October 20, 2017:
I found my beta tester! That was a lot easier than I thought. I figured I'd have to resort to begging and promises of custom graphics for life or something. :P

Things are coming along nicely for the grand re-opening. Got all my Pet Lookups coded yesterday, and a bunch of small graphics, as well. Boyfriend is working all weekend, so I should have plenty of time to knock stuff out before it's time to start releasing it, but if not, I'll just have to do it on the fly, a day at a time. I've definitely done worse. ;)

October 19, 2017:
I've decided that I need a new graphics beta tester. What on Earth is she talking about, is what you're thinking, I know. So when I create graphics, particularly layouts, but sometimes other stuff, as well, I end up staring at the images for so long that they'll blur and whatnot. And sometimes what I think is legible because I know what it says and have been staring at it for four hours, really isn't. Or things clash. Or I misspell something because I'm only human (and dyslexic). Or something happens in the upload process that alters things and I don't notice.

So what this would entail is someone that would get first peek at pretty much every graphic I make, but, again, particularly the layouts (more moving parts and whatnot). I've had a few friends do this over the years and they loved being my "voice of reason", but they've all since quit Neo. So I need some fresh blood...err, eyes, as it were. Especially if I'm going to do another Advent Calendar this year. So what I do is put up a layout or two at a time (or a bunch of smaller graphics on a petpage for your perusal), send you the link via NM and you yay or nay it for me. Tell me what works, what doesn't, make suggestions if you have them ("I don't like X being Y, could you change it to Z, instead?" sorta thing).

As I said, you'll get to see all of my masterpieces (HA!) before anyone else. And isn't that pretty rewarding when you love my site as much as you do? (HA! again.) Anyone interested can Neomail me.

In other news, I now have graphics done for eighteen different Pet Lookups over the Halloween "event" I have planned, with possibly more to come, depending on how quickly I can get these coded. That's today's project. And that's not counting all the other little goodies I'm planning on whipping up. Lots to do, so you guys will have lots to see!

October 18, 2017:
So I couldn't find good images for a lot of the stuff I wanted to do for this grand re-opening Halloween graphics fest. But does that mean I'm giving up? Oh no, dear visitor. I am merely getting warmed up! I essentially had to create new graphics from customisations, so that was interesting. Just wanted to give you guys a heads up that these might be a bit different than anything I've done thus far.

I finished up most of the graphics for the layouts I'm planning to release, so those just need to be coded. Besides that, it's basically just little stuff that should take no time at all. So I was going to work on some CSS layouts today to break it up some. (It's not the same as coding, okay? It's like a game of find and replace!) But then I decided to just add a few more layouts to the pile, instead. Right now I'm looking at releasing six new Pet Lookups just on Halloween alone! (With probably at least one more on the way.) And at least one per day, every day leading up to it, starting on Monday. Eek. That's getting close. And I have a dinner date with my dad tonight. Better get moving! :o

Oh, and I got a new "request" today, so I have to squeeze that in somewhere, too.

October 17, 2017:
Making some good progress on the graphics and layouts I mentioned yesterday. I shouldn't have a problem finishing on time. *Knocks on wood.* I won't be releasing anything new until Monday, unless I get 1done with everything super early and can work on some CSS layouts. But trust me, when I do release new stuff, it's going to be an explosion of new stuff. You won't want to miss it.

October 16, 2017:
Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. Not much going on visually today. I'm still (slowly) saving all my layout codes off the site so I can edit them more easily if/when I need to. I'm also intermittently working on some new stuff, to tentatively be unveiled the week prior to Halloween week (so starting on the 23rd), right on through the end of the month. So make sure you stay tuned for that. When I have all those graphics and layouts squared away and ready to go, then I'll work on spreading some of the CSS love around. Starting with Pet Lookups, because poor Silver and Gold are downright lonely in there.

October 15, 2017:
Good news, everyone! I can't sleep at not-quite four in the morning, so I'm gonna start working on Shop Layouts until my brain and my body cooperate to get me to sleep. Even though there's substantially less of these than either Pet Lookups or User Lookups, I think this is going to be the worst one for me, so please bear with me. Better news: I GOT MY MAIN ACCOUNT BACK! So as soon as I get Shop Layouts up and functional, and save the codes for everything to my hard drive in case I need to change stuff later, I'll work on moving the pages back to where they belong. I kind of don't mind the doubled up Pet Lookups page, so I may find a use for a spare page at a later date.

