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[ June 2018 ]
+ Avatar: Altador Cup Player
+ Avatar: Altador 2018 - Meridell (TWR)
+ NP Purchase: Bridge to the Orchard Background
+ NP Purchase: Darigan Petpet Paint Brush
+ Painted Lilith the Quetzal Darigan!

[ May 2018 ]
+ Avatar: The Wraith Resurgence
+ Trophy: Consummate Commander (TWR)

[ April 2018 ]
+ Painted Pullox the Muyang Eventide!
+ NP Purchase: Eventide Petpet Paint Brush

[ February 2018 ]
+ Morphed Sanctorus into Halloween Uni!
+ Avatar: Valentine Chia
+ Avatar: Infirmary
+ NP Purchase: Halloween Uni Morphing Potion

[ December 2017 ]
+ Painted Jasmine the Mimbi Purple!
+ Painted Celeste the Faellie White!
+ Painted Castoreas Eventide!
+ Cross Painted Arquenn Royal/White!
+ Gift! Royal Paint Brush (rackelshackelnbenny)
+ Dipped Nyxerra into Mutant Draik!
+ Morphed Nyxerra into Pirate Draik!
+ Created Pet: Nyxerra
+ Earned Rainbow Fountain Access!
+ Morphed Kynnara Purple!
+ Won Trophy: Plushie Tycoon (Gold)
+ Avatar: SDB Pack Rat
+ Avatar: Alien Aisha
+ NC Trading: Dark Enchanted Cape
+ NC Trading: Peaceful Tree Garland
+ NP Purchase: Purple Petpet Paint Brush
+ NP Purchase: White Petpet Paint Brush
+ NP Purchase: Eventide Paint Brush
+ NP Purchase: White Peophin Morphing Potion
+ NP Purchase: Purple Uni Morphing Potion

[ November 2017 ]
+ Site Event: Games Master Challege, Level 5
+ Site Event: Altador Plot Completed
+ Won Trophy: Ugga Drop (Gold)
+ Won Trophy: Better Than You (Bronze)
+ Won Trophy: Plushie Tycoon (Bronze)
+ Avatar: Plushie Tycoon
+ Avatar: Better Than You
+ Avatar: Neodaq/Stock Market
+ NC Trading: Gothic Blossoms Foreground
+ NC Trading: Darkness Attacks
+ NP Purchase: Breathtaking Night Sky
+ NP Purchase: Faerie Petpet Paint Brush

[ October 2017 ]
+ Won Trophy: Kadoatery (Gold)
+ NP Purchase: Altador Cup V Champion Laurel
+ Created 2 x Side Accounts


+ + +

Hello and welcome to my Portfolio! This page is a central hub for my Neopet account, and is an ongoing project. I can't wait to see it become more complete as I achieve my Neo-goals.

I currently have three Neopets accounts. Please click on the images to visit the corresponding Userlookup.
And yes, I have named my side accounts after Neopet items.


+ + +

Click the Bottle of Love to Neomail Me!

Unless I'm very low on Gift Boxes, I'm always up for casual NC trades - I really love trading, and I do my best to reply to all messages.

Always Seeking:
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Albion the White Ixi

[X] Morph White
[X] Woodland Ukali
[ ] Glyme
[X] Customisation Complete
[X] Pet Lookup
[ ] Petpage
[ ] Win a BC Trophy

Lady Babineaux the Royal Cybunny

[X] Paint Royal
[X] Faerie Snowbunny
[ ] Ditrey
[X] Customisation Complete
[X] Pet Lookup
[ ] Petpage
[ ] Win a BC Trophy

Sylandria the Tyrannian Peophin

[X] Paint Tyrannian
[X] Tyrannian Zebie
[ ] Moffit
[X] Customisation Complete
[X] Pet Lookup
[ ] Petpage
[ ] Win a BC Trophy

Arquenn the White Peophin

[X] Crosspaint Royal / White
[X] White Faellie
[ ] Strale
[X] Customisation Complete
[ ] Pet Lookup
[ ] Petpage
[ ] Win a BC Trophy

Dimitri the Rainbow Uni

[X] Morph Rainbow
[X] Rainbow Drugal
[ ] Rainblug
[X] Customisation Complete
[X] Pet Lookup
[ ] Petpage
[ ] Win a BC Trophy

Castoreas the Eventide Uni

[X] Paint Eventide
[X] Eventide Muyang
[ ] Draphly
[X] Customisation Complete
[X] Pet Lookup
[ ] Petpage
[ ] Win a BC Trophy

Kynnara the Purple Uni

[X] Morph Purple
[X] Purple Mimbi
[ ] Unidentified Petpetpet
[ ] Customisation Complete
[ ] Pet Lookup
[ ] Petpage
[ ] Win a BC Trophy

Sanctorus the Halloween Uni

[X] Morph Halloween
[X] Darigan Quetzal
[ ] Aboogala
[X] Customisation Complete
[X] Pet Lookup
[ ] Petpage
[ ] Win a BC Trophy

Nyxerra the Mutant Draik

[X] Rainbow Fountain Dip Mutant
[ ] Mutant Gruslen
[ ] Moach
[X] Customisation Complete
[X] Pet Lookup
[ ] Petpage
[ ] Win a BC Trophy


+ + +

Recently created or adopted pets, that are still to be painted and/or customized!

