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August 8, 2014

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Hello and welcome to Spectrum Shop Directory, a shop directory site hosted and founded byReginasince November 12, 2012. Spectrum Shop Directory, or SSD, is a shop directory full of quality shop listings, shop resources, and guides in owning and maintaining a shop. Here at SSD, Regina strives to create a site for all your shopping needs! Why have/or join a shop directory?, you may ask? Well, having a shop directory is to list shops to may it easier for an everyday neopian to do their usual shopping. By having a shop directory, we help shops get increased traffic and more sales to gain more NP. So why not inlist your shop to SSD today!

Continue to About?

Regina was doing her regular virtual shopping to restock her store on a fine, autumn day when she stumbled upon a shop with a button/graphic stating that the shop she was visiting was listed at a shop directory. Such as you are browsing the site right now, she clicked on the graphic and looked through the directory. Seeing as this directory was a great success in bringing more traffic to neopian-run stores, she decided to create a directory of her own. Thus, Spectrum Shop Directory was born!

At first creating the site was a major hassle for she had little experience in HTML, but after viewing how things worked she finally figured out how to use a premade layout (yes, yes. what a 'great' acomplishment)! Not to mention that since the site was still new, she had no clients and viewers. She neomailed plenty of people to see if they were interested in being listed, as an act of trying to bring attraction to the new directory. So as you can see now, the site has grown far from where it has started. Regina works hard and does her best in maintaining the site.

Since then, Regina has grown a bit inactive from when she had first opened the directory due to school. However she stops by every now and then to see how everyone is doing and to update the site. She is always pleasured to hear from you, even if it is constructive criticism. Feel free to drop a neomail for any comments, questions, or concerns. Your feedback is greatly appreciated to help improve the site and to allow SSD to grow.

Send a neomail here!


Rules and Forms
1. The directory button must be visible in your shop* at all times, meaning you must have the directory button in your shop before and after I have accepted your application.
2. Your shop must have the minimum size of 5.
3. You must have stock in your shop.
4. You can be apart of other shop directories and/or malls.
5. You may be in at most 2 categories.
6. Please try your best to update me about any notifications reguarding your shop.

If any rules are broken, you may be at risk of being removed from the directory!**

*If you are unable to place the directory button in your shop due to being part of a mall, please tell me so I can give you the exception to place it onto your userlookup. Also, the update forms are only for shops. So if you are a mall and have updated something, please just neomail me what you have updated.

**Please note that I occasionaly do update checks, meaning that I check to see if you are following the rules and to update your shop information.

Shop Form Mall Form Updates Form

Newly Added

Here you can find our newly added listings. Thank you for joining and feel free to contact me if you have questions, comments, or concerns.

Valleymede (524)


Symbol Key
= Once was a featured shop/mall of the month
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Shops/Malls Listed: 185

Shop/Mall of the month

Shop/mall of the month for March 2014 goes to The Flavour of Happiness, congratulations main_domain! This food & drink store is the place to go, so go visit today!

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Please only take these buttons if you actually won shop/mall of the month here at Spectrum Shop Directory.

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These forms of advertisement are for the Neoboard » Shop Ads and the Notice Board. Feel free to help SSD advertise but don't feel obligated as though you are being told to or forced. Thank you for helping SSD get to where it is now!

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Affiliates | 6/10?

I am still accepting affiliates, only directories though! Unfortunately I had to delete some affiliates because they were inactive...

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Layout coded and designed by Regina.
Resources from Bedazzled.
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SOTM banner by Regina.
Back/Forward signs from Jubilee Resources.

Books & Supply

Barnes & Nobility (450)
The Bookmark™ (301)
Quest Items! (206)
The Bookship (117)
The Neobrary (106)
A Reader's Wonderland (91)
One Stop (90)
♫ Rockin 'de Artz ♪ (75)
Newbie Mall: Books & Stamps (64)
Pooh's Corner (63)
w945 (62)
my shop (54)
Aisles Town Library (50)
PassionSwirls (35)
Magical Mystery Bookshop (35)
Booksmart (34)
The Library (30)
Vesper's Book Café (25)

