Number of galleries listed: 247

Largest gallery listed:
Macabre Maniac Mansion
Size: 751

Listed Gallery Spotlight winners:
From A to Z
A Grey Day
~ Illusens Haven ~
The Lost Desert Galore
Lupe Sanctuary
Grundo Recreation Deck
Robot Love
The Snow & Ice Museum
Spooky Goodies

*NOTE*: Please let me know if you qualify to be on these lists! I don't personally view every gallery for size/spotlight wins.


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A Gallery Directory

Welcome to Eco's gallery directory page! I love lurking user galleries, so decided to make a page that would help users easily browse among hundreds of galleries
How it works: All galleries are alphabetically listed by name under a general theme, and next to each gallery you will find a brief description of what it contains. I do not judge what galleries can be added. All collections big and small can be found here!
Looking for a specific theme? Hit ctrl+f to search for it
Want to be listed? Neomail me your gallery link, theme, and what category you think it fits best under!
*Note*: To avoid repetitiveness, I've decided to only list galleries in one category (although some might be able to fit into two or more). I also do link sweeps about once a month. If your gallery is found to be empty, or has a different theme, I will remove it.


An Orange Obsession- Orange items

Blast of Blue- Blue items

Double Rainbow? But What Does It Mean...- Items by color

For the love of purple- Purple items

A Grey Day- Grey items

Grey Matters- Grey items

monochromatic munchables- Monochromatic food

My Spifftacular Rainbow Gallery- Rainbow items

PINK Paradise- Pink items

Rainbow Repository- Items with rainbow in the name

Realm of Rainbows- Rainbow items


Ad infinitum- Cute items by color

a rose-colored treasury- Cute items

♡ cakie ~ cuteness ~ soft n petite things ♡- Random cute items

Colorful Treasures- Cute items

eden- Cute items

Pretty's Pretties- Pretty items

Prismatic- Random pretties


a tribute to the queen- Fyora Items

Darkness Falls- Jhudora items

The Eternal Battle- Illusen vs jhudora items

~ Illusens Haven ~- Illusen items

Kaia's sanctuary- Kaia items

Food & Drink

Adorable Edibles- Cute foods & drinks

Apple Extravaganza - Apple items

Awesome Blossom- Doughnuts

♥ Blu's Cafe ♥- Tea, Coffee, Borovan and more

cafe au chocolate - Chocolate items

The Candy Dish- Candy items

Candy Hoard- Candy items

Chill Out- Ice cream, sundaes, and cool drinks

Chomby Sushi Stop - Sushi items

Cloud Cafe- Faerie Food

Cooking Gallery- Kitchen/ Chef/Restaurant themed

Cupcake Collection- Cupcakes

Curiosity, the House of Secrets- Pet/petpet food items

Dinner is Served- Fancy foods

Egg Cuisine- Eggs and omelettes

Faerie Delights- Faerie Foods

Fruits- Fruits

The Gourmet Hoard- Gourmet foods

Gourmet Repellent - Gross foods

Half Baked- Cakes

healthy foods- Healthy food items

Hot and Cold Beverages- Drink items


The Hot Dog Rescue- Hotdogs

Keeping Toasty- Hot foods and drinks

Jelly Mania- Jelly items

La Pastelería- Bakery items

♡ Marceline's Graveyard of Rejected Delicacies ♡- Gross foods

Meatless Everyday- Vegan/vegetarian food

Persnicketea- Tea items

Romandia's delightful garden- Faerie foods

Slushie!- Slushie items

Slushies Drinks- Slushies

sushi- Sushi & Asian themed

Sushi Bar- Sushi items

Tea-Kyrii- Teas and more

Verry Berry- Berry items

Warm & Toasty- Toast items


A Blustery Belief- Christmas items

* • 。Advented✰* • . 1. 2000/Y2 .. 2001/Y3- Advent items

Advent Emporium- Advent items

A Hauntingly Good Time- Halloween/scary items

BEWARE THE UNDEAD: xXZombies InsideXx- Zombie, graves, brains, etc. items

Christmas Toy Land- Christmas toys

Christmas Tree Lot - Christmas Trees and Items

♥ Happy Whatever Holiday! ♥- Birthday items

Macabre Maniac Mansion- Haloweeny/scary items

R.I.P in Peace- Graveyard/cemetery items

romantic getaway- Valentines day items

Santa's Little Helpers- Christmas petpets

Seasonal Treat Shoppe- Candy Canes and Seasonal Treata

The Snow & Ice Museum- Snow and ice items

The Snow Museum- Snow Related items

What lies in your attic.. - Trick or Treat bags & Retired items

Wintertime- Brucicles & snowglobes


A Dark and Stormy Fight- Dark and Stormy Battledome Weapons

BABIES 'R' US- Baby items

Coachella- Coachella/Gypsy items

Déjà Vu- Items that look the same

discotheque.- Disco items

♡ Dust Bunny Abyss Under a Dumpling-Head Crybaby's Bed ♡- Sailor Moon inspired

The Earth & Space Museum- Earth and Space items

Eraser Marks- School/office supplies

Ethnic Beat - Folk music items

Faerieland Millionaires Club - (((Treasure Map Museum))) - Treasure maps

follow 4 more soft grunge- Badly drawn items

Four of a kind.- Items released in groups of fours

The Gallery of Evil - Evil related items

Game Night: A Neopian Game Archive- Games/game-related items

Gormball Championship Hall of Fame - Gormball items

The Guild- Thief items

Highclere Castle- Items you'd find in a castle

like so totally basic!- Basic girl themed

Luna's Treasures- Random treasures

~Meridell Art Museum~ - Items that could be found in a museum

My 1NP Collection!- 1np items

Neopets: The Darkest Faerie™- Items from, or reminiscent of the Darkest Faerie game

Neopian Home Shopping Network- Items for the Neopian Viewers

Ollivanders- Wands, staves, sceptre (based on HP)

