hello, and welcome to
gina's portfolio

Hi, I'm Gina, and if you've found your way to this page,
it means you have stumbled upon my Neopets portfolio!
So, welcome to my humble portfolio that's designed to tell you all about me!

I've created this personalized Gina Bitmoji avatar especially for you,
as she will accompany you, serving as your personal guide,
while you explore my neopets journey, become acquainted with my pets,
learn about my account improvement goals, and more! ♥

Have fun perusing my portfolio, and thank you for stopping by!

PS: If you have any questions, or even if you just want to chat,
please don't hesitate to neomail me! ツ

all about me:

Allow me to introduce myself...

Like I said before, I'm Gina, but my nickname has
been Gene Beans since I was a kiddo — hence my username. ツ

I'm 23 years old, originally from Boston, Massachusetts,
but presently based in Washington, District of Columbia.

In real life, I conduct clinical research and hope to attend graduate school,
in the future. I'm also enjoying a little breather after graduating from college.

Consequently, since I have all this extra time freed up from not being
in school, I decided now is as good a time as any to re-join Neopets!

I say "re-join", because I first played Neopets while in elementary school,
but I quit when I hit middle school. However, nostalgia got
the best of me 12 years later, and I created this account: gene_beans.

Since then, I have not looked back, and have found an amazing neofamily,
also known as the wonderful friends I've made on this site. ♥
In fact, were it not for all the lovely friends I've made on Neo,
I probably would have quit by now!

As for what I'm up to nowadays, you can find me trying to
painstakingly increase my avatar count, but mostly I'm wasting
time customizing pets, lurking the neoboards, adding to my gallery,
and of course, chatting with my friends!

my neopets:

Here are all of my babies! ♥

I am obsessed with my pets and strive to perfectly match their color with their names, customizations, and p2s & p3s!

I also don't change my pets' customs — once I create characters for them, I try to create forever customs that best
represent their stories and personalities. Although, admittedly, I'm never really done tweaking their customizations. ツ

Hover over each of my Neopet's images to learn about how he or she came to be part of my family, & click their names to visit their pet look ups to learn more about each of their individual characters!

Isashi was one of my *dream* unconverted pets, and thanks to his underrated, Tier 2 UC status, I was lucky enough to trade for him using an uncommon RW I had rotting on a side. I really wanted a space-themed Neopet, and once I put together this custom for a UC Robot Kacheek, I was in love! Isashi came home on December 14, 2017, and I am totally obsessed with my galactic, toxic-planet-exploring, lil robo. ツ


Edmery came to be because she belonged to my friend Mae. However, I loved the name Edmery so much, I convinced Mae to trade her to me! As for her character, when I played Neopets as a kid, I *loved* baby pets. Thus, for the sake of nostalgia, I had to turn Edmery into one too. ♥ I decided to go with a cherubic, bundle-of-love theme for her custom, a true ode to my younger self's love for baby pets!


Einsteinian was a consequence of my needing a Lab Rat pet. Moreover, I thought it would be fun to give him a mad scientist character so I wouldn't feel so awful about repeatedly zapping him! However, when I was putting together his custom, I fell in love with the wearables available to JubJubs & couldn't bear to zap him anymore. I then painted him Glowing, & thus, Einsteinian became one of my permanent pets!


Skeletanya joined the family when the amazing Robin was kind enough to offer to paint a pet a color of my choice. After playing around with some ideas, and inspired by the fact that it was around Halloween time, I decided to create a glamorous, heart-breaking goth using a Transparent Aisha. Thus, Skeletanya was born, and her character is a symbol of my love of big hair, Tim Burton, & being mean to boys! :K


Esmairelda is my *favorite* Neopet, because I am obsessed with her custom & character! Indeed, she is my gypsy, fortune-telling neochild, inspired by the fact that I myself am an avid astrologer, tarot card reader, & spirituality/meditation enthusiast. I also have a problem with over accessorizing with ethnic-inspired jewelry in real life, so my friends often refer to me as a gypsy. Thus, Esmairelda truly is my spirit Neopet!


Creepious was born because I love unpopular pets, especially Kikos. I also like to have a good mix of dark-themed & girly-themed pets, as well as a good balance of male & female pets, so I don't just keep hoarding one type of pet! Accordingly, I was determined to make a male Neopet that was a little spooky, so I decided to create a creepy, cute Zombie Kiko turned endearing, crazy carnival employee!


Delectability was created because I love her background & wanted to make a customization that used it! Also, given my affinity for unpopular pets/colors, I wanted to paint her custard, which I achieved thanks to the amazing Ash ♥. Finally, I was lucky that the real word "Delectability" wasn't taken, a name that pulled her character together, allowing her to become the edible creature she is today!


Herbalistic is another one of my pets who represents a dimension of myself. ;) As someone who researches psychedelics, herbal medicines, & mind-body therapies, I loved the idea of a pet permanently in a chill, trippy state. Moreover, given his name, Woodland color, & unpopular species status, I couldn't resist creating this character. Indeed, I couldn't be happier with how he turned out. ツ



Rosailena was created because I was lucky enough to receive yet another Fountain Faerie quest. Draiks are hands down my favorite Neopet, and when I looked to see what colors were available, I fell in love with Pastel Draiks. I quickly dipped Rosailena Pastel, and set about creating this soft, feminine customization for her, which is also a tribute to how girly I wish I could be in real life!

