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Past Advent Items

To see what was given out in past years, just click on the year below.
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Advent Calendar 2008

You can find the Advent Calendar HERE but remember, it's only available in the Month of Celebrating.
December 1st

Seasonal Electric Yurble Plushie

Malfunctioning String Lights

324 NP

Plastic Fir Avatar
December 2nd

Turbo Scissors

Paper Snowflake Garland

945 NP

December 3rd

Box of decorations

Metallic Holiday Tree

394 NP

December 4th

Adorable Hex Doll

Tekkitu Lamp

953 NP

December 5th

Snow Bowling Set

Bowling Shirt

279 NP

December 6th

Seasonal Chomby Biscuits

Christmas Paint Brush

295 NP

December 7th

Seasonal Zen for the Angry Petpet

Angry Meekins Holiday Wreath

273 NP

December 8th

Pocket Christmas Tree Keyring

Key Quest Key Snowglobe

479 NP

December 9th

Christmas Pile of Soot

Scientist Wig

374 NP

December 10th

Festive Haunted Woods Cider

Holiday Decorated Tombstone

179 NP

December 11th

Festive Altador Cup Coal Caddy

Festive Slushie Slinger Cap

278 NP

December 12th

Stack of Slightly Used Carrots

Fiery Mittens

639 NP

December 13th

Florg Salt and Pepper Shakers

Box Snare Trap

730 NP

December 14th

Freaky Factory Slingshot

Freaky Factory Plushie

579 NP

December 15th

Pretty Wrapped Present

Toy Rod of Supernova

437 NP

December 16th

Seasonal Bilge Rat

Peppermint Stomach Medicine

203 NP

December 17th

Neopian Carol Book

Fancy Mug of Neggnog

327 NP

December 18th

Tasty Bag of Mutant Grundo Marshmallows

Holiday Decorated Gormos Statue

875 NP

Ylana Skyfire Key Quest Token
December 19th

Gnawed Gingerbread Grundo Oranament

Gingerbread Background

873 NP

50 Free NC
December 20th

Asparagus Ice Lolly

Asparagus Scarf

345 NP

December 21st

Bag of Coal

Wrapped Crystal Package

349 NP

Seasonal Attack Pea Avatar
December 22nd

Diorama of Petpetpets Celebrating the Holidays

Petpetpet Holiday Decorations

843 NP

December 23rd

Geb Top

Seasonal Candelabra

347 NP

December 24th

Classic Neopian Holiday Tales

Neopian Holiday Scene Painting

270 NP

December 25th

Money Tree Jr.

Main Codestone

630 NP

December 26th

Holiday Giftwrap Background

Decorative Holiday Hair Bow

734 NP

December 27th

Neohome Fruit Cake Launcher

Fruit Cake Slingshot

839 NP

December 28th

Seasonal Turtleneck Jumper

Holiday Fashion

170 NP

December 29th

Candy Cane Sword

Festive Holiday Toothbrush

892 NP

December 30th

Jhudora Stocking of Treats

Bucket of Coal

389 NP

December 31st

Paper Lantern Stringlights

Festive Emergency Water Bucket

743 NP

Some people also received the Winter Sidebar theme today.

