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Welcome One & All

Hello everyone! I would like to personally welcome all of you to my unique little site. My name is Kat. I'm not sure if anybody will remember this, but I owned a few premade buttons sites, a review site called Sugar Sweet & Pink and I worked with a few older sites that have closed now. It has been two years since I was last present on Neopets and since I have some more free time again... I'm back!! The times have changed so I am reacquainting myself with the new coding changes. We have many things here including reviews, spotlights, and more. Always accepting affiliates! Have any questions? Feel free to message me anytime you need some help.

Katherine's Daily Updates

What Had Happened Was...

1/28/2014: +1 Reviews I just re-opened reviews. Feel free to apply. I am working on my resource site Retro-Spective and I am nearly ready to open it up. I am so excited because I think it is fantastic and I hope that you guys will love it as much as I do. I'm not going to change the Click Magnet in this blog but I will get around to changing it soon enough. I believe Click Magnet is going to be moved to Retro-Spective. I am looking for affiliates so if you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact me with the affiliate application.
I have decided to start posting, in the end of my blogs, one of MY favorite sites on all of Neopets, so that you guys know where to find some of the best stuff. This will be called Click Magnet!!! The Click Magnet of the week is going to be *drumroll* Open Eyes. I admire their buttons so much and I look forward to requesting, if requests ever open up when I am on. It seems like everyone is desperate for their gorgeous creations. Make sure to drop by and visit today.

Rules & Formats

Required Reading, My Dears

Review Waiting List

Rose @ Whisper
By-The-Book Review
Only request for reviews when requests are open.
I, usually, review using Google Chrome so if your site needs to be reviewed using a different browser, specify in your message which browser I need to use. Options: Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox.
Review criteria is listed below. If you have any questions or concerns, make me aware via message. Criteria occasionally changes.
Credit for reviews are not required but if you receive a good review, don't you want people to know? Grab a button on your way out. Click the open sign to send your neomail.

A Couple Of Formats

You will find two different formats here: By-The-Book and Simple Suggestion.
You may choose one at a time. Questions? Mail me.

The By-The-Book Segment
First Impression: When I visit your site for the first time, am I amazed? Do I like what I see? Is there a sense of professionalism? I am going to be looking for key components like site name, layout, color coordination, etc. The first impression makes the biggest impact on a visitor and often determines whether or not they return.

Content Quality: What do you offer? Is it fantastic or just okay? How much pride do you seem to take in what you create for your visitors? An artist that enjoys what they do will almost always put out great work. Whether it is art through words (reviews) or through mini blinking pixels, you are capable of putting out fantastic stuff because you are creative! I'll be looking forward to seeing your awesome collection.

Organizational Skills: Can I find my way around without a map? Do your rules make sense to me? Organization is crucial for a site to be successful so I will be keeping an eye on this aspect.

Finals Thoughts And/Or Concerns: Did I enjoy myself? Do I plan on visiting your site again? Are you spotlight worthy? This is where I will make my final recommendations so that you can move on and make some changes, if changes are necessary, and so that you will know exactly what your strengths and weaknesses seem to be to visitors like myself and everyone else.

The Simple Suggestion Segment
By choosing Format #2, I will give your site a once or twice over, collect my thoughts and recommendations, and then give you one paragraph and an email in which I will tell you everything I feel you need to know about the quality of your site. You can also ask me specific questions and I will be happy to answer them. Format #1 is JUST a review following strict format. This one is personalized.

Completed Reviews

My Portfolio, Of Sorts...

Blush: 32/40

First Impression: 9/10 The color palette is really beautiful. I love the contrast with the different shades of purple. It feels welcoming. The image you used is nice as well. Simple but classy. I noticed that your welcome message mentions a "quaint cafe" and it makes me curious to see what the theme of your site really is. You give plenty of updates on your site which is great, as well. Awesome job on this section!

Content Quality: 7/10 Your request section picks back up on the "cafe" theme which is lost with your layout. I get a "boutique" feel and not a "cafe" feel. Despite that, this section is super organized and easy to comprehend. It's helpful that you label the button pickup by requester's name. I appreciate that. I think, however, that it would be nice to see more of the buttons on display on the main page rather than having to click on the portfolio. I totally understand that it is a means of organization but you own a button site so it would be nice to see more buttons.