EDIT #1: Shop Layouts will be updated to their correct original page, and I'll swap over the navigation changes later. I'm already missing one thumbnail, so I'm off to a stellar start. I also had some layout stuff that needed tweaking now that I've seen it in Firefox (it was fine in Opera, Chrome, AND Vivaldi but I reserve FF for my main account -.-) so that will get implemented with the new navigation, as well. And of course, changing all the links back to my main account. Just little tweaks here and there, nothing ground-breaking.

EDIT #2: Got through the Altador Cup Shop Layouts relatively unscathed, which is good because that was the biggest section. I think it encompases like a quarter of all my Shop Layouts. I did have to recode the Terror Mountain Shop Layout (because apparently once again I'd copied the same layout twice {Terror Mountain was actually Tyrannia in this case}), but that's okay because I had the Gallery Layout to work from, so I just took that and the code from another Shop Layout and smushed them together. :P

I'm going to try to knock out Pet and Petpet categories really quickly (they each only have five layouts), and then try to sleep again. Oh and I moved the to-do list up to today's update because I forgot earlier. Oops.

EDIT #3: I got some sleep, but nowhere near enough to make me happy, so I'll probably wander off for more later. I did get those two sections of Shop Layouts done. I need to start on Character now. Then, Seasonal, and lastly, Random. Because I was wrong, Random actually has two more layouts in it than AC does. So that's going to be quite the chore. If anyone has any suggests/requests, please don't hesitate to reach out to me. My inbox is nice and empty after my thawing. ;)

EDIT #4: Just putting the finishing touches on the Shop Layouts page so they're being crossed off the list. Then I'm gonna move some stuff around and change some stuff and then advertising begins. ^_^

October 14, 2017:
Not too bad. I got further than halfway through the first section (of three) of Color And Species Pet Lookups before deciding I'd had enough for the day. And if memory serves, that's the largest one, accounting for almost half the total amount of them. I should be able to finish the rest of those up today. Then I need to regrab all the codes I don't have. Then I'm gonna make some fun backgrounds to break up the monotony quickly. Then I'll move on to User Lookups as time allows. Oh, and I forgot to mention, the C&S PLUs are going up in a seemingly random order, according to how they are in my imagehost. Makes things much quicker.

EDIT #1: I seem to be making better progress today than I did yesterday, as I've been up for less than an hour, on my computer for less than that, and am already done with that first section. I'm really tired, though, so I may stop part-way through this next section and go back to sleep for a bit.

EDIT #2: I've had to recode and then screenshot some of these on the fly to make thumbnails that apparently no longer exist on my hard drive and that I can't access from my old image host because they've decided to be jerks about it, so it's taking me a tiny bit longer, but I'm still making good progress.

EDIT #3: Made it through the second section relatively unscathed. Let's see if we can go three for three before breakfast. The good news is, with the Pet Lookups out of the way, everything else should be relatively smooth sailing. There's about forty less Pet Lookups than there are Shop Layouts and User Lookups COMBINED. There are quite a few User Lookups, but I believe the majority of them should be fairly easy to redo. Here's hoping.

EDIT #4: The last of the Pet Lookups just went up, so that's getting crossed off the list. I already did the new backgrounds while waiting for pages to render, images to upload, etc. because I am a fantastic multi-tasker. They've already been uploaded and I'm editing the page already, so they should go live in just a few minutes. I'll start on User Lookups after breakfast. ^_^

EDIT #5: AC User Lookups are done and up. Gonna take that nap now. Can't seem to keep my eyes open. I'll pick back up where I left off when I get back. I'm just gonna do these categories in order. However, I probably won't do the layouts within the categories in order.

EDIT #6: So I didn't get a nap, but I did get almost all the User Lookups done. I just have Seasonal left, which is by far the worst (I'm a sucker for holidays and I've done all sorts of intricate layouts with half a dozen images like a dolt -.-). I'll definitely have it done tonight but I'm supposed to go out to dinner soon, so I may get interrupted for a while.

EDIT #7: Moved some things around in the Seasonal User Lookups section because I didn't like the aesthetics of the way things weren't lining up. Looks much sleeker now. And with that, User Lookups are done. And so am I for tonight. Probably do Shop Layouts tomorrow.

