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More Notesies

A little info about this page before you start reading. First off I did NOT come up with all of these. I had a lot of help from my friends and other Neopets addicted users like my self. Anyways, this is a list I stared a little over a three years ago when I read a board on the HC about someone who was addicted to Neopets. People started telling them that they weren't as addicted as some people and when the board maker asked what could be worse then his addictions the people posted things like this list below. I borrowed some of their ideas and made some of my own to make this Petpage. Not long after that I made boards asking users for their ideas. Eventually it grew to the petpage your reading now with more then 450 ways to know if your addicted to Neopets. Also, because so many people asked, I've put *'s next to the things I've done.

Reader discretion is advised...

Beware the spelling errors! Fear them! :K rawr... Also, Stefindor_neo takes no responsibility for any loses attributed to this list including, but not limited to,: IQ drop, decrease in sanity, lose of social life attributed to the below actions, or any physical injuries you may accumulate during the course of this article.

You're addicted to Neopets when...

1. When some one asks for money you tell them about the secret button between boards and explore.*

2. You call email Neomail.*

3. You try to paint your real life pets.

4. When you're in art class and some one asks you for a paintbrush you say "OMG n00b! in reporting you to TNT!"

5. You spell Cow "KAU".*

6. When someone asks you to draw a cow you draw a Kau.

7. You cry when you get the invisible random event because you think your pet has actually run away.

8. You introduce your self with your neo-username.*

9. You are afraid of hamsters or gerbils because they look like Meepits.

10.You don't enter the Random Contest for the avatar but because you want to.

11. When someone says there's too much stuff to move in to there shop, you tell them to use the quick stock.

12. You call a Teachers Pet a "Report Happy".*

13. You ask a contractor to build you a jelly house.

14. When your mom offers you jelly you say "Silly noob, jelly doesn't exist."

15. You call your boss/teacher "TNT".

16. You start calling 5-a-side soccer Yooyuball.

17. When your at the store and you see Spam, you report it to the cashier.

18. If you play Neopets when you're at work/school.*

19. You drag all of your friends to play just because you do.*

20. You write about your neo-day in your diary.

22. You ask for Neggs for breakfast.*

23. You worry about not doing your dailies while on vacation.*

24. It becomes your life goal to win the ACIII.

25. You see an ice sculpture and ask the maker of it how many lab zaps it took.

26. When some one asks you who's playing today in a sport, you say whose playing in the AC.

27. You use English spellings and you aren't English.*

28. You start calling your real currency "Neopoints".*

29. You buy Neocash.*

30. When naming your pet dog and you wonder if the names already taken.

31. You ask for Neopets food in a real restaurant.

32. Your parents have to come into the room and ask if you're okay when you're laughing at screenies.*

33. When you have a kid you tell you husband/wife to make sure the name has no underscores or numbers.

34. You dedicate an entire wall in your room to your Neopets merchandise.*

35. You say "Let me get customized." instead of "Let me get dressed."

36. Your friends and family start to worry about you.*

37. You know more about the current plot than current politics. *

38. You try to take screenies of real life events.

39. You ask for Neocola in stead of soda.

40. You set Neopets as you homepage.*

41. You name your kids or real pets after you Neopets.

42. You lie in bed wonder what color you pet will look best in.*

43. You care more about Neopoints then real life money.*

44. You set your alarm for 3am, knowing the restocks will be easier.

45. You advise your little sister when she's in need of money, "Just play the easy games"

46. When you get that RE where that grim-reaper kind of guy says "I'm going to eat your Neopets for breakfast" you cry.

47. You draw your Neopets on you school assignments.*

48. The most exciting part of your day was on Neopets.*

49. When the smiles you use on the chat boards don't work on e-mail and you get annoyed by it.*

50. When your siblings want to use the computer you beg them for three more minutes.

51. You have made a Petpage like this.* (Duh)

52. When asked why you are watching the clock you reply "I'm waiting to restock/ waiting for the Snowager to be asleep/ waiting to zap my pet."

