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Hello my name is Makayla and I would like to extend to you a warm welcome to Cosmos! Cosmos is a button request site that has been open since early 2013. Here I strive to make you high-quality buttons for you to use on your site. I've been graphic designing for a good 8 years now and have been developing my button skills for at least 3 years, although most of my very first work has since been lost. Here at Cosmos my goal is to make you a clear and aesthetically beautiful button. Thank you for visiting Cosmos, and feel free to contact me with any questions you have.



Probably just going to keep requests open for a while because I've had a lot of free time lately! Keep the requests coming!

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Hey everyone! Cosmos has a new layout and requests are open again. I'll most likely be taking all requests for the next 48 hours or so, so request while you can!

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So, you're ready to request a button from Cosmos? Great! Read the rules and information below, send in a completed form and I'll get back to you as soon as possible. If I don't reply to you within a few days feel free to re-send the form!
  • Credit is 100% mandatory. Credit can be in two forms: either direct linking the button back to here (/~roukn) or in your credit's section, label "Button # by Cosmos."
  • If you choose the image for your button, please make sure it is appropriate. If there is a specific area of the image that you would like me to focus on for the button, please let me know in the form!
  • You may suggest and animation or font for your button and I will take them into consideration. However I will ultimately choose what looks best for your button if your suggestion doesn't work out.
  • 1 button request per person each week. This rule is intact so that I can give everyone a chance to have a button and so I can keep up with my life.
  • I only make buttons for other pages on neo. No guilds or button sites either.
  • If your site hasn't opened yet, please provide the link to the page it will be on even if it is blank.
  • Please be as detailed as possible so I can help you to the best button possible! If you read these rules please put 'plie' somewhere in your request form.
  • I reserve the right to reject any form that I am sent if you refuse to follow the rules or if I believe your site has stolen or inappropriate content.

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    Don't see your button here? Don't worry! All requests get moved to my portfolio after a week!
    Don't forget to credit Cosmos somewhere on your site! (/~roukn)




    △ Alpha* △ Beyond △ Centre Point* △ Clockwork* △ Lacuna* △ Line Up* △ Midnight* △ Nemeton* △ Prism * △ The Sea Floor △ The Shelf* △ Unwound Clock* △ Vestige*


  • layout and coding (c) Makayla.
  • images on buttons from Neopets, Background Bonanza and Charlie's SWF Collection
  • textures, fonts and some psds from swimchick, 99 mockingbirds, dafont, backtalking @ dA, details
  • bullet points and request sign from The Lunch Box
  • coding help from Double Standard
  • glow tutorial from Whirligig
  • button placeholders from Euphoric