October 13, 2017:
Super productive day yesterday. Those tend to happen more when the boyfriend is on overnight duty, which was the case yesterday. So I managed to finish the massive pile of Pet Glitters, Blogs, Mood Indicators, CSS Shop Layouts, CSS Pet Lookups AND CSS User Lookups, uploaded the rest of the stuff I'll need (I HOPE!), moved pages around to make up for the ones that were missing, and I was even able to get all the Petpages done and up, and a few categories of Guild Layouts, as well! (And I even squeezed a little boyfriend time in while he was working, to boot! ^_^)

Today will involve sorting out the rest of the Guild Layouts, which shouldn't take too long because I think there's actually less of them than Petpages, which felt like they took no time at all once I got started on them. Then we tackle the real monsters: Pet Lookups, User Lookups, and Shop/Gallery Layouts. But we're getting close to the end now! Then we can start on some NEW CONTENT! I'd like to start by expanding my CSS Layouts to include Petpages, and to bring some of the other color palettes into the existing ones (for instance, there are a couple dozen User Lookups with color palettes I can use, but only two Pet Lookups).

EDIT #1: Guild Layouts should be all squared away. Took me about an hour to finish, all told, which isn't bad since it was the bulk of them (namely the AC ones, eighteen teams) and I stopped a few times to procrastinate slogging through the rest. As always, please let me know if you have issues using any of my codes. I'm only human, and of course prone to errors. Oh, I also tweaked a bit of aesthetics on the Guild Layout page. Made it less scrolly and so the content part of the page is longer than the sidebar because that really irks my OCD. :P

Pet Lookups are up next. There are a LOT of these, so I'm really kind of dreading them. I'll get them up in chunks, saving the Color and Species ones for last because they have the most (76, which is more than the rest of the categories combined O_O) and straddle two pages on two different accounts. I expect this to take me at least the rest of the day, so once again, I appreciate your patience. First priority, however, is breakfast.

EDIT #2: Toying about with the idea of doing some not entirely Neo-related (but not entirely UN-Neo-related, either) Tiled BGs like I've done for some of my layouts. Simple, generic stuff like snow, hearts, stars, etc. I think I'll knock a few out really quickly after I finish Pet Lookups and see how they're received.

EDIT #3: I just (regrettably, accidentally) discovered that I don't have any of the codes for the layouts I have up on any hard drive I own, in any form other than on these pages. So as soon as I'm done getting Pet Lookups sorted, I'm going to go back through and grab all the codes I've fixed so far, for posterity. On a related note, I just had to recode the Astronaut Personality Pet Lookup because somehow I ended up putting the Astronomer one up twice. So it may vary slightly from its thumbnail, but not enough to make a huge difference, I don't think.

EDIT #4: This task is taking about as long and is as grueling as I expected (part of why it's taking so long is how soul-sucking it is). I've knocked out Character, Personality, and Species thus far. Next is AC, then Color, and then the ever-dreaded Color And Species. I'm going to move stuff around in the Color section when I get there, make it a bit more tidy. So that one will take me a bit longer.

EDIT #5: Finally finished AC and Color Pet Lookups. Going to start Color and Species tonight, but don't expect to get very far. This is the pits.

October 12, 2017:
Avatars are all done. And I managed to get four sections of Glitters up before I went to sleep, as well. It doesn't make a dent in the overall total, because most of them are in the section I'm dreading/saving for last, but at least it makes the page look more full in the meantime. Going to knock out the last two sections (Random and Seasonal), which shouldn't take very long, and then tackle the Pets section.

I think I may have worked out a solution for the pages on my frozen main account, so I'll be rejigging some stuff a bit later, whenever I finish with the Glitters. Stay tuned.

I'd like to do an Advent Calendar again this year (if I can remember how the heck I did it last time), but with all sorts of different graphics, not just Christmas/Winter/New Year themed stuff (since I pretty much used up all the resources for that two years ago), to help fill in some holes in my portfolio. But first I need to get the site up and running fully before December, so off to work I go.

EDIT #1: Random and Seasonal Glitters are now up and running. Working on Pets as fast as I can, after straightening out the code some. Just be forewarned that they're going up in chunks of 25 or so, and in a very random order, as I can't use find and replace on my imagehost, and they're all mixed up in there, so sorting through 120 of them (to do them in order) would be a bit of a nightmare.

EDIT #2: Last of the Pet Glitters are going up right now. That didn't take me NEARLY as long as I thought it would, so I'm going to go ahead and move some pages around now before I get started on Mood Indicators. That's gonna be a bit of a pain because of the four different versions of each image. Blah. Also, I've decided to move the updated to do list at the bottom of updates each day so y'all can see the progress I'm making easier.

