Hello there, my name is Migo! I'm a Darigan kyrii who loves dark and spooky places. You can usually find me in the forest at night, either thinking up brand new ways to scare people or just admiring the night sky. I sleep during the daytime so make sure to never come over when the sun is out!


Gender: Male
Friends: Galaxz
This lil guy has become a nocturnal Kyrii since he prefers night over day! He enjoys roaming through the forest at night and admiring the dark amosphere. He also loves to walk around the paths through the forest and scare unexpected people passing by! He's a bit of a prankster so him and Galaxz get together and create mischeif all night when they can! It's all in good fun though as he tries to act all scary and tough but he's actually a big softy! He tries to even look scary but people call him cute which gets on his nerves!


Scaring people
Scary movies
Pulling all sorts of pranks
Hanging out with his pal, Galaxz


When people call him cute
Day time/light in general

The moonlight is scarce tonight.

I make my way back to the old house, fur matted from the onslaught of rain this afternoon. I carry as much as I can in my bare hands, but these claws were made for hunting, not holding. Today's findings included various meats from hare, game, and a small deer. Enough to feed me for tonight, but not enough that I won't have to venture out again tomorrow.

It certainly is dark tonight, I ponder. I had intended to finish my hunting before nightfall, but the storm kept all the animals inside. It is impossible to tell what time it is now with the moon so dim, and I fear that middle-night is approaching.

As if on cue, a branch snaps a few yards to my left. I instantly resist the urge to pounce on whoever or whatever is there. I know that nothing can fight me. I know that I am the almighty king of these woods. ...But that is precisely why I am afraid now.

I leap into some shrubs in front of me and wait. A few heartbeats pass and nothing appears, but I've trained myself to remain still for hours. A beam of light finally emerges, then a body, then a crowd.

What must be a dozen humans trudge along the muddy ground, marking fresh footprints with every step. A few in the front raise flashlights that scan the area, and the remainder in the back murmur to each other. From several feet away I still catch their words, Where are we going? ...can we really trust...? ...how much longer? ...lost.

I shudder at these words. These humans are practically begging to be frightened. My fangs sink into my lip as I bite down, drawing blood. I feel my breath becoming deeper and quicker as if I'm breathing staccatos. My eyes turn the most inhuman shade of yellow and I know I want to attack.

One of them faces my direction, noticing the bush shift. I lock eyes with him, not seeing his pudgy figure or messy auburn hair or the gun strapped to his waist. I only see his fear, the sheer, unadulterated terror that will mark his face the moment he dies. I grit my teeth, release my claws, and I am ready to pounce.

Then, a roar rips through the air. It did not belong to me or the brown-haired man who's now averted his attention to something on the other side of the trees.

 "Who dares enter my woods?!" the voice booms, filled with fury. The humans respond with silent quivering. "Name your purpose, fools!!"

One middle-aged woman steps away from the crowd and calls back, "We are here for the Midnight Festival. Is this some sort of welcoming ceremony?"

 "Ceremony? CEREMONY?!" It is now indistinguishable where the voice is coming from and I wonder how he does it. "You pitiful humans, these are the Haunted Woods of Death! Consider this a warning AND LEAVE WITH YOUR LIVES IF YOU VALUE THEM."

The fat man, entirely assuming his gun futile, was the first to flee. The rest quickly followed suit and within moments the forest was still again.

 "You can come out now," I sigh, equal parts relieved and annoyed.

Next to me, a short, slimy figure jumps from the shadows. He beams at me, mouth drooping and lazy eyes slanted down. "I scared 'em off for ya!"

 "Thanks Galaxz, but I was fine on my own."

 "Were you really though?" his attitude softened, appearing almost heartbroken. "It's okay if you're not okay."

He stares at me intently with eyes as deep and as endless as the universe. The blues in his pupils shift quicker than usual, a telltale that he is anxious. When I say nothing, he encloses his wet hands around my arm. "Migo, please don't go back to hurting people! Pranks are supposed to be fun!"

 "I won't," I say, but I can taste the lie in my mouth. It is foul and bitter.