Organizational Skills: 8/10 Everything was very organized and that is very much appreciated. The rules were easy to understand and straight to the point. The scroll box you have in the bottom right corner still contains the standard filler information that comes when you copy and paste a new layout. I'm going to take this as a lack of ideas for what could go there. Maybe you could put a Favorite Button Creation of The Week section there. It would be fun and creative. You could also feature your favorite creations from fellow button sites if you wanted to do something like that.

Finals Thoughts And/Or Concerns: 8/10 I like your site, a lot. I think it is creative and unique and you achieve that by not "trying too hard" which I, sincerely, appreciate. I think your buttons are nice but I, personally, would love to see some bolder risks taken with design. I know you can do it! Thank you for letting me review your site. I look forward to seeing more of you and Blush very soon.

Jewel: 29/40

First Impression: 10/10 Your layout is amazing and I am uber jealous of it!! Since you are a graphic designer, it is good to have a high quality layout and you definitely achieve that. I have nothing but praise for this section so I am just going to move on. Good job!! The only note that I might make is that I am not a fan of the style of coding you have used for your code boxes (the scroll boxes that appear when you hover over) because I don't think they compliment your beautiful layout well enough.

Content Quality: 5/10 Your bullets are nice and unique. I appreciate the seasonal choices that have been made available. The first and fourth sets of "button here" buttons are unappealing, in my opinion, and I think you should aim to make those more vibrant and bright. Your banners are under going a re-vamp. I wish I could have seen them because I bet they are great!! Your dividers are nice; they are very simple. Your siggys are fun and very creative!! I would like to see more (larger quantity) content very soon.

Organizational Skills: 8/10 Your rules are reasonable but seem to be delivered in a condescending way. To each his own, do it the way you like!! I just thought I might mention that. Everything is very organized with the bullets and the body text you have chosen makes for a very organized, non-cramped, style.

Finals Thoughts And/Or Concerns: 6/10 Your site is unique and your graphics are nice. Once you release the new banners that are being re-vamped, I am sure the masses will be there to pick them up and use them to stylize their own sites. However, there are some obvious small, yet important, changes that could stand to be made and I hope I was able to portray those well enough. Thank you for letting me review your site. I look forward to seeing more of you and Jewel very soon.

Learning To Fly: 36/40

First Impression: 8/10 At first, I was confused as to what to do to get to your content. Once I figured it out, I was obsessed with your layout format. It is just like flying and it is incredibly unique. Love it! I would like to have seen some more texture in the clouds because the flat white and blue is kind of boring. The text you used for your headers were hard to read but they look really cool. I think Century Gothic body text might look interesting but the text you have now is fine. Your bold, italic, and underline coding would look better if you did something like different shades of blue. I love the style of coding but design wise, it feels like something is missing.

Content Quality: 10/10 In my many years of reviewing, I have never given a 10/10 on content but you definitely deserve it!! Your CSS is outstanding. I love the "hover and appear" qualities of the Wizard of Oz and Tom In The Box, the most. They are all gorgeous and really high quality. My next layout might come from you. THAT is how much I love them.

Organizational Skills: 9/10 I didn't see any specific rules but your request section made me giggle because visitors can totally see your personality. You seem like a super, laid back owner and I totally appreciate that. I like that you used a bulleted system to give details about each layout next to the preview images. That is very helpful! Your code boxes (copy and paste sections) are really clean and shapely (I don't know if that makes sense but bottom line, I like them :3) and I just dig everything overall, really.

Finals Thoughts And/Or Concerns: 9/10 Dude, I adore your site. I think making a background that is a bit less basic would help greatly, as far as appearance goes. However, there isn't anything at all that you should change about your content. I gave it a near perfect score because you deserve it. I look forward to seeing more of you and Learning To Fly very soon.

Hayley's Stuff: 37/40

First Impression: 8/10 My favorite color is purple so obviously, you have won me over with this layout. It is also very well organized and centered on the page. The design/palette of the "Newest Stuff" box, however, does not match at all and I feel like it is a hinderance to your beautiful layout. I certainly think you should change it to match the "Updates" box to balance everything out. Overall, the layout was really nice!

