Fixed the broken envelopes caused by the photobucket issues. I'll fix the rest sometime soon.
Added Eccentrcity's guild button to my bookmarks! Updated trade list to reflect a recent trade. Added a page counter because why not? Too lazy to add newest trade items. Might happen soon though.
Yep, been far too long since i updated. Anyway, i updated the bookmarks. Will be adding any new wish/trade stuff tomorrow!
Avatar Lends section complete. Coding blog updated. That means everything is finished now except for the bookmarks! I need to get a button made for my Purple Site Theme pet. If you need the theme, check him out!
Brand new portfolio! I must say, i'm quite proud of it.

Wish upon a star...

So, you've stumbled your way onto my portfolio. That must mean you're looking for stuff about me. Like, what kind of neopian I am or what my latest coding projects are. Or maybe you don't care about any of that stuff and you just want to borrow a thing from me for an avatar. Either way, here you are & now I'm going to tell you about myself.

I was born on a frigid day, 8th of January 1991... wait, no. That's way too far. I'm Shaedi to most & Buddha617 to others. I like to code, a lot. It's kind of an obsession. I run two petpages on neo, a directory called Directly. & a premade layout site called indirect;. I'm in a wonderfully laid back guild called Eccentricity, where I'm on the council as the resident recruiter & coder. I can't acceot neofriend requests because I run Eccentricity's 1np auctions, which are NF only, fair warning.

I'm pretty friendly & down to earth. If you'd like to neomail me for a lend, to be listed on Directly., for help with an indirect; layout, just to chat or anything in between, you go right ahead. I'm usually on at least once a day, for several hours at a time. Seriously, drop me a line, I'm probably dying for a chat!

Shaedi Rayne ♥

January 12, 2017 | #2

So i just had to share this here. Each time i want to use the gif image for the Icy Snowflake avatar neo presents me with, "this URL has profanity in it, sorry!" & each time i think, "but it's YOUR URL!". Anyway, I took the liberty of hosting the gif myself so you too can finally use the image! You're welcome (:

url: Right click the image & select view image info

January 12, 2017

I've learned so much in the process of making this portfolio. I'll probably forget most of it, honestly. I should start keeping a journal. Oh right, this is a blog. ♥

Note: use the margin property to center a div on a page, like the sections in this blog.
Here's how to use the margin property in shorthand. Character saving, YES!
Margin: toppx rightpx bottompx leftpx;

January 10, 2017

Pretty sure I'm obsessed with the Small-Caps code...it's a problem, really. I've been using it in literally everything. The code is below. ♥

Code: font-variant: small-caps;
Using text-transform: small-caps will not work.

gift boxes
23 boxes left

gift box capsules
00 capsules

Wishes & Trades

This is where you'll find all of my current NC items as well as a fancy list of which NC items i desire the most. If you have anything on my wishlist, simply send me a neomail so we can make a deal!

Stuff I Want...

Big Black Lace Pirate Hat

Pirate Battle Background

Scurvy Pirate Jacket

Simple Pirate Shirt

Shallow Pirate Grave Foreground

Braided Island Wig

Island Celebration Arm Wraps

Island Flame Baton

Mystery Island Celebration Background

Cheery Bonfire

Layered Autumn Leaf Dress

Autumn Woodland Short Staff

Autumn Leaves Background

Windy Autumn Fence

Autumn Leaf Face Paint

Autumn Leaf Wings


Stuff I Have to Trade...

Festive Summer Picnic Table

Haunted House Hat

Spotted Print Glasses

Elegant Ballerina Facepaint

Staff of the Space Faerie

Living in Watermelon Foreground and Background

Birthday Bow Wig

Tied with a Bow Top

Checkered Shirt with Floral Tie

Stylish Yellow Trousers

Hanging Neggs Trellis

Negg and Flower Filled Planter

Glittery Negg Accessory Wig

Wire Basket of Neggs

Spring Flowers and Neggs Dress

Flowering Vine Sandals

Earthy Negg Vine Foreground

Premium Collectible: Radiant Flower String Lights

Premium Collectible: Summer Flower Tree

Premium Collectible: Birthday Tent Background

Premium Collectible: Sunflower Fields Background

Premium Collectible: Whimsical Fall Hood and Wig

Premium Collectible: Metal Trees Foreground

Premium Collectible: Silver Swirl Contacts

Premium Collectible: Wooden Shamrock Handheld

Premium Collectible: Glass Raindrops Suncatcher Garland




Coding Works

Here's all of my personal coding projects. These are pages I have coded for friends or have made for my own personal use. Please do not ask me to make you something, i don't take requests. You can find my premade work on indirect; Enjoy! ♥