Items of Advents Past

Advent Calendar 2007

1st 920NP Neohome Heater ~~~ Snowager Cap ~~~ 'Plastic Fir' Avatar
2nd 489NP Quilt Cape ~~~ Kougra Defender Action Figure
3rd 328NP Snot Holiday Tree ~~~ Snot Ladder
4th 238NP Shining Star Tree Topper ~~~ Fir Cookies
5th 934NP Sliding Bruce Plushie ~~~ Ice Garland
6th 732NP Snow Yooyu Plushie ~~~ Snow SPLAT
7th 859NP Brightly Wrapped Presents ~~~ Holiday Wrappings
8th 203NP Homemade Gingerbread House ~~~ Petpetpet Pop-up Card
9th 859NP Directors Slate ~~~ Toolbox
10th 904NP Christmas Arkmite ~~~ Seaweed Garland
11th 839NP Plate of Smores ~~~ Fiery Marshmallow Hat
12th 483NP Meepit Carols ~~~ Scared Christmas Wocky Plushie
13th 584NP Journey to the Lost Isle Snowglobe ~~~ Giant Moach Costume
14th 834NP Cosmopolitan Fashion Guide ~~~ Seasonal Designer Purse
15th 538NP Supernova Candy ~~~ Pant Devil Pants
16th 728NP Fly Lights ~~~ Hot Fly Cocoa
17th 832NP Tacky Lighted Holiday Shoes ~~~ Christmas Paint Brush
18th 734NP Steamed Window ~~~ Face Pulling Hissi Plushie
19th 346NP Shenkuu River Rush Ornament ~~~ Winter Shenkuu River Rush Board
20th 839NP Sprout Borovan ~~~ Borovan Badge
21st 283NP Book of Cooperation ~~~ Seasonal Wings ~~~ Seasonal Attack Pea Avatar
22nd 604NP Eau De Skunk ~~~ Fancy Perfume Shelf
23rd 304NP Roast Ham ~~~ Branched Antlers
24th 895NP Holiday Tutu ~~~ Lenny Dancer Music Box
25th 284NP Marching Glockenspiel ~~~ Christmas Parade Poster
26th 920NP Grarrl Nutcracker ~~~ Basket of Peanuts
27th 843NP Managing Anger ~~~ Last Blast Alien Plushie
28th 754NP Rocking Ogrin ~~~ Holiday Home Background
29th 683NP Snow Pyramid ~~~ Desert Candy Cane
30th 829NP Grandma Bobblehead ~~~ Purple Cybunny Pyjamas
31st 783NP Red Pteri Clacker ~~~ Bag of Confetti ~~~ Some people also recieved the Winter Sidebar theme today

Advent Calendar 2006

1st 350NP Brain Tree Pop-Up Card ~~~ Decorated Artificial Brain Tree ~~~ 'Plastic Fir' Avatar
2nd 401NP Fir Tree Ornament ~~~ Sleeping Tonu Plushie
3rd 500NP Snow Yurble Tutu Squeeze Toy ~~~ Pink Earmuff & Scarf Set
4th 553NP Fancy Fishing Pole ~~~ Advent Calendar Snowglobe
5th 248NP Mint Swirl Cookie ~~~ Snow Bruce Plushie
6th 197NP My Neighbour the Zombie ~~~ Screaming Sophie Toy
7th 813NP Spicy Inflatable Fire Yooyu Ball ~~~ Terror Mountain Altador Cup Cup
8th 277NP Plushie Eyrie Mask ~~~ Jelly Conveyor
9th 437NP Christmas Ghostkerhat ~~~ Bouncy Blue Blumaroo Mug
10th 101NP Space Station Bathtub ~~~ Golden Grundo Soap Dish
11th 279NP Cyodrakes Gaze Snowglobe ~~~ Anger Management for Navigators
12th 499NP Blue Ice Skates ~~~ Snow Angel
13th 99NP Christmas Kookith Plushie ~~~ Pink Quiggle Scarf
14th 722NP Snot-Covered Cookies ~~~ Striped Holiday Ornament
15th 377NP Tyrannian Bone X-4000 ~~~ Tyrannian Pyjamas
16th 471NP Darigan Storytime ~~~ Darigan Pteri
17th 971NP Noil Tea ~~~ Winter Blechy Hat
18th 523NP Christmas Bori Plushie ~~~ Festive Bori Music Box
19th 182NP Starberry Cider ~~~ Decorated Prison Cell Bench
20th 0NP No gifts today, Adam played a trick on us for his Birthday
21st 1500NP Shell-Topped Cupcakes ~~~ Festive Maraquan Snowglobe ~~~~ and the gifts from yesterday
Seasonal Attack Pea Plushie ~~~ Seasonal Attack Pea Play Set ~~~ Seasonal Attack Pea Avatar
22nd 555NP Repaired Meepit Plushie ~~~ Dung Meepit Plushie
23rd 374NP Colourful Snowy Window ~~~ Shooting Star Muffin
24th 412NP Tuskaninny Stocking ~~~ Poinsetta Basket
25th 2000NP My Sisters Frilly Skirt ~~~ Ultra-Awesome Super Lucky Activity Play Set
26th 277NP Bartimus Ornament ~~~ Chocolate Jhudora
27th 167NP Gobbler ~~~ Brightvale, A Complete History
28th 674NP Christmas Ogrin Plushie ~~~ Striped Holiday Tree
29th 555NP A Ruki Christmas ~~~ Mummy Bandage Ball
30th 753NP Holiday Mystical Tiki Idol ~~~ Jakes Fedora Replica
31st 100NP New Year Dummy ~~~ Grarrl New Year Dentures ~~~ Some people also received the Winter Sidebar