General & Packrat

The Nursery's General Store Shop ~ 100% CG Free ~ (539)
Mary's Market (225)
Sonata (213)
My Shop (208)
Magical Mystery Merchant (200)
Dizajerka's Shop (192)
Valour Emporium (152)
Neverland (110)
Deadsville Shoppe (108)
Freaking Awesome Shop of Wonders (100)
☻☺ Stop & Shop ☺☻ (100)
One Stop (90)
Misty Nite (62)
Magisca (56)
Wilson's Odd Shop (55)
Worth A Million (55)
class boutique (55)
Meow meow (54)
Pets Corner Coffee Shop (52)
Leftovers (60)
Discount Cellardoor (51)
The shop in the Corner (50)
Shop of Wonders (50)
welcome =^___________^= (42)
My Shop. (: (41)
Neomart (41)
The One Stop Shop (40)
Color World (40)
Sanctuario (39)
Value General Store (39)
The Green Room (36)
Tindaha (35)
La Reina's Shop of Everything (32)
The Black Market (31)
The 5 NP and Pack Rat Stop Shop (30)
The Neopian Newsstand (27)
A Random Taco (27)
Moody's (27)
Shay's Shop (25)
The Old Cafe Shoppe (25)
Cloudie (25)
The Uni Kingdom Shop (23)
Grim's Shoppe (21)
Wonderstruck (20)
Oddments of Neopia (20)
Lady Grey's Trinkets and Things (20)
Vivance (18)
Discount Depot - 24/7 sale (18)
uki_loveys store (16)
Cheap Good Quality Items! (15)
♣ «LuMarket» ♠ (13)
Rinabina_12's Store of a Kind (11)
Sakura Blossom (8)
Odds N' Ends Superstore (8)

Neohome & Garden

|| VONM Sloth's Experiments - NeoHome & Garden || (254)
Unique Antiques (78)
FurnitureNow! (60)
•Rocks & Roses• (46)
Katie's Shop (44)
Sweetnow's Furniture Shop (33)
furniture 4 less (9)

Toys & Plushies

holodeck (130)
Cloud 9 (100)
♥ Plush ♂♀ Toys ♥ (41)
The Little Shoppe (41)
Emzee's Toys and Plush (40)
Goodly Plushies and Toys (23)
cheap.shop (20)
Toys 4 U (17)

1001/100/1 NP

Freaking Awesome Shop of Wonders (100)
The Original 1NP Shoppe (100)
Tea, Coffee & Treats (70)
Tindaha (35)
The Black Market (31)
Treasure Club (11)


Faerie Bedlam (235)
Millennium (226)
The Collector's Dream (224)
Treasure Chest of Collectables ♥ (100)
Stamps & more (94)
Newbie Mall: Books & Stamps (64)
Discount Cellardoor (51)
Simply Collectables (40)
Funky Stuff (20)
The Grey Lady (31)

Luck & Maps

The Bookship (117)
★~*Zantetsuken de Bazaar*~★ (100)

Paintbrush & Morphs

Valleymede (524)
Fortevo's Paint Brushes (70)

Training & Neggs

Battledome & Training (130)
Lottsa stuff (80)
Jump Street Chapel (78)
Crazy Shop (77)
[The Lil Old Neggy Shoppe] (63)
Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot, and Prongs (55)
The Better Shoppe (30)
#Hex# (26)
The Gold Standard (61)


♫ Rockin 'de Artz ♪ (75)
Ruby Treasures (62)
Haunted Store (18)
Shop of Love (50)
♫ Whimsical ♫ (11)

Food & Drink

♔ Sugar Rush ♔ (643)
Mystic's Sweet Shop (360)
Nanny Stars (359)
Minne Bazzar (344)
Millennium (226)
~*Candied Confections*~* (174)
Food & Drinks (170)
Snowflake Foods (127)
Cake House (124)
Fruity Fruit! (111)
The Neobrary (106)
Charlin's Food Supply (101)
Sweete Tooth Emporium (101)
Little Cupcake Palace (100)
Dors Shop of Wonders (100)
★~*Zantetsuken de Bazaar*~★ (100)
a pet's food fantasy (90)
The Flavour of Happiness (100)
lulu299 (70)
15°C ♥ Cafe ~ (68)
Hkcharmer's Super Store (65)
Newbie Mall: Books & Stamps (64)
Pooh's Corner (63)
Penny's Food Stuffs (62)
MmmmmmFd (57)
Berderkerderk Jelly! (57)
Sapphire Shoppe (54)
Pets Corner Coffee Shop (52)
Cookie Café (50)
Sapphire Shoppe (50)
The shop in the Corner (50)
Lost Desert Imports (49)
welcome =^___________^= (42)
The One Stop Sapphire Drink Shop (40)
Ivory Oak Cafe (40)
Wolfy's Lair (37)
Café Ree (34)
Under 2,500 np shop (33)
Ambrosia Cafe (30)
The Neopian Newsstand (27)
Everything and Anything (25)
The Food Shop (25)
Cloud's Cafe (25)
#Hex# (26)
Funky Stuff (20)
Jivin' Jellies & Outstanding Omelettes (18)
Cheap Good Quality Items! (15)
❁Fancy Food Shop❁ (26)
Neopian Cheap Foods (10)
Blue Ocean (9)
Sakura Blossom (8)


