pink delight, roses and petals on her eyes, this girl

a goddess in her own right

no matter, her voice bounces on air and adrenaline

excitement in her every step

my Femki, sunshine, hymn of my love

could she ever keep quiet?

The Intergalactic Empire

The empire of Sen encompasses 37 planets, three galaxies, a black hole, and a lightyear of unexplored space. There are three main planets.

The first is XoaiWe-023 is better known as The Kingdom. This is the planet where the royal family resides, it's filled to the brim with any luxury you could wish for, it's therefore a planet exclusively for the royals and their direct subordinates. It's a desert like planet with an abundance of dunes that are it hard to build on. The layer under the sand is mostly made up of caves and underground, thermal springs. The planet's surface cities are all domed in, connected by simple tubes. It's ports are the second largest in the universe.

MinaMoon-05 is not actually a planet, but rather the largest moon of Xoaiwe-023. It's less than lovingly nicknamed, the Royal Playground. It's a rocky planet, but it's soil was found to be (with a little modification) suited for agriculture. Half of the moon's surface is used as the royal family's private garden. This does not go over well with the moon's inhabitants.

Aisagi-T is the third most important planet in the Sen empire. With it's eerie likeness to the once beloved Earth it is the place the Sen family was born. It has therefore become a great place for field trips, informational holidays, and for the lover of Earth, a cheaper alternative for housing.

Frigr-X is the planet on the absolute edge of the Sen galaxy. It's sandy, warm, and low in oxygen. It's used to house all criminals. Constantly supervised by the Frigr spaceship, nobody enters and nobody leaves without a scratch at best.

a tale of the universe


2545 AD. XiaoWe-023, Port City-Venus

The following story will detail the violation of 53 laws by the Empress of Sen during her months aboard the Iron Butterfly. It can be either understood as the tale of a hero, or that of a spoiled princess sticking her nose into business that is not hers.

Transcript written by General Alexander Tez.



There is no way to truly find out what happened that first night aboard the Iron Butterfly. One can make assumptions though, and assumptions were made, but to make a good assumption one needs to look only as far back as that evening.

2539 AD. XiaoWe-023, Port City-Venus

Men and women danced under the dome's protection to a song from the old days. Music like that was rare, most of it had been destroyed during the age of Adellyn, but of course, the Sen empire had somehow gotten it's hands on it.

They managed to collect rare things like that, music, planets, princesses. It was only natural to a Sen to hoard things like that.

But on that evening, with the stars as her witness, the princess danced among her people. Everything young Scaio did had to be perfect, tonight would be no exception.

To be anything but perfect meant death. Not immediate death of course, but it meant showing weakness, which in turn meant not being taken serious, which in turn meant being overthrown, which again meant death.

So be perfect or die.


So princess Scaio was perfect. Pale blue fabric tried to keep up with her graceful movements, and tried to look nearly as angelic as her. Eyes followed her movements, it wasn't common to dance alone after all. Scaio ignored the weight of their stares until they weighed her down.

With a tight smile she turned to the nearest bot, a tiny star mark painted on their forehead, and asked them to accompany her to the roof.

It was another uncommon thing to do.

It was breaking the unwritten rules, and Scaio knew that, but also figured that it showed restraint. She wasn't breaking any written rules. (Not yet...)

The servant bot accompanied her through the castle's many halls and even though she knew the way, followed them up to the roof. She hadn't wanted company, and servant bots didn't speak, and no noble would associate themselves with a bot.

Scaio won.

With a sigh she sagged against the castle's walls, through small windows she could look over her city, the music still hummed through the air. Beyond the city and beyond the ports the dome abruptly cut off everything, behind it the planet's rocky surface cut through the darkness.

She thought of her home, a moon not too far away, and remembered the wind that would ruffle her hair there. The lack of wind here became even more apparent.

The bot quietly stayed by the door. Waiting. Scaio turned to them, meeting their blank stare with an angry one of her own.

Would it be so hard to comfort me? Her voice came out less than perfect, the emotions hung off of every syllable. Scaio cursed herself internally.

The servant bot didn't move. My name is Servant Bot-306, I serve the Royal family of Sen and am not programmed to feel human emotions.

I am a Sen, you idiot. Scaio huffed.

It wasn't that she actually needed any comforting words, or a hug. She could do those things for herself, had learned that already. She just needed somebody to care.