Christmas in July

July 7th, 2006 1000NP Sandcastle Set ~~~ Tropical Swim Trunks

Advent Calendar 2005

1st 400NP Handful of Humbugs ~~~ Chia Clown Poster ~~~ Plastic Fir' Avatar
2nd 200NP Evil Toy of DOOM ~~~ String of Lights
3rd 500NP Twisted Roses Santa Hat
4th 400NP Tiki Christmas Decoration ~~~ Seasons Greetings in a Bottle
5th 250NP Snow Brucicle ~~~ Colourful Bruce Scarf
6th 700NP Gigantic Decorated Christmas Tree ~~~ Christmas Fir Ball
7th 400NP Spicy Meowclops Whiskers ~~~ Sophies Rocking Chair
8th 200NP Mistletoe Headband ~~~ Happy Holidays Card
9th 600NP Roaring Log Fire ~~~ Marshmallows on a Stick
10th 800NP Snowflake Blower ~~~ Taelia Style Coat
11th 300NP Brightvale Glaziers Plushie ~~~ Christmassy Stained Glass Window
12th 450NP Wocky TCG Deck ~~~ Slice of Wocky Day Cake
13th 3NP Springy Cobrall In A Box ~~~ Cobrall Cookie
14th 600NP Coconut Shy Kit ~~~ Snow Coconut
15th 25NP Christmas Pirate Krawk Plushie ~~~ Chocolate Dubloons
16th 400NP Darkest Faerie Snowglobe ~~~ Free the Darkest Faerie T-shirt
17th 204NP Bucket of Fake Snow ~~~ Lost Desert Snowglobe
18th 300NP Snow Angel Sculpture ~~~ Snow Angel Rug
19th 500NP Ladder ~~~ Traditional Mince Pie
20th 900NP Handmade Taelia Plushie ~~~ Cup of Hot Borovan
21st 108NP Arkmite Plushie ~~~ Seaweed Sandwich on Coral Bread
22nd 400NP Game Graveyard Painting
23rd 300NP Fire Jetsam Plushie ~~~ Coral Tree
24th 600NP Plushie Petpet Paint Brush ~~~ Cookies and Milk
25th 900NP Beautifully Wrapped Present ~~~ Flaming Christmas Pudding ~~~ Seasonal Attack Pea Avatar
26th 200NP Piratey Fruit Juice ~~~ Replica Black Pawkeet
27th 400NP Ogrin Plushie ~~~ Ogrin Deluxe Book
28th 340NP Grarrl Action Figure ~~~ Chocolate Smore
29th 400NP Ornate Grand Piano ~~~ Darigan Eyrie, Red Hissi, Blue Nimmo or Starry Xweetok Cracker
30th 600NP Toy Sled ~~~ Sledding Trophy
31st 1400NP New Year Calendar ~~~ New Years Eve Cake ~~~ Some people also received the Winter Sidebar