Open Book- Books about the user

Repeat After Me- Repetitious items

Roleplayer's Emporium- Roleplay items

Sadistic Tendencies- Items that open and give other items

School Years- School items

Sleep to Dream II- Items related to sleeping

Squeaky Clean- Bath/bathroom items

Treasures of Neopia- Metals and gems

WEIRD STUFF- Strange items

Who Took a Bite Outta That?- Bitten stuff

Woodstock- Hippie items

Ye Olde Potion Shop- Potions, voodoo, and creepy items


an alien tries to garden- Dead/dying/oddly alive garden items

The Brightvale Mycological Society- Mushrooms

Fantastical Fungus- Mushrooms, fungus, and toadstools

The Forest- Forest items

The Garden- Flower items

Gnomeland- Gnome items

Gnome Sayin- Gnome items

Gusanos *¬*- Worms

Hanging with my Gnomies- Gnome items

My Little Aquarium- Aquarium items

Rainy Day- Rain items

The Secret Garden- Pretty items

Starry Night- Stars/moon/night themed

Neopian Characters

Denizen Directory- Items relating to neo characters

Dr. Sloth Gallery- Dr. Sloth items

Kayla- Kayla items

Sloth's Loft- Sloth items

Neopian Lands

A Pirate's Life- Pirate items

arrgh!- Pirate items

Bring Your Own Boo*s- Haunted Wood items

Darigan Delights- Darigan items

Dead Men Tell No Tales- Pirate items

Faerie Academy- Faerie items

faerie haven- Faerie items

Krawk Island For the Cup!!!!!!!!!!! - Krawk Island AC items

The Lost Desert Galore- Lost Desert items

Lost Ðesert Museum- Lost Desert items

Pirate Goodies- AC Krawk Island items

Shenkuu Memorial- Shenkuu Items

F A E R I E L A N D - All faerie items

The Floating Fortress- Darigan Citadel items

Palace of the Faeries - Faerie items

Spooky, Haunted, Scary, OH MY!!- Spooky items

Treasures From The Depths Of Neopia!!- Ocean/Maraqua treasures

One Item Type

A Splash of Color- Paint brushes

一沙一世界 A World In A Grain Of Sand- Sand Items

The Bicycle Museum- Bicycle items

Capsule Sanctuary- Capsules

Chair-Less- Chair items

Colors!- Paint brushes

Colourful Windows- Stained glass windows

Fountain Palace- Fountain and palace items

Kollectable Keyrings- Keyrings

Lemony- Lemon items

Ogrin morphing potions- Ogrin MPs

Oh, so ELECTRIFYING.- Electric items

Perfumer's Shelf- Perfume items

The Pillow Factory- All pillows

Pumpkin Palace- Pumpkins

....Slime, man- Slime items

The Turdle Tank- Turtle items

Water's water Gallery- Items with the word water in their name

viscous- Slime items


~~The Amazing Petpet Gallery~~- Misc. Petpets

The Anubis Gallery- All Anubises

Biosphere!- Petpets throughout neopia

Chubby Polar Bears╰☆╮- Polarchucks and Polarchuck items

Dragons Keep- Gallions and Treasures

Ghostkergallery- Ghostkerchiefs

The Kad's Meowclops- Kadoatie and Meowclops items

Lovely Onas- Onas

Petpet Care & Ownership- Petpet care items

Pristine Petpets and Petpetpets- Petpets and petpetpets

spardel items- All things spardels

Spardels!- All things spardels

Tea Time- Painted petpets

Pet Specific

Aisha & Koug - Alert- Aisha, Gelert, Kougra items

Aisha-land- Aisha items

Bun-bun land- Cybunny items

Bori Bonanza- Bori items

Draik Love ♡- Draik items

Everything Chomby- Chomby items

Eyries!- Eyrie items

From A to Z - Acara and Zafara items

gelert utopia!- Gelert items

Grundo Recreation Deck- Grundo items

The Hall of Ixi Heroes- Ixi items

Hissi Pride- Hissi items

Ixiholics- Ixi items

