The tooseas Kadoatery Guide

Contents of this Guide:
The Refreshing System
Finding and Reading Times and Lists
Feeding at the Kadoatery
Methods of Feeding
Why feed
Chatboards and the Lingo/Abbreviations

Last updated December 27, 2015.


Welcome! This guide explains how to feed kads in the Kadoatery without needing to buy super-expensive foods. That's right, you don't need a Happy Anniversary Negg, Kadoatie Biscuits, or any other unbuyable to feed kads. Kads in the Kadoatery refresh on a cycle. When they refresh, they will ask for new foods. The game is to race other players and retrieve one of the new items as quickly as possible, so click fast!

The Refreshing System

How the refreshing cycle works

Kads refresh (or "go") in a semi-random pattern. Generally, we can predict the next possible minute there will be a refresh, but it's only a possible minute - the kads might not actually refresh until some subsequent possible time. We indicate these possible times according to the neoclock in the upper right corner of the page, under where it says "Logout".

When the majority of kads in the Kadoatery refresh, we call that refresh "main". There are also "mini" refreshes, which are explained below. After a main, the next possible main is 28 minutes. We say "possible" because nobody knows for sure when next main will be. If the kads don't refresh, or "go" at 28 minutes after the last main, the next possible refresh time will be seven minutes later. At that time, we say the kads are "pending". However, they may not refresh at that possible time either, and continue to pend in further seven-minute increments. Kads can pend over 6 times, so be patient!

The second on which the kads refresh also shifts with each possible refresh. Generally, the refresh is delayed one to two seconds per 7 minute cycle from the last refresh. Thus, above where I said the next possible main is 28 minutes after a refresh, it is more accurate to say that the next possible main is 28 minutes and 4 seconds. To take into account that it could be up to 2 seconds added, you should refresh up to around 20 to 30 seconds after each possible time (I add 10 seconds just in case the observation of the timing of the last refresh was not entirely accurate). (For a more detailed explanation, see here.)

NOTE: For reference, refreshes used to occur about 20 seconds after the minute, so some older, unupdated guides might say that.


Minis occur when one or more kads is fed outside of a couple of minutes of the main refresh. This usually occurs when unbuyables are fed, since such foods cannot be retrieved as quickly as foods available on the shop wizard. If it is very late at night, even expensive shop wizard available foods may not be fed until several minutes past the refresh; this could also form a mini. Minis are also common when new foods are released and are not readily available to everyone.

Mini kads will refresh separate from main for a while in the same way as main (so at least 28 minutes between refreshes, pending in 7 minute increments).However, minis will all eventually "merge" with main, meaning they will refresh at the same time as main and become main kads again. This means that minis MUST be on the same 7-minute cycle as main. For example, say main is at 5:26 NST, and an unbuyable was fed at 5:22 NST. Adding 28 minutes onto 5:22 gives us 5:50. However, since it must fall onto the same 7-minute cycle as main, the first mini time would either be at 5:47 (5:26 + 21 minutes) or 5:54 (5:26 + 28 minutes). To be safe, it is better to round down and say the first possible mini time is 5:47.

Finding and Reading Times and Lists

Finding the Next Refresh Time

Now that you know how the refresh system works, you're probably wondering "How do I find the next time?" Well, it's time to wander over to the neoboards, and specifically the Games Board index. On the Games Index, there is always a board that keeps track of times and lists of past foods. It looks like this: There used to be/is occasionally a board that looks like the below BUT as of this update, the times board is pretty much dead, so instead you can ask people on the chatboard for times, if someone on the chat board hasn't already posted them.

How times are noted

On the times board or the chat board, the last post showing time on the board will tell you when the next possible time (or times, if there's mini) is. The times always refer to the minute, and always arranged in chronological order (the closest time to the present is at the top).

Usually, you will see something like one of the following:

main @ :43
seconds 30+

main rf @:43
seconds :30+

new main rf @:43
(last rf at 2:08:25)

new main rf @:43
(last rf at 2:08:25++)

Say it's 2:33 NST, that means that the next possible refresh time is going to be somewhere around 2:43:30 to 2:43:50 NST. The "++" (sometimes just a single +) on the last example above means that the timekeeper is not sure about the accuracy the seconds of the last refresh. There are no minis. Side note: In case you're wondering, kads have not refreshed at this first possible time in years. However, we continue to post the next possible time to be 28 minutes after the last time rather than 35 minutes in order to avoid mass confusion.

After that first possible main time has passed, we indicate main is pending, for example, like this:

main pending rf @:50
(seconds 31+)

When there is a mini, that time is shown too, like this:

main @ :57
mini (2) @ :04
(last refresh at 3:36:16 NST)

The number in the brackets next to the word "mini" indicates the number of kads in the mini, so we expect 2 kads to refresh in the mini in the above example.

