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Welcome to nBn

Welcome to the newest yet one of the oldest guilds in neopia! Due to some wrongdoing we had to start anew! nBn Guild was founded on July 7, 2001 by Megg as a guild for the popular neopets help site, nothingButneopets. Megg ran the guild for 9 years, keeping the chickens of the coop engaged, the coop community friendly & loving and always brightening our Sundays with her "Sunday Chicken" Posts. In 2010, Megg stepped down and passed the nBn Torch to Jenny Lynn (jennylynnburger). Then in October JennyLynn stepped down and handed the reins over to CJ for a brief time then to rilecuyer (MumRenee)and now the chicken coop has been passed on to Mamabear (osonegro_luv) in August 2014. Our great chicken leaders have made nBn what it still is today.

The Webbie in a nutshell ( You can always read the long story later) Only 3 rules. 1-Post 3 sentences or more most of the time. 2- Do not speak of very serious health issues or politics on the board. 3- No member sweeps unless personally requested.

Please check regularly with the guild to stay on top of updates!

New Members

If you are a new member of the guild, please be sure to:

nBn Hierarchy

Rankings for nBn

The guild has a hierarchy set up for members to help them advance up the ranks. How do you advance up the ranks and what are those ranks? Do not beg to have your ranking changed. This only annoys the council members and can get you suspended from the guild for excessive begging. If deemed appropriate, they can upgrade you if they feel it warrants it. However, if you feel you have been 'overlooked', feel free to give us a gentle reminder! If you are away from neopets for several months your rank may drop down but once you return your rank may be reinstated.

Guild Council Member - These members are selected by the standing council members after a member applies for the position. Usually several members have applied for a position and the standing council has had time to review all applications and monitored the activity of the applicants.

Sub-Council Member - This is like a guild council member without the full benefits of being a council member. They assist in helping monitor the boards, help with the web site, help with events, etc.

Chicken - This is the highest ranking you can get. Usually obtained after 100 quality posts and rules have been followed. However, a member can reach this quicker if deemed appropriate by a council member.

Chick - Usually obtained after 50 quality posts. However, a member can reach this quicker if deemed appropriate by a council member.

Hatchling - Usually obtained after 10 quality posts. However, a member can reach this quicker if deemed appropriate by a council member.

Egg - The starting level of all members.

For special occasions, you may notice that the name of your ranking may change! This does not affect the overall ranking of any member so do not be alarmed!

Please note: Due to the reformation of the guild, any previous members were reinstated to their previous ranking! So, please do not ask why someone with lower postings are at a level that they shouldn't be at now.



What you need to know

Welcome to the Guild Application and FAQ page for nothing But neopets Guild.

Application Process:

All new applicants need to submit a neomail to Mama Bear osonegro_luv with answers to the following questions.
1. What are you looking for in a guild?
2. Is this your main account or a side account?
3. Are you currently in a guild and if you are, why are you leaving?
4. Do you expect a position in the guild council or are you happy in just being a member?
5. What can you contribute to being in the guild?
6. If you see something going on in the guild, how will you handle it?
7. Any other information you would like to share with the council?

