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about the site

Kingdom Pixels started when I found many different pixels sites and realized I wanted to create cute little images too! All my pixels are transparent, and I created the line art on paint and colored and finished them on Adobe Photoshop CS4. The vectors were also created in Adobe Photoshop CS4 using the pen tool. (if you would like some advice just neomail me!)


Kingdom Pixel's report card

Reviewed at Crystal Clear (hover)


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Site by Chip
Wonderful header image by Chloe at Perspicacious
Coding by Sra at KTL CSS
Pixel text used on special adoptions from Modela.
Header image from DeviantArt
Cute avatar from Connie's Fake Avatars!
Thanks to Pixel Paper for awesome tutorials!
Kitty Friends Club hosted with
permission from Catch-A-Star
Various help from For You
One button base (on link back buttons to Kingdom Pixels, made by Kingdom Pixels)
is from [ EP!C*Silence ].
Kawaii Faces credit is in the Kawaii Face section.

little town of cuteness

Welcome to Kingdom Pixels, a land of amazingness and cuteful pixels. (yes, made up words!) Feel free to explore, send me a neomail, and use all of the materials as long as they go by the rules! You can use these pixels in your toy box or as decorations around your site. (:

KP reached 4000 page views! Thank you Sally (discogurls) for the screenie!

1. Don't steal, edit, or redistribute my pixels.
2. The pixels must be linked back. If you want to link them to another page,
neomail me and use a text link back to this page. Any other exceptions will
be listed above the pixels, but if you don't find your answer there, just neomail me.
3. Feel free to request a pixel if requests are open!
site updates Quick and simple.

1.23- +2 special adoptions

1.10- +2 hand-drawn vectors

1.7- +1 counter base, +6 bottles, +2 bears

1.3- +6 jiggling jellies, +3 bonbon pixels, +1 bonbon vector

1.2- +6 hearts, +1 snowman/request

1.1- +3 requests, +1 snowman, +1 icon

12.30- +12 televisions, +12 backgrounds

12.29- +6 hatted egg dolls

12.28- +1 request

12.24- +2 icons

12.23- +2 requests, +6 jesters

12.22-Slight layout change, +1 snowman, +2 requests

12.19- + requests, +2 envelopes

12.13- +2 requests, + many resources

12.6- +1 octopus, +3 snowmen, +2 candy canes, +2 hot chocolate, +1 snowflake

11.21- +2 vectors

11.15- + new sozai

11.08- +3 water bowls, +3 oni giri, +3 animal friends, +3 donuts, +3 octopi, +3 shells, + more flavors of icecream, + more base choices, +1 request.

11.07- +3 apple pixels!

11.06- + more icecream flavors

11.05- + icecream pixels!

11.01- +1 sparkly counter base, +2 neopian items, +3 small envelopes, +2 more signs, +3 milk jugs, + more affies and listers!

10.31- +1 affie, +1 award, +3 button bases, +1 Heart Counter.

10.30- +1 pumpkin pixel, +12 envelopes, +2 heart counters, +1 chocolate open and closed signs, +1 blue popsicle "REMEMBER THE RULES" sign


read what's going on

Hi everybody! It's been a long time since I updated, and that's because I'm working on an off-site Kingdom Pixels! It has a different name though, Kanaloo. :) I'm going to get a new site layout next weekend, I hope. It really depends on how much time I have!

I added the new pixel heart section I was promising. No major new pixels today, because my family is hosting this party, and I have to be part of it. x) More pixels tomorrow, for sure. Also, I'm probably going to get the layout done tomorrow!! I'm so excited. :)

New sections for icons!! The coding is acting up again, and its VERY annoying. I'm closing requests so I can work on more pixels for the site. Tomorrow I won't have too many new pixels, but on sunday I may. The layout is still in the works, I think everyone will like it. It features... I can't tell you. It's a secret. :)

Happy New Year's Eve (or New Years for some of you on the other side of the world)! Today I will be mainly making the new layout, BUT I may make some pixels too. I'm pretty excited for the layout though, I think it will be the best one yet. (I hope!) I got a tablet for christmas (this is a little late!) but I'll probably be using that to make my layout. It's pretty cool, the type I got was Wacom Bamboo Pen and Touch. It allows you to draw with your finger or pen instead of the mouse. :)

I created 12 television pals, and 8 are animated with cute faces. If you want me to create a certain color, just send me a neomail! The coding isn't acting up today, so that's good. I'll be creating a few pixels on new year's eve, but I'll be busy. ALSO: I'm participating in my schools Variety Show, and I'm singing the song What Is This Feeling from Wicked with a few of my friends. :) I also created this heart pixel, so use it if you wish, it will have it's own section later.

My coding is acting up. ANYWAY'S, if you'd like to help me code my new layout, please neomail! Added egg dolls!

I've been getting a bunch of requests! I'll add more pixels soon, but like I said before, a new layout is on it's way! Also, Kiuchi asked me to work with him to make buttons! So I'm thinking of shutting Starcastic down, or revamping and combining it, to create a new button request site with Kiuchi. Get ready for that too! Also, thanks to everyone who has been voting, we are now in the lead at A Thousand Cranes!!!