Advent Calendar 2004

1st 300NP Snowball Bean Bag ~~~ 'Plastic Fir' Avatar
2nd 200NP Fake Lord Kass Toy Sword ~~~ Whack A Kass Puppet
3rd 350NP Merry Christmas Quiguki ~~~ Green Quiguki Rug
4th 240NP Rainbow Doughnutfruit Plushie ~~~ Chocolate Doughnutfruit
5th 500NP Christmas Brucicle ~~~ Royal Boy Bruce Balloon
6th 200NP Dr Sloth Pinata ~~~ Big Bag of Sweets
7th 80NP Snow Kookith ~~~ Snowager Sculpture
8th 300NP Brightvale Flag ~~~ Holly Stained Glass Window
9th 100NP Neopian Times Usuki Set ~~~ Neopian Times Year 6 Annual
10th 400NP Poptart Plushie ~~~ Iced Christmas Cake
11th 500NP Mop and Bucket ~~~ Snicklebeast
12th 230NP Wocky Painting ~~~ Gingerbread House
13th 150NP Christmas Vira Plushie ~~~ Morguss Spell Book
14th 220NP Christmas Shoyru Plushie ~~~ Uni Races Usuki Set
15th 301NP Bori Snow Globe ~~~ Mulled Fruit Juice
16th 100NP Purple Sticky Hand ~~~ Techo Clock
17th 400NP Chia Print Chair ~~~ Chocolate Chia Treat ~~~ Seasonal Attack Pea Avatar
18th 125NP Judge Hog Action Figure ~~~ Defenders Of Neopia Annual
19th 80NP Cylara Poster ~~~ Battle JubJub Cake
20th 300NP Wind Up Asparagus Chia ~~~ Number Six Plushie
21st 280NP Seasonal Gift Box ~~~ Plate of Cookies
22nd 400NP Coconut Shy Quiggle Plushie ~~~ Seasonal Evil Coconut
23rd 150NP Kreludan Christmas Carols ~~~ Dieter Action Figure
24th 500NP Cranberry Jelly ~~~ Starry Hair Brush
25th 800NP Merry Christmas Card ~~~ Chocolate Christmas Scorchio
26th 200NP Mistleto Wreath ~~~ Plushie Kau Plushie
27th 350NP Limited Edition Guitar ~~~ Rebuild Maraqua Poster
28th 100NP Homemade Buggy ~~~ Cranberry Gummy Slorg
29th 400NP Hand Knitted Jumper ~~~ Triangle Ringing Cybunny
30th 360NP Chocolate Peach ~~~ Hand Bell
31st 1600NP Year 7 Plushie ~~~ Year 7 Gnome

Advent Calendar 2003

1st 200NP Plastic Fir ~~~ White Chocolate Igloo
2nd 300NP Christmas Uni Plushie ~~~ Seasonal Kiko Balloon
3rd 250NP White Ona or White Chocolate Asparagus Souffle ~~~ White Chocolate Orange
4th 550NP Meerca Whoopee Cushion ~~~ Seasonal Attack Pea Avatar
5th 100NP Snow Bruce Sculpture ~~~ Turkey and Cranberry Pizza
6th 400NP Chocolate Ghostkersword ~~~ Shadow Usul Ice Lolly
7th 90NP Gingerbread Grundo ~~~ Snowball Fight Usuki Doll
8th 20NP Snow Covered Tree ~~~ Springy Shoyru Toy
9th 100NP Sliding Candychan Puzzle ~~~ Seasonal CATFB Mug
10th 1000NP Snowbunny Chair ~~~ Milk Chocolate Snowbunny
11th 600NP Feepit ~~~ Wooden Marble
12th 250NP Clockwork Wocky ~~~ Sparkly Wocky Ball
13th 5NP Fluffy Mynci Ball ~~~ Snow Petpet Paint Brush or Snowbunny (TCG)
14th 311NP Seasonal Shoyru Gnome ~~~ Candy Cane Pen
15th 170NP Grey Faerie Snowglobe ~~~ Mistletoe Plant
16th 500NP Seasonal Yo Yo ~~~ Silver and Gold Chocolate Coins
17th 300NP Sparkling Seasonal Stocking ~~~ Holly Kaleidoscope
18th 200NP Darigan Kougra Plushie ~~~ Happy Icy Fun Snow Shop Card
19th 400NP Giant Bar of Chocolate
20th 222NP Deluxe Holly Wreath ~~~ Snow Globe Pencil
21st 225NP Glow In The Dark Eyrie Plushie ~~~ Holly Football
22nd 500NP Seasonal Stamp ~~~ Seasonal Faerie Tales
23rd 80NP Seasonal Quiguki ~~~ Squeaky Tonu Toy
24th 450NP White Chocolate Mince Pie ~~~ I Love Mince Pie T-Shirt
25th 1001NP Turkey and Cranberry Pastry ~~~ Slorg Wardrobe
26th 200NP Seasonal Battle Duck ~~~ Turkey Packed Lunch
27th 300NP Skeith Cheese ~~~ Babaa Wardrobe
28th 550NP Snowager Ice Lolly
29th 250NP Taelia Poster ~~~ Gammon Dinner
30th 190NP Chocolate Mousse ~~~ Ring of Sloth Stamp
31st 1500NP Slice of New Year Cake ~~~ Year Six Lupe Gnome