53. You wake up early/stay up late to play Neopets.*

54. Plan out what you're going to do tomorrow on Neopets.*

55. You care more about your Neopets then you real pets.

56. You have more Neofriends then real friends.

57. Instead of checking for monsters under your bed, you check for Meepits.

58. You read the obituaries to find out where and when Bob the Usal died.

59. You have a well-informed opinion on which AC player is the coolest.

60. When you see a two for one sale at the mall you only buy one because you know they are hard to sell items.

61. You wish you could get RE's in real life.*

62. You Neomail someone to take off a customization item because your pet is wearing it.

63. You refuse to eat tomatoes, asparagus, peaches etc. because it's animal cruelty.

64. You accidently call your dog your Gelert's/Lupe's name.

65. You wish you had the same amount of Neopoints in Dollars.*

66. When someone gives you a card for your birthday and tells you it has money in it, you scream "SCAMMER I KNOW ITS ONLY A GIFT ITEM!"

67. You have told someone to go to the Healing Springs.

68. You will be first in line to see the Neopets movie.

69. You refuse to pet sit because you don't want to get frozen.

70.When your friend tells you she got a new pair of Crocs, you ask "Did you use a morphing potion, transmogrification or Petpet?"

71. When your friend tells you she got a new pair of Crocs, you ask "How could you afford two!"

72. If you go into IHOP and either ask for a free omelet or order one to add to your collection.

73. You know more about the famous Neopians than you do about celebrities.*

74. You wonder why the market doesn't sell "Tigersquash Jelly"

75. When your science teacher is talking about super nova's you ignore him because you already have the avatar.

76. You say "Thank Fyora!" or "By Fyora that's a lot!" in the real world.*

77. You ask the store if they carry Kau Kau farm milk.

78. You asked your mom for a Kaodoatie.

79. When looking for your dog you told the neighbors you lost your Lupe.

79. Your drawings aren't hearts and stars etc. but petpetpets and avvies.*

80. You ask your mom if you can add an extra room for the petpets.

81. You look at clouds and wonder which one Faerieland is on.

82. Your nightmares include the Ghosts, Dr. Sloth, Adam, and Meepits.*

83. You and your friends get together and play Yooyuball in real life.* (Yes it is possible, just very, very difficult.)

84. Your favorite song is the Meepit juice break song. (Warning: after reading this many people got that song stuck in there head)

85. You see a cotton ball and scream "ADORABLE JUBJUB!!

86. When you buy something on sale at the store, you yell "I sniped it!"

87. When you go to adopt a pet from the (real) pound, you look for the adopt button.

88. You start wishing you could use the Shop Wiz to search for a cheap ipod.

89. You start thinking of Iceland as a very, very bad place.*

90. When talking to people face to face, you often ask them where the avvie is.

91. Your only friends are the random people you meet on Neopets

92. The only way you have contact with the real world is your parents asking you to go out and get the mail.

93. You stare at trees wondering why they have leaves and not brains.

94. You have a notebook page full of dailies links and helpful petpages.*

95. You often go up to lizards and tell them jokes or wisdom pieces.

96. You see little penguins and say "BOOCHI!!! ZAP MY PET!!!!"

97. You want to sell stuff like Bottle of Blue Sand in a garage sale.

98. You hear something far away and say "Darn random event.

99. You blame lost items on the Pant Devil.

*100.*You call dragons "Draiks".*

101. When you're playing soccer, you wonder why you always get the normal YYB.

102.You wish you could screenie things in real life.*

103. You mix up snakes and Hissis.*

104. Dinosaur fossils make you think of Grarrls.*

105. When you roll dice you shout "C'mon JACKPOT!!!"

106. You attempt at entering your real house in the Neohome spotlight.

107. You're last seen thing has never read more that under one day ago.

108. You are on a board of bashers, but still put, 'NF me!' on your last post out of habit.

109. You stop people named Adam to see how much money they have

110. You have been arrested for doing the above.

111. You have more than 5 accounts to keep Neopets on.

112. You are no longer insulted by the word "n00b".

113. You have memorized all the names on the boards you have been on.

114. You know what links to type in for the board you want.

115.You have seen millions of comments such as "Wow! You can go on forever with these things!"

