Welcome to Making It Yours, an introductory site about HTML and editing the various pages on Neopets. I'm Wendy, and I have been editing and occasionally making layouts and pages on Neopets for years. This is intended to be for absolute beginners. You can use the tabs on the left for navigation around the site.

HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language. It tells the computer how to display websites. CSS, Cascading Style Sheets, can be used for more advanced stuff.

Oh, and I must admit: I'm not a master at HMTL and CSS. I just love the basics and I can use my knowledge to set up pages like this one and edit premade layouts to exactly how I want them to look.


11/1/14: I've finally gotten around to this project. Let's get writing!

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you laugh until you cry

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you cry until you laugh

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you're young until you're not

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you love until you don't

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