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Hello, and welcome to Mythic's Photo Album! Here you will find our members prized pets in all the latest fashions. Please take a few moments of your time to scroll through the list, and admire the beautiful attire that these lovely pets don. If you would like your pets added, send the pet names, and a short blurb/bio about each pet to Melly.You may add up to 6 pets.

As a youngling, Storry was found beneath an enchanted rose bush in the Royal Gardens by Psellia. She grew up in Faerieland, where Queen Fyora took her under her wing, teaching her about being kind and doing good deeds. Much like the Queen, Storry tries to be a benevolent being, dedicating her life to charity and rescuing lost pets. Queen Fyora has given Storry a secret mission to search all of Neopia, and recover as many bottled faeries as possible. Once the faeries are found, she is to set them free by royal decree of the queen.

Storry by Melly

Faeritta is a very charming and beautiful usul, but not all that is beautiful is good. She may seem innocent, but her interests are quite dark and mysterious. She is a member in a secret society called, The Esoteric Scholars. This group of sage alchemists create and use magic potions for their own personal gain. The sorceress, Xandra, was a part of this society before she met her demise. Faeritta has great admiration for the work of Xandra, and is a bit like her. To most, Faeritta is just a sweetheart that enjoys doing some magic tricks, but they might be surprised to know that she has a plan to apprentice under Jhudora, and create a bit of chaos in Neopia.

Faeritta by Melly

A special star was shining the night Gelcy was born. Everything in her life has come easy to her. She is popular, smart, beautiful, and was born with the natural gift of magic. Gelcy keeps her magic secret because she knows that Attiyah wants to become a sorceress. Although everyone thinks she is blind to it, Gelcy knows that her sister harbors resentment toward her. She tries not to let it get her down, and instead encourages Attiyah as much as possible. Gelcy loves to make lists, and spends most of her time in her clubhouse, pondering ways to improve the world.

Gelcy by Melly

Lyndi has a secret that no one can ever know. She carries this secret close to her heart, and avoids being around others when she can. This secret has made Lyndi's life one of solitude. She lives in a small home hidden by a grove of cherry trees in Shenkuu. Many have wondered what a Desert Draik is doing in Shenkuu, but none have ever inquired about it. All Lyndi wants in life is to paint and stay hidden from those that could force her to do something she despises. All she has left from her old life is a small locket she keeps hidden away from prying eyes.

Lyndi by Melly

Laiklyn is a cutest little monster around. Her best friends are her Meowclops, Loki, and her stuffed carrot. She never goes anywhere without them. Laiklyn prefers to be called Laiky, and she loves to grow things. When she gets older she wants to be a carrot farmer. Laiky is witty and funny, and a joy to be around. Although she dresses like a girly girl, she has a little bit of a temper, and will fight if she has to. Her most favorite thing is to go on adventures with Loki, and they plan to make a trip to the Haunted Woods very soon.

Laiklyn by Melly

Don't be fooled by Achoos slimy exterior. He is a total hipster. His favorite past times are hanging out at the Coffee House, studying biodiversity among the different species living in the Maraquan Ruins, writing pretentious poetry, and weekend DJ'ing at Kelp. Achoos secretly collects bobbleheads, and practices the art of nunchuk fighting. No one knows that Achoos took part in a science experiment performed by the Lab Ray Scientist, and it turned him into a Snot creature. He doesn't hold any grudges about it anymore, but sometimes he wishes he were still a lovely blue Aisha.

Achoos by Melly

Annasay is the younger sister to Annasey. Although there is a small amount of time between their hatching's, they like to call themselves twins. Out of the pair, Annasay is the more shy one. Her hobbies include writing, fashion, and taking long scenic walks. Pastels are her favorite colors, and at the moment she is really digging the purple hues. Fun fact: It took me 3 strales before it finally attached and I found her in the pound after I had made Annasey!

Annasay by Anna

Annasey was my first draik I had ever owned, and I hatched her myself. Annasay and her are sisters by blood and best friends by choice. Her favorite story tale is Alice In Wonderland, and she even has the outfits to prove it! Annasey lives by the sun, to keep her skin a beautiful golden brown. Gold is her favorite color and she enjoys taking care of others.

Annasey by Anna

Banuiy is a long story. I have had my eyes on him for a long time, and just this past year was I granted the opportunity to have him finally come home! The only reason I have him with me is because a good friend of mine traded me his royal draik, then in turn I received Banuiy. This little plushie has been in my heart since I was 11 years old. He's been a live long goal of mine and if anything were to happen to him I would quit. He is actually my only male pet on this account too!

Banuiy by Anna

Jaydias was the most precious gift to me by a extremely generous user, over four years ago! I had recently came back from my one and only hiatus to neo, to find out my old account has been purged and I had to start all over. Then to realize UC's could no longer be made or painted, I was crushed. While I always had my heart on a plushie scorchio, buzzes also had a spot. I was in the mid-st of creating a project page when her last owner messaged me asking if I wanted Jaydias. She become a permanent addition to my neo life on April 2014 and has not moved since. Now she has her forever friend, Banuiy, and my life is complete!