EDIT #3: Okay, so here's the temporary fix I came up with. I moved one set of Pet Lookups onto a page that already had Pet Lookups on it. So instead of three pages, they're now only spread across two. It shouldn't affect load times too, TOO much. The extra (former) Pet Lookups page will now house Shop and Gallery Layouts. And I did have ONE spare petpage laying around that I use to preview layouts and such, that will now hold the User Lookups and Blogs page. I'm implementing these changes on the fly here, so bear with me. Then I'll get moving on other stuff.

EDIT #4: There were only two CSS Pet Lookup variations (so far), so I decided to just take an extra minute and add the thumbnails back in while I was in there fixing the navigation for the page moves.

EDIT #5: Since I'm on a roll today, I also threw the CSS Shop Layouts onto that page while I was editing. ^_^

EDIT #6: New pages should be in place and the navigation on every page should now lead to the new pages. Time to do some chores, and then I'll start on Mood Indicators. I'd like to knock out those and Blogs before I quit for the night. And then do the CSS User Lookups tomorrow. We'll see how I go.

EDIT #7: I've made an executive decision to do Blogs before Mood Indicators, now that Blogs have a dedicated page. They'll go a lot faster, so more content will be up sooner. I've changed the to-do list to reflect this, and also what I've already gotten done today. Makes me feel more accomplished. :P

EDIT #8: Chores done. Blogs done. Even snuck a nap in, because I nodded off three or four different times while the Blogs page was rendering. On to Mood Indicators!

EDIT #9: This is probably going to be the last update for today because the edits are getting out of hand. Once again, something I was dreading turned out not to be as god-awful terrible as I feared, once I buckled down and forced myself to tackle it. Almost done with the Mood Indicators. May even get around to throwing the CSS User Lookups up on their page before the night is over. :o

October 11, 2017:
Updated Shields page went live before I went to bed last night, so I've crossed it off the ever-dwindling list (HOORAY!) and added that I need to swap site layouts to it. I'll do that first thing, then get to work on Avatars (which shouldn't take terribly long, as there aren't very many of them) and then Glitters, which will be FARRRR more time consuming. Probably a two day project, at least. (There's 120 JUST in the Pets section. :| )

EDIT #1: Somehow I managed to delete the footer code off this page, so that's been rectified. No idea how that even happened. O_O

EDIT #2: So the new layout took longer to get right than I anticipated, by quite a fair margin. But I rejigged some things that I think tidy up the place a bit, so it was worth it. It'll start going live here in a minute. Stay tuned. After that, I'll start on Avatars. And then the dreaded Glitters, of course.

EDIT #3: Everything should be up and functional as of now, apart from User Lookups/Blogs and Shop/Gallery Layouts which I still need to make space for. But rest assured, their pages are recoded and ready to go (though not updated as of yet because oh my god, this is taking so much time!). Also. One of the pet lookup sub-pages led to the wrong pet's page (the one I can no longer update) so I'm just going through now and fixing those few pages. And then on to some actual necessary work.

EDIT #4: The last of the Avatars are going up now. I may do a few Glitters tonight, but the bulk of that will be happening tomorrow. And maybe into the next day, depending on how much it wears on my soul/brain/eyes.

October 10, 2017:
I got about halfway done with dividers before crashing last night (even though five of the seven categories are done already), so that's a decent chunk out of the way. Really starting to look like a site again, so I put the URL back in my siggy line of the account I'm using until my main is unfrozen to advertise. Hoping to get a bit of traffic through here to make all of this worthwhile. I think after I do the dividers, I'll spend a little time getting my own user lookup squared away, as right now it's completely unusable. Shouldn't take too much time, and I've been cranking along pretty well, so I can afford a few spare minutes. I'm up before the sun again today, so that'll help, as well. Though I just wasted a couple of hours going through things on my old hard drive and updating my ticket to get my account back. Oops!

EDIT #1: Did a quick fix so that my lookup is working again, in case anyone needs to get in touch with me, you can neomail me from here. Now that that's out of the way, I'll get back to work on finishing up Dividers so I can move onto Shields. As soon as I have some breakfast, that is.

EDIT #2: This is taking a bit longer than expected. I tweaked the code so that it's easier for me to move things around in the section I'm working on, which I will do once everything has been switched over, so that took a bit of time. There are 61 Dividers in the Seasonal category alone, which is what needs reorganizing. I'm gonna publish what I have done so far so at least it doesn't look like I'm slacking, but beware that things might shift around in another hour or so.