Advent Calendar 2002

1st 1000NP White Kougra Plushie ~~~ Tree Shaped Cookies
2nd 100NP Brandy Butter ~~~ Pull Along Gelert
3rd 150NP Gingerbread Mynci ~~~ Fire Faerie
4th 50NP Seasonal Pudding ~~~ Snow Wars Collectable Card
5th 200NP Squeaky Rubber Bruce Toy ~~~ Rainbow Snowball
6th 0NP Flaming Oven Gloves ~~~ Snowbunny (some got a Blue Fir)
7th 80NP Deluxe Candy Cane ~~~ Fireplace
8th 40NP Chocolate Tree ~~~ Snow Chia Sculpture
9th 300NP Biscuit Assortment ~~~ Holly Wreath
10th 800NP Mika and Carassa Mug ~~~ Jazmosis Xmas Special Ticket
11th 500NP Tree Shaped Crackers and Cheese ~~~ El Picklesaur Plushie
12th 250NP Christmas Wocky Plushie ~~~ Gingerbread Wocky
13th 400NP Woolly JubJub Hat ~~~ Jelly Bean Stocking
14th 300NP Snowman ~~~ Mint Chocolate Tree
15th 160NP Clockwork Quiggle ~~~ Decorated Tree
16th 200NP Pot of Peanuts ~~~ White Elephante Plushie
17th 500NP Cherry Brandy Truffles ~~~ Christmas Chia Plushie
18th 400NP A Faerie Christmas ~~~ Two Dubloon Coin
19th 100NP Krawk Goodie Bag ~~~ Turkey and Cranberry Omelette
20th 500NP Cranberry Sauce ~~~ Sticky Snowflake
21st 200NP Medicinal Mud Bath ~~~ Filled Cookie Jar
22nd 100NP Cobblestone Bridge ~~~ Year 5 Stamp
23rd 400NP Assorted Coconut Balls ~~~ Eyrie Goodie Bag
24th 350NP Deluxe Tonu Cracker ~~~ Sinsis Crown
25th 1000NP Balthazar Plushie ~~~ Christmas Petpet Paint Brush
26th 250NP Winter Woolies Usuki Set ~~~ Chocolate Brucicle
27th 400NP Kiko Cracker ~~~ Gold Chocolate Coins
28th 450NP Walking Book ~~~ Snow Faerie Snowglobe
29th 150NP Asparagus Gateau ~~~ Orange
30th 90NP Blue Orange Chia Pop ~~~ Dr_Death Plushie
31st 1500NP Year 5 Stamp ~~~ Year 5 Usuki

