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�Starting out�
I reccomend you have plenty of refreshments on hand, and a comfortable chair as this game is fun, addicting, and involves hours of game play. I also reccomend that you have one window up, but three tabs open! One tab for the actual Neoquest game, one tab for my handy guide, and one tab for the maps link I am about to provide to you! **Special tip/note from Inshining: Inshining says that five tabs are easier, because then you can have an additional tab open for the boards in order to get help if you get stuck! The other tab to keep open is for your skill tree table, that way you don't have to continuosly scroll to see where you should be spending your skill points!** It is wise to have a piece of paper and a pen handy as there will be specific items you are going to need in order to have armour and weapons upgrades. I do list them at the end of each chapter, but it is helpful to write them down so you don't have to constantly look to see what you items you have/don't have. I know I personally write the items down that I will need each time I play. Then I check the items off my list as I get them! Please note that at any time you are sick of playing you don't have to save the game, it will automatically save where you are at. Just remember that the Original Neoquest is linked to your active pet, so once you have your pet active that you want to play with, then click here to get started on Neoquest! Click here for the maps I used in reference to this specific guide! If you need the reference guide for boss and experiance levels click here! These links are also provided posted above in the links category, but it never hurts to post them again... right? 0_o
If you are brand new and have not played before, please take time to look at this next section, as it has information on something that could make the difference on the outcome of your game. If you have played before and just want to use this as a reference skip down below to see what levels you should choose and when!
As a side note at the end of each mini chapter I will make a note for the differences i.e. different level needs/tips from Normal modes versus Evil Mode, and Insane Mode! To start out and unlock these other modes: You must first finish Neoquest in Normal Mode to unlock Evil Mode, and then you must first finish Evil mode to unlock InSaNe Mode!

�Some Helpful Basics for the Beginner�
Just so you know throughout the game there are Neopian Characters that you can speak to, please note: They are not real people, they just help move the game along, or provide you with weapons! They are called NPC's for short. You have the ability to speak with them, by pretty much standing on thier head and clicking talk to SOandSO here, underneath your navigation box. Sometimes it is worthwhile and sometimes it is not. I will let you know wich ones are essential to playing Neoquest and which ones are more for fun.

Next: Try your best not to heal up during battles. Try to save your potions for after the battle and heal up afterwards. The reasons for this are as follows: You waste turns taking a potion during battle, that you could be using to attack your enemy, and your enemy always seems to hit you right as you are drinking the potion wich means quite a few of your health points are going down the drain. So if you can, try your best to not use them during battles and just drink up your weakest potions you have in hand after your battle is over! The only exceptions to the rule is obviously if you're low on health points in mid-battle, or when you are fighting Bosses! Those times please use them, I am just wanting you to be conservative about your potion usage! The reason to drink your weaker potions after battles is to conserve the strong ones for during mid-battle usage. Alot of times if you are needing to use your potions mid-battle then you probably want/need the stronger potions! �

Items: You will pick up lots of items along the way, from beating up on bad guy monsters... or Baddies as I call them! Some items are very useful, and others... well, not so much. Other times you will be hunting or needing specific items. I will make sure to list wich ones you need, and which monsters drop what, as long as I can remember anyway! I wrote notes while I was playing, but I overlooked some things that I now wish I had written down. When I go back through on insane level I will be making alterations to this guide based off of that!

You will also notice there are three modes to play the game, sneaking, normal, and hunting mode. I reccomend that you will either be in sneaking or hunting! Usually hunting mode means you will be targeted by any monsters that move in your vicinity. That is a good thing, as alot of time you are hunting items from specific monsters or experiance points. Other times you will want to be in sneaking mode, wich makes you *almost* impossible to be attacked. The times you will want to use this is when you are fully stocked on experiance points/items/potions and are rushing to get to another part of the game. I will tell you when I was hunting and when I was sneaking throughout the game.

During battle you can always click attack and then f5 to refresh, just make sure to watch your Health Points so that they don't get too low. In IE7 I have to hit f5 and r, I do it alot and it has saved me so much time. Also note that if you go with the skill listed in the order I have down below, you will get a skill called Absorb. I mention it here, because once you get into higher levels and are having to tediously battle to level up (usually long battles at that)... well you are probably going to want to hit the f5 alot to refresh. Well once you have the capability to use absorb then at start of your battle click absorb, and then click attack, and then click f5 seven times. The reason why I say seven is that you have the ability to cast Absorb Once every eight Rounds. So while keeping an eye on health points, click your absorb, click attack, refresh 7 times, and do it all over again until the battle ends! You will love absorb as it turns an enemies attacks into health points for you. YAY!

**I got this tip directly from Digifort:
If you want to navigate quickly, to go over long distances, then click the direction you need to go and click f5, it seems to get you there alot faster. You still have to wait for the page to load inbetween refreshes, but I still have found this to be the quickest way to navigate around.

This is also directly from Digifort and not my tip:
Also when you are trying to tediously level up and find an area of high level, nice experiance giving monsters the highlight and copy this link:
This will allow you to stay in that sweet spot of monsters to tediously level up with out having to scoot around! End of Digifort tips!**

�Skill Trees�
Before you can even start the game, you will be given 7 skill points to use wherever you wish to place them. I am sure it all looks like a bunch of gobbeldygook to you right now. It did to me also, but everything is placed a certain way for a reason. Click here for the link to a brief rundown of the skill sets and what they do.

~~~The following is a direct quote from Strangefire's guide at Digifort!
While there are obviously many different paths you can choose, I am going to recommend a concentration in Shock & Life Weapons with a small amount of points spent on the Spectral Weapon skill tree.

To start the game, I recommend distributing 1 point in each Shock Weapons Skill, and 1 point in the first three Life Weapons Skills. (You won't need to bother with wasting skill points on resurrection as long as you play it safe, you don't need the last ditch effort to save yourself, instead focus them elsewhere, where they will be useful and will help to prevent you from having to use that skill!)The weapon (wand) you choose makes very little difference in this part of the game, as they are all created equal. I choose to stick with Life Weapons throughout the entire game, as later in the game they are the most valuable to you, but as I said, in the beginning, you can't really choose wrong. If you decide to take a different path than the one I've outlined, you may want to wield the weapon you have your skill points concentrated in.

@@@You do not need to wield a shock weapon in order to stun!!!@@@

And you will be wielding the White Wand (life).

From there strangefire also reccomends:

Lvl Skill (total in skill) Lvl Skill (total in skill)
02 Spectral Weapons (1) 26 Fortitude (4)
03 Evasion (1) 27 Shockwave (4)
04 Absorption (1) 28 Life Weapons (4)
05 Reflex (1) 29 Field Medic (4)
06 Life Weapons (2) 30 Lifesteal (4)
07 Shock Weapons (2) 31 Spectral Weapons (3)
08 Disable (2) 32 Evasion (3)
09 Fortitude (2) 33 Absorption (3)
10 Shockwave (2) 34 Reflex (3)
11 Field Medic (2) 35 Shock Weapons (5)
12 Lifesteal (2) 36 Disable (5)
13 Spectral Weapons (2) 37 Fortitude (5)
14 Evasion (2) 38 Shockwave (5)
15 Absorption (2) 39 Life Weapons (5)
16 Reflex (2) 40 Shock Weapons (6)
17 Shock Weapons (3) 41 Disable (6)
18 Disable (3) 42 Fortitude (6)
19 Fortitude (3) 43 Shockwave (6)
20 Shockwave (3) 44 Life Weapons (6)
21 Life Weapons (3) 45 Field Medic (5)
22 Field Medic (3) 46 Lifesteal (5)
23 Lifesteal (3) 47 Shock Weapons (7)
24 Shock Weapons (4) 48 Disable (7)
25 Disable (4) 49 Fortitude (7)
50 Shockwave (7)
End of Direct quote from Strange's guide!~~~

I have followed this guideline twice while playing Normal and Evil levels of Neoquest, and I have not died once. I finished Normal level in 28-30 hours of actual play time. I beat the game on Evil in about 36-38 hours of actual play time. Obviously this is just a guideline, once you start playing you will get the hang of it, and may want to distribute your skill points differently. That is more than fine. I just know that this worked for me, and worked very quickly. I also wielded Life Weapons throughout the game, because they help heal you, and when you fight the Big Bosses it really comes in handy! Once again though, what ever armor/weapon choices are all based off of personal preference! There is no wrong way to play this game, so just feel free to use this as a rough guideline to know where you are supposed to go and who to talk to you! Ok we are now ready to get started with the actual game!

Û�Neopia CityÛ� Levels 1-3 and 4-5!