IXILAND ( ・ω・)- Ixi items

Jubbilicious- Jubjub items

Kau Pastures- Kau items

The Kikollection- Kiko items

Lupe Sanctuary- Lupe items

The Ogrin Galleria- Ogrin items

Peophinomenal- Peophin items

Pretty Peophins- Peophin items

Quality Quiggle Quintessentials- Quiggle items

The Beautiful Shoyru- Shoyru items

Techo Gallery- Techo items

Tying Your Bow- Bruce items

Unique Unis- Uni items

Wocky Wonderland- Wocky items

The Xweetok Palace- Xweetok items

Zafaras!- Zafara items


Action Figures- Action figures

Aquatic Toy Shop- Aquatic toys/plushies

Dark Child- Darigan toys

Doll Collection- Dolls

En Peluche- Plushies

Faerie Haven- Faerie dolls

❤ Meer's Usuki Collection ❤- Usukis

The Neopian Plushie Museum- Plushies

The Plushie Emporium- Plushies

Plushie Fever- Plushies

The Plushie Kingdom - Plushies

Plushie Palace- Plushies

Plush Pals - Plushies

Rainbow Plushie Pool- Plushies

Rozilena's Toy Chest- Plushies

Twaddle Treasures- Plushies

Usuki!- Usuki items


Usuki Collectibles- Usuki items

Usuki's Usukis- Usuki items

Usuki World- Usuki items


Fishing ☆ on the ☾- Star and space items

Galactic Force- Star and half moon items

Hitchhiker's Guide to the Gallery- Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy items

Lullabies and Night Skies- Galaxy items

Lunestic- Moon and space opera items

Overlord Emporium- Sci-fi items

Robot Love- Robot items

Sci-fi Goodies- Sci-fi items & references

Starry Delights- Star items

Special Rarity

Hidden Tower- Hidden Tower items

Sports' r99s- R99 items

The Nine Three Clubs- R93 items

Uncommon Items- NP/Items listed as uncommon


Awesome Backgrounds- NP/No-trade backgrounds

beauty inventory- Beauty parlor items

Boot Boutique!- Boots

Cloakworld - Cloak and flask items

Socks and Sandals- Sock and sandal items

The Promise.- Rings

Twinkl- Jewelry and trinket items

*For Sale*

-Galleries listed here have items in them for sale!-

collections!- Misc. UBs

Uh- Misc. UBs

Salem's Gallery- Misc. UBs

Window Shopping- Misc. UBs


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Have a theme you want to contribute? Or maybe you found a theme here you decided to use? Let me know!
{note: I try to only add "unique" theme ideas. So if you're suggestion is a plushie gallery, I may not add it- sorry!}

Eco's Suggestions:
All About Me: This theme is pretty vague, but can be a fun one to execute. Basically you gather all things that relate to you.

Lucky Charms: Like the name sounds, a lucky charms theme (cereal or otherwise). So you would gather items pertaining to clovers, hearts, rainbows, etc.

Funny Items: If you look around there are a lotttt of funny items hiding around neopia. Examples would be the items: Dr. Backwash, Escaped Pixel, and The Book of Paper Cuts.

Reference Items: TNT likes to make items that nod to things in real life. Examples of this would be Shrubbery, which references Monty Python and the Holy Grail in the description. Or The Female Nimmo Ranger, which is a reference to the Pink Power Ranger.

Bull in a China Shop: Have bull-like petpets (like Blurgah & Ignalce) mixed with "fine china" items like tea sets, plates, etc.

Non-Wearable, Wearables: Clothing items that are not actually wearable

Christodoulos' Suggestions: Items pertain to a television series: e.g. Heroes and have cheerleaders plushies, eclipse items etc.