Advent Calendar 2001

1st 200NP Wet Snowball
2nd 100NP Orange Negg
3rd 150NP Taco Dog ~~~ Rainbow Snow Puff
4th 650NP Blue Clockwork Grundo or 150NP Ice Negg
5th 300NP Rainborific Slush ~~~ Chocolate Chip Cookie Slush
6th 500NP 2 Turkey & Cranberry Chia Pops
7th 350NP Chocolate Sprout ~~~ White Chocolate Sprout
8th 400NP Snow Blumaroo ~~~ Aisha Scarf
9th 1000NP Exploding Pizza Pasty ~~~ Advent Calendar
10th 50NP Pineapple Snowball ~~~ Scorchio Scarf
11th 1NP 1/3 Plain Omelette
12th 250NP Pepperminto Slush
13th 350NP Turkey Milkshake ~~~ Chocolate Tree Decoration
14th 450NP Sketch a Pic ~~~ Quiggle Keyring
15th 550NP ~~~
16th 600NP Chocolate Star Decoration ~~~ Empty Pillow Case
17th 400NP Bumper Prize Stocking ~~~ Lu Codestone
18th 250NP Sour Blue Slush
19th 450NP Olive Snowball ~~~ Beans with Sausages
20th 500NP Techo Cracker ~~~ Asparagus Pie
21st 500NP JubJub T-shirt
22nd 150NP Blueberry Snowball ~~~Strawberry Snowball
23rd 350NP Chocoball Decoration ~~~ Chocoball Machine
24th 1000NP Golden Juppie
25th 1500NP Snow Aisha ~~~ Sausage Stocking
26th 800NP Turkey Dinner ~~~ Christmas Tree Negg
27th 750NP Turkey Dinner ~~~ Cup of Hot Borovan
28th 350NP Abominable Snowball
29th 150NP Yellow Clockwork Grundo ~~~ Snow Mudball
30th 150NP Exploding Snowball
31st 1000NP The Faerie Queen Burrito ~~~ Christmas Doglefox

Advent Calendar 2000

1st 200NP Wet Snowball
2nd 100NP Orange Negg
3rd 0NP Rainbow Negg ~~~ Blue Negg
4th 150NP Icy Negg
5th 300NP Rainborific Slushie ~~~ Chocolate Chip ~~~ Cookie Slushie
6th 500NP Berry Cola Slushie
7th 350NP Blue Pop Slushie
8th 0NP Ice Aisha Totem ~~~ Ultimate Icy Negg
9th 1000NP Blue Healthshroom
10th 150NP Yellow Healshroom
11th 150NP Strawberry Ice Cream
12th 250NP Pepperminto Slushie
13th 350NP Green Healshroom
14th 450NP Sketch A Pic ~~~ Quiggle Keychain
15th 550NP ~~~
16th 300NP Space Slushie or 800NP ~~~ Chocolate Ice Cream
17th 800NP Chocolate Ice Cream
18th 250NP Sour Blue Slushie
19th 450NP Red Mountain Bike ~~~ Snowglobe
20th 2000NP Toffee Ice Cream
21st 500NP JubJub T-Shirt
22nd 150NP Frosted Doughnut
23rd 350NP Mint Ice Cream
24th 2000NP Golden Juppie
25th 2000NP Christmas Paint Brush ~~~ Turkey Dinner
26th 1500NP Turkey Dinner ~~~ Christmas Tree Negg
27th 750NP Turkey Dinner ~~~ Cup of Hot Borovan
28th 350NP Abominable Snowball
29th 150NP Icy Snowball
30th 150NP Exploding Snowball
31st 200NP Peach Snowball ~~~ Exploding Snowball

Graphics and coding by Moons, made especially for Fizzy

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I want to stay on Neopets,
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Meepit invasion
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Heads Up! You're about to leave Neopia!

You've clicked on a link that will take you outside of We do not control your destination's website,
so its rules, regulations, and Meepit defense systems will be
different! Are you sure you'd like to continue?

It is a journey
I must face...alone.
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I want to stay on Neopets,
where the dangers of
Meepit invasion
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