If there is more than one mini, then we number them, so for example:

main @ :57
mini #1 (2) @ :04
mini #2 (1) @ :11
(last refresh at 5:43:17 NST)

Of course, if any of them are pending, that would be indicated as well.

Note that we do not know whether main and/or any minis will merge, so we must keep them separate until we see them merge. For example, let's say (ignoring the seconds) the last post was:

main rf @ :00
mini (1) rf @ :07

If someone fed an unbuyable at :40, the mini #2 time would also be :07 (how mini times are calculated is explained above ;)). The CORRECT way to write the next post would be:

main rf @ :00
mini #1 (1) rf @ :07
mini #2 (1) rf @ :07

Writing "mini (2) rf @ :07" would be INCORRECT since we are not certain they will merge. If they do merge, then we can indicate that along with the next time, for example:

Minis merged.
main rf @ :42
mini (2) rf @ :49


Feeders use lists for a couple of reasons, including seeing whether they missed any of the foods they normally feed, or whether there are foods missing from their collection. Lists of the foods the kads last asked for are usually posted on the Times and Lists board, unless no one manages to get a list. Lists are also sometimes posted on the chatboards, but not always (feel free to post one if you like! ;))Here is an example of what a list looks like:

Worm Stew
Zafara Breakfast
Jhuidahs Tangy Fruit Juice
Tomb Chips

Pant Devil Lunch Box
Lime Jelly Burger
Qando Fruit Punch
Jelly Coffee

Cheesy Baked Apple Core
Lemon and Thornberry Jelly
Cheddar Fries

Kacheek Marshmallows on a Stick
Checkered Carrot
Ergy Fruit Cupcake
Jelly Crab Legs

The foods are listed in the order that they appeared in the Kadoatery, going left to right, top to bottom. There should also be a space in between each row of kads, although some people neglect to put these in. Also, unbuyables from previous refreshes are not listed.

Feeding at the Kadoatery

What to expect at the Kadoatery

Normally when you walk into the Kadoatery, you will see something like this:

The username of the person who fed a particular kad appears below that kad (removed in the image above so I don't get any angry neomails ;D). The top row(s) show the only kads that are unfed, and they're asking for unbuyable items, so you might think that you'll need such items to feed one. Note: after 10pm NST the kads will all be crying - apparently that's when TNT turns off the lights at their offices. The Kadoatery will still function normally, however.

At refresh time, the Kadoatery looks like this :

As you can see, all the kads are unfed. Also, the items below the first row are buyable! Sometimes unbuyable items will pop up in the lower rows. After further refresh(es), the kads asking for these items will make their way to the top row(s), unless someone feeds them before that happens.

When there is a mini refresh, the unfed kad(s) appears at the bottom right corner:

At main, the mini kad(s) will move up in the Kadoatery, but remain fed. Sidenote: Poor mini kad has no name! This has been happening for a while now, so no need to worry ;P

Clicking on a Kad

When you click on a kad in the Kadoatery, one of four possible screens will appear.

If you've succeeded in feeding the kad, you will get a page that looks like this:

If someone else was faster than you feeding the kad, you will get a page like this:

If you don't have the item in your inventory and you click on an unfed kad, the page you will get looks like this:

If your username already appears in the Kadoatery and you try to feed another kad, you will get a page like this:

Note that sometimes when you click on a kad it will say that you fed, but someone else's name will show in the Kadoatery. That merely means that you tied - your kad count will still increase by one. If your name does not appear in the Kadoatery, you can feed again in the same main or in mini(yay!). That means it is possible to feed two kads in one main, but your name should only appear once. Very occasionally, someone's name may appear twice due to the site lagging, a glitch or cheating.


While kads ask for most foods, there are some foods that they never ask for. If you click on the item in your inventory, you can see the "Type" above the Weight and Rarity of the food. The Types of foods kads do NOT ask for are: Gross, Candy, Baked, Slushie, Smoothie, Coffee, Neovian Pastries and Molten Morsels. Kads also never ask for foods of any kind of rarity 96 and above (including special and retired foods).They used to ask for Blue Draik Eggs, but they don't anymore, thankfully. If you're not sure, you can check if it's in Ting's list of all the foods (up to the last time it was updated, of course) that the kads do ask for here.

Methods of Feeding

The three methods of feeding kads feeders refer to are: Inventory (or Invent), Safety Deposit Box (SDB for short) and Shop Wizard (or wiz or SW for short). You can use only one method or you can use a combination of methods.