116. When people ask what your favorite things are, you point at the ground and say "About Me page here.

117. You often quote your siggie before and after your sentences.

118. When you close your eyes you see the Neopets homepage.*

119. You have the news posts down to such a science that when it's late, you start to laugh at your computer.

120. You have choreographed a dance for all the game theme songs.

121. The staff accounts are on your Neofriends list.

122. Your favorite saying is one of the quotes from the top of the Neopian Times.

123. You have seen pages such as Mysticdapple's and are guilty of more than 90% of them.

124. Your fingers are stuck in a permanent bend from typing 124 reasons you're obsessed with Neopets.

125. On the phone, you use chatspeak constantly.

126. You dumpster dive hoping to find something good.

127. You go up to trees and look around the trunk for items.

128. You know every single HCer's name and have often asked them for help.

129. You've been on a Petpage like this reading truths about you for at least a half hour.

130. You are actually running out of ideas for Petpages like this. *

131. You actually care about getting an insane number of these things.*

132. You have asked your parents "Why is there a lump of dung in this soup?".

133. When your mom asks what you want for breakfast you reply "Faerie Pancakes."

134. You have more than 40 tabs (or windows) on various pages of Neopets.

135. If you take plushies into caves and look for fungus.

136. You've named your kids Donna and Adam .

137. You use your Neopets name on tests and such.*

138. You often look to your left expecting to see a pet there.

139. You walk behind your pet all day holding a background and exclaim "He has to be customized!" when people look at you funny.

140. You have starved yourself to get a special item.

141. You have gone to a real hotel and said "I would like to be in Astrovilla for 6 days and have all the extras".

142. When your sisters are talking about stuff randomly and you call them spammers.

143. Your favorite joke is located here:

144. You have looked at an ugly person and said "So what quest do you have for me Edna?"

145. You asked a cook for a kitchen quest.

146. You asked the cook above why he isn't a Flotsam.

147. You call sharks Jetsams

148. You call dolphin's Flotsams

149. You go up to people who dress their dogs and shout "DOWN WITH CUSTOMIZATION!!!

150. You do the same as above but say "How many Neopoints did that cost?"

151. You have no lower body strength but your fingers can lift 200 pounds.

152. You take eggs to caves and say "HATCH DRAIK, HATCH!!

153. You go up to kittens and ask "Which draik egg do you want today?"

154. You've constantly asked people where their active pet is.

155. When you buy some jello, you wish it was pirate.

156. You go into a store and ask if they stock pirate paintbrushes.

157. You've gone to the real stock market and asked for 2 shares of Alien Aisha Vending Ltd.

158.When asked to do a current event for school you look one up in the Neopian Times.

159. The highlight of your week is when they release the Neopian Times.

160. When walking into the fossil section of the museum, you ask the curator where the Tyranu Evavu game is.

161. When you hear the name "Donald Trump", you say "I bet HE has the Adam avvie."

162. You enter an auction house and wonder why people are shouting and not typing.

163. When you see the invisible dog things (the leash that looks like there's a dog on it but there's not) you ask what kind of Neopet it is.

164. You wonder why pet's names aren't floating above them.

165. Your mom cooks peas for dinner and you hoard them until they inflate in price.

166. Your mom cooks peas for dinner and you try to equip one to another.

167. You go up to the Wal-mart manager and try to haggle the price of m&m's.

168. When You go to get a puppy at the pound you keep walking in and out of the door hoping you will get a better breed.

169. Your mom wonders with alarm why you're suddenly obsessed with a fellow named Adam on the internet.

170.Your parents are trying to burn your computer.

171. You find yourself drawn to boards or petpages about being obsessed.*

172. You see someone breaking the law and you yell "REPORTED!"*

173. When someone asks you if you have a dog, you tell them that dogs aren't real and that you have a Neopet.

174.Your family takes a holiday in Hawaii, and you expect to see a large man wearing a mask and handing out raffle tickets.

175. Your scariest Halloween costume was Adam.

176. You have tried to steal eggs and key chains from a snake.

177.When your family is eating potatoes, you automatically count them and then say the number to your cat, hoping for 75 np.

178. You go up to snakes and pick them up saying "Don't worry Mr. Hissi! I'll save you from the pound.

179. When your mom passes you carrots, you shout "STOP!!! YOU'LL THROW OFF MY COUNT!!!" and then throw them back at her.

180. You go to a candy shop you wonder which chocolates are r99.

181. You buy your real life pet a pet and then you buy your pet's pet a pet.

182.Your parents send you to the store to get something, and you tell them that they could probably get it cheaper from the Shop Wizard.

183. You haven't eaten anything but pixilated ramen noodles that user give you on the boards all day because you don't want to leave your computer.

184. You see a squirrel and go up to it asking who it's owner is.

185. You see mice and scream "THE MEEPITS WANNA TAKE OVER THIS WORLD TOO!!!

186. You threaten to report people for scamming or spamming in real life.

187.Your cat has kittens, and you get confused because you don't remember buying any Baby Paintbrushes.