Kairria the VWN UC Faerie Wocky is currently UFT. I traded Kairria for Feaniir the VWN UC Faerie Pteri on January 1st, 2018! Neomail me if you are interested in trading and have an offer. ^__^


my neogoals:

      Here you will find a list of all my current goals for my account!
      Not sure when I'll get around to actually achieving them, but I can dream right?!

      General Account Related Goals:

      ♡ Obtain 15 million NP | Obtain 10 million NP | ✔ Obtain 5 million NP
      ♡ Enter Beauty Contest and win
      ♡ 300+ item gallery | ✔ 200+ item gallery | ✔ 100+ item gallery
      ♡ Have a submission accepted to the Neopian Times
      ♡ Feed 75 kadoaties — get that dang avatar!
      ♡ Obtain two rows of trophies | ✔ Obtain one row of trophies
      ♡ Start Neoquest I | start Neoquest II | start Neoquest III
      ♡ Obtain a VWN UC Plushie Zafara | ✔ Obtain a UC pet to break into UC trading
      ♡ Obtain BD Stamp Avatar | ✔ Obtain Shells Stamp avatar | ✔ Obtain the Big 3
      ♡ Obtain 280 avatars | ✔ Obtain 270 avatars | ✔ Obtain 260 avatars

      Pet Related Goals:

      ♡ Rosailena: enter beauty contest | update pet lookup | attach a Ditrey
      ♡ Edmery: attach a Dragonfly Nymph | update pet lookup | ✔ transform to Baby Korbat | ✔ update customization
      ♡ Einsteinian: train to 1000 HSD | update pet look up | attach an Unidentified P3
      ♡ Skeletanya: start gourmet feeding | update pet look up | ✔ update customization | ✔ attach a Glack
      ♡ Esmairelda: attach a Veespa | update pet look up | ✔ obtain MiniMME4-S2: Cloud of Ghostly Orbs
      ♡ Creepious: update pet lookup | attach an Aboogala | update his customization | ✔ give him a Halloween Warf
      ♡ Delectability: update pet lookup | ✔ attach a Breebly | update her customization
      ♡ Herbalistic: update pet lookup | paint petpet Woodland | complete his customization | ✔ attach a Skritch


 Below you will find images of all the NP items I am presently seeking. ♥

 Hover over the item's image to see its name and price!

 As for NC items, all of those wishes are listed at the end of my trade list, which can be accessed via this link:

 If you are interested in making an NC or NP trade with me, please don't hesitate to shoot me a neomail. ツ

  ⋗ GALLERY WISHLIST: https://items.jellyneo.net/mywishes/gene_beans/163127/


avatar progres:

Here are all the avatars I still need! ♥ As you can see, I have quite a ways to go. #n00b
It really is a shame that game avatars are literally the bane of my existence. @__@

Thus far, I have obtained a grand total of 275 avatars, and I'm still counting, folks! ツ



uc trading chains:

  My final UC goal is a VWN UC Plushie Zafara!
  Currently I have Kairria the UC Faerie Wocky UFT. ♥

  Shoot me a neomail if you are interested in making an offer! ツ
  To see the details of my trading chain, hover over each Neopet image listed below!


1. BN UC Faerie Kougra

Jeffrey_5000 the UC Faerie Kougra was gifted to me by the lovely Dani. Thanks again, Dani! :*

2. VBN UC Faerie Shoyru

I traded Jeffrey_5000 the UC Faerie Kougra for Sonny_Rules999neo the UC Faerie Shoyru on April 28, 2017.

3. VWN UC Desert Aisha

I traded Sonny_Rules999neo the UC Faerie Shoyru for Hidekirama the UC Desert Aisha on May 7, 2017.

4.VWN UC Faerie Kougra

I traded Hidekirama the UC Desert Aisha for Xytho the UC Faerie Kougra on May 14, 2017.

5. VWN UC Faerie Pteri

I traded Xytho the UC Faerie Kougra for Feaniir the UC Faerie Pteri on December 20, 2017. Feaniir is currently UFT!

6. VWN UC Faerie Wocky

I traded Feaniir the UC Faerie Pteri for Kairria the UC Faerie Wocky on January 1, 2018. Kairria is currently UFT!


1. Real Word

Saporous the RW Green Blumaroo was created by me on December 9, 2016.

2. VWN UC Robot Kacheek

I traded Saporous the RW for Isashi the UC Robot Kacheek on December 14, 2017! YAY!

thank yous:

 Honestly, the best part of playing Neopets are all the kind, wonderful people I have been lucky enough to
 become acquainted with — especially those who have helped me or have been ridiculously kind to me in someway.

 Thus, to honor these people, below I've listed images of the all the gifts, kindness, or help I've received.
 A huge thank you to everyone on this page, and anyone else that I may have unintentionally forgotten. ♥

 The images are listed in order of most recent to least; hover over each to see my thank you messages,
 and click each image individually to visit the look up of the amazing human who was kind to me!


 Here you will find screenies of some of the notable neohappenings I've encountered on the site.
 Mostly though, they're probably ridiculous posts from the goofs over at my guild, Valiant. ♥

 PS: if you find yourself screenshotted on here but you do not want to be, shoot me a neomail
 and I will be sure to take it down. ツ


If you've made it this far, congratulations!
You have officially reached the end of my portfolio.

That calls for a congratulatory dab, performed for you by
(see right) your trusty portfolio guide Bitmoji Gina! ツ

That said, thanks for visiting my page and I hope you enjoyed it!
On your way out, please make sure to check out the links below. ♥


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