Invent feeding

Invent feeding is when you hold items in you inventory, so you only need to click on a kad that asks for your food. You can see what is in your inventory by clicking on the number of NPs you have next to the "Logout" in the top right-hand corner of your screen.

**NOTE: You should have at most 50 items in your inventory when feeding kads.When you have more than 50 items in your inventory, we call that "overstuffing". Is overstuffing cheating? TNT addressed this issue in Editorial 231 of the Neopian Times. You may have your own interpretation on what that means, but most people understand that to mean that overstuffing is cheating. While you may not be caught if you do it once or twice, if you are caught, you could get your account iced. So I would suggest that you don't risk it and feed with 50 items or fewer.

Shop Wiz (SW or wiz)

In SW feeding, you retrieve a food that a kad asks for by going on the SW (or SSW, if you have it) and buying it to feed the kad.

To do this, you can use either separate windows (either overlapping or next to each other), for example like this:

Or have a different tab on your browser, like this:

Prior to a refresh, you should make sure that you've chosen "identical to my phrase" next to "Search Items". Also make sure you have enough NPs on hand (as much as you're willing to pay, but I estimate 10k nps will cover most foods). At refresh, quickly cut the name of the food from the Kadoatery, then paste it into the "Search Text" box in the SW window or tab to find a shop with the food. You go into one of shops, buy the food, then click on the kad back in the Kadoatery window or tab. Hint: It is faster to use ctrl+c for cut and ctrl+v for paste than the right mouse button.

Safety Deposit Box (SDB)

For SDB feeding, you quickly grab the food from your SDB before clicking on the kad. Like in SW feeding, you can either have different windows (like in the first picture below) or different tabs (like in the second picture below).

Prior to a refresh, you should make sure that you don't require a PIN to remove anything from your SDB. At refresh, quickly cut the name of the food from the Kadoatery, then paste it into the "Search:" box in the SDB window or tab. Once the food loads, click on "Remove One", then click on the kad back in the Kadoatery.

Pros and Cons of Each Method

The fastest method is invent feeding, hands down. You can still get pwned if you don't see your food or are slow in clicking, but because you only need to click once to feed, it is much faster than the other two methods.

Having said that, invent feeding is best used in combination with one of the other two methods. The reason many feeders don't purely invent feed is because you have to wait for what you have in your inventory to show up in the Kadoatery. Since there are over 3500 items kads can ask for, if you have 40 to 50 foods in your inventory, you could be waiting for a long while.

SW allows you to feed without having to wait for any particular food to come up in the Kadoatery. SW is also a convenient way of feeding since it requires no preparation. You can go straight into the Kadoatery at refresh time without having to buy items beforehand, unlike in the other two methods.

On the downside, SW feeding requires the most pageloads, so the faster your connection, the easier it will be. Also, huge slow-loading shop banners/codes and other feeders buying the item in the shop you go to before you are a couple of annoyances that SW feeders will run into regularly.

Like SW feeding, in SDB feeding you don't have to wait around for a food in your inventory to come up. Also, you can cut and paste a little less carefully than in SW feeding since only a partially complete name will still bring up the item. Another advantage is if you don't have Premium and Super Shop Wiz, you will probably have to pay less for food in the long run if you intend to feed many kads (most overfeeders I know with over 500 kads fed use this method). Depending on how much you want to spend, you can have a more or a less complete SDB. Most SDB feeders put a cap on how much they will spend per food, usually either 5k or 10k nps. Of course, the more kinds of food you have in your SDB, your higher chance of having a food for feeding a kad.

The main disadvantages of SDB feeding is that it costs more than simply inventory or SW feeding and it takes takes a lot of time to go through food lists to determine what foods you need. It is also better to avoid trying to feed foods with names included in other foods' names; for example, if you cut and paste "broccoli", all the foods with "broccoli" will come up and you will have to make sure you're clicking on the right item.

Why feed

Feeding kads is fun! Other than that, you can also get a trophy and an avatar from feeding!


Feed 1 kad and you'll get this cute bronze trophy on your user lookup:

Feed 10 kads and you'll get this lovely silver trophy on your user lookup:

Feed 25 kads and you'll get this beautiful gold trophy on your user lookup:

The number of kads you have fed will appear underneath your trophy, so you know how many more you need to get onto the unofficial high score list ;D.


If you feed 75 kads then visit your user lookup, you will get an event that looks like this:

Conkads when you reach that number! We call getting the avatar "going pink".