Jaydias by Anna

Zeyla is my precious fashionista. I have a serious problem with neocash, and I blame it all on this girl. She is so adorable and I have spent a lot of time with her. All from training, and finding the perfect character for her, to the very extensive closet that is half hers! To be completely honest, I have bought more clothes for her than I do for myself in real life. I just realized I may take this game way too seriously. LOL

Zeyla by Anna

Treater is near and dear to my heart as a good friend of mine gave me her. I am in love with her name, and like all the trendy things that happen here on neopets, I really wanted to own a transparent aisha for all the cute customs they can have. Thus, Treater was added to my forever family, and was painted right away! Her petpet is a little halloween noil named after my dear friend Remi. Treater, I think, represents me well in real life, scary looking, but is actually very sweet. Haha!

Treater by Anna

I made Eirisse after researching gothic names & finding an untaken one that I liked. She was my first Aisha and I was really inspired to come up with an unusual story for her after customizing her in mostly black and white, with just some pops of red. She is the first and only pet that I have ever had win the Pet Spotlight. (http://www.neopets.com/spotlight.phtml?place=1143)

Eirisse by Bryana

I traded for an FFQ custom to make Daphiia because I was more inspired by her name than the name of my previous Chocolate Uni. Trading for her customization was fun and I am absolutely enamored with it. Daphiia, Gfruplenmone, and Opalezent's stories are all going to be interconnected. Daphiia is the queen of the food kingdom, and Gfruplenmone, and Opalezent, are citizens who play an integral role in expanding the kingdom's borders, and averting internal disaster.

Daphiia by Bryana

I adopted Gfruplenmone from a user on the PC, a long time ago! She has a silly name, but I think it is precious. Her customization was inspired by another user's customization for their Lupe. She is such a beautiful color, and the customization compliments her sweet, bubbly, personality perfectly.

Gfruplenmone by Bryana

Aivai is a total doll. I adopted her from a user on the Art Chat; I began seeking a Plushie Uni because I had a story idea in mind for a Plushie pet, and I love Unis so it seemed like a match made in Faerieland. Her Spring Uni set and princess-inspired room are reflective of my own personal style.

Aivai by Bryana

I made Cadanze as a misspelling of Cadance from My Little Pony, one of my favorite shows. I wanted to add another Royal pet to my collection, and the Royal Girl Uni's body and mane color are really similar to Cadance's. Her customization does not reflect the MLP character, but how could I pass up the Uni Parade set? It looks gorgeous on her!

Cadanze by Bryana

Bacci is my prided Battledome warrior, who ravages the seven seas and lives his life according to his relentless plans. He was saved from the pound back when he was still a young korbat, and has now evolved into the fabulous pirate draik he is. We have seen many grand adventures together, as he is the precious second-eldest sibling in his family of 4 other sisters!

Bacci by Rhea

Ralather is the eldest sister in her family, although she may not be perceived that way due to her height. Her fascination with the land of Shenkuu is beyond the moon, but you can often find her reading a book or tinkering with gears and cogs back in her homeland of Moltara. In fact, she was the one who designed her own petpet! Ralather was a pound save I encountered back in 2012, when she was still a chocolate ruki. In 2014, she was zapped by Boochi's lab ray (random event), and lives to still shine in her newer form.

Ralather by Rhea

Starquina is one of my very own creations, from over five years ago. She is a vivid, yet observant being, who has always held an air of sophistication in her every action. She loves swimming with her childhood friends in her homeland of Maraqua, and spends quite a bit of time with Ralather at the Neopian libraries. Her favourite foods can be found at the fine dining experiences of The Kelp.

Starquina by Rhea

Torral is one of my very own creations, from over five years ago. Torral is an absolute daredevil who used to live in her homeland of Terror Mountain, where she still loves to skate across the icy tracks of Let It Snow. But as much as she enjoys the thrill of life, she also loves relaxing by the beaches of Mystery Island, and dressing up with her younger sister Zatonx, who she gets along splendidly with.

Torral by Rhea

Zatonx is the youngest sibling in her family, and has always loved following the latest fashions since she was a child. In fact, her beauty followings have brought her all the way to royal status! Occasionally you can find her dragging Torral into her closet and trying on a multitude of outfits before she leaves for her homeland of Altador to bask in their warm rose fields. She is one of my pound-save pets, and has come a long way since her adoption about 4 years ago!

Zatonx by Rhea

Alabryss is one of my oldest pets! He's named after the Alabriss petpet. He used to serve the Kingdom of Meridell as a knight, but he's getting older and is now retired. He loves to learn, especially about history, and has moved to Altador where he enjoys the wealth of knowledge available at the Altadorian Archives.

Alabryss by Liza

I'm a fan of J.R.R. Tolkien and Lord of the Rings, and Arphen is a Sindarin Elvish word meaning royal. Although she doesn't have much of an actual story (yet!), she was my first major customization goal when I started getting into dressing up my pets. Although Peophins might not be the first thing that people relate to elves, they have a sort of mysterious beauty about them and one of my favorite sets of royal paint brush clothes that I have always felt suits her name perfectly!

Arphen by Liza

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