Eccentricity Guild Webbie

This is the first webbie I've ever built. It was finished and published on Eccentricity around New Year 2017. My guild leader and I worked together on the design & i'm pretty ecstatic about the way it turned out. Big thanks to Bubbles for putting me on this project, i learned so much in the process!

Directly. Layout

This layout is a heavily edited version of a premade Beetle layout. I am a collabrator of Beetle layouts, meaning that Emma allows me to edit her coding & publish the finished product on my own layout site. You can find more of my beetle collabs here.

Directly. Original Dropdown Layout

Oh, this layout. This was my first ever attempt at making a complete layout from scratch. It was a beautiful monstrosity. This was long before i knew the things i know now. And those colors, phew! Glad that's over.

Personal Xmas Lookup

This layout is a heavily edited version of a premade Silent Serenity layout. I am a collabrator of their layouts, meaning that Simple & Fly allow me to edit their coding & publish the finished product on my own layout site. You can find more of my Silent Serenity collabs here.

Personal Portfolio

This is my first fully custom portfolio! I'm absolutely in love with it. This layout was made using a tutorial from Scarab, a beetle family site. Thank you Emma for indirectly teaching me tons about coding! Your tutorials rock & are very easy to follow. This Portfolio inspired me to make a matching layout for indirect;. The coding is a bit of a mess, but it works!

Item Lends

This is where you can find everything you need to know about borrowing an avatar item from me! The descriptions and collateral are written next to each item. Neomail me with any questions you may have!

Dark Nova - No Collat

Equip an item with the words "dark nova" in its name.
The Dark Nova itself works and is cheap to purchase.

Kau: Fortune Teller - No Collat

Have an item with the words "crystal ball" in it and view a Pink Kau.
You can find a pink kau Here.

Moehog: Halloween - No Collat

Have an item with the word "Sloth" in your inventory and view a Halloween Moehog
You can find a Halloween Moehog Here.

Gelert: Starry - No Collat

Have an item with the word "Starry" in your inventory and view a Starry Galert.
You can find a Starry Galert Here.

Evil Fuzzle: BOO! - 3,500np

Play with a Blue Evil Fuzzle until it scares your pet.

Drackonack: Hungry - 5,500np

Feed your Drackonack an item with "cheese" in its name.
You can do this by having both a Drackonack and a number of cheeses in your inventory. Refresh continuously until one of the cheeses gets eaten.
You'll need to buy your own cheese.

Codestones! - 100k np

Have all ten original codestones in your inventory & refresh.
Tai-Kai, Bri, Mau, Main, Lu, Har, Vo, Eo, Orn and Zei

Icy Snowflake - 275k np

Have an Icy Snowflake in your inventory & visit the Terror Mountain Weather page while it is snowing, blizzards work as well.
You can find the Weather Page here.

Zafara Double Agent - 750k np

Have a Zafara Double Agent Plushie in your inventory and search for "zafara double agent" on the sidebar search.

Care to check out my other pages? Maybe take a button for later?



Eccentricity Guild

Here's some of my personal favorites!
Check them out, you won't be disappointed.

Garet's FC Page

  • Layout by indirect;
  • Tutorial from Scarab
  • Banner image made using canva
  • Low opacity fills by augment
  • Bullets and neomail signs by Bejeweled
  • Button placeholders by Landscape
  • Link Back button credit in sitely of linked pages
  • Background from Mariposa
  • Envelope from Odd
  • Eccentricity button by Solasta
  • Counter Base by TLB