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Welcome to Buzz

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Welcome to Buzz, a site designed to help you make neofriends. Buzz was created by me, Alia, on November 6th, 2013. I created Buzz because I know there are some lonely people out there who need a friend. Buzz was also created because I like meeting new people, and I hope you do too.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please neomail me!

Create a profile!

Thanks for being interested in becoming apart of Buzz! Before you go on with everything, we need to go through a few requirements and rules first.

Rules and Requirments

  • Buzz is a place where you get to make neofriends. If you are busy and don't feel like having people neomail you, you can change your neomail status to on or off!
  • If I figure out that you are being disrespectful, your profile could be removed with or without notice.
  • Every person can have a profile picture! The rule about the picture is that is has to be neo-appropriate. If it is not a neopets image, please post it on a petpage.
  • I prefer if you link back to Buzz, but it is not required. It is your choice!
  • Please credit where you got your profile picture from. For all profiles, if you click the profile picture, it will lead to the creator!

  • Now since you are done reading the rules, you can now create a profile! There is a sign that states if you can send in your profile or not, most of the time it will be open!

    Update Panel!

    Is your profile out of date? Well, this is where The Update Panel comes in! All you need to do is send in the correct form on what you wanna change. There is an extra change just in case you are a year older, or you switched main accounts.

    Changing Profile Picture?

    Changing Neomail Status?

    You decide what to change


    Vouches and Fanmail ~ See what others have to say about Buzz!

    Graphics for Your Profile ~ Decorate your userlookup with these spiffy graphics!

    Old Layouts and Graphics ~ Have a blast from the past with our old graphics!

    Reviews ~ See all the amazing sites that reviewed Buzz!

    FAQ ~ If you got a question about Buzz, check here to see if we have the answer!

    Achievements ~ See what achievements Buzz has accomplished!



    Here are just a few words from the nice people who like and support Buzz.

    Knowing Alia is a real pleasure, she is an active and outgoing neopian, and when I found out she'll be opening BUZZ, I was very excited! Nope, she didn't disappoint me. This cute little site is a great opportunity to meet other neopians, and in no time, I am sure the site will be well known around neopia. If you haven't created a profile yet, you are missing out! c: This is perhaps the most promising site of the month. GOOD LUCK ALIA! ~ Hugs, Madame


    I have no fanmail yet :(


    Graphics for Your Profile

    Welcome to the goodies section! Here is where you can pick up some icons, banners, and other sweet treats for you!
    If you click on the graphic, it leads to the creator!


    Old Layouts and Graphics

    Welcome to Buzz's old buttons and layouts! Here are all the old buttons used in the past. Feel free to use them!
    If you click on the button, it leads to the creator!

    Old Layouts

    Hover to see who there made by and when they were used!



    Welcome to Buzz's Reviews! Here you see all the sites where Buzz has been reviewed by. Hover to see the score.



    Welcome to Buzz's FAQ. Please check to see if we have the answer to your question.

    Q: Is Buzz a dating site?
    A: No. Dating sites are not allowed on Neopets. This site is a site to help you make neofriends so you won't be so lonely. I would never try to do something to break neo rules.

    Q: Can I just send a neofriend request to someone?
    A: It would make more sense to send them a neomail and get to know them first, or they might think you sent them a random friend request, which some people don't like.



    Welcome to Buzz's Achievements. Here you can see what Buzz has achieved ever since it opened up.



    Affiliate requests are Open!


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    Buzz's First Ever Event

    Welcome to Buzz's First Event Ever! I hope to have lots of people participate! Keep on reading to find out what the event is.

    Buzz's First Ever Event will be a little I-Spy. I will hide a pixel somewhere on Buzz and all you need to do is screenshot it and show me where it is. Once you have a screenshot, you can put it on a petpage to show me. Since you have found the pixel, you get your name written below! Also, one person from that list will receive a banner created by me. You can see my examples here. I have a very nice friend of mine who is willing to make one petpage layout for someone, but only if you really need one and have found the pixel! If you do not need a layout, than I will still make a banner for the winner.
    The Pixel You Are Looking For

    Pixel by Hayley's Stuff

    Who Found the Pixel?

    1st ~ Rita (sacloe3697)
    2nd ~ Annie (etrebelle)
    3rd ~ Joyables (excalibur_joy)
    4th ~ Monkey (beatle_stripe)
    5th ~
    6th ~