§§§§For Normal Level§§§§
Recap: Okay so you are currently going to work to level 3, and you have the white wand as your weapon. You have all your 7 skill points spent. Now you must level up! You are also in Hunting Mode. Before I get into that you will notice that the monsters are dropping items outside of healing potions, take note of wich ones you will need to get your level 3 armor! I will list these below. Also ignore the NPC's here until you have the items you need for your armour and I have listed who you need to talk to about the armour below along with the items list. The only NPC that should be noted currently is: Boraxis the Healer. He is located at the NW corner of Neopia City, and he will heal you full up so stay close to Neopia City for that reason!

�Levels 1-3�
Try not to stray to far fron Neopia city, I personally click around the area just outside of the city until I level up to 3, usually beating up snow and fire imps. They will be giving weak healing potions. You are also going to notice that they give you other items as well. Some of these as you go along you need to keep an eye out for. For right now though you are looking to try to conserve as many healing potions as possible! *Remember try to heal up between battles!* Once at level three you are now ready to venture out.

�Levels 4-5�
Ok so you are now level 3 and hankering to venture just a bit farther out! Go for it, you are going to be looking for these items in particular for the level 3 armour you need, please note it does not matter wich one of these you get, they both defend the same so if you have items for either one, just get it and equip it!*Place yourself in sneak mode* once you have your Armor and you are level 5. Now head over to the Dank Caves to the Northwest of Neopia City and check out the next section of this guide!

�Items for Armor�
Cloth Robes: The items you need are listed below along as what monsters give them to you, and where to find them!
� Glowing stone- plains aisha, or plains lupe, you can find these @ the plains of neopia just south of neopia city, next to the trees on located on the map. Hang out just by the trees and click back and forth right to the right of them, try to stock at least 5 of these, while you can still get experiance points from the monsters!
� A plains lupe pelt- lupes give you these, and plains to the left/east of neopia city that is titled plains of neopia on the map, is where you will find this.
� Blue thread- Snow or Fire imps will drop this, they are located all around neopia city, right next to it. *You probably allready have this item, by now from leveling up next to the city.*

Energy Shield: Or you can get this armour the items you need are listed below along as what monsters give them to you, and where to find them!
� Glowing stone- plains aisha, or plains lupe, you can find these @ the plains of neopia just south of neopia city, next to the trees on located on the map. Hang out just by the trees and click back and forth right to the right of them, try to stock at least 5 of these, while you can still get experiance points from the monsters!
� Chunk of metal- Snow or Fire imps will drop this, they are located all around neopia city, right next to it. *You probably allready have this item, by now from leveling up next to the city.*
� Yellow gem- Snow or Fire imps will drop this, they are located all around neopia city, right next to it. *You probably allready have this item, by now from leveling up next to the city.*

So you have your items, yes? Great Now head over to Moraxis Dorangis in Neopia City for a little chat, click through the conversation to where he quotes you the items he needs, give him the items you have for the armour you want! Presto, you now have level three armour! Make sure you equip it! Congrats!

����Neopia City For Evil Game����
Follow the guide for normal, except be at level 4 before venturing away from the city to the plains also level up there to level 6 before heading to the dank caves!

����Neopia City For Insane Mode����
Follow the guide for Normal exceptions are: be at level 5 before heading to the plains, and be at level 7 before heading to dank caves!

Û�Dank CavesÛ� Levels 5-13!
§§§§Normal Level§§§§
Recap: You have your level 3 armour equiped, you have your original level 3 white wand, and you are at level 5 experiance wise! You have spent your skill points according to the chart above or according to what your preference was. You have sneaked your way over to the entrance of the cave from Neopia City (Northwest of the city), *check the Map*. You should now place yourself in Hunting Mode! Also do you have a nice supply of potions on hand? Look to have a decent stock of weak healing potions! You will also be looking for your next weapon and armour items in these caves, I will list them below! Excellent lets move forward then!

�Levels 5-6�
You will work your way through this cave named ground level using the maps. I reccomend hunting all the way through this as you should really be at level 6 by the time you head down to cave 2! Don't forget to look for the items from the monsters I listed down below! This level is so boring it makes me cry, but it is better to level up now on easy guys and stock up on potions! Enjoy it while you can!

�Levels 6-8�
Ok so you are now working your way through cave 2, it is not too much different from the cave before it except that the monsters are a level higher. Still do your best to level up as much as possible and keep a look out for the items I listed below! You need to be at least to level 8 before you go down to cave three! Oh and before I forget there is a useless NPC named Ritki or something like that, just ignore him unless you want to take the detour. �

�Levels 8-9/10�
Now you should be level 8 and in cave 3, and here is where you should level until you are at least at level 9, ten is better, but sometimes it is frustrating and tedious to level. I still reccomend 10 though, it is your choice! Keep a lookout for the items, and of course watch your stock of potions, because you will need them for cave number four and Xantan!

�Levels 9/10-13�
Ok you are either level 9/10 and work your way towards leveling up to at least 12 before broaching Xantan, and you should be in cave 4-the maze. As always keep your eye out for the items you will need! Don't you dare even look at Xantan or go near him until you are at least level 11. If you do go for it, It is against my strong reccomendations.

Xantan is a creepy looking blob... ewwww! Once at level 12-13, go defeat Xantan, make sure you have at least 10-15 weak healing potions and 5 standard. You can actually beat Xantan at level 12, but I reccomend you level up here while it is easier, because once at thirteen, his 500 XP (xp= experiance points) he gives you will put you nicely towards level 14 and you are going to want it for the Jungle Ruins! While fighting Xantan never let your health level go below 25 hp. (hp= is either Hit Points or Health Points!) Always use a potion then, and don't be stingy or conservative with your potions when you are fighting a boss. He hits for 20 damage so be prepared. You will be using some potions, but don't worry if you are level 12-13 no problems. Also you can use your absorb skill here and it will come in handy, you can use it once every 8 turns, absorb turns your enemies attacks into hp, so it is a very good thing!! So you have come back because you have defeated Xantan! Excellent, before you step on the transporter make sure you have the items listed below that are needed for one of the weapons, and either one of the armours. If you have them, go for the transporter ride, and then *Sneak* back to Neopia city to take to Eleus Batrim (center of the city) about your Weapon, and Choras Tille (south east corner of the city) about your Armour!

�Items for Armor And Weapons�
*Armour you have two choices yet again, so either one of these items in a complete set is fine! Both Armors work the same, one does not have a special ability over the other!*
Mirrored Force Field
� Piece of Glass- Skeleton Guards in cave #4, they are located either right before, or just in the chamber Xantan is in
� Lodestone- Skeletons in cave #3
� Tiny Obsidian- Skeletons cave #3
� Glowing Stone- You allready have that from before!

Magic Robe
� Cave Lupe Pelt- Cave Lupe- in cave#1
� Stretch of Rotted Cloth- Skeletal Guards in cave #4, they are right inside the same chamber or right before the same chamber that Xantan is in!
� Tiny Obsidian- Skeletons in cave #3
� Glowing stone- You allready have that from before!

*Weapons you also have a choice, it really does not matter wich one you get, so I get the life one, as I have a habit to stick with the same type of weapon throughout the game. None of these are better than the others, they all do the same amount of damage, so I will list the life Weapon first! Please don't get all of these as it is a waste of glowing gems wich you will need later* Make sure you get an extra beryl jewel as it will be important later! So if you are going with a life weapon like I do, you will need 2 tiny beryl jewel/gem in your items, one for using now and one for later on in the game!
Silver Wand (Life)
� Tiny Beryl- skeletons in cave #3
� Aluminum Rod- metal devourers in cave #4 maze
� Glowing Stone- you allready have this
� Xantan's Ring- you get after deafeting xantan!

Gold Wand (Fire)
� Tiny Garnet- skeletons in cave #3
� Pyrite Rod- metal devourers in cave #4 maze
� Glowing Stone- you allready have this
� Xantan's Ring- you get after deafeting xantan!

Steel Wand (Ice)
� Tiny Lapis- skeletons in cave #3
� Pewter Rod- metal devourers in cave #4 maze
� Glowing Stone- you allready have this
� Xantan's Ring- you get after deafeting xantan!

Bronze Wand (Shock)
� Tiny Amber- skeletons in cave #3
� Copper Rod- metal devourers in cave #4 maze
� Glowing Stone- you allready have this
� Xantan's Ring- you get after deafeting xantan!

Iron Wand (Spectral)
� Tiny Obsidian- skeletons in cave #3
� Ore Rod- metal devourers in cave #4 maze
� Glowing Stone- you allready have this
� Xantan's Ring- you get after deafeting xantan!

