hullo there,

Well if you are here to learn more about me, this is the place to come. I have little blurbs about myself and stuff I'm working on Neopets wise. If you are looking for my graphics portfolio, that has it's own page here.
Should you be wondering who those lovely pets up top are, they are my main three favorites, Nessa, Megura, and Arisu.
Browse the links to the left and the hidden menu to learn more about me.
I've got this lovely new layout Compliments of the best lady ever, my dearest, Ashe. I don't know if I will ever actually use this update feature... but meh. It's here if I want it.

off neo

My most common nickname is gingy, but I also go by jewlz, so that is what I go by on neopets. If you're curious, my actual name is Julia. I am 27 years old and i live in Alberta, Canada. I am a married gal going onto 5 years this fall. I run my own business so I get to have my own hours. This allows me lots of time to game, code, eat potato chips... I'm quite an artistic and friendly person- i love helping people out! I love pickles and cheesecake(not together though, ew!), to the point where people give them to me as gifts.
I have 3 cats, Naiomi, Yué and Tia. Naiomi is a seal point Burmese. I named her after a cat in one of my favorite book series Confessions of Georgia Nicolson by Louise Rennison. The series is hilarious to the point I don't recommend you reading them in public. They will make you apear like your a crazy person. Yué is special. HAHA. She is named after Yue from the Nickoledon series avatar: the last airbender. She is completely deaf and we only realized AFTER we brought her home and she wasn't listening at all. She is not the brightest cat in the world. She has a habit of getting 'lost' and screaming for someone to come find her. Even if this means screaming down the bathtub drain. Like I said, special. Tia is our newest addition. I got her from a client who no longer had time for her. She is the most beautiful cat I have seen. She looks like a cross between a Siamese and Norwegian Wild cat. Super poofy with great big blue eyes. They can go a little cross-eyed occasionally which makes her look really funny. Hence, we nicknamed her Derp. Oh, and none of our cats SOUND like cats when they meow. They are all like variations of birds. Pigeons to be precise. quite annoying some days.
At home, I like to veg out with the hubby. We love to watch Netflix and Anime. I have a huge list somewhere in here if you are interested in what I've seen. Currently I am mashing through Destiny 2 on the PS4 and loving it so far. If you are curious to how I look, you don't get a picture!. LOL. I'm 5'6, very pale, chubby, medium brown hair that is usally in a messy top knot, and 9 times out of ten not wearing pants. I loathe clothes. Though I do love cozy sweaters and yoga pants. I've pretty much foregone jeans. ummm. yeah. I think thats good enough.

on neo

I have been improving my avatar count and account stats, and hoping for good lab zaps on my current lab rat, Mahou__. I have also been expanding my shop and gallery, both with themes! My shop is stocked with toys and gifts, and my gallery is full of berry items. I'm also working towards acquiring some of my dreamies, I have 16 so far! Most were gifted to me, so a huge thanks to those who gave their pets a forever home with me! I'm pretty into customizing my pets and finally found somewhere close by that sells nc cards! I having been spending frivolously. :( but I love it! lol.
On neopets I have 10 active sites. I know. I'm a crazy lady. But I can't imagine not having them. I run 4 of my own graphics sites, jewel, bejeweled, element, and augment, and I co-own one with Ashe, Mahou. I also run a SWF file resource site, Bijou. I have a site directory, the popsicle stand and a status directory, Refresh as well. I also co-own an edible adoptables site crumble with Hayley and a tutorial site, Bejeweled tutorials. I did have a review site, {Period}, but I've closed it for now due to the slow community. Hopefully I can re-open it in the future though. I spend most of my neo time doing graphics for those pages.

my sites

Jewel is my request site. I offer custom buttons, petpage layouts and guild layouts.
Bejeweled is my resource and premade graphic and layout site. It has everything from bullets to complete layouts.
This is my tutorial site. You can learn anythign from how to make buttons to how to create and code a layout.
A layout collection of collaborations I've done with other sites and graphic designers.
Element is my premade css layout site. All the layouts are centered around MLP characters.
TPS is my unique directory. It's designed specifically for graphic makers and site-owners. If you are looking for anything related to that, TPS is the place.
Crumble is a site I co-own with Hayley. It has tea-party themed edible adopables and resources.
Bijou is my SWF file resource site. If you are looking for a wearable background image, Bijou has it.
I co-own Mahou with Ashe. We offer 'custom' petpages with a custom Gjinka of one of your pets.
My other unique directory. Refresh is a status directory and rating site. If you are looking for a dashboard of what all the request sites in the community have been doing or would like to rate one, Refresh is the place.
Augment is like a build-a-bear store, but for building sites. You can pick and choose anythign from graphics to css snipets or even full template coding.
{Period.} was my review site. It offered speedy reviews for anyone who wanted one. I closed it after the community died down, but I am hoping to re-open.


my pets

Click a pet image to learn more about them! C:
these pets are still a work in progress. They link to their lookups.


