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Are you sick of seeing the same popular neopet species on the PC? Have you ever gotten to the point that you've actually forgotten certain neopets exist? We're here to change that!
If you break these rules after adoption, you will be blacklisted from our project. We are generally lenient in our adoptions, and are happy to hear about extenuating circu.mstances, so let us know if you have qualms/questions before requesting a custom please!

Rule 1: We are doing this to help diversify the pets on the PC. This means that if you are looking for a popular pet, we cannot help you. However, there are lots of good adoption agencies you can ask!

Rule 2: DO NOT TAKE ONE OF OUR CUSTOMS UNLESS YOU ARE SURE YOU WANT THIS PET TO REMAIN THE SAME COLOR AND SPECIES. If you get tired of your pet, that's ok, but we do ask that you adopt it out instead of zapping or remorphing. It is hurtful for us to see people changing their pets after we have gone through the effort of adopting out a custom to them, and we really prefer you don't take a custom unless you are sure you really want the pet.

Rule 3: From now on, we will only be accepting requests that total 800k or less. We just do not have the funds to be doing expensive customs. However, again, there are plenty of adoption agencies you can ask, and we have some zappers who may be willing to help zap for your dream pet if you ask very nicely ;)

Rule 4: You can only request one custom a month, and only three customs a year. This will reset on January 1st, and you will have a clean slate.

Rule 5: If you request a custom and disappear for more than a month, we reserve the right to adopt out the custom you requested to someone else.

Rule 6: We currently are only taking two baby requests a month, and only for certain species. Ask us which species are acceptable!

Can you request to use Project Diversity on a pet on a side account?

How do I apply for a custom?
Just neomail keira522 or qwerth_1 (neomail links in the bar on the bottom of the page) with the custom you are interested in, the name of the pet you'd like the custom on, and which account that pet is on. You can also post on one of our boards if you find us on there!

Which pets can I get the custom on?
You can get the custom done on your neopet (we send the mp to you) or on a pet from the pound. Expensive customs, however, can only be done on pets from the pound.

Can I retrade the pet?
We prefer that you do not retrade the pets we adopt out. If you get tired of it, please adopt it out to another neopian if possible :)

Can I request a custom?
Yes! However, we do have some rules, which you can see above.

Isn't this against the rules?
This answer is a little more complicated. The one thing we know for sure is that taking a person's pet, painting it, and then giving it back is DEFINITELY against the rules. Thus, we do not do this.

A past editorial states:

While wandering the Pound chat as of late, I've noticed several people putting a "10 million NP custom up for adoption." This apparently consists of someone making an application, stating what they would ask the custom maker to create. I'm wondering if this is bending the spirit of the rules a little, in that it's 1.) essentially applying for a Neopet that doesn't exist yet and 2.) pretty much applying for money, even if it is to be a Neopet. Not being an adopter or custom maker, but rather as an impartial observer, I'm curious: is this allowed? ~anjie

Editorial answer: This is bending the spirit of the rules. No one should advertise a Neopet that doesn't even exist yet, nor should they advertise an application that even resembles a competition and/or sale.

Let's break this down and discuss, shall we?

1. No one should advertise a Neopet that doesn't even exist yet

This is where some technicalities come in. We only do the customs on pets that the people own or that are in the pound. Thus, even though the neopet color is different the neopet technically exists.

Additionally, people adopt out FFQ/ trade FFQ all the time, which JS seems to have no problem with. Is this project so different from that?

Finally, people are trading for customs ALL the time. And by customs, we mean they're trading a already created pet for a pet that HASN'T been created yet. The other party comes up with the name, species, and paint they'd like to trade for. Again, JS seems to have no problem with it.

2. Nor should they advertise an application that even resembles a competition and/or sale

In truth, where JS draws the line for this is a bit confusing because people apply for pets all the time. Is this not a competition? It is possible our project could be seen as a competition, but in the same way that adopting out neopets and accepting applications is a competition. If this is allowed, then what we are doing should also therefore be allowed.

Additionally, what we are doing is not a sale as we take no reward for this. Our project was founded purely out of the goodness of our hearts, and the only thing we get out of it is the satisfaction of doing something good in the neo-world.

These points made, we would like to add that if JS has an issue with our project, we would be happy to modify it. As of yet, however, we have had plenty of boards with no complaint from JS.


Customs UFA

hover for more information!

Solid Color/Basic Customs:**
NOTE: The basic customs can be paired with a paint brush from the section down below

Baby Customs:
None currently! What a shame.