So you now have your upgraded Armor and Weapon, take a deep breath and pat yourself on the back! Congrats! You have just completed defeating your first Boss, and getting new weapons, so if you are eager to try them out, then head over to the Jungle Ruins section of this guide!

����Dank Caves for Evil Mode����
Exactly the same as normal with these exceptions: Be at level 7 experiance, before you go to cave #2. Be at level 9 experiance before cave #3. Be at level 11 experiance before cave #4. Make sure to hit levels 13-14 for Xanatan. Besides you will wish you had higher levels when you hit the Ruins, so make sure you are 14-15 xp before leaving that cave!

����Dank Caves For Insane Mode����
Follow the steps for Normal, but there are level exceptions. Dank caves cave #1, level from 7-9. Dank caves cave #2, level from 9-10. Dank caves cave#3 level from 10-12. Dank caves cave#4 level from 12-14. Take out Xantan at 14! Because I waited until level 14 I actually ended up not needing any potion during my fight with Xantan. I finished the battle with 47 out of 90 hp remaining. I just snuck over to Boraxis and healed up at Neopia city, whilst getting my Armor/Weapons upgrades.

Û�Jungle RuinsÛ� Levels 13-26!
§§§§For Normal Level§§§§
Recap: Ok You have Beat Xantan, you have level six armor/weapons equipped. You have spent your skill points earned in the apropriate categories listed above in the chart. You will sneak over to the Jungle Ruins (Southeast of Neopia city on Grarrl penninsula), until you hit the trees surrounding the Ruins. *Check the map!* At this time you will place yourself in Hunting Mode, in order to stock up on potions, unless your potion stock is pretty full. If that is the case then go ahead and sneak to the Jungle Ruins entrance! You will also be looking for your next weapon upgrade items listed below! As a heads up you will fight two smaller bosses or mini bosses, and one final Boss! The details are listed below, I would not send you in unprepared! Now Enter the Ruins!

�Levels 13-17�
You will be heading to Dungeon #1 from the ground level in the Jungle Ruins! You will notice a set of stairs leading up in the back of this level: ignore them for now! It is kind of sad how weak the monsters are here, so if you are all stocked up on potions just boogie quickly to the dungeon level 1 stairs to the right of the entrance. *Check your map!!!* So once you are down to dungeon number 1 you will notice two things: One a set of stairs leading down to dungeon #2, and two that there is a direct route and a not so direct route to head towards Krei. Ignore the stairs you should stay in Dungeon #1 to get your xp and levels to 17. As for the paths, I reccomend going the direct route especially if you get the Jungle Beasts Claw, then head closer to Krei and try to do your leveling up in the area closer to him. Why? Well because every boss has the strongest monsters in the vicinity they are in, so when you are doing the tedious act of leveling up, do it with the monsters that are going to give you the most xp the quickest, that are not going to kill you. If you are feeling like you are using too many potions to heal up, then make sure to backtrack to where the monsters are not so strong, and finish leveling up to your next level there, then move forward. Once you are at level 17 then go after Krei! *Why wait until you are level 17, well it makes Krei a whole lot easier to fight, and you get all those awesome xp from defeating Krei towards leveling up to 18!*

�Mini-Boss Krei�
Krei is scary looking, actually alot of the Bosses in this game are gross looking wierd things. However if you are at level 17 then life is good for you. I won't say it is easy, but it is not difficult at all. I would say Krei does about 40 damage with his successful hits, so don't be stingy with the potions, but only use where necessary, don't let your hp drop below 50, because he can stun and then do damage. If you are at level 17 this should be a breeze for the most part. So you have defeated Krei, and you are back! Wonderful you have done a great job! � Krei gives you a key wich is basically useless, the reason you fight Krei is for the quick dose of XP. Now make sure you have the Jungle Beast Claw, and the Noils Tooth, then step onto the magic teleporter to go back to the staircases at dungeon #1. Now you will take that staircase leading down to Dungeon #2, and heading towards more fun!

�Levels 17-21�
You are now in Dungeon #2, spent your skill points for the apropriate categories, and have a nice supply of potions! You will immediatly notice two things: One that there is a set of stairs to Dungeon #3, please ignore them until after you have defeated Gors and talked to Denethir about your weapon. You absolutely will need this weapon before you go down those stairs! Two that if you must go a certain route to make it over to the teleporter maze. That is a good thing because you are going to need to level up before you hit the teleporter area that takes you to Gors. Train to be level 18 at least before you head towards the teleporters maze craze. Once you get to the teleporter area please train in that section until level until 19, I personally reccomend 20... it is just safer that way, plus you keep a nice supply of potions handy! Keep an eye out for Pygmy Sages, they are evil, once at 19/20 you will go through the teleporters on the map, I am going to tell you wich ones numbers to go through and in what order to reach Gors. Be on the lookout here for your jungle pauldrons that you get from a Jungle lord, or a jungle knight! Either way one of them gives it you you. Don't leave the teleporter area until you get them!!! Ok now here is the teleporter order numbers you should go in order to get to Gors: First take Teleporter #11, Teleporter #11 takes you to Teleporter #10. Take Teleporter #10, Teleporter #10 takes you to Teleporters #7 and 8. Take Teleporter #8, wich takes you to Teleporter #9, wich leads you to Gors Place! So a recap of that is this: teleporter 11 to 10, 10 to 8 (ignore 7), 8 to 9, and 9 takes you to Gors Place! Whew, that is crazy huh?!

�Mini-Boss Gors�
Ok so you are level 19-20, train here to get to level 21, before you beat up on Gors. If you notice you are using alot of healing potions, or don't feel comfortable about the baddies (monsters) then backtrack to the teleporter maze until you feel comfortable. Especially because you are now fighting Pygmy Elders amongst other annoying baddies that have the annoying capability of stunning and hitting/blasting you for alot of hp. However they do give alot of stronger healing potions, wich will come in handy for Gors. (Try to save your stronger healing potions for Gors, use your weaker healing potions between battles to keep your hp up!) You are now level 21 so lets go fight Gors, but first let me give you some info about him. Gors packs a mean punch, he is sort of a jack of all trades. He can heal himself, stun, and blast you for lots of damage. So try not to let your hp drop lower than 65 and don't be stingy with your potions! Hang in there, and you will beat him fairly easily, it just requires the use of those stronger healing potions! Ok so you are back you have defeated Gors, and he gave you another useless key, and the much prized Staff of Ni-Tas! YAY you have your items you need for your new weapon the Nature Wand. So place yourself in sneaking mode and step on the teleporter and boogie back up the stairs to get to the Jungle Ruins Ground Floor. Remember those stairs going up that I told you to ignore before in the back of the Jungle Ruins Ground Level, well you are heading up them now to go talk to Denethir, to get your weapon. *Check your maps* Once you get up to the Jungle Ruins upstairs level 1 you will see Denethir Southwest corner of this level, so boogie over to talk to him, and get your weapon. WOO-HOOO lets hear it for the Nature wand! Now equip it, and go back downstairs to the Jungle Ruins Ground Level! You now have a choice, there is an armor you can get that matches the Nature Wand, if you choose to do all the walking and sneaking around then by all means jump down to the next section under Rollay and right before Weapons/Armor Lists at the end of this chapter! You don't actually have to have this Armor right now, it is not essential until later, and you will still be easily able to pound on baddies and Rollay without it. Your choice entirely, however I don't get it because I hate walking that much for something that is not necessary yet and that coupled with the fact that I still have to level up either way! Ok so you have now made your choice and got the Armor, or choose not too, and you are The Ruins Ground Level! Now head on down you are the next contestant on Rollay is right in Dungeon #3, or Rollay's Place according to our Map titles we use!

�Levels 21-26/27�
So you are Now in Dungeon #3 or Rollay's Place. It is pretty big huh. Place yourself back into Hunting mode as you are going to need to level up as much as possible before facing Gors. The path is very curvy to get to him, and that is fine as you are going to be going against some crazy baddies in here. These baddies are lizards, with some pretty cute names like blizzard lizard etc. They are fairly powerful baddies though, so don't let the names fool you. Once you get around to the east side of the big lake (where Rollay is at) you should be at level 23/24, if not train around there until you are, because the bad guys on the path south of the lake only get worse. Once you have done that head on down and around to get to Rollay, head through Pomanna's chamber. You can talk to her but it is not necessary. Continue on towards Rollay, if you are not at least at level 26 train around Rollays area until you are, and then go for Rollay! I reccomend 27, because it is easier, but I know it is tedious to level up, and you can beat him up on level 26, it may take a few more potions but that is allright! A small note about potions here you will be getting alot of Greater Potions here, I reccomend you save them for Rollay, and try to heal up while leveling up, between you battles with the standard potions and sometimes use the stronger healing potions! (If you just absolutely have to, you can use some of your stronger healing potions, but do try to conserve those as much as possible!)