The forest is gigantic, especially when it's dark. It never truly struck me how ancient it is, each sprawling tree, gnarled with age, looms over us like watchful guardians. Every step into the damp soil released a woody incense that reminded me of my childhood.

 "It's almost middle-night," Galaxz murmurs, gazing up at the moon. It is a wraith-silver disc hanging in the lonely sky. Its gleam, still unusually weak, casts a colour in his eyes that looks like melted platinum. "You know what that means," he pauses and glances at me, "the Festival will begin soon. It's a shame such a sacred tradition has been sullied into a carnival. In fact, weren't you...? Ah, nevermind!"

I was born during a Middle-Night Festival. I nod because I know he refrains from saying that. "Do you think by now the humans have reached their destination?"

He appears ready to say something, but pauses and shakes his head. "Doubtful. Unless they all sprinted, they could not have possibly made it up there."

 "Let's catch them off-guard and frighten them," I know not what force uttered these words from my mouth, but I am even more surprised when Galaxz nods in agreement.

Our hike is mostly in silence as we listen to the forest that plays us an orchestra: a melody of nocturnal birds, the low hum of a night breeze, the rhythm of tree branches clapping. I steal occasional glances at Galaxz but he always appears lost in thought, deep turquoise pupils wandering aimlessly.

We finally emerge into a wide glade where the grass lies flat and the air carries a tinge of campfire smoke. The trees fell away, revealing the bespeckled sky. I hear Galaxz catch his breath, whispering a barely-audible "Wow."

It is as if we are stepping into an entirely different universe. A wrought iron fence circles the perimeter, standing guard of the many multicoloured tents within. Strings of lights wrap and hang from every pole and structure, the way they bob in the wind making them appear like fireflies. A sea of bodies crowds the other side of the fences, slowly spilling in. Lively music to begins to in the background.

I know immediately something was amiss. I turn to Galaxz, "Did you spot anyone on our way here?"

 "No, why?"

 "The humans—we're meant to frighten them but they're nowhere to be seen."

 "Oh, them! They probably ran straight home after the scare I gave them. Look," he points to the entrance, still with people marching in, "there are so many humans here! We can prank any of 'em!"

That alleviates me, and I follow him as he skips to the gate. His arms are outstretched like a child and he leaves a thick green trail behind him. "Galaxz, watch your slime!" I laugh.

I hate to admit it to myself but the festival is beautiful. Likely over a hundred booths are established in the area, each one offering a food or game that tempts me more than the last. The sweet and savoury scents of caramel apples and hot dogs among things like kettle corn and fried cake protrude my nostrils and I am...starving.

Galaxz sneaks out from behind a pretzel tent before I even notice he was gone. He grins widely and slips me one coated in rich, dark chocolate. "You stole this, didn't you?" I chide.

 "You're welcome!" he chirps, taking a hearty bite of his own pastry.

I turn the pretzel over a few times, investigating it out of habit. I eat it in one bite. Warm and soft and melts in my mouth. Divine. Then a thought occurs to me. "Galaxz, do you remember how—?" he had vanished before I could finish my sentence. Hell, he was probably gone before I even started.

I remember it, I think to myself, the stories we were told as children about the Middle-Night Festival...

The Middle-Night Festival was originally known as 'The Ritual of the Moon'. In late autumn once a year, it is said that wraiths emerge from the night to steal light from the moon. Though it was never confirmed when or why, they have always come after an especially long rainfall. People hypothesize it is because the dark sky of a storm will cover these phantoms.

To prevent this, a newborn, untainted sacrifice must be given for the wraiths to corrupt instead. Thirteen people must sit together to perform the ritual, holding hands around a fire and beckoning the ethereal creatures. When the flames turn black, it is a signal that the infant is then to be placed inside and remain untouched until the sun rises. The smoke from the fire turns all those who inhale it lethargic, so no eyes have actually seen the results of this ritual. Most assume the baby simply becomes ashes, but some have reported sightings of mysterious children walking about at night. They carry werewolf-like features, the dark aura of a wraith, and have ashy, dark fur like they just emerged from a burning fire.