  • ndnhd
  • nghnd
  • nhdndhn

  • dislikes:
  • jtjhgdd
  • srtd
  • rethytjuk,mjn
  • rethytjuk,mjn
  • rethytjuk,mjn

  • here is some story

    my most common nickname is jewlz (but i also go by gingy), so that is what i go by on neopets. if you're curious, my actual name is julia. i am 26 years old and i live in alberta, canada. i am a married gal going onto 5 years soon. i have 2 cats, naiomi and yué. i'm quite an artistic and friendly person- i love helping people out! i love pickles and cheesecake(not together though, ew!), to the point where people give them to me as gifts.

    her best friends

    some artwork

    hover for larger view

    some fashion designs

    Avatar Accomplishments 266

    Still trying for

    Neoboard fonts

    These fonts are made from various font sites and myself. Sites include:
    fresh catnip radioactive chrysalis magnet fonts r us

    Just putting some of my lists and miscellaenous stuff here. Maybe you are curious as to what animes I've watched or what fonts I like to use on graphics.

    my watched anime list

  • survival games club
  • akatsuku no yona
  • aoharu x kikanjuu(machinegun)
  • attack on titan
  • fairy tail
  • akame ga k!ll
  • fullmetal alchemist:brotherhood
  • hunter x hunter
  • k
  • lucky star
  • naruto
  • psycho pass
  • sailor moon crystal
  • steins gate
  • Studio Ghibli
  • sword art on-line
  • yamada-kun to 7-nin no majo
  • k!ll la k!ll
  • gurren lagann
  • one piece
  • fruits basket
  • charlotte
  • one piece
  • seven deadly sins
  • ouran high school host club
  • ore monogatiri(my love story)
  • ao no exorcist
  • your lie in april
  • bleach
  • mr. osomatsu
  • parasyte the maxim
  • the asterisk war
  • unlimited fafnir
  • moribito
  • little witch academia
  • death note
  • castlevania
  • kuro mukuro
  • Magi the labrinth of magic
  • Magi: Adventures of Sinbad
  • vampire knight
  • Ajin: Demi Human
  • fate stay night: unlimited bladeworks
  • Durarara!!
  • the irregular at magic high school
  • knights of sidonia
  • madoka magica
  • blame
  • my hero academia
  • schwarzes marken
  • izetta: the last witch
  • yuri!!! on ICE
  • code Geass
  • spirit fox matchmaker
  • chronos ruler
  • eromanga sensei
  • skip beat
  • haikyu!!
  • keijo!!!!!!!!
  • my favorite fonts list

  • smiley monster
  • set fire to the rain
  • simply*Glamorous
  • star avenue
  • unfolding tragedy
  • woodcabin medium
  • youngfolks medium
  • alex brush
  • allura
  • Austie Bost (several)
  • bang whack pow
  • brick by boring brick
  • DJB (several)
  • DK (several)
  • frosting for breakfast
  • Janda (several)
  • KG (Several)
  • marguerite
  • MF Still kinda Ridiculous
  • neou thin/bold
  • reklame script demo light
  • retro bagels!
  • seagreen medium
  • Dreamies