188. You always sit on the toilet with your computer set on neo.

189.You buy a paint brush from a hardware shop, tie a blue bow around it, and try to sell it back for 600,000 dollars.

190. If something you want to buy is out of stock, you return to the shop 8-10 minutes later to see if they have restocked that item.

191. You make a large mouse pointer to 'click' on things you want to buy.

192. When You change emotions, you say out loud "Is *insert emotion*" (which can be embarrassing if your crush walks in)

193. You begged your parents to fix the phones so they can be used while you're on Neopets.

194.You walk up to giant animals and start hitting them with sticks...while they're asleep. have filled every single one of your petpages.

196. When you are redecorating your room you tell your mom not to order dung furniture.

197.You collect your pets' "little presents" in hopes of molding them into different items to get the I'm Smelly avatar.

198.You feel the need to feed waffles to people to keep them entertained.

199.You go around the neighborhood searching for orange items in order to get the avvie.

*200.*When your parents tell you that you're visiting your relatives in Iceland, you ask, "What did I do wrong?

201. Whenever you see a circular shaped object, you try to spin it and get a paintbrush or job coupon.

202. You run out of shops with jelly in your hands, and get chased by the police because you didn't pay for it.

203. When your friends ask for jelly, you say "No such thing.

204. When you have to log off to go to the store, you suffer from separation anxiety.

205.You cover yourself in bandages and when your parents ask what you're doing, you tell them that you're disguising yourself as a Kiko.

206.You think that your mother is Sloth in disguise.

207. You're curious as to why slugs on the sidewalk don't hand out money

208. When you see something saying "Signature Here" you write your Neoboard siggy.

209. When you see someone breaking the law, you tell them to read the rules and then look for the report button.

210. You buy a new computer; it's just to go on Neopets.*

211. When you see dogs dressed up for Halloween, you hide behind your house and wonder why the Werelupes aren't attacking you.

212. Whenever you go to a costume store and you see someone with a fairy costume on, you ask them if they own the Hidden Tower.

213. Whenever you ever have peas for dinner, you save one of them, dress them up in a cape, and try to sell it.

214. When people ask you how old you are you say your age on Neopets.

215. When you go to Disneyworld and see Tinkerbell, you tell her to watch out for Balthazar.

216. You and a neofriend have thought of over 200 ways to tell if you're obsessed with Neopets.*

217. Whenever you see water, you think of Maraqua.*

218. Whenever you are near someone who is grumpy, you tell them jokes about Peophins and tin of olives.

219. You know how to spell and pronounce all the Neopets words perfectly.

220. You're only on this petpage to hide from the Meepits.

221. You can recite every entry in the Neopedia.

222. You ask a friend if your hamsters can fight together in the Battledome.

223. You know the name of every n00b and spammer out there.

224. When you find money on the ground you think, "What a lucky RE!"

225. You cry when the Bug Brothers steal 75 Neopoints from you but you wouldn't care if someone stole $75 from you.

226. You paint little symbols on plain old rock and try to sell them for $9k.

227. You have a petpage with over 300 neopets-addicted reasons on it.*

228. You have learned to completely express your feelings in 400 character or less.

229. You look up in the sky and hope that a draik will come and ask how your day was.

230. You always carry around an umbrella for fear of birthday cake falling from the sky and hitting your head.

231. You are the friend of a person who likes to post "If your obsessed about Neopets."*

232. You think there is a fountain at the end of every rainbow.

233. Your parents are considering giving you therapy.*

234. People think that you're crazy because you have proved your point that you're obsessed over 234 times.

235. You see a box with "TNT" written on it, you go up to it and look inside to see if Adam is stashing his asparagus there.

236. You have never seen a real movie, and you won't until the Neopets one comes out.

237. At 2:00pm everyday you suddenly feel like you should be harassing a snake somewhere.

238. You feel the need to do everything in front of a computer or laptop.

239. When you go to a pizzaria, you ask why they don't have a dung flavor.

240. You know about the secret Jelly World forum and you know how to post a topic even though you claim Jelly world is fake.

241. You have made a link from limited edition to endangered, and create signs saying to save the Hissis.

242. You've coded lookups for every holiday and season of the year.

243. You flee in fear every time the Mystery Island Mystic tells you that you will have to battle an army of Acaras.

244. When you see stone sculptures, you say "I thought Stone Paintbrushes were retired."

245. You are afraid that everything you do will cost you np.

246. You only ask for Neocash for every holiday.*

247. Your neopets are dressed up as bananas.

248. You thank TNT for everything you do.

248. When a friend asks why you're obsessed with Neopets while you're on it, you grab the computer and squeal, "My preciousss."

