Welcome to Fleur, a site designed to provide you with fake avatars for every occasion. This site is run by me, Heather, on a petpage graciously provided by the lovely Katahnai, my dream pet come true. There are avatars you can collect to celebrate your Achievements, Collections, and various Occasions as well as just-for-fun avatars featuring Characters, Items, and Misc. things.

RULES: Credit my work. The code provided under each avatar links back to this page. If you remove it, you must link back to this page another way. You can edit the avatars, but you need to credit. Neomail me with any questions.


April 2019
  • I haven't forgotten about Fleur. I've just had a lot going on lately. I do plan to continue to add more avatars to the site, but it will likely be sporadic.


These are avatars you can collect and display on your portfolio or anywhere else you desire to celebrate your achievements. Feel free to take what you've earned so far, and challenge yourself to earn more!

Account Improvement

Item Achievements

Pet Achievements

Years on Neopets


These are avatars to celebrate the wonderful characters on Neopets.




These are avatars you can collect and display to celebrate what you love to collect. Some were made with something specific in mind, while others could fit a variety of collection types.


These are avatars to celebrate the fun and unique items on Neopets.


These are avatars to celebrate all types of occasions, including events and holidays on Neopets and in the real world.




These are avatars to celebrate what Neopets is all about, the pets. You can use these to show your love for a pet you own, display your desire for a pet you don't own yet, or just for fun.


These are avatars that simply didn't fit into the other categories. Feel free to use them for anything you would like.


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