    up for trade

    • Adorable Wonderland Shoes and Tights
    • Altadorian Wig with Gold Ribbon
    • Ancient Shenkuu Staff
    • Apple Orchard Background
    • Autumn Festival Dress
    • Autumn Leaf Braided Wig
    • Birthday Balloon Mask
    • Birthday Bow Wig
    • Black Fedora
    • Blue Velvet Dress
    • Bog Shanty Background
    • Boned Bustle Shirt
    • Bouquet of Flowers Parasol
    • Cake Pop Bouquet
    • Candy Cane Wings
    • Candy Corn String Lights
    • Carnival Wings
    • Caroler Shirt and Tie
    • Carolling Trousers and Boots
    • Charming Wonderland Wig
    • Cheerful Red Wig and Hat
    • Cheery Spring Skirt
    • Cherry Blossom Silk Dress
    • Cherry Blossom Skirt
    • Chocolate Fountain Lane Background
    • Christmas Carriage
    • Cinnamon Stick Staff
    • Clock Makers Workshop
    • Clockwork Eyepatch Facepaint
    • Colorful Feather Bouquet
    • Colourful Candy Wings
    • Creepy Geraptiku Mask
    • Cupcake Boxing Gloves
    • Cupcake Pyjamas
    • Curly Rainbow Wig
    • Dark Faerie Magic Wig
    • Dark Faerie Smoke Dress
    • Dark Prismatic Flowers Garland
    • Dark Vine Makeup
    • Delina Handheld Plushie
    • Dyeworks Green: Purple Plaid Shirt and Waistcoat
    • Dyeworks Orange: Purple Plaid Shirt and Waistcoat
    • Embroidered Layer Sweater
    • Enchanted Apple Branch Garland
    • Enchanted Tale Background
    • Enchanted Tale Dress
    • Enchanted Tale Mirror
    • Enchanted Tale Wig
    • Falling Snow Contacts
    • Fancy Gold Striped Trousers
    • Fancy Red Costume Wig
    • Fantastic Petrological Discovery Foreground
    • Fiery Golden Tiara
    • Floral Net Carriage
    • Flower Fun Headdress
    • Flowering Vine Garland
    • Garden Patio Tea Party
    • Ghostly Blue Gloves
    • Gingham Vest and Shirt
    • Glittery Striped Shoes
    • Golden Amulet Striped Shirt
    • Handheld Carollers Lamp
    • Harvest Orange Jumper
    • Helpful Garden Gnomes Foreground
    • Hero of Neopia Shirt
    • Holiday Breeches
    • NCHoliday Tree Parasol
    • Homemade Lavender Faerie Wings
    • Hot Air Birthday Balloon
    • Ice Cream Cone Pillars
    • Ice Cream Scoop Wig
    • Jewelled Winter Hat and Wig
    • Lace Flower Dress
    • Lace Headband Wig
    • Ladyblurg Lace Wings
    • Lavender Faerietale Dress
    • Lighted Gourd Staff
    • Lily Pad Flower Dress
    • Lovely Pink Ruffled Skirt
    • MME20-S1: Ice Palace Background
    • MME20-S5: Melted Snowman Trinket
    • MME20-S5: Melted Snowman Trinket
    • Mad Tea Party Background
    • Mad Tea Party Jacket
    • Mad Tea Party Shoes
    • Mad Tea Party Stacks of Cups and Pots
    • Mad Tea Party Trousers
    • Magical Gears Staff
    • Magicians Wig
    • Mechanical Wings
    • MiniMME13-S1: Gothic Summer Waistcoat
    • MiniMME13-S2b: Gothic Sunflower Bouquet
    • MiniMME14-S1: Shenkuu Summer Garden Background
    • Music Festival Crowd Foreground
    • Mutant Stylish Jet Black Wig
    • Mysterious Dinner Party Background
    • Mysterious Hall of Grandeur Background
    • Mystical Jewelled Door Background
    • Negg Tree Garland
    • Neopets Holiday Gift Tag Background
    • No AAA Allowed Sign
    • Nutcr-acker Hat
    • On the Rainbow Stage
    • Ornate Shenkuu Lantern
    • Pastel Blue Hair Bow
    • Pastel Mushroom Garland
    • Peppermint Earmuffs
    • Petpet Carolling Chorus
    • Pinata Earrings
    • Pink Plaid Coat
    • Poinsettias in Gold Vases Foreground
    • Potted Plant Wings
    • Pretty Wonderland Dress
    • Purple Plaid Shirt and Waistcoat
    • Ray Gun Shower
    • Rhinestone Glitter Dress
    • Rugged Work Shirt and Vest
    • Shenkuu Warrior Princess Boots
    • Shimmering Staff of the Night
    • Shimmery Crinoline Dress
    • Shimmery Webbed Dress
    • Shining Princess Dress
    • Silly Face Pumpkins Foreground
    • Silver Lace Shirt with Blue Brooch
    • Skull Tassel Earrings
    • Slate Blue Toggle Sweater
    • Sparkler Contacts
    • Sparkling Crimson Slippers
    • Sparkling Pink Pine Cone Garland
    • Sparkling Promenade Gown
    • Sparkling Silver Bouquet
    • Sparkly Bow Shoes
    • Stormy Ombre Flower Foreground
    • Stormy Ombre Glasses
    • Stormy Ombre Leaf Shower
    • Stormy Ombre Shirt
    • Stormy Ombre Side Tree
    • Stormy Ombre Twist Wig
    • Stormy Ombre Waves Foreground
    • Striped Holiday Parasol
    • Trading Card Game Frame
    • Valentine Rose Garland
    • Valentine Tuxedo Top
    • Valentines Letter Thought Bubble
    • Vandagyre Cap and Wig
    • Vandagyre Contacts
    • Ventriloquist Makeup
    • Vibrant Multicolour Wig
    • Warm Fur-lined Dress
    • Warm Headband Ponytail Wig
    • Watering Can Stair Fountain
    • White Beaded Tunic
    • Wintery Palace Background
    • Wonderland Croquet Set
    • Wonderland Garden Background
    • Wonderland Gloves
    • Woodland Archer Dress
    • Woodland Archer Wig
    • Yooyu Head Bonk