�Rollay Scaleback�
Some info about Rollay before you enter the battle with him! He is mean, he does all the same things that Gors did... only bigger and meaner! So he heals himself, stuns for more rounds and blasts for lots of damage. When he stuns it is for three rounds so be prepared, but that is ok, it is what greater healing potions are for. Never let your HP go into the red here. if it does spend acouple of rounds healing back to full up with your potions! This will be a longer battle but if you hang in there you will beat him. Just really keep a strong eye on your HP, and you will be fine! You are back now excellent, YAY you defeated Rollay!!! *Congrats!!!* He gave you a goodie that you will want to keep for later in the game, called a Rusty Medallion! � Excellent! Now you will head back out of the ruins via the Transporter and a boogie up the stairs! You will be working next to upgrade your Armor, if you have not allready done so, then check out the next little section on how to get that Armor! If you have allready done the Armor upgrade, then place yourself in Sneaking mode and head over towards the Temple of Roo! (Make sure you visit the plains to the south of Temple of Roo just past the little desert and hills of Roo, to fight a plains Grarrl. *Place yourself in Hunting Mode and then click through the plains area until you fight any Plains Grarrl, they give you what you are looking for fairly quickly.* They carry an Oak carved staff that you will need for later, so you might as well get it now before entering the temple of roo!) So once you have done place yourself in sneak mode and head for the Temple of Roo!

Instructions for getting your Armor
You should place yourself in Sneaking mode for now, and head over to the Great Swamp Area. Once you reach the edge of the great Swamp Area place yourself in Hunting Mode as you will want to snag a few extra potions while navigating your way towards Swamp Edge City! This is so much fun, I personally love this game from here on out! It just gets beter and better! Ok so you go to Swamp Edge City first and talk to both guys there, one will offer his hunk of generator (Dawnshine Generator Shield) and the other offers you his used robe (Sorcerous Robe), provided that you get them the items they need. *So generous of them eh?* I have listed the items below and what baddies give them to you, you will have to hunt through the Desert of Roo to get these items! (While you are in the Desert of Roo, I reccomend you head south of the desert and the hills of Roo to the Plains of Roo to get the carved oak staff from the Plains Grarrls that roam there, unless you have not defeated Rolley yet, if that is the case: then wait until after you have defeated Rolley because the Plains Grarrls are too high of a level for you right now!) Excellent so you went and got the items needed, I have heard conflicting reports that it is much more difficult to get the items needed for the Robe, I have never had a problem I ususally find the items for the robe quicker than the ones for the shield. Either way you go it does not matter because neither Armor is better than the other. They are both equally the same at this point, so if you get the items for one of them first then place yourself in *Sneaking Mode* and boogie back up to Leirobras for the robe or the other guy... I forget his name for the Shield. Once you get your Armor equip it and head for the Temple of Roo! See you in the next chapter.

�Items for Armor And Weapons�
*There are other weapons available, but I think the Nature wand is the best. It will randomly heal for up to 25hp! I am also really partial to life magic so if your skill trees are different to mine, then feel free to choose the one you want.*
Nature Wand
� Jungle Beast Claw- From the Jungle beasts in Dungeon #1
� Noil's Tooth- Noil in Dungeon #1 East side by the water closer to Krei area
� Jungle Pauldrons- One of Jungle knights/lords in Dungeon #2
� Glowing Stone- you allready have
� Staff of Ni-Tas- Gors in Dungeon #2

*There are two Armors available, neither one is better than the other. They are both level 10 Armor without any magical properties, so if you get the items for one of them first before the other, than get that one! Don't waste your time getting both!*
Dawnshine Generator Shield
� Spyder Leg- Giant Spyder in the Desert of Roo
� Spyder Pincer- Dust Spyder in the Desert of Roo
� Cobrall Fang- Desert Cobrall in the Desert of Roo
� Iguana Eye- Sand Skeith in the Desert of Roo

*Note some of the items requested go by different names whne you get them like the igauna eye and spit, is actually a skeith eye and skeith spit! Even with the different names they still work!*

Sorcerous Robe
� Spyder Blood- Sand Spyder in the Desert of Roo
� Cobrall Venom- Desert Cobrall in the Desert of Roo
� Skeith Spit- Sand Skeith in the Desert of Roo
� Crystallized Sand- Desert Zombie in the Desert of Roo

����Jungle Ruins For Evil Mode����
Ok so this place nearly ate my breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Evil is Evil for a reason! I am going to tell you to follow the instructions for Normal level until you get to the Teleporter area in Dungeon #2 right before Gors. You will want to stay in that area right before or through the teleporter maze racking up xp until you are level 23. The reason I say before the teleporter area or just inside the first couple of transporters you take is because of the Pygmy Sages/Elders.... I always loved meepits until I battled them on Evil in this dungeon... they are mean! They stun and blast you for significant damage! I seriously thought I was going to use all my healing potions and die there. So instead I backed up and beat up some easy baddies, in order to get to level 22 then I headed through the teleporter maze and went through to teleporter 8. Before I headed into teleporter 9 I leveled up to get to 23 xp! Once I did, I placed myself in sneaking mode, then snuck over to Gors and whipped up on him! I ended up using 3 standard and 3 strong healing potions during this battle, so make sure you have that much in reserve! I then transported out of there! (*get your life wand* and head to Dungeon #3) Level up in Dungeon #3/Rollay's Place along the way, and backtrack if need be. Especially if the monsters are too strong in any given area. You absolutely must be at level 27 for Rollay, I did and I thought he was easier to fight then Gors! I used One Greater and one Strong Healing potions in my battle against Rolley! Whew! If you want to be level 28 you can, but like I said 27 is more than fine to take him on, now finish the rest of your Armor upgrade and head for the temple of Roo!

����Jungle Ruins For Insane Mode����
This chapter was kind of boring for the first two caves, what with the panicing over using alot of healing potions, and constantly backtracking to weaker monsters. I figured this out. While tediously leveling here, if you find yourself needing to use alot of healing potions, just back track a little, to some easier enemies. Beat them up get your HP back up that way, and then go forwards to do it all over again.(Also when you are beating up monsters they will be giving out healing potions sparingly, wich is why I usually have to backtrack a little in order to try to conserve them.) It is ok to backtrack, I also noticed I prefer to be 4-5 levels above the current baddies I am fighting. I seem to use less Healing Potions that way. I took out quite a few of the pygmy sages/Elders, much to my delight! So here are the insane level differences: Dungeon #1 14-19, then muscle up on Krei. I used 1 weak and 5 standard healing potions with Krei. Dungeon #2 19-25. I have a pattern I work here in this dungeon, 19-22 work my way over to the teleporter area and just before in that hallway I hang out and sit inbetween the weaker and stronger level monsters until 22. Levels 22-25 I work my via the transporter to Gors are of the level. Once there I worked my way up to 25 with tedious leveling. It was worthwhile though because I only used 2 strong and 1 standard healing potions with Good ole' Gors! Ok Dugeon #3 Rollay's place I leveled from 25-29, and then I took out Rollay. You will know when and where to level as you go along, as soon as you see the monters go up a level, hang around that area backtracking as needed until you are 4-5 levels higher than they are. When I got to Rollay he was like a lovable little bear compared to Krei and Gors... I did not end up using any potions for him. I finished beating him up with 156 out 165 hp. *The nature wand probably has alot to do with that!*

Û�Temple of RooÛ� Levels 26/27-32!
§§§§Normal Level§§§§
Recap: Ok so you now are level 26/27, and you have defeated Rollay! You have spent your skill points in your categories as you went along. You are equipped with your shiny new armor, and the lovely Nature wand! You have snuck back over to the entrance of the Temple of Roo! *Check maps as you will need them to get through these levels!* Keep in mind there will be items you need to collect along the way for your new weapon. *Yikes* You are going to have to jump through hoops for this weapon and the items are kind of crazy so along each level as we go, I will tell you what you need and from where! Also a small note about potions, do your best to conserve the Greater potions for the final battle with Roo. Make sure to heal up between battles with the monsters, and on level two you will have to use some of your greater potions here and there, and that is ok as they will usually replace the one you used when you beat the next monster. just try to keep a stock of say 12-14 greater and 12-14 strong potions! Place yourself in Hunting Mode and lets begin!