249. You throw bugs down things and wonder if you won Neocash.

250. You feel the need to dress up asparagus and name it, "Mr. Chia".

251. You beat the Pant Devil in the Battledome whenever you get angry.

252. You think that the snowballs given out by Snow Wars can be turned into ice cream.

253. You shout louder then the Techo Altador Cup fan at a Yooyuball game

254. You freak out because your Neopet's fur is messy.

255. You feel the need to guess the weight of large fruits.

256. Your fingers fall off from typing hundreds of reasons why you love neopets so much.

257. You dress up your real pets like your Neopets and feed them jelly.

258. When you check the daily weather reports in Neopia and you look outside to find that the weather is different and yell "TNT LIES TO ME!!" *

259. You have every item that the NC mall has ever sold.

260. You only Neomail in hopes of randomly getting the Neomail avvie.

261. You are disgusted at plain omelet's and will only eat the ones with broccoli.

262.You have asked your friends if they have any NF only auctions so that you can get stuff cheaper.

263.You can recite all Neopian Species in perfect alphabetical order, and if that's too easy, you can name the world or origin for each species.

264.Instead of taking your pets to the vet, you take them to Healing Springs in real life.

265. You asked your parents to let your dog stay at the neolodge.

266. You tried zapping your real pets with a lab ray that you constructed all on your own.

267.Your lab ray blows up, leaving ash everywhere, and you think that your pet has changed color to shadow.

268. You kick someone in the shin and call them a rip off artist because they were selling gourmet omelets for 21 dollars instead of 18 Neopoints.

269. When you're parents tell you it's time for school to start again, you tell them that Neoschool doesn't exist and refuse to go.

270. You collect every piece of puzzles in a bin, hoping that someday it will transform into the lab map.

271. You buy a basketball at a store, expecting it to open up an any moment to reveal a Yooyu.

272. When you sleep for more than four hours a night, you start typing in midair.

273.It takes you months to come up with the next neo-obsessed reason since you've almost run out.

274.When you eat a piece of toast in real life, you expect to get the Toasty avatar,

275. When you're making a blueprint on your new house, you say "Okay, this room will be made of Transparishield, and this will be Jelly..."

276. You tell your husband to stop by the store after work to grab you a Neocola.

277. When you look at the stars and shudder when you think about Evil fuzzles.

278.When you see gnomes you talk under your breath about the ones with red hats afraid they may steal your Wingo ball.

279. You have separate folders for different Neofriends.

280. You complain that you can only have 50 VIP neofriends.

281.You find yourself wondering why pets with grey fur aren't sad all the time.

282. You start to spell color like colour.

283. You're about ready to blow up since you've been on neopets so long.

284. You thought of nearly 290 ideas for why you're obsessed.

285. You wonder why pianos weigh more than 1 lb in real life.

286. You see a red kickball and call it a Wingo ball.

287. Your friend says "I have 1000 items in my safe," and you respond by saying, "Do you have the packrat avvie?"

288. You play from the time you wake up till the time you go to bed.*

289. You call the seals at the zoo a Tuskaninnys.*

290.When you are asked for your email address you give them your username.*

291. When you see a rabbit you say "AHHH!!! CYBUNNY!!! GET IT!!!" and look for the adopt button.

291. Instead of dressing up as Santa for Christmas you dress as a Christmas Yurble.

292. When you and your friend have a fight and they ask to be your friend again you say "I wouldn't have accepted your request anyway.

293. You have a globe of Neopia, not earth.

294. You bow down to anyone named Adam or Donna.

295. You dream about Neopets.*

296. You buy expensive food and eat it, hoping to get in the Gourmet Club.

297. When you see a barracuda, you say "OMG MARAQUAN GRARRL!

298. You don't know what people are talking about when they discuss real life on the boards.

299. You think the Neopets rules apply to real life.

Yes! I broke the biggest record I could find! Thanks every one!

~*~ 300.~*~You try and stuff anyone breaking the rules in the freezer.

