, you can land on a large rock formation or a building and you'll remain on there until you push forward long enough to get back to the river. In the meantime, you can do a trick chain to earn up to the maximum 100 points. Here's an example below:

Just be sure you can get back on the river when you're done, or else all those tricks are gonna go to waste.
  • Hold SHIFT when in the air: You'll slow down your descent, giving more time for tricks.
  • Super Super Jump: When you hit a Super Jump, press spacebar again and you'll get more air out of it.
  • Keep track of the number of tricks you do:Don't and you're in big trouble. Don't forget to press spacebar to clear your trick cache.

Tips from other Riverboarders
Here are some tips I learned from other riverboarders.

A couple from
neowizard1287 via his Neopian Times article Rushing Toward the Gold! Shenkuu River Rush!
  • Stick with the tricks the Whirling Kazeriu (right, left) and the Tomamu Tail Flare (down, down). Get as many in as possible. While the other tricks may be worth more, they take longer so it all evens out.
  • Try to alternate between tricks. Doing the same trick over and over again gets you more points, but to get even more points than that, alternate between tricks because you will get even more points than you would normally. It's only a point or so extra but if you alternate and get 5 or more points extra per jump it adds up. Keep in mind every little thing will add up because the river is probably on average close to a 6-minute trip.

See the article for other great tips!

Don't forget, if you have a tip you'd like to share, Neomail our agent and he'll try to put them up.

Bowe's got some
extras for you to see. I wonder what it could be?

Oh yeah, smile for the camera! TNT and some other riverboarders have been kind enough to make some goodies about our sport! There may be only a few small items, but to us, they're so great. Have a good look at them!

Buddy Icons


Caption Contest

Fan Graphics
If you want to show off your blog or lookup skills here,
Neomail our agent!

If you'd like to show off your pet's riverboarding skills,
Neomail our agent!

Cassile'd like to show you
one last thing before you go!

Congratulations, you're almost home! Now that you've survived the guide, you've earned yourself a good rest. If ever you need to come back, just take these buttons here:

Shenkuu-Related Links
We'll be posting some of these shortly, so stay tuned! If you have any Shenkuu-Related links we should place here,
Neomail our agent!

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