�Levels 26/27-30�
There will be two things you should notice from the map about the Temple of Roo first level: One is that you see an NPC Erick, make sure to talk to him as you cruise by, you don't really have to pay attention just make sure you talk to him and click through and back out of the conversation. He tells you some items he needs, and I will have a list of the actual names and where to get these items as we go through each level. Two is that there is a definate path you must go along to get to the second level of the Temple of Roo! So keep that in mind as you are wandering around and leveling up. Still continue to stay on hunting mode even though these golems at the start are not very strong, until they give you a glowing stone, wich you will need. Once you get that, or if you allready had an extra from the Plains lupes/aishas from earlier, then you can sneak through to the second set of buildings. Place yourself in hunting mode- here is where I reccomend you level up and walk all through there, you want to hit level 30 by the time you get ready for Roo part Two. Also be on the look out for Crystal Golems towards the exit of Roo part one, because they give out Piece of Living Crystal that you will need to make Leirobas talk later! Ok so you are now level 30 right? You should have a decent supply of potions, you have your piece of living crystal and a glowing stone, then you are ready for Roo part Two! Head into the entrance and boogie over to Roo level Two!

�Levels 30-32�
Ok so you pop on this level and you notice on the maps we use that all the rooms have numbers that say Key #1 and so forth! The doors have numbers also, the reason for that is that this level requires you to go to these rooms in a certain order to obtain keys. Eventually obtaining the keys in the correct order allows you to unlock the door to Archmagus Roo at the end. So follow the Map and go to the rooms in the apropriate order. Make sure to note that when you are going into the rooms for the keys... there is not a monster standing there waiting on you to come around and beat it up for the key. You will have to click around in each room in order to finally get the biggest monster in the room, once defeated they give you the key to the next room, allowing you to move forward! Now as you run along outside of the rooms you will notice the Ghastly ghosties here give precious gems along with potions, as well as the ghastly ghosties in the rooms. Keep on the look out for an Emerald! Don't leave this level if you don't get one!!!! Also in case you do want one of the other staffs as opposed to the life staff, then you will need to collect the corresponding jewel that goes for that. (I.e. instead of an Emerald, it would be a ruby etc.) Once you have collected all the keys, and you are at least at level 31 head on over to Roo's little room. Hang out there and level up the rest of the way to 32, and then go after Roo, make sure you are saving your bigger potions here for him, as you will need them in the battle. See more about Roo next!

�Archmagus of Roo�
This guy is one tough cookie that does not crumble easily. *Sigh* where is some milk when you need it!?! So Roo can stun for three rounds.... yes I said three. He can also heal himself between 70-80hp in one shot.... ouch! It gets worse, he also packs a mean punch by way of 50hp fire or ice damage, and he can drain you of 50hp in life. � Now you know why I said level 32! So with having said that try your best to not let your HP go below between 85-100, use your potions like mad! This will be a longer boss battle than the ones before, but you will and can persevere, and emerge the victorious leader! So hang in there, use your potions and whip the roo right out of him. CONGRATS!!!! So you are back and have defeated the Roo of Doom, excellent and good job! For your efforts he has awarded you with neopoints, xp, and a clouded gem! If you have your emerald then by all means step on to the teleporter and arrive to the entrance of the Temple of Roo! Once there go check out the next section as here is where the running around for your new weapon comes in!

Instructions for getting your Weapon
Ok so you collected all the ingrediants listed below! You have just defeated Archmagus Roo and got the Clouded Gem from him for your efforts. You are now going to teleport back to the Temple of Roo entrance, from here you want to place yourself in Sneaking Mode! Now hightail it back to Erick the Psycho looking Cybunny. Talk to him and give him the Clouded Jewel so that he can uncloud it and turn it into the Coruscating Jewel. Wonderful, now head back over to Leirobas in Swamp Edge City, you need him to make the Growing Jewel for you. Now when you go to talk to him, he won't talk to you at first about the jewels of Power, so you have to say you have his Living Crystal and give it to him, when you click on making him tell you more about the Jewels of Power, you get placed back onto the outside map of Swamp edge City, that is ok, just simply click to talk to Leirobas again. *The reason it does this is because I had you skip a step in the game earlier where when you originally talked to Erick in Roo level 1, he sends you back at that time to get Lierobas to tell you about the Jewels of Power. Wich you give him the Living Crystal, and he sends you back to the temple of roo to get the items you need, in order to make the Growing Jewel. Whew, so you don't have to do that as you have all of your ingrediants allready!* Now once you have given him the Crystal and you get ousted out to swamp city and then click to talk to him again, he will ask for these ingrediants: Coruscating Gem, tiny beryl, emerald, and a glowing stone! When you give him these items, he makes the Growing Jewel, and gives you the jewel, along with returning the Coruscating gem back to you! *Be careful what you choose here, if you would rather have a different weapon from the Life Staff, then choose the appropriate Gem accordingly, i.e. the ruby, sapphire, or whatever you want. I personally prefer the Life Staff as it gives you the ability to cast 100hp healing, for each seperate battle. *Sometimes it gives you the ability to heal twice or more if the battle runs long enough!* Now you take your Growing Jewel, and Coruscating Gem, from Leirobas, and hightail it back to Erick in the Temple of Roo. Now you talk to Erick, and then you will give him the items to make the you Life Staff, they will be these: The Coruscating Gem, the Growing Jewel, and the Carved Oak Staff! WOOOOO-HOOOOO You now have your next weapon! Equip it and enjoy! Once you have your lovely weapon in hand and equiped, just stay in sneak mode and head on over to the Techo Caves, just due south of the Temple of Roo. � Once at the entrance scroll on down for my Techo Caves Guide!

�Items for Armor And Weapons�
*Note there are many staffs you can choose from but I will reccomend the Life Staff, because it gives the ability to heal 100 hp, wich is no laughing matter! I will give you the ingrediants here, the tiny gems you collected earlier, the Beryl etc come into play. Wichever one you choose you will need to make sure you have that tiny beryl from the Dank Caves, and one of the precious gems: either the ruby, emerald, sapphire etc. For the Life Staff I reccomended you need the emerald gem wich is listed below!* Note that there are special intsructions for these items I list here in the section above! Especially to get your clouded gem unclouded, and then taking the items to Swamp Edge City to get the glowing jewel of power, only to jog back to Erick the crazy rabbit to get this weapon made! So please read that section carefully as it tells you what you need and when and where!
Life Staff
� Growing Jewel- You get this from Leirobas, after you have Erick uncloud the gem that you got from Archmagus Roo! The items needed for Leirobas to make this Growing Jewel are listed here: Living Crystal- from the Crystal Golems in level one of the temple of roo, Glowing Stone- wich you should have from earlier from the plains aishas, if you don't the baddies in level one are generous with dropping these so you should have that replenished, Tiny Beryl- You should have this from the dank caves, and an Emerald- You get this from the Ghastly ghosties roaming around the temple in level 2, the first time I played I only got one emerald, the second time I got five, just make sure you don't leave there until you get at least one!
� Carved Oaken Staff- Plains Grarrl to the south of Roo Desert, you should allready have this.
� Coruscating Gem- This is the Clouded Gem from Archmagus Roo, it will turn into the Coruscating Gem after you give the item to Erick to cleanse it, before heading to Leirobas to get the growing jewel, and then heading back to Erick with these items!!

����Temple of Roo For Evil Mode����
Ok you will follow the guide for Normal Mode exactly except for your levels. On Temple Roo part one your levels should look like this= started at 27/28 through to level 31 before you go upstairs! Then as you work your way through Temple of Roo part two, your levels should be at 31-34! Do not go after Roo until you hit level 34!!! When I played I simply hunted back and forth in Roo's chamber until I leveled up to 34 then I beat up that nasty ole' Roo. I ended up only using 3 greater healing potions to defeat him. So it is worth your while to level up, besides all those XP go towards getting to level 35! Now go get your weapon since you defeated Roo, and meet me at the next section Techo Caves! *Put your Sneak Mode on until you get to the techo caves entrance!*

����Temple of Roo For Insane Mode����
Ok, let me start this off by saying, I stayed up way to late to work on this level. xD! Anyway, the leveling is and does get tedious here so be prepared. (Especially because as you know from checking the boss/xp nq guide, that to level up here you will need 4000xp to get to 30, and from 30-35 6000xp per level. Yikes!) So this was pretty straight forward follow the instructions for Normal on how to get around the only difference is the levels you should be at. 29-30 I spent on Roo level 1 getting to the entrance of Roo level 2. I hung out around the entrance flip flopping between both levels entrance areas until I was at 31. The point to doing that is that when your hp gets lowered, just slip back to level one around that entrance and beat up some easier bad guys. Always backtrack if the monsters are too strong, or you feel like you might be using too many Healing Potions, this goes for the whole game! Ok so once at 31 I went into the first room labeled key 1 and obtained the key and leveled up halfway to 32. Once at halfway I went to the room labeled key 2. I obtained the key and leveled up there until I hit 32. From there I went into the room labeled key 3 and obtained the key and leveled there until I was at level 32 and a half. From there I went into the room labeled key 4, I obtained the key and remained there leveling to 33 and a half. I then headed over to the room labeled key 5, obtained the key, and remained there leveling up to 34. Once at 34, I headed over to the room named key 6. I obtained the key and remained there leveling up to 34 and a half. I then headed over to the final room that has the number 6 on the door, and I leveled up the rest of the way to 35. Roo is in this room, please don't fight him until level 35. So once at 35 beat up on ole Roo! I ended up using two strong and greater healing potions! Now go get your next weapon upgrade! And I'll see you at the Techo Caves and Mountain Fortress!