Content Quality: 9/10 You make fantastic buttons (I should know, you made one for me!) and your collection is varied from design to style which gives each and every requester a unique creation. Your pixels are really great, both animated and un-animated. Your shields and icons are cool. I am not a fan of your Non-Neopet icons. They just seem flat and fairly void of the style that I know you are capable of. Your layouts are nice. Simple, but nice. Also, your adoptables are adorable. I am a big fan of the content that you provide and I look forward to using some of it to beautify my own site some day in the near future.

Organizational Skills: 10/10 The navigation is front and center which I appreciate very much because it makes the experience simple for each visitor from the get-go. Your rules were straight to the point but polite and you had everything centered and bulleted if necessary. Awesome job!

Finals Thoughts And/Or Concerns: 10/10 Your site is personal and creative without trying to hard and that is something many people fight to accomplish. You are doing a terrific job with it and I am totally going to request from you many times in the future. That is, if requests are open!! Thank you for letting me review your site. I look forward to seeing more of you and Hayley's Stuff very soon.

Sweeters Cafe: 32/40

First Impression: 10/10 G-o-r-g-e-o-u-s!! I am uber jealous of this layout and I would give anything for my site to be this beautiful. Your navigation is not only beautiful but superbly organized. I do feel like you should position the one link-back button a bit further to the right, closer to being underneath the words "Link Back" on the layout. This is not necessary, just a simple reccomendation.

Content Quality: 8/10 Your introduction message is very warm and inviting, so I would like to commend you on that. Keeping with the theme of the "cafe", you have your rubrics set up like a menu and I am a fan of this layout because it makes for sincere organization. You give plenty of choices for visitors looking to be reviewed however, I don't know that Visual and Content-Only should be individual categories. In my opinion, and this may just be an old-fashioned belief on my part, a review should aim to cover as many corners as possible to help the site owner do an overall "refresh" of their page rather than moving bit-by-bit. I can, entirely, appreciate your personal style, though. The reviews that you have already completed are very thorough and I, imagine, they are very appreciated by the site owners that have recieved them.

Organizational Skills: 6/10 Yout navigation is very organized. You have different bullet styles and colors spread throughout the website and I don't see that being necessary unless each color or style indicates a special purpose. Try to keep it uniform by having the same color throughout, something that does not stand out. Bullets are accessories, essentially, and they are meant to be an add-on, not a main attraction. Everything needs to be centered throughout the site, in my opinion, for the sake of organization and cleanliness. Your credits and/or rules, however, are factors that are fine being aligned to the left side of the page.

Finals Thoughts And/Or Concerns: 8/10 I am a huge fan of your layout and I think you are a stellar reviewer, however, your site falls short for me when I begin to examine specific factors about it (all listed above). I believe reviewing sites is a big job and that you are doing a great job with it. Thank you for letting me review your site. I look forward to seeing more of you and Sweeters Cafe very soon.

Everyday Quotes: 28/40

First Impression: 5/10 Your layout, although simple and delicate (which is my style), is almost too simple. I understand that you may not have had a chance to make a new banner yet but I don't see a need for the Happy Holiday banner halfway into January. This is just a pet peeve of mine so I apologize if this comes off as extremely rude. That emotion is not what I am intending to portray. With that being said, I like that your navigation popped up right there are the bottom so that I know what to do. Your layout, at first glance, looks like it may be under hiatus even though I know it is not, and that is part of the reason I am giving it a lower score.

Content Quality: 9/10 What the heck? Your banners are amazing and I wasn't expecting that from my first impression. I love that you have them sized the way you do. It provides the viewer with a really nice preview of the banner so that they can pick their favorite (which I believe is an impossible task). I love that you do custom banners because your skills are out-of-this-world. Awesome-ness!!

Organizational Skills: 7/10 Everything is very organized but it is all too minimalistic. Your updates should be presented under your welcome message to let visitors know of the last time you were active on your site. Your "copy & paste" code boxes (textareas) nearly disappear if the user's computer brightness is up higher. The Poogle Images reference in your credits made me laugh and I appreciate the disclaimer.

Finals Thoughts And/Or Concerns: 7/10 I love your banners but I feel like your layout is not doing your fantastic work any justice. I apologize if this review comes off as harsh, but I can see your graphic styling potential and I would love to see you and your site blossom into something amazing. Thank you for letting me review your site. I look forward to seeing more of you and Everyday Quotes very soon.

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