Camouflage Customs:

Checkered Customs:

Cloud Customs:

Christmas Customs:

Darigan Customs:

Desert Customs:

Dimensional Customs:

Eventide Customs:

Faerie Customs:

Fire Customs:

Fruit Chia Customs:

Ghost Customs:

Gold Customs:

Grey Customs:
none right now :(

Halloween Customs:

Invisible Customs:

none right now :(

Island Customs:

Magma Customs:
2 Magma Customs Per Month*
*The pet must be transferred to another account for it to be painted, and then transferred back. If pounded, the pet will turn red.
impassionable- magma times on two accounts
Maraquan Customs:
none right now :(

Mutant Customs:

Pastel Customs:
none how sad!

Plushie Customs:

Pirate Customs:
NOTE: can be used alongside one of our PBs

Rainbow Customs:

Relic Customs:
none right now :(

Shadow Customs:

Silver Customs:

Snowy Customs:

Speckled Customs:

Spotted Customs:

Split Customs:

Skunk Customs:

Starry Customs:

Stealthy Customs:
None right now

Strawberry Customs:

Stiped Customs:

Swamp Gas Customs:

Tyrannian Customs:

Water Customs:

Woodland Customs:

Wraith Customs:
None right now :(
Zombie Customs:

Paint Brushes

hover for more information!

Draik | Krawk*
We also reserve the right to refuse paints on certain pet species we deem to popular for the goal of our project

Success Stories

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Total: 234 ADOPTIONS*

*Seven less adopted pets shown, as they have since been changed to a different color/species


Pets we helped morph/paint, who have subsequently been zapped/remorphed :(
(seven more pets have been remorphed previously, but were deleted from our records and as such are not shown)