I won the Monde De Beau pixel contest (with my brown hatted snowman pixel)! I will be receiving my award soon. Thanks to everyone who voted! I got two new link back buttons, one from Cotton Island, and one from Fantabulous. Check those out, they were really great buttons! I'll be adding more pixels again today, but as of now I really don't know what. It was like yesterday when I added the jesters, the idea just molded while I was playing with photoshop. =3

My review at Academy of Impulse was pretty good, I got 464/500, an equivalent of 92%. Check out my grade now! I am going to make some more pixels today, and I'll focus more on pixels and less on web material. I'm going to make a new layout, like I said yesterday, but I'm not sure what to theme it. I'm also getting a bit of a "pixel block", so if you have ideas, just send them in. I can't guarantee that I will make your suggestions, BUT I will look at all of them. Send in your theme! Click to send in ideas!

My review from Shibuya Station was 80/100 for my first review, not too shabby. Tenshi gave great advice, and I took it. I changed a few of the colors, and be sure to look forward to a possible new layout in the works. Now you can see mostly site updates in the top right, next to the rules. (: I am going to concentrate on making new pixels and a new layout this winter break. ALSO: I got new buttons, so be sure to look through them all. I got some more fanmails, so woohoo! Continue voting and thanks for your support!

I made this icon for Elite's graphic contest! Please vote by clicking on the icon now, and feel free to use it for your site as long as you link back. I added a couple more signs in site material. Today I'm going to make blankets with fleece and donate them to charities. And I get to eat cookies too! My favorite cookie is chocolate chip, but oatmeal and raisins are yummy, and I also like sugar cookies. I love brownies too. (: Also, Neo~Nice lost all of their coding!! Thankfully, Nice got all the info and now its back up and running.

First things first, it's snowing over where I am!! Not that much, but 2 inches is enough to make any kid smile. (: I got a new affie, Pixelated, and it has sooo many pixels, and they are all so detailed and beautiful, so check it out! I also got a new stamp in my Pixel Stamp Collection. I'm going to finish my reviews at Kingdom Reviews and I'll finish some requests here, and add some resources and pixels. Yesterday I forgot to add that I added a grey color for some of the sozai, and I finished two requests, and a new envelope!

This is amazing. I am now rank one at Elite! Thanks so much for voting, and continue supporting Kingdom Pixels in upcoming events! I have three new requests, one panda pixel, a animated envelope, and a snowflake. So, those will get done over the weekend, along with some reviews I have to take care of. I also found this new site, Live.Laugh.Love that is really cool, so I'm going to neomail Jes over there to be affies. I suggest going over and checking it out! Don't forget to visit SYMBOLSPLZ!, a very creative site I stumbled upon.

This icon looks yummy. Okay.....back to the topic! Today I added a couple of the button requests, and I'm actually pretty proud of the results! I also added some new arrow resources available for your use! Kingdom Pixels also got listed at Cloudy Skies Directory. The new toybox theme is PURPLE, so send in any pixels you have found that are purple! Also, please vote for Kingdom Pixels in our SOTMs we're trying to get to the top! Also, I got some new buttons and a new affie, Sweetest Moments. (^-^*)


12.7-Cute new buttons! Check them out! Kingdom Pixels ranked fourth at Elite.

12.6-New christmas section, and new octopus! And I added a new quick link back button on the homepage.

12.3-Very busy, possible new pixels on Sunday?

11.21*-Okay, I lied. NO NEW PIXELS, but......
*drumroll please*

11.21-I've decided I don't really like this layout.X3
I'll add more pixels.

11.20-Sorry for not updating, I've been busy with a drama production of And A Child Shall Lead. Also, I won't be updating during Thanksgiving. Today I found a stealer. Now my NO STEALER streak is ruined! Please help me find stealers! CLICK FOR WOS

11.15-Added new sozai pixels for your site! Entered Sofia's Goodies candy contest with my new tootsie roll pixel! Also, will be adding more pixels later.

11.14*-Finished two more requests, working on more pixels. All of the old icecream flavors are back, but pixeled differently!

11.14-YAY! New lay, like? I spent the whole time coding it! There are new features so I had to create a little "guide" so people will know how to navigate! X3
REPHRASE: I will create a guide as soon as I get back from rehearsal. And I'll add more pixels!

11.12-New icecream pixels will be on the way!

Sister site!


11.09-Had to take bottles down, an affiliate thought I was copying them. ):

11.08- REMEMBER: I don't update on weekdays!


11.08-New donuts and animal friends!

11.08-New bottles and oni giri! Add new bowls, filled with water! They have different tints to the glass. Under food

11.08-NEW OCTOPI AND SHELLS! New flavors of icecream and more base choices! Finished another pixel button request!

11.07*-New apple pixels!

11.07-Added TITLES to all of the pixels, so just mouseover and you can see what they are!

11.06-New icecream flavors!

11.05*-More cute icecream pixels!
Posted a Flare!