One ship in the ports caught her eye. The Iron Butterfly. It wasn't big and it wasn't a warship, it wasn't even a passenger ship, it was just a cargo ship. Scaio loved it. Whenever she needed the silence, she knew where to find it.

Tell father I retired to my quarters early. She ordered the bot and quickly fell in a comfortable run back through the castles, leaving the servant bot attempting a chase behind. She hurried into a run past quiet passages, through the castle's gate, and then over cobblestone paths until she reached the city's ports.

Scaio had left Servant Bot-306 behind in the castle, the port sprawled out before her, quiet under the stars watchful eyes.

Everybody who hadn't been invited to the Winter's Eve Ball had been ordered an early curfew, leaving the city abandoned. It was deadly silent.

Scaio sighed and genuinely smiled for the first time that night.

At the entrance of the ship she pressed her hand against a cold metal scanner. She didn't worry about people knowing she sneaked onto cargo ships late at night, it had been a habit since her youth and nobody had ever bothered her about it.

She didn't figure they would start now.

Inside the ship warm air filtered through the airway as she stripped out of the detailed dress and slowly put on one of the suits worn by dock workers. With the press of a button the suit shaped itself to her body, perfectly snug and not a size too large.

She wandered the belly of the ship for a while, checking all spaces for potential disturbers and when she was sure it was empty she sagged down between the heavy boxes that lined the walls.

There she laid content, on the cold floor of a cargo ship in clothes that weren't even her own.

A grin tugged at her lips as she pulled out her Phone. It was an old model she only used for private things like these, in front of the nobles she of course always had the newest versions but they all appeared so fast Scaio could hardly keep up with them.

She hated to admit that she didn't know how to work them.

Her old phone buzzed with notifications, she ignored them all in favor of a simple game. The moment she tapped the icon a game started playing in midair, displaying a field and two enemy ships on each side. A shooter game.

What else could one expect of a heir to the largest empire since history? Nobody could command fleets like a Sen after all.

Scaio played the game, and with each win it got harder and more complicated, the game threw up challenges that got more difficult, unsolvable, yet she kept winning.

The game kept playing even when her eyes drooped and sleep took her away. The plasma blasters kept blazing even in her dreams.

No rest for a Sen.

five hours later

Panicked shouting roused the girl from sleep, loud banging made her aware of where she was, and the cold metal of a plasma blaster against her forehead was a clear message to her finally awakened mind.

She should have stayed at the ball.

The person, a large man with protruding eyes, held the plasma blaster in question. He towered over her, with large muscles and a cruel smile to boot Scaio knew that no amount of persuasion or violence was going to get her out of this situation.

She sighed loudly. If it's ransom you want, you might as well double the amount to make it worth my time.

The man's right eye twitched, but his cruel smile stayed. You're arrogant for your size.

She dragged her eyes across his form, making sure contempt dripped off of every point of her face. And you're not much of a looker, but that's your problem too.

The plasma blaster hit her, hard. A grin spread across her lips as she kicked the man's legs out from under him, taking his moment of unfocused anger to her advantage. His head hit the cold metal, harder. The plasma blaster fell from his grip and slid across the room.

Pressing a hand against the newly formed wound on her forehead she ran towards it and gripped the handle tight. The man stayed down where he was, making no movement to get up.

To be sure, she kicked him again.

The man wasn't wearing a cargo worker uniform, he had been wearing civilian clothes. They weren't allowed on cargo ships.

Something was wrong.

She moved towards the doors, holding the blaster comfortably in her hands. She knew how to use it. Was sure she would if she had to.

The halls of the cargo ships were empty as she passed through them, just as they had been when she arrived. Not a sign of life. Had the man been alone? She decided he couldn't have been alone, it was too strange.

A port window opened in the wall, showing the view outside the wi.ndow. Scaio caught her reflection in it and stopped to look at the wound that would surely scar, but something peculiar stopped her.

The city wasn't outside the wi.ndow. It was all black, small points of light in the distance the only thing that broke the pattern. It took her a moment to realize where she was.

She was in space.

A scared whimper escaped her lips. She hadn't planned on being this alone.

The sounds of a scuffle came from down the hall, Scaio hid behind a large stack of cargo boxes. Two voices rose out of the scuffle.

We won't let you do this! A scared voice squeaked up, pretending to be brave but sounding everything but.

A soft laugh rose up, carrying a bit of cynicism towards Scaio. A deep voice spoke. We? You mean you and your friends? You shouldn't struggle, my friend, and I won't hurt you. A pause. You're a big liar. The first man said softly, his voice steady thi stime.