Total NP donated: 25,549,346 NP
Current budget: 0 NP


xx_ransom - 300,000 NP
lyndluu - 60,000 NP
frostymeadows - 10,000 NP
loba_negra - Magical Lime Chia Pop
trackerpuppy - 100,000 NP
seanman1224 - Tyrannian Ixi MP
bicyle - 100,000 NP
sezamki - 100,000 NP + Rainbow Scroll
spottedstar_12345 - 56,000 NP
qwerth_1 - 15,000 NP
shadowlcan_stalker - 200,000 NP + 20 Dubloon Coin
koolkytty - 100,000 NP + 2 Orn Codestones
seratino - 35,000 NP
texmar - 50,000 NP + Pirate Eyrie MP
tylerssmunchkin2 - Zafara Trans Potion + Relic Chia MP
cybunaholic - Tyrannian Gnorbu MP
rin9700 - 47,699 NP
shadoclan_stalker - Wraith Bruce MP
sweet_as_sugar_1_14 (AKA THE BEST PERSON EVER) - Christmas Gnorbu MP, Pirate Krawk MP, Pirate Shoyru MP, Plushie JubJub MP, Island Chomby MP, Pirate Draik MP, Camouflage Krawk MP, Tyrannian Ixi MP, Fire Shoyru MP, Hallween Cybunny MP, Island Krawk MP, Island Bruce MP, Pastel Gnorbu MP, Shadow Uni MP, Starry Hissi MP, Baby Koi MP, Grey Yurble MP, Grey JubJub MP, Grey Ixi MP, Desert Chia MP, Unlimited Custom x3
lunatic_muncher - Red Vandagyre MP
jordieebabiecakes - 150,000 NP
daisyisabella28 - 75,000 NP
ishikarai - 50,000 NP
luke1200000 - Plushie Tonu MP + Rainbow Hissi MP
tofinuelle - Plushie Techo MP
snorway - 1,170,000 NP, Green Job Coupon, Rose of Friendship + Secret Lab Map piece
frostymeadows - 75,000 NP
kagome_kimi - Baby Shoyru MP
crazyballer24 - Zombie Blumaroo MP
windveil - 150,000 NP
tooinspired - Baby PB
jaylynlim - 15,000 NP
bethcolfer - 100,000 NP
mesangros - Pirate Aisha MP and Strawberry Wocky MP
spottedstar_12345 - Desert Ogrin Morphing Potion
aliangel87 - 10,000 NP
crazyballer24 - Shadow Korbat MP
ishikarai - 100,000NP + shadow usul plushie (33,000NP)
cybunny_crazii - 7,000 NP + Har codestone
frawste - 21,000 NP
makupakurakatuku - 30,000 NP
kt_roo2 - Magical Chokato Chia Pop, Baby Kau Morphing Potion, Island Pteri Morphing Potion, Spotted Bori Morphing Potion, Eventide Lenny Morphing Potion, Split Bruce Morphing Potion, Pirate Hissi Morphing Potion, Magical Orange Chia Pop, Baby Usul Morphing Potion, White Peophin Morphing Potion
thesassyawesomeness - Plushie Mynci Morphing Potion, Plushie Pteri Morphing Potion
honeyleaves -Faerie Shoyru Morphing Potion
forthcoming - Eventide Korbat MP, Christmas PB, 100,000NP
shorty1000097 - Pirate Techo MP
aescapism - Starry Shoyru MP
thesassyawesomeness - Dimensional Kougra MP, Water Kyrii MP, Baby Grundo MP
reconnection - Green Vandagyre MP
goldenhanyou - Island Zafara MP
alleycats383 - Faerie Kau MP
chyckyx - 10,000 NP
Nalyks - Faerie Mynci MP, Grey Yurble MP, and Plushie Scorchio MP
scechoi - Faerie Quiggle MP
paper_lemons - Christmas Pteri MP
kami582 - Pirate Techo MP X6, Speckled Moehog MP, Halloween Tonu MP X2, Orange Koi MP X2, Zombie Flotsam MP, Eventide Lenny MP, Christmas Lenny MP, Cloud Wocky MP, Pirate Eyrie MP, Pirate Bori MP, Strawberry Wocky MP, Shadow Tonu MP
ishikarai - 100,000 NP
thesassyawesomeness - Woodland Peophin MP, Woodladn Acara MP
nalyks -Grey Zafara MP
nocturnite - Pirate Ixi MP, 50,000NP
none4joo -Pirate Lutari Mp
punkkitten468 - Christmas PB X2, Starry Pb, Strawberry Fields Forever PB, Scritchy Sketchy PB X2, Speckled Pb X2, Electric Blue PB X3, Disco Fever PB, Striped PB, Glowing PB, Camoflauge PB, Baby PB, Golden PB X2, Skunk PB
draik_x - Maraquan, Baby, Water, Island, Zombie, Darigan, Faerie, Fire, Plushie, and Skunk Buzz MPs
kami582Pirate Draik MP
thesassyawesomeness - Halloween Tonu MP, Zombie Flotsam MP
_staystrong_ - 10,000 NP
draik_x -Desert Kyrii, Pirate Yurble, Christmas Elephante, Tyrannyan Nimmo and Fire Flotsam MPs
minnietaur - Biscuit PB, Ty Nimmo MP
crazxpenguin - Pirate Draik MP (120,000NP)
nalyks -Maraquan Hissi MP
tigers509 - pirate techo mp
universitya2017 - pirate eyrie mp
tigers509 - 9,000 NP
thesassyawesomeness - Christmas Chia MP, Snow PB
draik_x - Rainbow Bori, Swamp Gas Ogrin, Skunk Mynci, Cloud Peophin, Strawberry Pteri, Pirate Pteri, Dimensional Moehog, and Pirate Meerca Morphing Potion
@phoelia - Camo Kyrii MP
st4rstr7ck - 80,000 NP
mrs_sherlock - Lab map piece (82,000NP) and Petpet Lab map (8k)
frawste - 107,000 NP
tooinspired - fire paint brush