301. You wonder why everyone on here is younger than you by at least 40 years.

302. When someone asks you for some money and you call them a n00b.

303. You have friends over at your house just to play Neopets.

304. You role-play your Neopets and love them like children.*

305. Your mom tells you she is going to a fancy restaurant and you ask if it is Kelp.

309. Your mom says "Get a hobby" and you tell her you collect stamps on Neopets.

307. The only time you watch TV is when you watch NeoVision.

308. When you go to a store, you ask the cashier if they have any rare items.

309. You call a cashier a shopkeeper.

310. You download Firefox and the only website you use it for is Neopets.*

311. When your parents finally decided to let you pick out a new pet, but you tell them you cant because you already have four.

312. You call your friends by there Neopets usernames on a daily basis.*

313. When you want to start a new conversation and you look for the new topic button.

314. When you get sick you tell your parents "Can you take me to the Neohospital?"

315. You call your favorite radio station and ask them to play Meepit Juice Break.

316. You get scared when you look at an upside down map, because the bottom half of New Jersey looks like a Meepit.

317. The only songs on your MP3 are songs from Neopets.

318. You painted your room Neopets with pets as a border.

319. You are REALLY good at drawing Neopets just by LOOKING.

320. You can name every neo-related thing in alphabetical order.

321. You've been on hold for DAYS on the 1-800-addicted-to-neo hotline.

322. You play Neopets while you're on hold for DAYS on the 1-800-addicted-to-neo hotline.

323. When visiting your therapist, the only thing you can talk about is Neopets.

324. Your mom is SHOCKED to see your face.

325. You are not recognized by your own family.

326. When someone asks you a non-neorelated question and you yell, "TAKE IT OFF THE HC! THIS IS FOR NEO-RELATED HELP ONLY!

327. You try and figure out what Neopets your classmates look like.

328. Your mom says "Go to school" and you say "It hasn't been created yet!

329. When your family is going to the beach, you frantically look for a Kacheek.

330. Once you arrive at the beach, you dig around for HOURS looking for an avvie.

331.When you feed your Neopets first and THEN your dog.

332. You name people you don't like you named "Skeith". Then called them that in the hallway and watched them try to figure out what it meant.

333. When you're in school and someone asks a stupid question you yell: OMG YOUR SUCH A NOOB!!"

334. You're TV dinners have been renamed "Neo-dinners" .

335. You got a tattoo of your favorite pet and or item etc.

335. You sometimes shout, "Something has happened!!!" randomly throughout the day.

336. You go shopping and ask "How many Neopoints is the bill?"

337. You blow all your allowance money on Neocash.

338. When your mom tells you it's time for school but you break out in tears and sob, "PLEEEASE! JUST 5 MORE MINUTES!!! I'VE BEEN WAITING FOR THE RESTOCK FOR AN HOUR!!!!!!!!!

339. You often visit your therapist.

340. You call your anoying neighbor in class a "noob" (Note: If you do this to your English teacher you can get very enjoyable results!)

341. You see an oddly shaped bottle and think "NO WAY!!! TRANS POTION!!

342. You're mom puts pork on the table and you think "Poor Moehog...

343. Everytime you pass a junkyard, you think "Wonder who donated that…

344. You're often caught asking for items from trees.

345. When people ask how much cash you have and you answer with your NP amount.

346. When arrested, you ask for a Lawyerbot.

347. You walk through the supermarket and think "They make you PAY for it here?!?!

348. You've thrown cans of spam in your freezer.

349. TNT asks you for ideas for the New Features.

350. You've submitted ideas for Random Theme Wednesday.

351. Your account age is listed as "Too old to be calculated.

352. Your mom asked the you're Internet provider to only have it for Neopets.

353. When you drop your pencil and it rolls under someone else's desk, you politely ask them to reach for your Light Faerie Pencil.

354. In History class, you do an essay on the Faeries of Faerieland.

355. In Geography class, you explain how to get to the 'mysterious' Jelly World (Even though you insist it doesn't exist.)

356. When you go fishing you expect to fish up old rotten boots.

357. You ask other fisher men what there fishing skill is.

358. When people say "Cute bunny slippers" you say "Where is that spammer?"

359. All clocks in your house are set to NST.

360. You have learned to do multiple things while playing Neo. (i.e. shower, eat, sleep) *

361.People ask who your Best Friends are and you start to list your Neofriends usernames.

362. The only friends you have are Neofriends.

363. When asked where to go to eat, you simply reply "Kelp".

364. You have been in the Neopian Time more then 100x.

365. In the middle of winter you go up to someone and ask, 'Have you seen the Super Happy Icey Fun Snow Shop? They said it would be here... unless... I'm in Neopia Central?'