Nioe's Emporium of Medicine & Cures (229)
Co_OL bLeSsiNg (139)
Crazy Shop (77)
Magical Remedies (155)
♥The Pink Pharmacy♥ (20)
Rx Pharmacy (8)

Pets & Supply

.:.Shop Till You Drop.:. (64)
Pandora's Box (23)
Garnet Petpet Shop ~ Feepit Mall (19)

Clothes & Grooming

Blessings (272)
Emerald Majestic Mall - Cheap Wearables (111)
Daisy's Shop of Beauty and Fashion (45)
Grim's Shoppe (21)


Magical Remedies (84)
Co_OL bLeSsiNg (102)


Snowflake Mall ~ Minimum Shop Size: 50+
Aurora ~ Minimum Shop Size: 35+
Baby Mall ~ Minimum Shop Size: 15+
Premium Priced Mall ~ Minimum Shop Size: 10+
Faerie Mall ~ Minimum Shop Size: 50+
The Stop & Go Mall ~ Minimum Shop Size: 30+
Rainbow Fields Mall ~ Minimum Shop Size: 50+
Strawberry Patch Mall ~ Minimum Shop Size: 30+
The Mall of Neopia ~ Minimum Shop Size: 1+
Enchanted Malls ~ Minimum Shop Size: 20+
Majestic Malls ~ Minimum Shop Size: 50+

The Main Shops

Welcome to The Main Shops, a directory that organizes all the shops in Neopia. This directory is convenient for restocking your shop, finding specific stores, and more! Remember, every 3rd day of the month, many of the Neopian shopkeepers have a 50% off discount* on their stock.

*Not all of the shops participate in the dicounted day. The following shops do not participate in this: The General Store, Hidden Tower, Igloo Garage Sale, Little Nippers, Neohomes Superstore, Neopian Neggery, Shop of Mystery, and Smuggler's Cove.


Battle Magic
Brightvale Armoury
Brightvale Motery
Defense Magic
Desert Arms
Faerie Weapon Shop
Haunted Weaponry
Ice Crystal
Illustrious Armoury
Kayla's Potion Shop
Magical Marvels
Maracite Weapons
Kauvara's Magic Shop
Space Weaponry
Space Armour
Tyrannian Weaponry
Lost Desert Battle Supplies
The Scrollery
Royal Potionery
Wonderous Weaponry

Magical Book Shop
Faerie Books
Sutek's Scrolls
Booktastic Books
Brightvale Books
Words Of Antiquity
Neovian Printing Press
Moltaran Books

Clothes Store
Prigpants & Swolthy, Tailors
Mystical Surroundings
The Second-Hand Shoppe
Cog's Togs

Collectible Cards
Post Office
Collectible Coins
Maraquan Shells


Neopian Fresh Foods
Chocolate Factory
The Bakery
Health Food

Smoothie Shop
Tropical Foods
Grundos Cafe
Spooky Foods

Coffee Shop
Slushie Shop

Super Happy Icy Fun Snow Shop
Faerie Foods
Tyrannian Foods
Hubert's Hot Dogs
Lost Desert Foods
Meridell Foods
Jelly Foods

Kiko Lake Treats
Kreludan Foods
Brightvale Fruits
Qasalan Delights
Exquisite Ambrosia
Exotic Foods
The Crumpet Monger
Molten Morsels