lacy861 - 4,000,000 NP and Royal Paint Brush X2+ PDMP x3 (120,000NP each)
chelsmel -Purple jubjub MP and 40,000 NP
aisha_star19 - 15,000 NP
marymay1996 - Fifty dubloon coin + orange koi mp
thesassyawesomeness - Wraith Bruce MP
draik_x - Spotted Nimmo Morphing Potion Starry Pteri Morphing Potion Starry Uni Morphing Potion Checkered Shoyru Morphing Potion Purple Yurble Morphing Potion Spotted Grarrl Morphing Potion Rainbow Korbat Morphing Potion, and like a ton of Buzz MP, and a few more but I lost track I'm sorry Tiff, you're just too good for us lolol
nalyks - Dimensional Kougra MP
tigers509 - 50,000NP
faeriequeen7 - Piece of treasure map (38,000NP), Spooky treasure map piece x2 (2,200NP and 5,400 NP) Secret lab map piece (250,000NP) & 20,801NP
lyndluu -Tyrannian Usul Morphing Potion, Ghost Gnorbu Morphing Potion, Silver Peophin Morphing Potion
faeriequeen7 - Shadow Tonu MP, Red Kiko MP
chelsmel - Golden Elephante MP and 60,000 NP
xandieyx - Baby Peophin,, Zombie Flotsam, Spotted Flotsam, Tyrannian JubJub Morphing Potions
nalyks - 50,000NP
arkeae - split pb
mucka33 - darigan grarrl mp, blue xweetok mp, pirate bori mp, pirate aisha mp
draik_x - shadow shoyru mp, snowy flotsam mp and split mynci mp
chelsmel - Island Aisha and Island Hissi MP
draik_x - Moehog Transmogrification Potion, Buzz Transmogrification Potion, Tyrannian Eyrie Morphing Potion, and Orange Kougra Morphing
poemmuncher - Desert Kyrii Morphing Potion
bittercake - Biscuit PB
nalyks - Island Bruce MP
faeriequeen7 - 36,896NP
chelsmel - Maraquan Yurble
chelsmel - Faerie Mynci MP & Blumaroo Transmog Potion, Darigan Bori MP, Camo PB, strawberry chia pop and faerie skeith MP
xandieyx - Relic PB
gwendi - Plushie Tonu MP
xprussia- Camo and Christmas Chia MP
pandasandsheep- Baby Pteri
none4joo- Rainbow grundo mp, Rainbow uni mp and Zombie usul mp
rainbowriver32- Snowy PB
xprussia- Desert Chia MP
drak_x- Brown Kougra, Fire Poogle, Tyrannian Ogrin, and Pirate Ogrin Morphing Potions
thesassyawesomeness- Mynci and Grarrl Transmog Potion
insincerety- Cloud PB & 600,000 NP
xprussia- Xmas Chia MP and Desert Elephante MP
sezamki4- 150,000NP and Lesser Nerkmid
lovz2draw- Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, and Purple Peophin MP
thesassyawesomeness- Plushie wocky MP, 300,000 NP
wolfycries104- Purpla Zafara MP
qwerth_1- Strawberry PB
cowshed - pirate techo mp, split mynci mp.
Zee (forgot her UN) - grey grarrl mp
xprussia -plushie wocky/tonu/jubjub, purple jubjub, gold elephante, pirate aisha, blue xwee, speckled moehog MP
somebody(help me we forgot)- Split Mynci PB
tutonkaa - pink peo mp
animals_____55 - faerie eyrie mp
ninjasayrawr- Green Uni MP x2, Pirate Aisha MP X3, Faerie eyrie MP X2
chelsmel- Faerie Flotsam MP
draik_x- Wraith Pteri MP, Pink Shoyru MP
aisha_star19- 110,000NP
srow237 -Hairy Evil Coconut
thesassyawesomeness- Woodland Grundo MP
Nyala- snow pb, glowing pb, baby peo mp, orange koi mp
annejayn-Sloth Gummies. Lint-Covered Peanut x3, Sponge Grundo Sponge, Kreludan Grundo Slippers, Wind Up Dr. Sloth Toy x2, Fake Sloth Tattoo, Fake Neocola Token on a String, 250,000 Neopoints
battlehart - golden elephante mp
chelsmel - plushie mynci mp, maraquan buzz MP, 15,000NP
haiitskatiex 20,000NP, pirate techo and aisha MP and green yurble mp
neo__petpets_2- 400,000NP
draik_x- Split lupe mp, red hissi mp and strawberry wocky mp
estrelladuff - Silver Shoyru Morphing Potion, plushie mynci MP, red vendagyre mp and pirate gnorbu MP.
dragonhuntingcompany- White Shoyru MP, Ghost Buzz MP
cowshed- baby pb and 1,3m (= 3 baby pbs and 100k)
chelsmel- 200,000NP, stealthy techo MP
vlushies- Strawberry wocky MP
tiffywuvsq- invisible PB
vezalia- magical silver kougra plushie and a faerie lenny mp
lionzoo- Pirate usul MP
vezalia- Plushie Sketih MP
techikaze- 25,000 Neopoints and Pirate Eyrie MP
jessieop17-Orange Kougra Morphing Potion, Spotted Scorchio Morphing Potion, 1,977 Neopoints
cowshed- 2,000,000NP and a FFQ
xprussia- Relic PB
fire__kitten- Blue Ogrin MP
juliascode- 95,000 NP
aisha_star19- 20,000 NP
farkun- Island Pteri MP