I wonder to myself how such a sacred and dangerous tradition became the fun fair it is today.

In the corner of my eye I spot a prime location for scaring passerby: a small gap between two of the largest tents in the festival. I could press myself against either tent and be entirely shrouded in the shadows but still maintain a clear view of the outside. I glance around but Galaxz remains nowhere in sight, so I slip in alone and wait for a victim.

The moment I separate myself from the crowd, the smell hits me. Thick and musky, I am surprised that I hadn't noticed the smoke earlier. From not so far beyond the fence, there is a circle of humans gathered around a bonfire. I count thirteen, then count again because I think, surely, I am mistaken. Then, the words they are uttering, which I initially thought were campfire stories, click in. My heart sinks,"...we beseech you, exalted ones...regard not the deceitful moon...come, wraiths..."  

Something draws me closer, captivating the part of me that is least rational. The smell of the smoke becomes comforting, familiar, like an old friend. I come as close as I dare, close enough to see the black tendrils forming above the flickering flame. I lose my awareness and I nearly trip, foot stepping hard onto a twig.

The snap causes a few of the humans to raise their heads. I duck quickly out of view but freeze when I meet the gaze of the fat man. He is startled, then he furrows his brows in recognition. "There it is! The monster I saw in the bushes!"

One by one they rise, stopping their now-intelligible chanting completely. I wonder why before realizing the ritual is already complete. And there, in their eyes, I can see it: an absence of light.

They cross the short distance between us with glares as if I just murdered their families. No emotion in their eyes, no mercy in their hearts. They are nothing like the quivering, docile group of hikers I came across in the woods, no. They want blood.

My gut tells me to run, my mind tells me to take responsibility, and my heart wants to fight. There is a pang of darkness brewing in the pit of my stomach and it hungers for a kill.

I try to resist but I know no part of me wants to. So I simply give in. I feel it in my bones, reaching every fibre of my body. Killing is second nature, and the eye for destruction is my sixth sense. It is all I want to do, all I was made to do. Closing my eyes to see darkness is like shedding upon me a new light.

As I feel myself submitting my heart to the shadows, a kind of power locked inside me begins to brew. It bubbles and hisses and promises invincibility and absolute obliteration of everyone around me. It erodes the good in me to satisfy the dark. My vision turns the sickly yellow colour and I know, more than ever before, that I will strike.

They close in on me, one human swinging a baseball to my head. It makes a loud TWACK! sound. I do not feel it. Then a sharp kick to my shin. My knee bends but it is a tickle. I intercept the next attack easily, seizing a woman's tiny fist in my claws. I pause to see her face. No expression, no fear. How dull. I twist her arm, revelling in her cry of pain, and toss her aside like a ragdoll.

At the sound of her scream, the sound of hurried footsteps spills out from the festival and surround us within minutes. Murmurs of what is going on? and what the hell is that creature with the ears? filled the space. Hundreds of eyes on us, on me. I spot two deep-blue dots in the crowd and I know Galaxz is here too. The tension in the air is palpable, everyone knowing something is amiss but no one willing to make a move.

I see the tiniest movement in my peripheral vision and I strike it. It is the fat man reaching for his gun. I knock the weapon yards away before he is even close and headbutt him to the ground. He roars in agony, holding his face in his hands.

The next one comes, charging at me with a stick pointed like a spear. He is faster than I anticipated and it grazes my side as I sidestep. Annoyed, I snatch the stick from the boy, who appears to be the youngest in the group, and swing the side of it into his throat. He falls over, hacking and wheezing. I curve my lips into the most demented grin my face knows to make. I want more.

My mind shuts off and I become nothing but a wild animal. Merciless, I take down one after another more and more brutally than the last. The rush that pulses through my veins, the screams that fill my ears, the scent of blood that pervades my nose. I love it. I want it. I need it.

My hand grabs someone before my eyes even see it. The arm is warm, wet, and gooey. I turn to see a wide-eyed Galaxz whimpering and shaking. He looks like he fears for his life, and my expression softens immediately.