Guild Board Etiquette

    When posting on the Guild board there are a few things to remember:
  1. Respect each and every Guild member. Remember to treat people how you expect to be treated.
  2. Do not beg or ask for Neopoints or "donations" on the Guild board or via Neomail to Guild members.
  3. If you're a new member, please try to post more than "Hi, I'm new here!" Tell us something about yourself, like which country you're from or what your interests are - so we can get to know you better.
  4. Do not post "Is anyone there?" Remember that the members are from all over the world and may not be on at the same time you are. The Guild board is not a real time chat so don't expect members to be on the same as you.
  5. You're welcome to ask for help on the Guild board if you have a Faerie Quest. You might get a quicker response asking on the NeoBoards though.
  6. Please do not post single line posts or posts with less than 3 sentences on the board. Combine all of your short posts into a longer one. The occasional short post is okay, so long as not all of your posts are short. The aim is quality posting, not simply quantity posting. Need help check out our Quality Post guide.
  7. Do not warn any other Guild member of posting short posts or of spamming - this is up to the Guild Council to do and it is NOT the members responsibility. Please contact one of the Guild Council members if you have any concerns.
  8. Please do not just copy and paste the results to your dailies. If something fantastic happened, we encourage you to share it with the rest of the Guild so long as you summarize what happened.
  9. Do not ask another Guild member to log into your account to get you an avatar. Unfortunately not everyone on Neopets is honest and getting an avatar is not worth losing a few items or worse, your entire account.
  10. If you have a disagreement with another member, the Guild board is NOT the place to sort it out. Take it elsewhere.
  11. No flaming - if you can't say something nice, then don't say it at all.
  12. Do not stretch out the Guild board with long URLs or text that contains no spaces, such as "canipleasehaveapaintbrush".
  13. Don't correct another member for minor grammatical errors such as a few typos, misspellings, or improper pronunciation. We are all human and humans make mistakes. Also remember that the Guild has users from all over the world so they may not know how to use English in the proper context.
  14. Do not use excessive chat speak on the Guild board - such as u, cuz, plz, ur, 2 (for to), 4 (for for) etc. and don't use the Guild board to test out your font, signature or avatar. Use the Avatars/NeoSignatures NeoBoard instead.
  15. Do not post profanity or obscenities (swear words) on the board, this also includes masked works that are typed like "th*s" or "$&^%^*".
  16. Do not post material that promotes political, social or religious views. This includes what you may do within your religion on Sundays etc.
  17. Do not post about the most serious issues in life on the guild board. Members come to neo to escape so it is better to keep the board light. Feel free to neomail the guild leader about such things. She will always lend an ear and shoulder when needed.
  18. Do not post "cheat" or "hack" programs or information or links to sites claiming to have these.
  19. Solicitations of user secret words is strictly forbidden.
  20. Enjoy using your avatars and changing them when you like but please make sure your font is a legible size of 3 or 4

Questions answered

FAQs/Frequent Asked Questions:

Are you new to the nBn Guild? Do you just have a question? Check here first before asking on the board but if you don't see an answer to your question just ask on the Guild board. Thank you!

Q: How can I make a donation of neopoints to the guild?

A: You can make a quick donation of Neopoints to the nBn Guild by purchasing items from the Celebration_Chook Shop. Alternatively you can make a larger donation or donate items by bidding on a lot by celebration_chook at the Trading Post with item(s) and/or Neopoints. We sincerely thank you for your generosity.

Q:How do I change my rank?

A: Check the Ranks section in the window above for more information. Ranks will usually be checked every other week. If your rank has not been updated, please be patient, it will be updated once you meet the criteria. You will not change rank if you continually post short posts on the board. See the guide for quality posts on our portal.

Q: Can I advertise my shop, trade, beauty contest entry or post jokes?

A: Yes, you may, as long it's not the sole reason for your post. Please do not post several posts just of jokes either. We want to get to know you better so please add something about yourself or your day. Just be careful to NOT keep it too personal.

nBn's 3 sentence Rule

Spam, spam, evil spam! We here at the nBn Guild despise the word! What is spam you ask? No, not the mystery meat in your lunch, spam is:

When posting on the message boards at the Guild, please do not post spam messages or you will be warned. Some examples of unacceptable messages are:

Hi, what's up I'm bored… are you? I'm just sitting here in front of the computer. Bye!

There is no point to this message. Add some specifics such as cat is going nuts and won't leave me alone to type this so I guess I should cut her off the catnip! My cat is named Mrs Sprinkles.

Don't type this: OOPS! Sorry about the mistake I made in my previous post! I meant 'their' not 'there'. Okay that's all.

There should not be posts correcting your mistakes because all it does is take up more space. Our members are intelligent enough to figure out what you meant.

Sometimes, messages just can't be long! It is alright to post an occasional short message, just make sure it does not happen too often. There is no need to apologize for making a short post, as long as you don't make a habit of it.

Also, please do not post messages warning other members about spam, for all that does is create more spam. Please leave that job to the Council members.

Short Post Strike or Violation of Policy Procedures
    There will be a strike policy for those members who continually post short messages on the board:
  1. Strike 1 - Neomail warning and deletion of posts
  2. Strike 2 - Neomail warning and deletion of posts
  3. Strike 3 - Neomail warning and suspended from the Guild for 5 days
  4. Strike 4 - Neomail warning and banned from the Guild

The Guild rules on messages are strict, but please keep the order and cleanliness of our boards. Its nBn's one main rule. If you need help making longer quality post check out our guide on our portal.