Chatboards and the Lingo/Abbreviations


Depending on the time of day, you may find feeders chatting on the chat boards. The indices that kad boards may be found are the Games Chat (the GC), the Avatars/Signatures Chat (the AC), the Battledome Chat (the BDC, strange but true) and/or the Help Chat (the HC). You may also see chat "groups" some feeders have organized. Feel free to chat at any of these boards, but if there are no feeders around, they might be quite dead. ;D

Lingo/Abbreviation Quick Ref

If you chat on the kad boards, you'll probably encounter some lingo/abbreviations kad feeders often use. The following is a list of frequently used terms(you can use ctrl+f to find what you're looking for).
AFer/AFing - Autofeeder/Autofeeding - This refers to people using a program to feed kads, and is a form of cheating.
bbfm/bbl - These are short for be back for main and be back later.
cf - This is short for congratulations feeders, and is posted on the chat boards after main.
cmf - This is short for congratulations mini feeder(s).
hn, cf or hn cf - This is short for had none, congrats feeders. You can post this on the chatboards after main if you fail to feed.
glf - This is an abbreviation for good luck feeders. Often people will post this on the chatboards about a minute before main as a reminder, although some people will post it when leaving the chatboard.
glmf - Short for good luck mini feeders. Often people will post this on the chatboards a minute before mini as a reminder.
HAN - Abbreviation for Happy Anniversary Negg, an unbuyable frequently left unfed in the Kadoatery for long periods of time due to its high price.
HSL - Abbreviation for the unofficial kad feeding High Score List (since there is no official list D:). It is located here.
main - Main is when most of the kads refresh (explained in detail above).
merge - The first time one or more minis refresh at the same time as main or the first time two or more minis refresh at the same time together, explained in detail above.
mini - Mini is when only one or a few kads refresh explained in detail above.
mewbie - A term used to describe someone new to kad feeding. It's not an insult, so don't be offended if someone calls you that. ;)
NTO - This is short for not taking over. When no one has volunteered for taking responsibility for keeping track of the times, it is posted when someone posts times but does not wish to continue doing so.
OFer/OFing - Overfeeder/Overfeeding - These refer to people who have fed more than the 75 kads needed for the avatar.
OSer/OSing - Overstuffer/Overstuffing - Someone who has more than 50 items in their inventory when feeding kads is said to be overstuffing. This is considered cheating by most kad feeders.
rf - This is short for refresh.
t/l - This is an abbreviation for Times and Lists, in reference to the board on the Games Chat that keeps track of refresh times and lists of foods kads have asked for in the past.
tk/tker - This are short for timekeep(ing) and timekeeper. Timekeeping refers to keeping track of and posting times. A "tker" is someone who has volunteered to keep track of and post the times.
to go pink - This phrase means to feed 75 kads and earning the Kadoatery-Mew! avatar.
ub - This is short for unbuyable. Unbuyable foods are those that are worth more than 99,999 NPs and thus can't be found using the shop wizard.


There is some secret to kad feeding.
It's not really a secret, but a lot of new feeders aren't aware that the key to succeeding is PRACTICE. As with most other feeders, before I could feed somewhat consistently, I failed a lot. If you're trying to wiz or SDB feed, I suggest practising in between mains by pretending to feed (i.e. refreshing, then cutting and pasting usernames into your search box and pretending to retrieve items, then clicking on the right kad). When you practice, try rearranging your setup to different configurations to see which one is fastest for you.

I need a fast connection/computer to feed kads.
A fast connection and/or a fast computer is certainly helpful, but it is not necessary. Sometimes you just have to be lucky, because whether you feed or not sometimes depends on whether anyone is going for the same food. This is especially true later in the day (like after 9 pm NST), when there are fewer people around. By the way, the easiest time to feed is between 9pm to 6am NST.

I get a kadoatie petpet free after I feed x number.
Sadly, this is just not true. It's been discussed in the editorial here.

I need lots of nps to feed kads.
There are lots of foods that are 1,000 nps or less each, including a whole bunch of foods that are less than 100 nps each. If you're SW feeding, 10k is probably good for most foods at one refresh. For invent feeding, the amount you need varies, but probably 100k will be more than enough for a decent starting invent. Depending on how full you want your SDB to be, you can spend a few hundred thousand nps for a few hundred items, or up to millions for a more complete SDB. In each case, you can, of course, spend more, but it's not necessary.

Overfeeders feed to make it hard for other users to get the avatar.
This is like arguing that people get high scores on games to get in the way of other users getting trophies. Remember kad feeding was not made for the avatar - overfeeders feed because it's a fun game.


The Kadoatery
Your Inventory
Your Safety Deposit Box
Shop Wizard
Kadoatery Unofficial High Score List
Invent Feeding Guide
A-Z Food list
Grouped Food list
Times and Lists Board Opening Posts Template


Most screenies by Olga; going pink event by Jamie. Css by Simone, edited by Montse for Cheryl, who mangled the code for this guide.

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