welcome! You've discovered Tiny Plant Adoptables! In case you've drifted in with very little explanation, this page is full of tiny pixel art that you can "adopt" to put on your lookups, pages, print out and eat-- whatever you want!
This page was created in honor of my little horticulturalist-- Sugah! If you want to learn more about her, you can use the links to the left to view her 'about' page, or to return to neo if you're finished viewing. Otherwise, please enjoy Sugah's tiny plants! There are a few rules which you can read below, but once you're clear feel free to use the general adoptables or request a custom one!

r u l e s ⧏

(1) Please leave my credit (the link back to this page and, if you find it, the microscopic watermark on my work) on the adoptable. If you have a premade layout that modifies image links, just put the following next to the image:
Please do not use these images without crediting my site. If you can't figure out how to make a link work in your layout please drop me a mail, I'll be happy to help.

(2) Please do not use custom adoptables if they weren't created for you! The only custom adoptables that remain in that section indefinitely (rather than being reassigned to general adoptables) are those specific to someone's character/gallery/etc. If they are in that section they're exclusive and are only displayed as examples. Please don't take them!

(3) If you request a custom adoptable, please keep in mind the following:

I am in no way required to complete your request. Ever. Even if I say I will. I am a busy person and while I will apologize profusely if for some reason I have to turn down your request, this doesn't mean that I don't have every right to do so.
I have full artistic license with your request. This doesn't mean I'm not going to take into account your desires, it just means that unless there's some clear mistake I am not going to redo your adoptable. You are asking me for my interpretation of your request, in my style. It takes me a lot of time to create these silly things and I do it for my own amusment. I promise to do my best to satisfy you, but if you don't like what I made try and be gracious--I am a person.
(4) If your image/any image from my site "breaks", please neomail me! I will fix it as soon as possible. Please also contact me when you pick up a custom request, so that I can take down your code.

(5) In order to take an adoptable, just copy and paste the code in the text area below each image!

⧐ r e q u e s t ⨯ f o r m

Here are the questions I'd like answered when you request a custom! You can use the form at the end to type your responses, then simply copy and paste into a neomail (link provided for your convenience). I will also take suggestions for general adoptables, you can use the same form or send something as simple as 'there should be a venus fly trap adoptable!'.

(1) Name: Your name ;D.
(2) Inspiration: Is this based on a pet? A favorite character? Pokemon? Sock? If there's an inspiration or reference image for this adoptable please put it here.
(3) Facial Expre.sion: Does your adoptable have a face? Is there a smiley that you want that face to look like? This is where you should put that info.
(4) Animation: What does your adoptable do? This can be as simple as 'nothing' and as vague as 'dance'.
(5) Size: Your adoptable has two dimensions-- horizontal and vertical. Both can be as low as 50px and as large as 200px. If these measurements don't mean anything to you you can also just say 'tiny, small, large, XL', I'll know what you mean.
(6) Time and Date in NST: This is just for my records.

c u s t o m ⨯ a d o p t a b l e s ⧏


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If you were formerly an affiliate please neomail me! When I lost the page I also lost all my affiliate links.

Thank you and come again!