Û�Techo Caves/Mountain FortressÛ� Levels 32-44
§§§§For Normal Level§§§§
Recap: So you are now at least level 32, you have spent your respective skill points in the categories you wanted/followed the chart, and you have your latest and greatest weapon equipped! Excellent, so hopefully you are now at the Techo Caves entrance! *Lovely* As you notice this is also a maze of sorts. A maze of caves, just follow the maps, and you will be fine. I will be telling you wich caves to take and when and where, so no worries! *One thing you will notice when fighting your way through is that you will probably gain alot more healing potions than you will use. Especially if you got the Life Staff I reccomended, because it allows you to cast 100hp per battle, sometimes twice if the battle drags on long enough, wich really comes in handy! How I use this staff is I try to not use it until my enemies are low on hp and then I cast it right before the battle is over so that I am full up on hp for the next battle! Sometimes you will need it before the end of the battle and that is ok also, just make sure that when you battle the next time to try not to use the staff until you need it or close to the end of the battle for a full heal up! I will cast it though if I lose 100 hp: I.e. say I am at 200 hp and I get down to 100 hp during battle, I will go ahead and cast it then.* Once you hit cave 2 and on monsters will sometimes drop superior healing potions, try to save these for the mountain fortress! You will also be getting your final Armors and weapon upgrades in these passages, but don't worry I will let you know the when, where, what, and who as we go along! Keep in mind to that in the Mountain Fortress there are 5 smaller bosses, or mini-bosses. They are kind of like Gors and Krei: I will have a seperate section for them when we get there, as well as a set of instructions that works for me! Shall we begin? *By the way as a side note, we are getting really close to the end, this is really the last of the tedious leveling, the rest will go so fast after this!*

�Levels 32-36�
So according to our map we are going into cave one, swap to hunting mode as you enter in! You will see a NPC named Irgo, who is a black market specialst for body parts... *sounds grisly, no?* As yucky as that may seem, he wants to help you get your next armour upgrade, that is so kind of him! He offers you two choices, and for once it does make a difference wich one you get! He offers you either the Energy Absorber or the Robe of Protection! The energy absorber converts an enemies attack to health points for you, it works about a quarter of the time. I really reccomend this one over the robe, but the items are harder to find for it/it takes more effort to get this one, but since you are stuck leveling up here, it does not really matter! The robe negates damage done to you, and puts the damage back onto your enemy, the reason why this is not as necessary as the Absorber is because if you matched your skills to the guide above, you allready are getting that benefit from your reflex. Ok so all the items are listed in the section below under Armor, and where to get them! So now you know what you need to get, simply follow the maps and level up here until you are level 34 in cave one, before heading to cave 2 for your other items needed for the Armor. The moment you get the items needed for the Armor head back and get them from Mr. Irgo in cave #1. Then head back into cave #2 for more leveling up. Don't leave cave#2 until you are level 36, wich should be easily achieved as you are going to head towards cave#3 From cave#2!!! *Why?* Well, we need to make a quick stop in Sunny City to do something, so head for cave#3, and level up to 36 before leaving cave#2!

�Levels 36-38�
So you are level 36, you have your Armor from Mr. Irgo and equipped it, and you are now at the entrance of Cave#3 to head via the cave over to Sunny City! Make sure to keep an eye out for a huge beast called a Giant Drakinoid.... avoid them/flee from the battle with them if you can. The xp from battling them is no better than the other monsters here, and they just drain you of so much life and time. *Not Worth it!* The rest of the monsters are fine though! You will notice the large island of water with a path to a room that has a locked door. As far as I can tell noone has found a key to it, so just ignore it because it does not hinder you at all in completing the game. So you have your goal in mind, here you want to gain a half a level as you go through towards Sunny City. So in Cave#3 at Sunny City's exit, you should be at level 36 and a half! Excellent now head on over to Sunny City as you need to talk to a NPC there called, Gali Yoj. She will polish that rusted medallion you got from fighting Rollay in the Jungle Ruins, and when she then returns the medallion back to you it has become the "Keladrian Medallion". ***It is important to get his done as it will save you so much time later when battling Faelinn over in Kal Panning!*** Once done quickly boogie back to cave#3 and head back for the exit to cave#2, try to level up the remaining way here to level 37! Do not leave this cave until you are at least 37! Excellent so you are now level 37 and should have just exited cave#3! *Place yourself in sneak mode,* now head back through cave#2 towards the exit marked caves #1 and #4. Once there you are now going to take cave #4. WOW!!! It is a monster! No worries you are going to headed towards the exit marked Caves #6 and #7! Place yourself back into hunting mode, and take the most direct path. Don't leave cave #4 until you are level 38! As always in these upper level monster areas of Techo Caves, continue to avoid the annoying Giant Drakinoid where possible! Whew, so you are now at the exit marked caves #6 and #7, you are level 38! Now exit cave#4 and head towards cave #6! You are ready for the next section!

�Levels 38-44�
So you are at the entrance of cave #6, you are level 38 or thereabouts, but hopefully at 38! When you enter the cave you notice there is an exit to something called the Mountain Fortress! Head for it, level up along the way wich means yes... more fighting. As always continue to avoid the Giant Drakinoids as you make your way over to the stairs to go to the Mountain Fortress! You want to stay in this cave until at least level 39! I always make my way through the cave to the stairs of the Mountain Fortress, and hang out there beating up on baddies until I am level 39, and then I take the stairs out! Once you take the stairs out, you notice this little castle, head for it as it is the Mountain Fortress. Go ahead and stroll over on top of it and enter in, *Change your map* to the Mountain Fortress! You have just arrived at the entrance, you are level 39, and you have changed your map to see what the layout of the Mountain Fortress looks like! Please read this next part closely before you take any action: Excellent, lets do a brief rundown of the gameplan for this place. There are five seperate Guardians of Magic, these guys hold your next set of weapons, and upon defeating them they will gave you a dose of 500xp some neopoints and the weapon they were carrying! This is your last and final weapons upgrades! Check the list below, under the bosses section to see who gives what, as some of you may have different skill sets different to mine. **I reccomend the life weapon, called the Moonstone Staff!** You are also going to be getting your next and final Armour upgrade here also! However these are randomly dropped by fighting regular baddies in the long hall/corridor! You will receive two types of Armor from this; one called the Inferno Robe: that focuses your attacks adding more damage to your enemies as you fight, and the other called Evening Sun Energy Shield: that helps reflect attacks from your enemies back onto themselves. I personally reccomend the Inferno Robe for two reasons: one- you allready have the ability to reflect damage from your enimies back onto themselves from your skill called reflex; two- the ability to hit the enemies for more damage each time makes your battles not drag as long as they normally would! (Even better!) Wichever one you manage to get first go ahead and equip it, even if it is not the robe, and then fight until you get the Robe! If you get the robe first go ahead and equip it and move on! Ok so back to the gameplan now that the informational part is over: What I do is head down to the Life Guardians Chamber first! I work my way down the hall beating up baddies as I go. It is usually in the hall that as I am heading toward the Guardian of Life's Chamber that I get both Armors, and I don't leave the hallway until I have gotten the robe!! I reccomend the same for you as you will need it! Once you get to the life guardian chamber you should be nearing level 40 and have your Robe equiped. I hang out in here (here being inside the Life Gaurdian Chamber) beating up on this really easy monster called the Life Elemental. They are so easy to beat, and they give you a 100+ points of xp every time. Oh man are they awesome! So I usually stay in there beating up on the life elementals and various other baddies in the room until I am level 42. Then I go and defeat the life guardian for his weapon! I have more info about him below! Once he drops/gives you his weapon called the Moonstone Staff, equip it immediatly! The staff gives you hp every round you play in the game. Usually it is about 4 hp, but there are alot of times that you can get upwards of 45 hp, and it awlays seems to happen when you need it most! *How Handy!* Now I stay in the Life chamber and continue to beat up on the life elementals until I am level 44! Yes, it takes time and does get somewhat tedious. However the max time it took me was an hour! I then boogie out of there in sneaking mode, to go to defeat the other guardians. The reason I say to wait until level 44 before defeating the other Guardians is because you will gain 500xp per remaining guardian left. If you are allready at level 44 then that is 2000 xp towards level 45, and it cuts down the length of time it takes when you go to Kal Panning and then to Two Rings! So you are level 44, you have defeated the Life Guardian and have the Moonstone Staff equiped along with the Inferno Robe! Place yourself in sneak mode and sneak down to the Ice Magic Guardian, defeat him. Now you sneak over to Fire Magic Guardian, and defeat him. Now you sneak over to the Shock Magic Guardian and defeat him. Lastly you sneak over to the Spectral Magic Guardian and defeat her. *Congrats!* You are in a very good place! Do a quick potions check you should be pretty maxed out on Superior and greater potions! If not go into hunting mode and cick some normal baddies around until you get enough say 12-14 at least of each! Now put yourself in sneak mode and sneak back to cave#6 and through it towards caves #4 and #7! *Keep your eyes on the maps to navigate this!* Once out of cave#6 go to cave#7! Navigate through cave#7 to the Great Plateau! Now keep yourself in sneak mode, and sneak on over to Kal Panning almost a straight line east until you hit some trees and then head North, but don't go in just yet! See you in the next chapter!