 "M-Migo..." he is barely audible, choking on his breath, "you promised, you promised me."

There is a long, drawn-out silence. I have no words, I have no voice. I want to strike him. I cannot hurt him. I want more blood! Galaxz is my best friend. Nobody wants to be the friend of a monster!

 "Leave," is all I can muster. When he doesn't, my grip tightens. He lets out the tiniest cry. Words cannot express the pain in his eyes.

 "You're all I have, Migo. Please...I'm begging you. I'm whisking my life for you. I know you think violence is eggciting but pranks are supposed to be for laughs and yolks! I know you're eggshausted so if you eggzit with me now, omelette this slide."

My heart shatters. It's like thousands of pinpricks are being stabbed into my chest. My muscles tense, my vision blurs, and my stomach lurches. Galaxz has always known egg puns are my second-greatest weakness. He might have actually won me over if he dabbed, but I held one of his arms hostage. I no longer know if I want to comply or kill, so I toss him as far as I can manage. I ignore his yell, and the dull thump on the wet grass when he lands. I ignore the searing pain in my chest.

I catch my breath. I catch the eyes of the woman whose arm I twisted. I pounce. I want more blood, I want more blood, Iwantmoreblood, IWANTMOREBLOOD!

 "Wait!" her voice cuts through the pandemonium in my head, making me halt mid-action. She staggers as she tries to stand. "There is no need to fight us, Migo. We have always been on the same side."

It takes me several beats to realize it is the wraith that has possessed her body that is speaking, and not the woman herself. She sounds...awfully like my mother. My muscles relax just the slightest, and she notices. "Come," she beckons, holding out her good hand, "we know what you have been through and we know what you want. We can all be a family."

She tantalizes me with these promises but my resolve entirely crumbles. Somewhere deep in my heart, I feel a pinch, and it makes me take a step forward. Then another. I stagger, weak with emotions alien to my body. I hear a small "Dont!" in the distance that sounds like Galaxz. Then I hear nothing. Nothing but the deep, hard pounding in my chest. His voice arises again, "Please!", but I keep walking. Something catches in my throat and I'm unable to speak, not that I have anything to say.

The woman, tall and slender and carrying the air of a proud lioness, extends her hand for me to take. I take it.

And I crush it in my fingers.

She unleashes the most unearlthy howl, her face distorting like a paper being crumpled. She desperately claws and kicks but I do not let go. "What are you doing you fools?! Get him!!" she cries.

I almost laugh because there isn't a person in sight who can take me on. I release her, her skin almost the colour of my deep blue fur. I look at her with a smug grin but she gives me the same expression.

Before I can wonder why, I hear two gunshots and collective gasps from all around me.

My legs collapse before I feel the pain. I hold my stomach before I know it bleeds. I fall unconscious before I hear Galaxz yell my name one last time.

The rain is warm on my face.

I take a long inhale, the cool scent of autumn leaves and fresh soil filling my lungs and soothing me. I cough once to alleviate my scratchy throat but it sends me into a fit, making me wheeze and cough up blood.

I tentatively graze the bullet wound with the tip of my fingers, feeling where they pelted me. The skin is tender and it stings at the slightest touch but I don't stop. It is the only thing reminding me I'm still alive.

I exhale, forcing my muscles to relax and laying my head back on the grass. My eyes remain closed. I remember vividly everything that happened, and I can tell by the feel of the wind and the smell of the blood that I lay in the aftermath this very moment. I simply fear to see the destruction I left in my wake.

Drip, drip.

The rain grows thicker, the drops are larger.

Plop, plop.

It only lands on my face. I wipe it with my hand and it is...gooey.

 "Galaxz?" my voice is hoarse. One eye flutters open with immense effort and I see the boy kneeling over me, face dripped with tears and slime that fall on me.

 "I thought you were a goner!" he sniffles, dashing his arm across his face.

 "How...long...?" I try to speak but words do not come out. I try to force the rest of the sentence but it makes me cough like a dying man.