EDIT #3: Finished with Dividers, finally. Tweaked the code a bit to make it more easily editable. I'm gonna move some more stuff around in there eventually, but that's a project for a different day. Also changed a couple minor aesthetic things again. I think I'm gonna get my head out of coding for a while and go play some WoW. I'll be back to start on Shields later tonight. Updated the to-do list from yesterday, so it actually looks like I'm making progress. :P

EDIT #4: Back to work now. I want to make a new layout so badly, but I don't want to stop what I'm doing, to do it. Maybe I should re-use something from a previous year. I'll see what I have kicking around that can be easily implemented.

EDIT #5: Shield updating was going way faster than anticipated (should be done tonight), so I took a break from that and went ahead and created a new layout. So, I'll put that up tomorrow. I didn't think I had any of the old ones left, so I made it and then I was going through my Photobucket, and lo and behold, they were all there. Oh well. I hate recycling, anyway. :P

October 9, 2017:
Ugh. I was not as successful with the Signs as I had hoped. I had just a pretty "meh" day, overall, yesterday. But I swear now I am almost done and had my eyes not felt like sandpaper when I went to bed last night, I probably would have finished before sleeping. But them's the breaks, kids. I promise they'll be done today. And I got most of the stuff for layouts uploaded today as well. And I fixed a few minor aesthetics issues while I was in the Signs page, so that made me happy.

EDIT #1: Not only did I finish the Signs like I said I would/wanted to, but I did it before breakfast. So I may reward myself with a nap. Or I may get started on another project. Hmm...

EDIT #2: Decided to go ahead and start work on the Tiled Backgrounds. Slowly but surely they'll start going up in a minute here. It's a bit chaotic in my imagehost, despite the 98 folders I currently have, with more to come, so y'all will have to bear with me a bit. Still haven't had breakfast. Should rectify that.

EDIT #3: I'm three-quarters of the way through the Tiled BGs already, so it may be time for a break. See how I feel after some lunch.

EDIT #4: Had some food, had some rest, had a bit of boyfriend time. Now it's back to work on this while he's at work for real. I'd like to be able to call these done tonight, before I pass out from exhaustion. *Fingers crossed.*

EDIT #5: And done with Tiled BGs. *Crosses them off the list.* If anyone sees anymore Photobucket error images instead of Corner BGs, Tiled BGs, Banners, or Signs, please shoot me a Neomail. Also if the code doesn't work for whatever reason, or brings up something other than the preview image. Please and thank you. Onto Dividers and Shields!

October 8, 2017:
Should finish up with Signs in a little bit here, then it's on to the Tiled BGs. There's quite a few of those, so that's gonna take a bit of time. From there, it's Dividers and Shields, then Avatars and Glitters, and then Mood Indicators. I'll see if I can find a temporary home for Blogs and see about getting those straightened out, as well. I started uploading the graphics for Pet Lookups, Petpages, Shop Layouts, User Lookups, and Guild Layouts earlier, so that they're ready to go when I am (because, once again, stupidly slow internet {plus hundreds of graphics} means that'll take a good chunk of time), but that's still a ways off. I still have to figure out what I'm doing about Shop Layouts and User Lookups anyway. Maybe I'll have my main account back by the time I get there. Ha. Ha ha. Ha ha ha.

October 7, 2017:
So I thought I had all the Corner Backgrounds uploaded, but when I made my update post yesterday, I realized I was about twenty shy of having all the pet ones up. So instead of going throgh and figuring out which ones were missing, I just scrapped them all and reuploaded. I have the world's worst internet, so that took quite a chunk of time to get everything to actually upload. Now that that's done, I'm making significant progress on getting them up and functional. They're listed alphabetically by filename on my new imagehost, so that's the way they're going up. (They're listed alphabetically by species on the actual page, but the species is not the first part of the filename. So, for instance, all the Faerie pets are together in the imagehost, versus all the Bruces are together on the page.) It'll get done, eventually, it's just a bit more time consuming is all. Especially with close to 150 of them to replace. :P

EDIT #1: Pleased to announce that all the Corner Backgrounds are now fixed and should be functional. I have a LOT of coding to format because I had to grab it off the view source, since I somehow managed to save a version of this page with the layout and no content. SO, if anything doesn't work, shoot me a Neomail and I'll look into it. For now, onto another chunk of graphics. Next up...Banners and Signs. The former should go relatively quickly. And they're all already uploaded. Huzzah. The latter is gonna take a bit longer.

EDIT #2: Banners are all fixed. MOST of the signs have already been uploaded, so those should start popping up shortly. And I've also uploaded most of the other standalone graphics already, so everything should go much quicker from now on. Fingers crossed!

EDIT #3: As soon as all the singular graphics are done, I'm going to figure out where to put shop layouts and user lookups and then make sure I get the thumbnails up for all the pure CSS layouts I have. At least that'll suffice until I'm able to recode everything.