Oh no! The deep voice laughed. Don't tell my mother! His laugh abruptly got cut off and Scaio half expected him to be taken down but after a moment he spoke again. Put Him with the others, don't k.ill them.

The man struggled, of course. Two others clicked their tongues, as if disappointed with their orders. Surely if they struggle we can enforce ourselves, right?
The all too familiar sound of a plasma blaster going off sounded, Scaio yelped in surprise but was thankful her voice was covered by the noise.

Any more questions? The deep voice said.

There were no more questions. After some footsteps the halls were silent again.

She peeked around the cargo boxes and a immediately the same noise repeated itself, a hot string of plasma missed her by a hair. She hurried to press herself back behind the boxes.

Next time I won't miss, little girl. So you better run.

She didn't have to be told that twice, she ran as fast as her legs could take her, ran through corridors she usually would have known better than her own body, but that seemed completely foreign with all the adrenaline running along with her.

There was only one place to go then, so there she went. The doors to the docks were opened, she paused in the doorway as she looked at the chaos there. Three small fighter ships were docked there. Fighter ships that didn't belong there.

The cargo ship was invaded.

A pair of large arms wrapped around her and caught her in a less than gentle embrace. Caught you! A familiar voice yelled into her ear. The man who's plasma blaster she had stolen now held her tight.

Don't be so rough, Mogi. The deep voice spoke, obvious joy in his words.

The plasma blaster clattered to the ground. Scaio didn't even bother to struggle then. She looked at the face the deep voice belonged to, and felt not fear or contempt, but surprise.

Before her stood the most handsome man she had ever seen.

Editing note: Ahem. Do not try to slip lies into this report, General Tez.

The man's eyes widened at the sight of Scaio's less than unknown face, then hardened. By the moon, it's you. He said, slightly breathless.

Scaio took the opportunity she saw presented. I would like to be unhanded, right now.

The man's face then broke into a smile. Wrong thing to say. Oh, but you seem quite comfortable like this. Also, I quite like my princesses captured like this.

Scaio grit her teeth at his treachery. And who might you be? She asked.

He mock bowed to her. The name is Alexander Tez, criminal extraordinaire. You might have heard of the escaped bunch from Frigr-X? He winked at her, which only worked to infuriate her further. Pleased to make your acquaintance, princess Scaio.

Mogi let out a surprised gasp behind her. His grip, sadly, did not loosen.

Alexander motioned at Mogi to follow him, and then led the way to the small sleeping quarters of the workers. The room was filled with angry looking men bound by ropes and angry looking men holding plasma blasters.

There were no friends here for Scaio.

For the first time in her life, she wasn't so sure she could overcome a challenge.


Intergalactic Trouble Checklist: Lost princess, Escaped convicts, Political Unrest

The Kingdom Today, date: 31st Nightfall 2539 AD The City is in uproar after the news about their precious princess. After the highly anticipated Winter's Eve Ball there was one thing that passed over all the attendants heads: the loss of their princess.
On the morning of the 31st Nightfall it was discovered that the princess' chambers were empty. There has been no word of a kidnapping or ransom, though there has already been a great sum of gold offered to the first person to return princess Scaio.
A hefty sum of 4,900,000, to be exact.
In other news, the escaped group of criminals from the prison planet of Frigr-X has not yet been signalled. It is advised to steer clear of strangers in the coming days.
Along with the disappearance of the princess go opinions, there have been rumors of multiple advisors speaking out their joy. Poor princess Scaio wasn't very popular among her court.
But of course, rumors are only words, they surely can't be reason enough for an execution?



The following text was retrieved from the empress' personal digital diaries, with editing by the all mighty herself, of course.

Login id. 02.130619
Scaio Serin Sen

32nd Nightfall 2539 AD

I have made a most annoying mistake today.

The room smells, the people are crying, and the guard at the door has a most awful scar running along his right eye.

I'd call it scary, but as a princess I need to set an example.

So instead of crying out or sitting pretty, I turn to the men next to me, clad in the same black work suit as me to start the one thing every royal fears; a revolt.

It was a nice try, if I can pat myself on the back like that, but when the man with the scar knocked the man next to me out at the sight of our conversation the room fell silent.

