Pace is an account improvement and Neo-related guild that was founded on May 14th, 2015 by Gyarados, Wendy, and Kairi. We have a unique approach of letting you be completely in control of what, when, and how you accomplish your goals. There is no requirement for how many, which, or in what order activities you decide to complete. We aim to deliver challenges from all aspects of account improvement so we can not only provide members with what they already enjoy, but also to encourage them to try other activities outside of their comfort zone. Our challenges are both individual and team based to cater to outgoing and reserved members alike. We are also a guild with no post quota! We understand that not everyone feels comfortable jumping into a conversation between strangers, and that some just prefer to stick to themselves. Regardless, Pace is a guild where anyone can go for ideas, feedback, and suggestions whenever they need.

Meet the Council

Our select council members are each assigned with a specific duty to help accomplish the goals that make Pace the best it can be! They are chosen among friends, and are trustworthy, dependable, and you can always take any problems, comments, or questions to them without any hesitation. Below you'll find a brief introduction for each council member, and any open spots and it's responsibilities.

Timezone: NST +3
Enjoys avatars, drawing, character design, video games, and coding.
Timezone: NST +8
Timezone: NST +8
Enjoys collecting (all), BD training, saving for stamps & recruiting for Pace!
Timezone: NST +15
Enjoys drawing, character design, and lurking the Pound Chat.
Timezone: NST +3
Enjoys drawing, designing, writing, and coding.


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Messages: 2784
Founded: 05/14/2015

Current Theme

At Pace, every month we feature a new Neopian land to sponsor all of our activities. These challenges, and therefore their guild avatars, will only be available for that month, so make sure you don't miss out!

Current Theme: Meridell & Brightvale


Like any other guild, rules are an important part of keeping the guild and its members safe, as well as to keep the guild a healthy, active, enjoyable place for everyone! At Pace we strive to be laid back and we're very lenient, but we ask that you do follow the few rules we have set. Breaking these rules can, depending on the severity, result in suspension or permanent termination from the guild.

I. Follow the rules of Neopets.
Sounds like a given, but please remember to abide by all of Neopets' rules as well! You can view Neopets' terms here, as well as their chat rules here.
II. There is no chat requirement.
We recognize that not everyone feels comfortable having to post "3 times a week" or "every other day". Instead, we'd like for you to show your activity by improving your account. Earning at least one guild avatar per month will keep you considered active. Sweeps are on the first of each month.
III. Keep spam to a minimum.
Please try to avoid triple posting (posting three or more times in a row), as well as keeping posts at least three words long. We think this goes without saying, but please keep messages readable!
IV. Leave drama and hostility at the door.
We want to have a friendly, welcoming environment for all members. If an issue between members does arise, please take it to neomail. Posts on the guild board will be deleted if thought to be too provoking, and both contributing parties can be subject to punishment.
V. Respect your fellow guildmates.
This is another given rule, but remember to respect all other members of the guild. There is zero tolerance for things like ignoring or being rude to others, theft of any kind, and dishonesty. Follow one of life's golden rules: Treat others how you would like to be treated.


One of the best motivations for people is the ability to rise up and boost your status in the guild. Many guilds use chat-based means to rank up their members, and while we do have that option, we also have the option for members to rank up through account improvement means. We try to keep the requirements as vague as possible to allow you to choose how to improve your account, and by what means you do so is totally up to you!


You start out at this rank when you join Pace.
Pretty easy, huh?


- Post 150 times in the guild board
- Earn your first 50 guild avatars


- Post 300 times in the guild board
- Earn 100 guild avatars


- Post 600 times in the guild board
- Earn 150 guild avatars


- Post 1,500 times in the guild board
- Earn 15 guild avatars in each major category

Become A Council Member

Council is reserved for the members of the guild that truly go above and beyond to contribute not only to their own account, but to the guild itself and its members! Council members should be available and eager to help guild members, reliable, creative, and active--they are held to stricter standards than regular members as far as activeness goes, and will be required to be active at least every other day. Duties available include content creators, graphic designers, and page hosters. If you feel like you want more ways to be able to give back to Pace, please feel free to contact any of the current council members!

Joining Pace

If you're here because you're interested in joining us, you're in the right place! And let us toss in a quick thank you for considering our guild to be your support. You're welcome to join Pace on any of your accounts, so long as you stay active through improving it (or your main). Please also be aware that new members joining Pace will have to be a member for one week before being eligible to earn any guild avatars!

Member Cap

We currently have a member cap of 36 members, allowing for an equal number of members for teams and a moderate amount of members to keep an active, engaging community. This is subject to change and depends on how the council feels about their ability to monitor and provide for a larger (or smaller) amount of members.

Current Member Count: 23
Available Spots: 13


We don't require a portfolio, but we find they're incredibly helpful to keep track of your goals and achievements! We've provided you with a premade code if you want one, and you're welcome to edit it to your heart's content!


We've decided to take the "interview" route for members who'd like to join Pace. These are just simple questions to get to know you and to make future activities more appropriate for our members. If there are available spots open, please feel free to neomail any of our council members under the "About" section with the following info:

● Your accounts
● Which account you will be joining on
● Your timezone (NST +1, +2, etc)
● AI you enjoy doing
● AI you'd like to focus on


Looking for other guilds that have become affiliates with Pace or sites you can find us listed at? You're at the right place! Affiliates are friendly guilds that we've allied with and perhaps will have future challenges and activities with! Below you'll find buttons to their guild's web. You can also find a list of directories we're listed at and other places to find us! If you'd like to become an affiliate, feel free to neomail Gyarados.

Pace's Button

Feel free to take this button and put it wherever you'd like to show support for Pace!


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