EDIT #4: So far so good with the Signs. I've gotten all the Welcomes and all the Zodiacs done, so all that's left now is the UFT/As and the AC Supports, the latter of which should go pretty quickly. And that'll be another page that I can cross off my list. But I think I'm done for the night. I'll hit it hard in the morning.

October 6, 2017:
I haven't gotten as much done over the past few days as I would've liked to, but I promise I am working on it as time and motivation allow. I don't wanna burn out because I forced myself to get x amount of things done in y amount of time. So I'm just doing it piecemeal, here and there. Boyfriend is going to be busy the next couple of nights, so that should allow me some extra time to get some stuff done. I'm done with the Corner Backgrounds, except for Pets, which is an incredibly daunting task (there's 143 of them!) that I'm going to start as soon as I post this upddate. Wish me luck!

I did also upload the linkback buttons and replaced their codes. Affiliates and whatnot (most of which are also my sites anyway) will be dealt with when I need a break from staring at 2500 lines of code. Then at least the main page (the one everything links to) will look somewhat presentable.

October 5, 2017:
I changed my mind. I know that I need to upgrade/update certain things, but I think getting all the existing content up should be my number one priority. I've been uploading since yesterday and will continue to do so throughout the day today, and then I should be able to start posting some stuff, hopefully by the weekend. In the interim, the pages are now all functional for when I'm able to add actual content. Changed my mind again. (Hey, I'm a woman, I do that.) I'm just going to upload things as I go here.

I'm going to start on adding the small stuff first. Non-layouts. Backgrounds, Signs, Banners, Blogs, Shields, etc. That way, at least you'll be able to tell I'm doing stuff. The layouts are going to take A LOT longer to have ready. First up will be Backgrounds, as I believe those are mostly uploaded already. Stay tuned!

So as it stands right now, the only pages that should be MIA are User Lookups/Blogs, and Shop Layouts. I still have to figure out a solution for those. Unfortunately, they're both over 400,000 characters. Yes, that's right. Four hundred THOUSAND. (Most of the rest of the pages are under the 200k mark, except for Petpages, because I do love my intricate Petpage coding. ;) ) Which means that I can't just combine them with another page or my crappy internet won't be able to render them to save. So I'm gonna have to move some stuff around my accounts. Not a small task, to be sure. So, as always, patience is appreciated.

Also, in case anyone is wondering why I left the updates from last year in, it's so I don't lose the hover code (again), because it's been so long since I've used it, I know I won't know which end is up.

And one final thing. Since my main account is frozen, I'm using my old main account for the time being. If you need to reach me, you can find me here.

October 4, 2017:
So my main account got frozen over a year ago and I'm still waiting for the ticket to be addressed. That accounts (heh) for most of my absence. My interest in Neo is nearly non-existent without my main account. And then my image host decided that it was no longer going to allow third-party image sharing, after I'd been using them for over a decade. (You may have found this difficult to ignore if you visisted this page in the interim, since I have thousands of images on there.) Since I'm going to have to reupload all the images somewhere else anyway, I've decided to take some time and change a few things around. Cleaning up image edges, changing colors, making the credits all match up, etc. This is obviously a huge undertaking, but it's going to make everything look that much better when it's done, so y'all will just have to bear with me a little longer. For now, I've fixed the layout and am working on getting all the backgrounds back up. We'll see where we land from there. Also need to find two petpages to take the place of the pages that were hosted from my main, so it could be a bit before the site is as operational as I would like. Please bear with me, I'm doing the best that I can. :)

June 29, 2016:
All right. So I'm back...ish...for now. My interest in Neo is severely waning. And WoW, which is my other obsession, has an expansion coming out next month, so it's going to be hard to keep coming back here. I don't have any new content. Sorry. I'll work on some in the next few days. But I do have a new layout, and some new affiliates and a new lister. And a couple shiny new buttons (courtesy of one such affiliate). Oh, and I've got a functioning hover code again. (Courtesy of another affiliate.) I guess that's it for now. Neomail me if you have anything you'd like to see me work with (a specific background, theme, whatever, I'm open to anything).

I'll delete all the old updates next time I'm in here. We're up to two months old, so they need to go, but I don't want to clear out everything so it's empty. So they'll stay for a little while longer.

+1 Lister:

+3 Affiliates:

+2 New Buttons (Courtesy of Queen Graphics):

New layout is going to take a bit to get up and running, so please bear with me. May be a bit half-and-half 'til tomorrow.

