Who's leaving that trail of slime?!

Hello and welcome to my petpage! My name is Galaxz! I love exploring and traveling from planet to planet. I usually cause a little bit of mischief in every world I visit but it's all in good fun! Unfortunately for me, my slime body sort of leaves a trail and I usually get caught for all the pranks I've done. Ooopsss.


Gender: Male

Background: Galaxz was a part of an experiment gone wrong. He was zapped by a lab ray and it turned his body into a slimy mess! Most people considered him "alien-like" and disgusting. Fueled by all the rejection he recieved on Earth, he later moved to a different planet. From there he loved world hopping and visiting new places. Because he never had any parent figures, he became a little trouble-maker. All his pranks are in good fun though!


He loves pulling pranks for fun.
He now loves his slime body. He has embraced his silly side and doesn't care anymore what people think about him.
He loves spending time with Pretza. She's like a sister to him.


He hates when people tell him to clean. He prefers being messy and not cleaning up after himself.
Doesn't like when he gets scolded for doing pranks.
He doesnt like when people look at him in disgust. He believes they shouldn't judge him on how he looks.

story coming soon!

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Reference sheet

▶ He wears a white jumpsuit with a letter "S" collar.
▶ His body is slimy and usually dripping.


Below is just a few of my favorite artwork drawn by myself! Just drag and drop to your address bar for full view!

For more art of Galaxz, please visit my pets art page!

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