    NC Wishlish

    • A Rolling Fog
    • Abundant Heart Dress
    • Adorable Pink Heart Wig
    • Adventure in Pastel Hat and Wig
    • Autumn Faerie Dress
    • Autumn View Gazebo Background
    • Autumn Witch Wig
    • Baby Bubble Wand
    • Baby Bun with Heart Headband
    • Baby Button Boots
    • Baby Flower Sunglasses
    • Baby Lady Blurg Umbrella
    • Baby Polka Dot Dress
    • Baby Pull Along Train
    • Baby Raindorf Hoodie Robe
    • Baby Snowbunny Plushie
    • Baby Spring Wig
    • Baby Star Wand
    • Baby Summer Hat
    • Baby Summer Swimsuit
    • Baby Summer Wings
    • Baby Toy Wagon
    • Baby Wading Pool
    • Beach Picnic Background
    • Birdhouse Garland
    • Birthday Tiara and Wig
    • Black Ruffled Dress
    • Black and Red Promenade Dress
    • Black and Red Stripe Stockings and Witch Shoes
    • Blonde Bangs Wig
    • Braided Flower Wig
    • Braided Metal Umbrella with Silk Flowers
    • Bright Pink Bob Wig
    • Candy Floss Wings
    • Chalk-Dyed Curls Wig
    • Charming Acorn House Garland
    • Cheerful Day Background
    • Colourful Mushroom Foreground
    • Constellation Wings
    • Daisy Headband Wig
    • Dark Faerie Magic Effect
    • Dark Faerie Magic Wings
    • Dark Mystical Cape
    • Dark Wisp Makeup
    • Dark and Eerie Smoke
    • Dazzling Midnight Wig
    • Deadly Beauty Face Paint
    • Delicate Flower Laurel
    • Delicate Grey Dress
    • Delicate Pearl Headband Wig
    • Delicate White Lace Wings
    • Dewy Snowdrop Flower Foreground
    • Dirt Patch of the Undead
    • Dusky Feathered Mantle
    • Dyeworks Black: Dazzling Midnight Wig
    • Dyeworks Black: Rich Golden Eye Makeup
    • Dyeworks Black: Sparkling Faerie Wings
    • Dyeworks Blue: Maraquan Summer Cloak
    • Dyeworks Blue: Sparkling Red Holiday Dress
    • Dyeworks Pink: Black Ruffled Dress
    • Dyeworks Pink: Dazzling Midnight Wig
    • Dyeworks Pink: Deathly Union Dress
    • Dyeworks Pink: Lovely Layered Lilac Dress
    • Dyeworks Pink: Magical Golden Markings
    • Dyeworks Pink: Peaceful Tree Garland
    • Dyeworks Pink: Rich Golden Eye Makeup
    • Dyeworks Pink: Sparkling Faerie Wings
    • Dyeworks Pink: Tree of Hearts
    • Dyeworks Purple: Abundant Heart Dress
    • Dyeworks Purple: Butterfly Shower
    • Dyeworks White: Abundant Heart Dress
    • Dyeworks White: Cherry Blossom Garland
    • Dyeworks Yellow: Lovely Layered Lilac Dress
    • Elegant Ballerina Facepaint
    • Enchanting Terrace Background
    • Faerie Dust Shower
    • Faerie Lace Shirt
    • Faerie Lenny Bouquet
    • Feather Flower Garden Foreground
    • Feathered Sterling Silver Wig
    • Fence of Flowers Foreground
    • Floating Hearts Dress
    • Flower Arrangement Foreground
    • Flower Basket Array Foreground
    • Garden Festival Lantern Garland
    • Garden Staircase Background
    • Glittering Gold Contacts
    • Glittery Negg Accessory Wig
    • Glittery Silver Contacts
    • Glowing Lamps Garland
    • Gothic Red and Black Dress
    • Hanging Baubles Tree
    • High Collared Black Dress
    • Hooded Faellie Baby Blanket
    • Intricate White Markings
    • Jars of Magic Foreground
    • Jewel Tone Faerie Background
    • Lace and Denim Shorts
    • Laurel Wreath Wig
    • Leafy Green Tree
    • Lighted Chiffon Curtains
    • Lighted Pastel Sweater