June 9, 2016:
Finishing up the last of the Faerieland revamps today.



Tiled Background:


Guild Layout:

And if I feel super motivated/bored, I'll redo the signs tonight, as well. We shall see. If not, shouldn't be more than a day or two. And since they've already been redone once, it's not that big of a deal to me.

Corner Backgrounds

These backgrounds can be used on lookups, shops, petpages, pet lookups, and guilds.

Note: Some of these are not actual size, so if they look stretched or shrunken, they probably are. Standard drag and drop procedure will show you the actual image.

Quick Jump:

Altador Cup Corner Backgrounds

Use these corner backgrounds to show off your team spirit.

Faerieland (New Colors):
Haunted Woods:
Kiko Lake:
Krawk Island:
Lost Desert:
Mystery Island:
Roo Island:
Terror Mountain:

Character Corner Backgrounds

Your favorite Neopian characters are highlighted in these corner backgrounds.


Faerie Corner Backgrounds

These corner backgrounds feature Neopia's favorite faeries.

Air Faerie:
Dark Faerie:
Earth Faerie:
Fire Faerie:
Light Faerie:
Water Faerie:
Snow Faerie:
Space Faerie:
Tooth Faerie:
Battle Faerie:
Negg Faerie:
Library Faerie:
Fountain Faerie:
Soup Faerie:
Grey Faerie:
Fyora Staff:
Chibi Fyora:
Graceful Fyora:

Petpet Corner Backgrounds

These backgrounds feature different kinds of petpets.

Mutant Niptor:
Island Niptor:
Tyrannian Snarhook:
Tyrannian Slorg:
Kadoatie Pounce:

Pet Corner Backgrounds

These backgrounds feature certain species of pets.

Baby Acara:
Rainbow Acara:
Royalgirl Acara:
Zombie Acara:
Christmas Aisha:
Woodland Aisha:
Alien Aisha:
Darigan Blumaroo:
Halloween Blumaroo:
Custard Bori:
Jelly Bori:
8-Bit Bruce:
Faerie Bruce:
Halloween Bruce:
Plushie Bruce:
Rainbow Bruce:
Strawberry Bruce:
Maraquan Buzz:
Zombie Buzz:
Asparagus Chia:
Pineapple Chia:
Plum Chia:
Tomato Chia:
Baby Chomby:
Christmas Chomby:
Eventide Chomby:
Island Chomby:
Mutant Chomby:
Baby Cybunny:
Disco Cybunny:
Ghost Cybunny:
Zombie Cybunny:
Maractite Draik:
Maraquan Draik:
Royal Girl Elephante:
Transparent Elephante:
Desert Eyrie:
Plushie Eyrie:
Camouflage Flotsam:
Royal Girl Flotsam:
Halloween Flotsam:
Magma Gelert:
Tyrannian Gelert:
Christmas Gnorbu:
Pirate Gnorbu:
Tyrannian Gnorbu:
Camouflage Grarrl:
Snot Grarrl:
Darigan Grundo:
Faerie Grundo:
Plushie Hissi:
Robot Hissi:
Halloween Hissi:
Baby Ixi
Biscuit Ixi:
Christmas Ixi:
Maraquan Ixi:
Zombie Ixi:
Chocolate Jetsam:
Eventide Jetsam:
Mutant Jetsam:
Garlic Jubjub:
Island Jubjub:
Disco Kacheek:
Jelly Kacheek:
Camouflage Kau:
Faerie Kau:
Zombie Kau:
Electric Kiko:
Strawberry Kiko:
Darigan Koi:
Spotted Koi:
Fire Korbat:
Magma Korbat:
Chocolate Kougra:
Plushie Kougra:
Speckled Krawk:
Zombie Krawk:
Halloween Kyrii:
Island Kyrii:
Pirate Lenny:
Royal Boy Lenny:
Halloween Lupe:
Spotted Lupe:
Disco Lutari:
Island Lutari:
Camouflage Meerca:
Faerie Meerca
Desert Moehog:
Pirate Moehog:
Jelly Mynci:
Plushie Mynci:
Disco Nimmo:
Faerie Nimmo:
Island Ogrin:
Pirate Ogrin:
Mutant Ogrin:
Christmas Peophin:
Darigan Peophin:
Faerie Peophin:
Plushie Poogle:
Tyrannian Poogle:
Robot Poogle:
Plushie Pteri:
Woodland Pteri:
Christmas Quiggle:
Sponge Quiggle:
Island Ruki:
Maraquan Ruki:
Chocolate Scorchio:
Speckled Scorchio:
8-Bit Scorchio:
Darigan Shoyru:
Maraquan Shoyru:
Faerie Skeith:
Royalboy Skeith:
Camouflage Techo:
Magma Techo:
Darigan Tonu:
Ghost Tonu:
Christmas Tuskaninny:
Spotted Tuskaninny:
Royal Girl Uni:
Tyrannian Uni:
Halloween Uni:
Ghost Usul:
Maractite Usul:
Christmas Vandagyre:
Baby Vandagyre:
Biscuit Wocky:
Chocolate Wocky:
Transparent Wocky:
Desert Xweetok:
Speckled Xweetok:
Pink Xweetok:
Halloween Yurble:
Plushie Yurble:
Snow Yurble:
Strawberry Yurble:
Island Zafara:
Pirate Zafara:
Halloween Zafara:

Random Corner Backgrounds

These backgrounds are all random themes.

Corrupted Air Faerie:
Corrupted Earth Faerie:
Corrupted Fire Faerie:
Corrupted Light Faerie:
Corrupted Water Faerie:
Faerie Conspirator:
Faerie Renegade:
Goth Usul:
Bumble Beams:
Wheeler's Wild Ride:
Hasee Bounce:
Turmac Roll:
Lab Scientist:
Petpet Lab Scientist:
Scorchio / Grill:
Wocky / Cake:
Kacheek / Achyfi:
Skeith / Pizza:
Grarrl / Soup:
Kougra / D-fruit:
Kau / Grill:
Musical Lutari Grundo:
Musical Royalgirl Zafara:
Musical Rainbow Poogle:
Green Yurble Astronaut:
Blue Grundo Astronaut:
Starry Quiggle / Telescope:
Baby Uni / Paint:

White Wocky / Paint:

Seasonal Corner Backgrounds

These backgrounds are all based on seasons/holidays.

Lenny / Happy Birthday Banner:
Faerie Peophin / Gifts:
Lupe / Presents:
Faellie / Confetti:
Wocky / Confetti:
New Year Bruce:
New Year Jubjub:
New Year Quiggle:
Valentine Polarchuck:
Valentine Mynci
Valentine Bori:
Cupid Elephante:
Valentine Chomby:
Leprechaun Skeith:
Cybunny / Flowers:
Illusen / Flowers:
Ixi / Flowers:
Beekadoodle / Flower:
Buzzer / Flowers:
Negg Faerie:
Cybunny / Easter Negg:
Relaxing Ruki:
Krawk / Ice Cream:
Snuffly / Beach:
Purple Ixi / Leaves
Acara / Leaves
Gobbler / Leaves:
Meowclops / Leaves
Camo Kougra / Leaves
Zomutt / Candy:
Halloween Snorkle / Pumpkin:
Halloween Angelpuss:
Frankenpets: (Halloween Tonu/ Kacheek/ Harris/ Warf)
Winter Cybunny / Cocoa
Usul / Snow:
Skiing Usul:
Slorg / Snowflake
Jubjub / Ice Skates:
Brown Wocky / Snowy Window
White Kau / Snow:
Christmas Kacheek / Snow:
Snowbunny / Mug:
Candychan / Candy Cane:
Gingerbread Cadro / Candy Cane:
Angelpuss / Stocking:
Christmas Usul / Presents
Flotsam / Christmas Tree:
Baby Kyrii / Candy Cane/ Holly
Jubjub / Christmas Tree:
Caroling Usul:

Heads Up! You're about to leave Neopia!

You've clicked on a link that will take you outside of We do not control your destination's website,
so its rules, regulations, and Meepit defense systems will be
different! Are you sure you'd like to continue?

It is a journey
I must face...alone.
*dramatic music*
I want to stay on Neopets,
where the dangers of
Meepit invasion
are taken seriously.
Heads Up! You're about to leave Neopia!

You've clicked on a link that will take you outside of We do not control your destination's website,
so its rules, regulations, and Meepit defense systems will be
different! Are you sure you'd like to continue?

It is a journey
I must face...alone.
*dramatic music*
I want to stay on Neopets,
where the dangers of
Meepit invasion
are taken seriously.
Heads Up! You're about to leave Neopia!

You've clicked on a link that will take you outside of We do not control your destination's website,
so its rules, regulations, and Meepit defense systems will be
different! Are you sure you'd like to continue?

It is a journey
I must face...alone.
*dramatic music*
I want to stay on Neopets,
where the dangers of
Meepit invasion
are taken seriously.

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