11.05-I CHANGED THE LAYOUT! I wanna get more pixels up and maybe do a tutorial?

11.02-I don't usually get on the computer during weekdays, so no new pixels this week until the weekends, m'kay?

11.01-New counter, started today, of course. Added a sparkly counter base, more neopian items, 3 new small envelopes, two more signs, some milk jugs, and some more affies and listers!

10.31-Happy Halloween! New affie, Sushi Bar, and I won the Silver Sushi Award! Added three new button bases, and also another color of the Heart Counter. I also adopted some cuties from Sushi Bar!

10.30-Added new pumpkin pixel, 12 new envelopes, 2 new heart counters, and new chocolate open and closed signs. Also added a blue popsicle "REMEMBER THE RULES" sign.

vote for me hover for current rank and vote!

i'm a favorite ranking sites that do not have voting


cute little widgets


dream bottles My dream bottles are back!


jiggling jellies

mini hearts

television pals

kitty hat egg dolls


holiday season

animal friends

random requests


under the sea

japanese yummies


dessert treats


neopian items


stuffed animals




Little 100x100 images to spiff up your page. Most of these will be pixelated, because Kingdom Pixels IS a pixel site, and some will be..."normal" just because I felt like making some like that. :)
pixel icons

normal icons

web materials

resources for your site

backgrounds All backgrounds must be credited with a link or button back to this page.

currently doing signs and buttons If you want these to link to your neomail, it requires visible link credit.

back to the top signs Visible link credit required


envelopes Visible link credit required.

counter bases Visible link credit required.


button bases Visible link credit required.

new signs

best viewed signs

remember the rules signs

open signs

closed signs

hiatus signs

kawaii faces Credit goes to Hushstar for the first section, and Daniberry for the second. I'm putting them on here for everyone to be able to use! Some modifications have been made so they don't mess up neopet's filters. Decorate your site, neomails, and neoboard messages with these cute faces, just copy and paste!

hushstar kawaii (^-^*)

( ^_^)


(· ω ·)

( ´ ∇ ' )/

(* ≥∇≤)
Nice to meet you ♪


(T o T)

( ;__;)

☆ (≥.«)


(¯∇¯) !!


















daniberry kawaii (。ノ・(エ)・。)ノ゛
bear face






mamegoma (?)



















face blushing


simple layout images

mouse-drawn If you use these in a layout, please leave a visible link credit.

hand-drawn If you use these in a layout, please leave a visible link credit.

special adoptions

cuties to take home

currently: random! My special requests are going to be a little different than others! First off, there are a few styles. We have the "norm", which will be little pixels that can be customized. Also have "name tags", which are little "blinkies" that can be customized to your name, and also have "avatars", bigger pixels that you can customize with your name. It is VITAL that you do not take these and customize it with your name yourself, that is considered stealing. Just send the form in, and you can find one coming your way.
how to read!
Underneath each item, there will be a something similar to this:
Stock: 10
Taken: 2

Products name: THE NAME OF THE ITEM (underlined above the preview)
Anything Else: COLORS, ETC.

Actual Form


avatar style
(character by Sanrio)

Stock: 8
Taken: 2


Stock: 4
Taken: 1

nametag style
Blue Tulip

Stock: 2
Taken: 3

pick ups


a pixel for your own

Pick Up New






Gallery Look but don't touch!
-invalid_words- -invalid_words- -invalid_words-


fancy little groups

Kitty Friends Pixel Club
My little club. See credits for hosting information. Please link back to this page!


The Pixel Express
My Cart

My Train

Pixel Stamp Collection

Special Adoptions


we're so tight!

Neo~Nice is a very cute pixel site by the wonderful Neicy. Her pixels are creative, and so kawaii! Almost every day I see a new pixel, and all of them are just so amazing! She takes requests, so be sure to get some from the wonderful Neo~Nice!
Sushi Bar
The Sushi Bar is one of my favorite sites, run by Yumi!! Plus it's my favorite food EVAH! Don't forget, her little Sushi Bar pixel theme is just one of the greatest ever to grace the web. So check her out, she's really creative. X3


themed little pixels

Current Theme: Pink


little notes

Thanks for the neomails everybody!



Awards I have recieved! Drag and drop for full size, hover for information and location!

previous layouts

a look into the past

Winter Season

This one of my favorite layouts, there are three different versions, the first one had a banner I made with an image from DA, and had a purplish blue color scheme. The second was with a banner from Perspicacious, which was amazing. And the third, was a recoloring which I did after my review with Shibuya Station, thanks for the great advice!

Balloons in the Sky

This was my first image map layout! I loved the colors, but unfortunately it wasn't compatible in all browsers, which led me to change the layout.

Peaches and Clouds

This one was an attempt at looking more professional, and cute. I liked it, but it wasn't the best I could have done. I coded it myself, but the graphic was from DA.

Pretty in Pink

No image!
I actually liked this one a lot! It had a grey background, and pink header titles. It was boxy, and I edited it from a css layout from SUGARY premades, it was the 1 Column Cup of Tea style. ;3

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