megansuperstar- pirate meerca mp, starry xwee mp, fire kyrri mp, starry usul mp, ghost hissi mp, purple jubjub mp, pink ogrin mp, Striped Aisha Morphing Potion
chelsmel- Island acara and zafara
farkun- Red poogle MP
chelsmel-200,000 NP
xprussia- Spotted petpet PB (120k)
jessieop17- Split Mynci MP, 200,000NP
crazyballer24- 50,000NP
xprussia- Baby Blumaroo Morphing Potion and Baby Peophin Morphing Potion
estrelladuff-Fire Gnorbu Morphing Potion and Cloud Peophin Morphing Potion
aquarelar- Water Acara MP
willofwhisp- Cloud PB and Yellow Gnorbu MP
ladeyi- 2,000,000 NP & flutter x2, Pirate Techo Morphing Potion,Pirate Aisha Morphing Potion,Yellow Ogrin Morphing Potion,Golden Elephante Morphing Potion, Ghost Buzz Morphing Potion,Zombie Blumaroo Morphing Potion, Strawberry Wocky Morphing Potion, Starry Grarrl Morphing Potion, Faerie Flotsam Morphing Potion
humanoid_plant_vash-Starry Grarrl and Eyrie Morphing Potions, Pirate Eyrie Morphing Potion, Green Ogrin Morphing Potion, Brown Ruki Morphing Potion, Faerie Eyrie Morphing Potion, Red Nimmo and Poogle Morphing Potions, Zombie Blumaroo Morphing Potion, Dimensional Kougra Morphing Potion, White Flotsam Morphing Potion and Ultra Golden Nerkmid (61k)
stake_6 Green and Shadow Uni MP
megafoo4452- Orange Koi mp
ag1228l- Snow PB
loba_negra- Zombie Korbat MP
weirdobluedevil - Halloween Xweetok Morphing Potion
chelsmel- Tonu Transmog Potion
tacanek- Zed codestone
xwindswept- Island Zafara MP
nelly9000- 20,000 NP
xprussia- Peach chia mp, spotted kau MP
kissy_08 - relic pb,
humanoid_plant_vash- 1 mill custom (asparagus chia pop + ?)
chelsmel- ghost pb
rosenkilde- 100,000 NP
froggiegirl4499-100,000 NP
dreamzgirlz- Dimensional Aisha Morphing Potion and 500k
froggiegirl4499-Red poogle mp
bunnymorph- 400,000 NP
nelly9000-25,000 NP
candy_fizz- Swamp Gas Ogrin and Techo MP, Christmas Paint Brush
chelsmel- halloween Kau MP and 100,000 NP
xprussia- Invisible wocky MP
lycanisim- 150,000 NP and magical healing potion
pumpkin_cats- PDMP (100k)
hoindi- 88,000NP
suzanneingrid - Kyrii Transmogrification Potion
dentimed- 2,000 NP and Bri Codestone
princessturtlecake- 2000np and a 1 dubloon coin
maga_m Blue Xweetok Morphing Potion, Speckled Moehog Morphing Potion, Speckled Xweetok Morphing Potion, Striped Meerca Morphing Potion, Cloud Poogle Morphing Potion
wolfiy_amerterutsu- Rainbow uni MP
rayyyyyyy6- Pirate meerca MP
simpleplanr4- 300,000 NP, Split Mynci Morphing Potion
froggiegirl4499- 100,000NP
elephante109- 30,000NP
ziviacreed - Woodland Peophin Morphing Potion
phresh-Many codestones, 500,000 Neopoints
justamcdoodle- 10,000NP, pirate eyrie and techo MP
mandatickets - pirate eyrie mp and snow pb
heidi_zhang- 6,162,000 nps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
fire_breather444- Spotted pb
gothicxnerd - pirate ixi MP and 100k
envyilicous- Pirate eyrie MP, blue ogrin mp
asneed0531 - Ghost Buzz Morphing Potion, 250,000 Neopoints
tooinspired- 1,000,000NP
humanoid_plant_vash-FFQ :)
plscamoffer- Spooky treasure map piece (~10,500 NP)
xprussia and chelsmel- wraith gelert mp
azureatoli- 10,000 NP
vickis_world_rpcks- Polka Dot PB
linksherlock-Starry Grarrl MP
stake_6-Xmas Paint Brush
minhyukk - Snow PB
newenglandquizzer - Starry Grundo Morphing Potion, Desert Grundo Morphing Potion, Darigan Grundo Morphing Potion, Woodland Grundo Morphing Potion
faeriequeen7- 788,000NP, Pirate draik egg (115k), xmas pb, Mystical Nimmo Amulet (500k), Lovely Kacheek Dress(90k)
justnthyme-Split Lenny Morphing Potion and Zombie JubJub Morphing Potion
cirillika- 1,500 NP

Requests (See Q&A For Rules)

hover for more information!

*note: XX means the custom has been bought but the person needs to respond still

Faerie/rg kacheek cross & hallow/ice hissi cross- Zapping/ UFA request for Sammy :)
_agxu_ - asparagus chiaXX

heavenlyblaze- hallow uni MP or male hallow uni
amy_lilly - halloween aisha MP for Azho~ none on TP currently :(

the_gravityfalls- hallow ixi mp- none on TP currently :(

Don't see an obscure pet you think is cool? Neomail keira522 to add it to the list!
NOTE: Baby requests are temporarily suspended, as we have done a great deal so far

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