�The Magical Guardians�
In the Mountain Fortress you will see five seperate Guardians of Magic! I will list each one here in the order that I defeat them!
�Guardian of Life Magic�
This is one tough Nimmo, that looks like foliage! Make sure you are at least level 41-42. He is mean, and when you are trying to beat him don't be stingy with your potions, you will regain them back later, and don't forget to cast your healing any time you can or get low on hp. Here is what he can do: He can drain you of 70 hp, heal himself for 80hp, and in general packs a mean punch! As always, keep an eye on you HP and you should be just fine. Once you defeat him he drops the Moonstone Staff, please equip and use this for the rest of the game! It heals roughly 4hp every turn, and about a 30-40 percent chance of the 45hp heal.

�Guardian of Ice Magic�
So this guy is so easy especially if you have followed my instructions and are at level 44! Let me tell you what Mr. Icy has in store for you. He can drain you of 70 hp, and blast you for 100 hp with ice damage. *Ouch* No worries though as you have the moostone staff equipped you should be fine, just keep an eye on your hp! He gives you the Iceheart Staff, that can freeze enemies for 1-4 rounds, but it is nothing, when compared to your skill set I listed above, and your Energy Robe and Moonstoon Staff!

�Guardian of Fire Magic�
Once again this guy is so easy it will make your heart sing! With having said that, you should still know what he can do. Ole Fire eyes can drain you of 70 health, and hit you for 100hp fire damage! Don't let your hp drop below 100, as he can really handle that, and use your potions if need be. I never really need my potions though once I was at level 44 with these guys! He gives you the Firedrop Staff, the staff has about a 25% chance for something called the Blast furnace, wich damages your enemy 30 damage each round for 2-4 rounds. *I still say the Moonstone Staff is better! You can always enjoy the extra healing wich helps conserve potions for when you just have to use them!

�Guardian of Shock Magic�
Smooth sailing right? These are putty in your paws, well keep it going as you head over to Mr. Zapsyoulots! So lets give you the stats on sweet little Zappy. Zappy does alot of mean things, he drains you for roughly 70hp, and stuns for 2-4 rounds... yeah he is unfriendly like that. He can also blast you for 50-100 damage. YAY! No worries you are level 44 with 1000 xp under your belt to level 45, you have your Robe, and Moon Staff! Keep an eye out for your HP don't let it drop below 100, and go knock the shock right out of him! He gives you the Thunderstar Staff, that has the cool ability to stun enemies for up to three rounds. *I am still sticking with the Moonstone Staff though, because as I said before if your have your skills placed like I did above, you won't need it.*

�Guardian of Spectral Magic�
I love this guardian she is so pretty! She is also the most difficult to beat out of all five guardians, for all her pretty exterior she is a powerful enemy. Lets talk about what Miss Rainy has in store for you! She has the ability to drain 70hp and lower your defences making you more vulnerable to attacks and the draining she does. *Mean* Just hang in there and keep an eye on your HP, it should be fine, as long as you are at level 44! She also gives you a weapon called the Shawdowgem Staff, it has the capability to cast elemental resistance, wich is just like the level 3 skill of fortitude! (Wich you allready have on level 3 if you have been following my guidelines!) So really, the Moonstone Staff is still the best!!!

Instructions for getting your Armor and Weapon
Ok so you are here for a quick guideline about getting your first set of Armor from Mr. Irgo the Jetsam. The items are listed below and where to find them. I of course reccomended the Energy Absorber because I personally think it works better than the Robe. However choose the one you want. Once you get the items, if you had to go to cave #2 then skip back to cave#1 to get your Armor from Mr. Irgo! Then head back to cave #2 to go towards cave #3! *Time consuming, I know!* Your final Armor upgrade is going to come from The Mountain Fortress! You get them for defeating regular baddies in the Mountain Fortress's hall/corrider! You don't have to do anything special other than beat up baddies in the hall as you head towards the life guardian chamber. *How pleasant* You will be receiving two types of armor from this: the Inferno Robe and the Evening Sun Energy Shield. I reccomend the Robe for the reasons listed above. Now, you will also be getting your final weapon upgrade here. *YAY!* This is also not item based, yay again! You will get amazing weapons for defeating the Guardians Of Magic! The one that I reccomend is the Moonstone Staff, and you get it from defeating the Guardian of Life Magic! I have not listed these down below because there are no items to get in order to create these final ugrades. You simply have to defeat them as I outlined above for levels 38-44!

�Items for Armor And Weapons�
Energy Absorber
� Piece of Agate- Greater Agate Dervish, in cave#1
� Piece of Chrysolite- Greater Chrysolite Dervish in cave#1 if you don't get it there, it will be aroound the entrance of cave#2
� Piece of Serpentine- Greater Serpentine Dervish around the entrance of cave#2

Robe of Protection
� Drakinoid Hide- From a one of the Drakinoids in cave#1
� Drakinoid Eye- From a one of the Drakinoids in cave#1
� Drakinoid Heart- From a one of the Drakinoids in cave#1 sometimes you have to go to cave#2

����Techo Caves/Mountain Fortress For Evil Mode����
Follow the guidelines for Normal except that you are starting out as level 35! Other wise there is absolutely no difference with the final exception of being level 40 when I headed into the Mountain Fortress! YAY for that!!! Right? I will see you at the entrance to Kal Panning so head on over to the next section!

����Techo Caves/Mountain Fortress For Insane Mode����
I will update this when I finish Insane level!

Û�Kal PanningÛ� Levels 44-46
§§§§For Normal Level§§§§
Recap: You are now level 44 and 2000 xp towards level 45, how lovely! You have 12-14 Greater and Superior Healing Potions! You have your Inferno Robe and Moonstone Staff equiped! You are also at the entrance to Kal Panning! If you said yes to all of this then proceed to the next section! If you said no to any of these, your game will be more difficult, but I am sure you can make it through!

�Levels 44-46�
So you are currently in sneak mode now click into the entrance of Kal Panning and go take a look at the map. Yeah, it is sort of a maze to get to Faelinn! No worries you are going to be in sneak mode until you get to her chamber anyway, you will run across a few baddies that notice you! You will be easily able to beat them with some potion usage. I usually have 15 stronger potions in addition to my greater and Superior ones that I use sparingly if need be through here. I sneak over making sure to take a path that is open. A small note here about the monsters in Kal Panning, they drain life out of you also! I know that was just what you wanted to hear, right? BEFORE You go up to Faelinn you need to level up to 46! *Place youself in hunting mode in her chamber!* This takes about maybe 20 minutes. The reason you need to level up here before you battle her is because once you have defeated her... there are no more enemies in Kal Panning to level up with. You absolutely have to be at level 46 before you go to the next part! Ok so in her chamber the toughest mosters are hanging out so you will level up in no time, they give out about 100xp! These baddies have the ability to drain you, wich they will do. So try to get through your battle and heal inbetween them with some of your stronger healing potions if you have any of those left over, if not use a greater healing potion here and there to supplement your Moonstone Staff! Once at 46 you are going to battle Faelinn, but if you remember we made a little pit stop in Sunny City to get the rusty medallion cleaned up! Well it is going to come in handy now! When you click to battle Faelinn you are going to see your normal choices for battle with one new addition- it says "Give Faelinn the Keladrian Medallion"! Click it, and your fight is over without a battle. The wonderful thing is that you still get her 1500 experiance points she gives you! That also gives you a nice start towards level 47! She also hands you a key to Two Rings, your final destination! So you can talk to Faelinn if you desire, it is not necessary though! You will also notice of course the city is cleaned up and there are not anymore baddies roaming around there. *Place yourself in sneak mode* and head over to Two Rings Cave entrance! You are now about to enter the final stages of Neoquest! I smell a trophy in your future!