Name the [Colour] [Species]

[ ] Colour
[ ] Petpet
[ ] P3
[ ] Customisation
[ ] Pet Lookup


Current goals I am saving towards. These will swap frequently.

Mutant Petpet Paint Brush
To Paint Nyxerra's Petpet, a Gruslen.

For my future UC Faerie Peophin. To be painted Faerie.

Faerie Paint Brush
To Paint the Kadoatie!

Woodland Petpet Paint Brush
To Paint a future Petpet, a Mibblie.

My first Petpetpet, for Sylandria's Tyrannian Zebie.

A Petpetpet for Albion's future Petpet, a Woodland Mibblie.

A Petpetpet for Dimitri's Rainbow Drugal.

A Petpetpet for Lady Babineaux's Faerie Snowbunny.


These goals will not change as frequently - they are dream accomplishments that will mark large milestones in my time on Neopets.

Adopting an Unconverted Faerie Peophin
Yes, this is the big one, the loftiest goal I have set for myself. I'm aiming to have a developed, well-rounded account, and I'm working on a Project Page to keep me motivated. Hard work, positivity, and patience will be the keys to achieving this difficult goal.

Sylandria's Battledome Training
Training my Battledome Pet, Sylandria, until she can take on formidable AI opponents like the Snowager and take part in plot events.

Design & Write Petpages
I'd like each of my pets to have either a dedicated Petpage for their character, or page such as this one, serving as a Lookbook, Project Page, etc.

Gallery Collections
I have several Gallery collections, usually tied thematically to each of my pets. I would like to win the Gallery Spotlight award for at least one of my Galleries.

Gourmet Food Award
Lady Babineaux demands only the finest foods, of course, and I'll work to feed her rare foods until she joins the Gourmet Club of Neopia.

Neopian Reading Awards
Albion's great intelligence is ever growing as I read to him, and my goal for him is to win both a Neopian Book Award, and Booktastic Book Award.

Build My Neohome
My Neohome in Meridell, the Rosewood Estate, is an important part of the world building for my pets. I want to fully decorate it, and one day win the Neohome Spotlight.

Hoarding Diamonds
Collect a thousand of each of these items!
Enormous Fake Diamond: 53/100
Diamond Snowball: 57/100

Be Published in the Neopian Times
The ultimate opportunity to display my writing abilites - I'd love to write a guide, or a fun article about one of my many favourite Neopian topics!

Supreme Deluxe Faerie Queen Doll
It's such a frivolously expensive item, and it's so elegant and beautiful - owning it will prove I really have run out of things to buy!


Notable achievements and goals that I've recently completed.

Darigan Petpet Paint Brush
Purchased to paint Sanctorus' Quetzal.

Ending of The Wraith Resurgence
It's such a great feeling to be involved in official site events! I got a second place trophy and I'm very proud of it!

Eventide Petpet Paint Brush
Purchased to paint Castoreas' Muyang.

Halloween Uni Morphing Potion
Purchased to morph my Uni, Sanctorus.

White & Purple Petpet Paint Brush
Purchased to paint Arquenn's Faellie and Kynnara's Mimbi.

Eventide Paint Brush
Purchased to paint my Uni, Castoreas.

Royal Paint Brush/White Peophin MP
After receiving an extremely generous Christmas present of a Royal Paint Brush from a kind Neopian, I bought a White Peophin MP to complete Arquenn's crosspaint! ^^

Plushie Tycoon Champion!
Finished in 17th place on my second month. I thought I'd get silver, so I was beyond happy to see that trophy on my lookup!


+ + +

Secret Avatars: 164

Avatar Goals (Unowned)

Newest Avatars (Owned)

Favourite Avatars (Owned + Unowned)


+ + +

Trophy Goals

Newest Trophies



+ + +

I will keep this section updated to reflect my current Closet items - things that are either part of current pet customisations, or in storage for alternate customs.

Albion the White Ixi

Dimitri the Rainbow Uni

Lady Babineaux the Royal Cybunny

Sylandria the Tyrannian Peophin

Castoreas the Eventide Uni

Arquenn the White Peophin

Sanctorus the Halloween Uni

Kynnara the Purple Uni

Nyxerra the Mutant Draik

UC Faerie Peophin

Future Pet Customisations

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