He turned to me with a smug smile, the white line stretching with the effort. Orders from the boss, sweetheart. No chit chatting as long as you're on board. The guy was fine, a few broken facial bones that can easily be fixed with reconstruction surgery and some knocked out teeth. As a pawn though, he was useless. When I tried to approach my fellow prisoners they all shied away, some going as far as turning the other way from me. I used to be thankful that revolting wasn't a one man's game.

After endless amounts of pestering I was moved to private quarters, a cleaning supply compartment. It was cramped and disgusting, but at least it was private and free of cowards.

A voice is coming from behind the door, an unmistakably demanding tone. Alexander. The censored.



The following transcript will detail some of the interactions between the empress and the convicts during the second week of her stay on the Iron Butterfly.

2539 AD. Bridge 4-0WY, the Iron Butterfly




Sora.NE had been a recent addition to the Sen empire, only five years ago did the civil war that raged through these meadows calm. It was impossible to imagine now. Workers, mostly women, worked the fields, their forms wrapped in colorful fabrics to protect their skin from the nearby sun.

Scaio noticed there were few men and few children and few elderly. She looked beside her at Alexander to question why he had stopped at this planet but the softened expre.ssion on his features made her pause.

Forty years, he said softly. What they wanted to take from me after taking my home from me. Scaio waited for him to continue, but he didn't.

Instead, he abruptly turned to her, the harsh expr.ession back on his face. Tell me what you see, Scaio. He said, calling her strangely by her name.

She tried to rack her brain for an answer that he might want to hear, but couldn't come up with anything other than what she had been taught to see. A peaceful planet, blossoming under the protective wings of the Sen empire. She said, but a seed of doubt had been planted in her already.

Alexander didn't have to tell her she was wrong. War raged her for two years. Many died Scaio, they died so your father could say he won, so you can say you won. He hesitated, blinking a few times before continuing. My parents died.

Scaio's eyes widened as she watched his face gradually grow more blank, desperately trying to hide anything he felt. She wanted to say she was sorry, but knew it would do him no good. So she let him talk.

Those first two years weren't so horrible. Everything that happened was at the borders, far away from our eyes. There's a way of saying that all fancy, you know? Out of sight, out of heart. He chuckled a little, there was no humor in it. Then the armies came. Alexander didn't have to finish for Scaio to understand. She had been trained in the finer details of war after all. A smart gal.

I was twelve when they arrested me. Black market, they called me. Said I stole whatever I sold. Forty years for selling sugarcubes. He laughed again, this time loud enough to make the women in the fields look up. So what if I had stolen, Scaio? So what? People were starving when they didn't have to. He cut himself off.

Scaio gave him the mercy of looking away when the tears ran over the boy's face, and suddenly he looked so young. Nothing like a dangerous criminal, a rugged man that would do anything to survive. No. A boy forced to grow up too soon. He looked his age suddenly.

There were no words that could comfort the broken Alexander, so she hugged him.

And it was good. It was all he needed.


NT article

I plan on writing a NT article about Scaio!! I've got some ideas, this is where I will put the finished product eventually.



Name Scaio Serin Sen

Job Crown princess to the intergalactic empire Sen

Age Seventeen

Star sign Capricorn

Physical description Tall, willowy form, kind of lanky. Has long dark purple hair half up in double buns, brown skin, and dark blue eyes. Her colors are orange, blue, purple, black and pink. Looks like she's always either bored or annoyed. Uses a lot of hand gestures when speaking in private. Can come across as distant or cold, which she totally is.

Personality Irresponsible, curious, selfish, impulsive, easily pleased, gluttonous, bratty, proud. She's not easy to deal with but she can be immensely loyal to the right people and will do anything to protect those she deems worthy.

Ski.lls Good with weapons, especially Plasma Blasters, she's got uncanny aim, even better than most guards. Was trained from a young age in battle strategy, diplomatics, culture of other planets, languages, and anything else a princess would find herself needing. Everything except flying a spaceship. Despite her many talents, Scaio sometimes refuses to do anything with them out of pure principle, finds it not fit for a princess despite actually enjoying it.

Small spaces
Being wrong
Pushy people

The stars


as of October 2016 Scaio's permanent custom has been completed!


Grandson / Bury Me Face Down

Bishop Briggs / Mercy

Lemaitre / Higher

BTS / Baepsae

Joe Hisaishi / Dragon Boy

CRX / Broken Bones

Big Wild ft. Tove Styrke / Aftergold

Tender / Outside

Cruisr / Kidnap Me

Grandson / Best Friends

Siamés / The Wolf


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Scaio art by Lizzie Young off site, commisioned by me

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