I love battling Faelinn, for a couple of reasons. She gives you 1500xp and you don't really have to battle her! Provided you made the pit stop in Sunny City like I reccomended earlier! So you should be level 46, click to battle her, and then click to give her the Keladrian Medallion! The battle is over and she gives you 1500xp, some neopoints, and the key to Two Rings! *Lovely* I still want to give you her stats provided you did not make the detour in Sunny City in the Techo Caves. Faelinn is one nasty little Aisha. She heals for over 100hp, and she can stun for three rounds. I did once try to fight a little just to see what her attacks were like... just don't do it. It was roughly 70-100hp damage. Not worth it when you know you can just hand her the medallion and save your healing potions!

����Kal Panning For Evil Mode����
Follow the Normal level, there are no differences here!

����Kal Panning For Insane Mode����
I will update this when I finish Insane level!

Û�Two RingsÛ� Levels 46-50
§§§§For Normal Level§§§§
Recap: Ok so you have defeated Faelinn, her 1500xp have you nicely on your way towards level 47! You should have a full stock of Greater/Superior healing potions, and a few stronger still laying around! You have snuck over to the Two Rings cave entrance! Without further ado, I think we should go in and finish this up... don't you? Make sure to use the maps, just note: they are not very great quality once you get into the palace, still use them as an overview. I will do my best to make some maps of the palace that are better to give to Tae to place on her page once I finish this guide/finish the insane level!

�Levels 46-48�
So you are in the entrance of the cave and you notice this cute little Techo. He is a tad bit surly, but talk to him anyway, so that he will let you through the door. So you leave that little tiny cave and notice that you are in a very green tree/hilly area surrounded by mountains. If you look at the map for this area you notice that the mountain range narrows to allow you to scrape through at the middle. You are essentially heading towards the narrow pass to go north to the small castle/palace at the far Northwest of this entire area. in the meantime spend level 46-47 in the first area of this hilly/treed area before scraping through the narrow pass! These enemies do drain you but if you stick close to the mountain areas you don't run into as many of the wizards etc that do that. So at level 47 go through the narrow pass and repeat the process of hanging close to the mountains and hunting your way around until you are level 48. Now you will head for Palace/Castle to the Northwest!

�Levels 48-50�
Ok so you have now entered the palace of Two Rings, and you're on level 1! You are at 48 xp and only two more to go! You will notice the maps for this are so tiny, but please note: I will try to give you the best text/written instructions here that I can, and I advise you to simply use the maps as an overview as best you can. The moment I get a free chance either before or after I play the game on insane mode. Either way I will make you some better ones to use! I will give them to Tae, who is currently hosting maps on her petspage, from the old neoquestmaps website. *So kind of her!* The baddies in here on the first level can be kind of exasperating, they drain you, and heal themselves... plus they blast you for lots of damage. However if you have your skill points spent in the categories and levels I gave you, you should be just fine! Also a worthy mention these monsters will be dropping a new and final healing potion called Spirit Healing Potion. Absolutely save these for your final boss battle, do NOT use them for when you are beating up the regular baddies in here. The max I have ever seen the baddies drop is 8 of these. I however only got 7 of them the first time I played on normal, and to be honest... I only used like maybe one or two of them. Still save yours just in case! Use your stronger/greater healing potions between battles! If you absolutely must use the superior potions then do so, but please really try to save them. Here in a second I am going to give you the text directions for getting upstairs to the second level of the palace, in the meantime you are going to still stay in hunting mode. You are working to be halfway through level 49 before you go up the stairs.... don't go up them if you are not at 49 and a half level, because the monsters get a level higher upstairs. *That is 114500 experiance points before you go upstairs of Two Rings!

So these are the directions for Two Rings Palace level 1:
When you first go in you are going to head North until you can't anymore. Meaning that you will head north for alot of clicks, a whole lot before you are blocked by water! You are going to go around this small body of square water! So go to the east until the water ends, then go north until the water ends then go back west for two to three clicks! Then go North until you can't anymore because a long table with chairs is in your way. Head east until you run into the wall. Then head north until you see a pathway open on your right/east. Go east until you run into yet another wall, then immediatly head North for five clicks and you will see a door (the second one you see since heading north) on your left/west! Take that second door, and go up the stairs! Quick check are you at 114500 xp? If you are then head upstairs if not hang out in this little area until you are!

Ok so you have now entered level two, before I give you directions let me go over some things to keep in mind. Be at level 50 when you hit the water maze. There are some monsters after that, but not many so be on the safe side and hit level 50! The baddies are a little tougher in this area, and they attack nearly every step you take. Because of that, and how bad the map is, I am going to have to give you specific instructions once you hit the water maze, and you don't want to lose track of where you are. So once you are at level 50, place yourself in *Sneak Mode* Also flee any battles you get after 50! Keep in mind about your healing potion conservation, it is still the same here. As a side note: Your healing skills will heal you as you walk so don't use a potion after your final battle that takes you to level 50 experiance.

Directions for level 2 of the Two Rings Palace:
Once you are on level 2, you will notice you are in a tiny room like you were in level 1. No worries just head out of the door of the chamber and go south down a small hallway until you can't anymore! Then head east until you can't anymore! Then head north until you see a path open up on your left/west. This is the entrance to the water maze. If you are at level 50 then go ahead and move on, if not stay there in that little area clicking around until you are. *Place yourself in sneak mode* Now go through the little entryway and conitnue going west until you hit water! now you will continue south until you see the first opening to the west again. Go west through that until you hit water, maybe one or two clicks. Then go north until you see the first entrance on the left/west. Take that and continue west until you hit water. Then go north until you hit water. Then go west until you hit water! Then go south until you hit water. Then go east two clicks until you see the first south entrance. Go south until you hit a wall. Then go west until you hit a wall. Then go north until you see the first entrance on the left/west! You are out of the water maze! This next chamber/area is like a great room with a bunch of columns spaced sporadically. My advice here is to go directly north from leaving the water maze, and skirting around the water that will be to your east/right. Go North until you hit a wall, and then go west! As columns get in the way simply click around them, and scooch back up against the wall. After about 4 columns or so (and a lot of clicks) that you have to skirt around you will notice a small passage way... don't take it. This is another area that is designed to confuse you. So ignore that little passageway and go south. You will see two more passageways that you will ignore also. The fourth passageway to the west leads you out of that area. Continue going west, and you will run into the stairs of level 3! No worries though, the only thing on level 3 is the big bad boss Jahbal. So take the stairs up and head directly east to go to your final boss fight! *Pat yourself on the back it is almost all over* Congrats! As a side note though, before you go to Jahbal make sure you are all healed up, by walking around your life weapons skill will do that nicely for you. So don't start your battle with him until you have fully healed from your lifeweapons as you walk around! Now you are ready to face the big bad... wow... you'll see. Tips down below for Jahbal!

Jahbal is a hunched over Eyrie with a nasty disposition and a one stop shop of nothing good. He can drain you of 100hp, heal himself for 150hp, fire and ice blasts of 90hp, shock damage of 70hp, and stun you for three rounds. Before I forget he can also poison you wich causes 50 damage for 3 rounds. NEVER EVER EVER, let your HP get below 150, as he can easily handle that, once it does use a potion if you need to supplement the moonstone staff. Now with having said that, it is easy to beat him provided you watch your HP and never let it drop below 150. The battle is longer than it is with most battles, but as I said before feel free to use your potions! This is your last bad guy, and you can't take them with you when you go! Now go for it!!! *waits*waits*waits* Ok you finished him off and you are done! WOOOO-HOOOO and a huge Congrats! *cheers* You get 5000xp wich is good for nothing really, 5000 neopoints wich is good for lots of things, and a shiny bronze trophy! *Enjoy* Feel free to neomail me,

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