Garden Center
Neopian Furniture
Tyrannian Furniture
Osiri's Pottery
Spooky Furniture
Kiko Lake Carpentry
Petpet Supplies
Kreludan Furniture
Faerie Furniture
Roo Island Merchandise
Brightvale Glaziers
Chesterdrawer's Antiques
Neohomes NP Superstore
Lampwyck's Lights Fantastic


Lost Desert Medicine
Remarkable Restoratives

Neopian Petpets
Robot Petpets
The Rock Pool
Spooky Petpets
Faerie Petpets
Tyrannian Petpets
Lost Desert Petpets
Meridell Petpets
Wintery Petpets
Maraquan Petpets
The Rock Pool
Geraptiku Petpets
Legendary Petpets
Fanciful Fauna
Little Nippers
Moltaran Petpets


Toy Shop
Darigan Toys
Plushie Palace

Grooming Shop
Gift Shop
Tiki Tack
School Supplies
Neopian Music Shop
Igloo Garage Sale
Tarla's Shop Of Mystery
Smugglers Cove
Hidden Tower
General Store
Almost Abandoned Attic
Springy Things

Spectrum Dailies

Spectrum dailies was once a site of its own, but has joined SSD to better fit your needs. These dailies have been created to simplify your neopian life and help you earn NP. This portion of the site offers dailies that have absolutely no cost at all, dailies that do cost some NP, wheels, quests, and shopkeeping guides.

Free Dailies

Advent Calendar - Only in December

Anchor Management

Apple Bobbing

Coltzan's Shrine

Daily Puzzle

Deserted Tomb

Faerie Crossword

Fruit Machine

Giant Omelette

Jelly World

Grumpy Old King

Healing Springs

Lunar Temple


Qasalan Expellibox

Rich Slorg

Symol Hole

The Discarded Magical Blue Grundo Plushie of Prosperity


Weltrude's Toy Chest

Wise Old King

Ye Olde Fishing Vortex

Np Needed Dailies


Cork Gun Gallery

Coconut Shy

Employment Agency

Faerie Caverns

Pick Your Own

Test Your Strength


Wheel of Excitement

Wheel of Extravagance

Wheel of Knowledge

Wheel of Mediocrity

Wheel of Misfortune

Wheel of Monotony

Wheel of Slime


Brain Tree Quests

Edna's Quests

Esophagor's Quests

Faerie Quests

Illusen's Glade

Jhudora's Bluff

Kitchen Quests

Taelia's Quests


Starting your shop
First create your shop.

Then look for shop layouts. Customers like to buy from shops who have layouts. Just try not to go overboard, because customers also dislike shops that have too much graphics. I would recommend looking for layouts in these places: Sugary Premades , That Kills Me , and Sunnyneo.com

Then upgrade your shop size as needed.

Then chose what type of shop you would like to be. There are many options such as: Books & Supply, Collectibles, Food & Drink, General & Packrat, Luck & Maps, Medicine, Neohome, Paint & Morphs, Petpets, Toys, Training & Neggs, Clothes & Groom, 1001NP/100NP/1NP, Seasonal . Customers like shops that have a specific category so they can find just what they need in your shop.

When buying stock for your shop, search for it on the SW or shop wizard. Then open the first result in another tab. Next search for it again except this time under "Max Price" type in the amount that was written in your first result. If there are cheaper prices, choose the one that's cheaper! If not, choose the item you first searched.

Then once you've finished buying your stock, place it into your shop. Be sure not to overprice your items, so search your item again in the SW and price your item the same price that is the cheapest one in your search.

Shop Directories/Malls

Shop Directories are a great way to get your shop noticed and a great way to get more customers coming through the door! Just follow their rules and they'll get you listed in a jiffy.

Malls are also a great way to get your shop noticed and get even more customers! Just stick to their rules and they'll try and find you a spot. But, getting into a mall isn't so easy. There are certain shop sizes needed to fulfill, there are mall banners needed to be placed in your shop, and there are some other strict rules. Here are some malls that may have open spots: Majestic Malls.


Please select one of the following categories below to redirect you to a category. For more shops and items, although everything is priced as retail, click on "Main Shops" in the navigation.

Books & Supply | General & Packrat | Neohome & Garden | Toys & Plushies |
1001/100/1 NP | Collectibles | Luck & Maps | Paintbrush & Morphs |
Training & Neggs | Other | Food & Drink | Medicine |
Pets & Supply | Clothes & Grooming | Quests | Malls

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