 "Two days, Migo! I've been sitting here for two days waiting for you to wake up!" his voice is tinged with frustration and sadness but I can't help but believe he is nothing but relieved. "Back there, before you got shot, why didn't you take that lady's offer? I was so sure..."

I shut my eyes, mentally searching for an explanation. "Because...because she promised me a family. And it was always something I wanted ever since I was a child, but I didn't realize until then that I already had one."

I quickly turn away in embarrassment before he responds; we both know what I mean. And my eyes widen. I witness the destruction around us for what it truly is.

Blood is slathered over the grass as far as I can see, more red in sight than green. Bits and chunks of objects used as makeshift weapons—sticks, rocks, bits of the iron fence—lay waste everywhere. Heaps of dirt is lifted from the ground, holes that trees could've been pulled from, surround us. There could have been a war here.

 "What happened, Galaxz?"

 "I don't know, I just found you like this." He stammered and averted his gaze.

 "Galaxz, what the hell happened here?"

He winces, then looks ready to cry again. "I can't tell you Migo, I can't tell!"

That should set me off. I should be feeling a wave of frustration in the pit of my stomach ready to explode but instead, I feel nothing. Not a trace or a hint or a pinch of any dark emotion. I let out a breath.

 "Okay Galaxz. As long as we're both okay."

He nods frantically and brings his hand back up to his eye. There is an open wound on his underarm and his palm is crusty with dried blood. He looks startled for a moment, as if just realizing what he accidentally showed me. I look away and feign ignorance.

 "Should we get going?" I asked, feeling the uneasiness rising between us.

 "Can you move?"

 "Only if you help me," I smile sheepishly, raising my arm. He holds it over his neck and hoists me up with struggle. His frail body isn't used to physical labour.

When we stand, I'm able to clearly see all the scratches and cuts covering his body. Though most of them are covered by slime, I still spot the gash on his leg and the scrape on his elbow and the constellation of bruises dotting his arms.

But I don't say a thing because I know that last night, Galaxz fought with his life to save mine.

Special thanks to Aracnia for the amazing story!

▶ He wears a white-hooded cloak with one of his ears sticking out.
▶ His cloak is tattered with dirty spots. It is also torn at the bottom front (stitched back together)
▶ He usually has a grumpy attitude or trying to scare someone!
▶ Under his cloak is just a simple red shirt and black shorts.


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The family:

Galaxz is my silly and playful boy! I absolutely love drawing characters with silly personalities and this guy is ALWAYS a joy to draw. He reminds me that being silly and not caring what people think is a fun way to live! I also LOVE snot pets despite how people think they are "gross". This lil guy will always be loved!

One of my first pets back in the 90's when neopets started was an Aisha! I LOVED faerie Aishas back then and I couldn't afford a faerie pb so I never got my uc girl :c (before they were even called ucs LOL) But now fast forward 10+ years and I'm finally able to have this adorable kitty in my family! ;v ;

I'm a huge fan of outer space and I've always wanted an alien Aisha! I enjoy sitting out at night in the summers and staring at the stars. I've even seen the space station before *~* But I was lucky enough to adopt this alien bab and I'm so grateful ;v ;

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Sweetning is my SWEET little bab omg. I've always loved food-designed pets (look at Ekieno!) But when I saw the cloud jubjub, I just had to have one! And thus begins my love for jubjubs LOL I would love to own more someday ahhh

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Lenoralia is my little uni who lives up in the clouds! As an artist I'm inspired by different cloud patterns and when Im bored I love to imagine objects and such being formed up in the clouds. (just like other people!) So for Lenoralia, she has the power to create objects made out of clouds! She also lives up in the clouds with Isabell.

I'm a BIG fan of dragons and shoyrus are just the cutest dragons here on neo ;v ; Also along side with an Aisha, I used to have an shoyru as one of my pets back in the 90s and so the nostalgia is real LOL This lil girl represents the part of me that loves gardening and flowers!

Migo is my spooky boi who loves to play around in the forest at night! He loves to scare unsuspecting people passing by and he loves to pull pranks with Galaxz! He tries to act scary but sometimes people just think he's adorable ;D He's also nocturnal so best to visit him at night!

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