366. You move to California just because you want to go by the same time a Neopets.

367.You're dreams were deemed "unreachable" by all INCLUDING TNT.

368. You're life's dream is to own Neopets.

368. Every time you see a snake, you attempt to steal a Negg from it (and have scars to prove it).

369. You really meet a celebrity and think "Poser."

370. You have often been the last one on a board.*

371. You check your account after every power surge and FREAK if even the littlest detail is off.

372.. You can IMMEDIATELY tell if the littlest detail is off.

373. You don't respond to your real name, only your username.

374. All 20 of your petpages are updated every day.

375. On Easter you pick up a chocolate egg and complain that they sure don't have a stem like normal Chocolate Neggs and refuse to eat it because you think that someone is trying to fool you.

376. You bought an HD TV and connected your computer to it, JUST to get an awesome view of the Neopets website.

377. When asked what your life goal is, you reply, "To get the Bonju avvie!"

378. You walk up to the manager of Wal-Mart and attempt to click on them to Refresh the store.

379. When asked what you intend to spend your Christmas money on, you say "Adam Avvie, and a couple PB's."

380. You're parents reward you for good grades by paying for Premium.

381. Number 380 is the ONLY reason you passed this year.

382. When asked, 'What is the worst thing that happened to you', reply, 'The Pant Devil stole my FQD!'

383. You signed up for multiple e-mail addresses JUST to get more than 5 sides.

384. You are active on ALL of your sides.*

385. People ask for your email and you reply "Silly, just click the link on my user lookup!

386. You find a ladybug in someone's yard, and ask how much they want for it.

387. Then, after receiving the ladybug for free and marveling at your good luck, you promptly try to give it to your pet.

388. Your teacher called your parents because your last essay was on Sloth and why his schemes haven't worked.

389. Your parents saw nothing wrong with your essay on Sloth and his schemes.

390. When your friends ask you what the secret is to making all of your friends (in real life), you reply, 'Easy! You talk to them for hours on the neoboards!'

391.You figured out a way to outsmart the 30 second limit.

392. You're dogs name contains underscores and numbers because you wanted an original name.

393. You go to the pound (in real life) and exclaim "WOW!! LOOK AT ALL THE WN PETS!!!"

394.When asked how many siblings you have, you say "None" when you really have 5.

395. You sold your sole to Neopets for a Baby Paintbrush.

396. When your given the choice between 1 million dollars or a Draik you go for the Draik, no questions asked.

397. When asked how much money you have you say "I don't believe in NeoCash."

398.When asked to go to the mall, you immediately say yes and jump onto the nearest computer.

399.You have often put a hamster and a mouse together and have yelled "GOO MEEPIT! GO FEEPIT!"

***400.**** You repeatedly mistaken The Olympics for the Altador Cup.

401. You keep telling everyone that it's not Beijing 2008, it's the Altador Cup III.

402. When you see olives in a jar, you dismiss them as inedible.

403. People ask you what team you're on and you say "I only slushie sling for *insert team*

404. You actually lose your voice playing Techo screaming game.

405. When someone asks you, 'What's your favorite song', you reply, 'The theme song for Hasee Bounce!'

406. When you're paying in a store, you ask if they take NP or "real life money".

407. Your role model is Adam and you have a T-shirt saying so.

408. Whenever someone talks about a different site, you say "ONLY NEOPETS LINKS ON THE BOARDS!!!" and attempt to report them.

409. The worst punishment your parents can think of is a whole hour without Neopets (don't even get me STARTED on a day!!!)

410. Your room is plastered with pictures of Adam, asparagus, and Donna.

411. You specifically go on Nickelodeon to record Neopets commercials.

412. You go to the pet shop and are surprised how many 'Cybunnies' there are.

413. You give someone named Adam asparagus for his birthday.

414. Your whole family celebrates Borovan Day.

415. Borovan Day is your favourite holiday.

416. You go onto another petsite out of curiosity and mistake the money used on there for NP.*

417. You go phsyco because someone asked you for a cookie.

418. Your little sister asks you to help her code her petpage instead of asking for help with homework.

419. You cant spell faerie "fairy" anymore, you spell it faerie.*

420. You go to the pound looking for a Kacheek.

421.You cant stop saying "Meep".