Council and Sub Council Jobs


All council members when taking the positions have one year in that position unless they are not fulfilling their responsibilities. They will be placed in sub-council and it will again be reviewed.

Mama Bear | (osonegro_luv)

Mama Bear is in charge of steering the ship of chickens. She advertises and makes sure the guild room stays tidy. She takes care of the magazine, webbie, pharmacy, and many pages.

Aurelia | (stardust5253)

Aurelia heads the Graphics Department and codes many of the guild layouts. She hosts the Portal and monthly activities.

Bri | (pooglefan_52)

Bri helps with advertising each week and keeping the boards active with friendly and helpful chatter. She also hosts the Labbers Quest.

Mits| (Mits07)

Mits heads the Guild Mall and helps to keep the board active as well as an all around helper.

Seasonal Council Member|(Could be YOU)

This position changes every 3 months.

Sub council

Aurelia | (orilla)

Providing seasonal fun

Cameila| (nashie363comesback)

Providing fun activities and fc advice

Sunny | (celebration_chook)

nBn Chook is in charge of the guild vault. Conducts auctions and trades and seasonal offerings to the whole guild.

??? | (You could be here)

Providing fun activities

Izzy | (doctoriz)

Gives great advice

Jesse | (breck03)

Gives great advice

Marikka | (eza_anouk)

Keeps the boards lively and gives good advice

Helper Chooks

Chip | (chip2323)

Chip puts up auctions and board games

Kelly | (kjrae90)

Kelly reminds us of the neopets birthdays

Tina | (playnice28)

Enjoys sharing treats from her gallery and putting up auctions

Jere | (jerene54)

Posts our personal pets birthday

Individual Departments

Each of these Departments have a department head so the rest of the team and guild members can direct their questions or needs to them specifically. If you think of any other departments that would benefit the guild please let Mamabear know.


Mamabear is Head of this dept. This group will go to the board on a regular basis and lets us know when they are on so that we can join them.

Graphics Department

Aurelia is head of this department. Helpers in this group will organize and provide all the graphics for the guild from userpages to banners and buttons. They will collaborate with each other to help you have the nicest pages possible.


No one is head of this dept at the moment but our council will work closely together to provide FUN (within the neo rules) activities for all. Each has their own petpage linked in our portal.


osonegro_luv is Head of this department. Send a neomail if you would like to be part of this department or to submit your writings to the magazine. We welcome all submissions of stories, jokes, poems, etc.

Welcome Wagon

playnice28 is Head of this department. Helpers in this group will welcome all the new eggs and be on hand to answer any questions.

Poll Department

Mits07 is in charge of this department. Helpers in this group will come up with interesting polls and keep track of them.

Want to help?

When our crew is busy with life then others step in to help out. All guild members are welcome to apply for jobs or events that they would like to host. Council will discuss the ideas and then we will add the names and tasks to this list. If you would like to be a dept head just let me know.

To get started you can fill out this very simple and short little form and send it away to Mamabear!

  1. Name:
  2. Guild Rank:
  3. Your grand idea!:

Mail it!


By agreeing to be on the council or sub-council, you agree to abide by the following guidelines:

1. You will follow all Terms and Conditions set forth by the Neopets Team! Please be familiar with them! You can find all the rules HERE.

2. You agree to help moderate the boards and watch over other guild members to ensure they are abiding by the Terms and Conditions set forth by the Neopets Team.

3. If you are assigned a task, such as guild library; guild pharmacy; guild activities; or any other area, you will monitor the site at least once daily to ensure that members are getting the things they need. If you are unable to keep up, you will need to contact MamaBear immediately. You may also be absent from your duties such as for vacation, or if you are ill, etc. Let MamaBear know how much time you will need before you can return to your duties.

The members count on you being available for you to respond to requests. If you will be gone for an extended length of time, it may be best to turn over your post to another guild member.

4. By being on the council/sub-council you agree to participate in ALL events the guild puts together!!

5. By being on the council/sub-council you agree to post at least weekly with one quality post.

6. All members who desire to become Council members will start as helpers, then have a post as Sub Council for a period of time in order to learn whether the member will be capable of the devotion it takes as a council member.

7. Any questions or concerns about anything should be directed to guild leader Mamabear (osonegro_luv)!!

8. Criteria for becoming a member of council. Being active and being literate. Proper use of the grammar is a must, poor spelling on occasion is allowed and of course following the board rules.


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