    • Lighted Side Tree
    • Lighted Spring Gazebo
    • MME10-S1: Like A Baby Foreground
    • MME14-S2b: Shimmery Golden Face Paint
    • MME21-S4a: Black Braided Wig
    • MME21-S4b: Glistening Crystal Wig
    • MME21-S5: Crystal Candles Foreground
    • Magical Land of Jelly Beans Background
    • Maid of Hearts Dress
    • Maraquan Castle Background
    • Maraquan Fancy Dress
    • Maraquan Light Blue Dress
    • Maraquan Maiden Wig with Flower
    • Maraquan Silver Markings
    • Maraquan Wig with Negg Accessory
    • MiniMME11-S2: Starry Night Wings
    • MiniMME13-S2a: Gothic Dusty Pink Wig
    • Mint and Aqua Flower Wig
    • Mosaic Violin
    • New Years Celebration Foreground
    • New Years Sparkler Shower
    • New Years in Maraqua Background
    • Nightmare Doll Face Paint
    • Ominous Tunnel of Trees Background
    • Pastel Coloured Wig and Hat
    • Pastel Cotton Candy Cart
    • Pastel Ombre Trousers
    • Pastel Pink Chiffon Skirt
    • Pastel Pink Veil Wig
    • Pink Kadoatie Bicycle
    • Pink Lace Tent Background
    • Pink Lulu Contacts
    • Pink Peony Field Background
    • Premium Collectible: Glass Raindrops Suncatcher Garland
    • Premium Collectible: Radiant Flower String Lights
    • Pretty Pastel Shoes & Tights
    • Pretty Pink Wig
    • Pretty Rock Wall Background
    • Purple Faerie Tale Wings
    • Radiant Wig and Crown
    • Red Poppy Field Background
    • Rich Golden Eye Makeup
    • Rose Gold Vases with Flowers
    • Sea Glass Chandelier
    • Seasonal Gazebo Path Background
    • Seasonal Spring Hat and Wig
    • Sheer Sparkling Quadrant Wings
    • Shimmering New Years Flower Dress
    • Shimmery Silver Facepaint
    • Shimmery Star Dress
    • Shimmery Summer Wings
    • Silk Wig with Flowers
    • Skeletal Face Paint
    • Sparkling Carmariller Wings
    • Sparkling Faerie Wings
    • Sparkling Sheer Wings
    • Sparkly Gold Lace Gloves
    • Spiked Crown and Wig
    • Spooky Pumpkin Patch Background
    • Spooky Shadows
    • Spring Baby Dress
    • Sun Hat and Wig
    • Sun Princess Contacts
    • Teal Flowering Dress
    • Tied Bandana Wig
    • Tissue Paper Flower Garland
    • Tree of Hearts
    • Tribal Makeup
    • Tribal Print Gown
    • Undead Contacts and Face Paint
    • Undead Princess Dress
    • Valentine Baby Basket
    • Velvet Stole
    • Waterfall Braided Wig
    • Winter Branch Dress
    • Winter Gazebo
    • Witchs Broom
    • Wooden Heart Lights Foreground


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    Heads Up! You're about to leave Neopia!

    You've clicked on a link that will take you outside of We do not control your destination's website,
    so its rules, regulations, and Meepit defense systems will be
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    It is a journey
    I must face...alone.
    *dramatic music*
    I want to stay on Neopets,
    where the dangers of
    Meepit invasion
    are taken seriously.
    Heads Up! You're about to leave Neopia!

    You've clicked on a link that will take you outside of We do not control your destination's website,
    so its rules, regulations, and Meepit defense systems will be
    different! Are you sure you'd like to continue?

    It is a journey
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