422. If someone says "Meep" you say "OMG! YOU ARE BRAINWASHED BY THE MEEPITS!"

423. You start to actually refer to your pets as 'he' or 'she' as if they were real living beings.*

424. When your kid asks you when it's their turn to play and you growl at them.

425. You make it a point when you go to a mall to check out the stores that sell Neopets toys, just to listen to the sounds they make when you push the buttons, or to see if there is a new one!*

426. It's pet day at your school and you print out your favorite Neopet.

427. You get 2 days of detention for being caught on Neopets since it is an "un-educational" site.

428. When you are having financial problems you think "Well at least a have 400k np!"

429. When you see a really sad person you say they are a grey pet, or the grey faerie.

430. You're parents have set the parental controls to only allow Neopets.

431. You have freaked over not being on for an hour.*

432. You have a boyfriend/girlfriend on Neopets and not in real life.

433. You have not seen sunlight in one month.

434. You need glasses from staring at the computer too long.*

435. You have sculpted your Neopets when you couldn't go on.

436. You have named your kid or pet Fyora, Illusen, etc.

437. When you are angry, you yell, "Oh for Fyora's sake!!"

438. When you see two pets with the same name in the real pound you say, 'What?! I should report this to TNT!"

439. When you say everything with the word "Neo," in front of it.

440. When you are handed a bat to play baseball, you scream, "LET'S WHACK SOME KASS!

441. You eat Burger King for lunch and dinner every day for two weeks just to get all of the Neopets toys that come with the kids meals (during burger king neopets promotion)

442. Your parents have to break out the heavy tools to get you off the computer.

443. You day dream about Neopets. *

444.You have gotten in trouble at school for daydreaming about Neopets.*

445. You constantly talk about Neopets.*

446. Your parents know everything about Neopets from you.

447. Your allowance is paid in Neocash and/or Neopets merchandise.

448. You are known throughout your school for being the "Neopets Expert."

449. Little kids ask you to help them with Neopets, not homework.

450. Your parents have tried to self-freeze your account.

451. You have cried over frozen accounts.*

452. When someone says "Someone grabbed my cookies!", you freak.

453. When you find yourself making your omelets like in Neopets.

454.You freak out your parents from screaming at the Meepit in Meepit vs. Feepit.

455. You cried when you got a Fountain Faerie Quest.

456. You call stuffed animals "Plushies."*

457. When your pets are sad you are sad and don't want to do anything

458. You haven't missed any plushie or anything made by Neopets.

459. You can't stand someone saying that Neopets is bad or useless and you yell to them.

460. You have 15 Execellent (or more) petpages here.

461. You have 15 accounts.

462. You call all the animals by their neopized equivalent.

463. You think "neopized" is a real word.

464. When you miss neo after 10 minutes.*

465. If you mint your own real-life neopoints

466.When you have all of the limited edition pets and all the rarest colours

467. Your front door has five locks on it: A red, a blue, a green, a yellow, and a sliver each with their own corosponding keys. You have hidden the keys around your block and, to open your front door, you have to collect all the keys.

468. You do the above only you invite friends to join you.

469. When doing either of the above you station a friend at the front door of your house dressed as the Keyquest faerie who will then distribute random prizes to the winner.

470.When you call your friend just to tell them you restocked an unbuyable

471. You print out screenshots of your restocks and tape them to your wall

472. When you pretend to be sick just so you can restock on half-price day

473. You handcuff yourself to the computer, so nobody can get you off Neopets

474.If you buy a solar generator to ensure that your computer won't turn off during black-outs

475. You have every new item 1 second before everybody else

476.When you have enough neopoints to buy every item in the Hidden Tower... twice over

477. When you push down every jelly isle in the store, screaming, "THE JELLY IS A LIE!

478. You "Rent-A-Gelert" to protect your cookie jar.

479. You warn your friends and family not to take stuff out of the freezer.

480. You expect an avatar every time your real-life stocks total $1,000,000.

481.When you look at a clock and convert it to NST.

482. When you see someone with a flame thrower you yell "FLAMER!!

483.You are afraid of walls because you might get put on the Wall of Shame

484.You're addicted to neopets when you play neoquest I and II on insane just for the fun of it.

485.You are addicted to neopets if you read all of these reasons.


(if you want your name here and you came up with some please neomail me because unless you Neofriend me I wont remember)



























Is your name missing? If so please contact me. I have a feeling I'm missing some people here for some reason and i want to make sure i give everyone credit.

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