Sommer ; I'm glad we're off our feet! You're able to now submit any activities for points, and more ways to earn points are being thought of. I really want to create a broad spectrum of opportunities for you, and anyone else that may come across our pages.

the world is quiet here

Chat / multi-themed

Welcome to our humble home. This is Halcyon - a chat-based guild with a changeable theme. The theme is chosen by our members; we gather the suggestions up, shake them together, and make a poll in which everyone gets to vote at the end of the month. Our activities will be based off of the chosen theme and points will be awarded for completing them.

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Updated the 19th of July.

Answers to your questions

How often does the theme change? That will depend upon how popular the theme is. Typically, each theme will run for one month. If everyone happens to be mind-blowingly in love with cats, though, and we continue to find enough variety in our cat-themed games, we may keep it going for up to two months. If darigan pet pets is not going particularly well, we may choose to drop it sooner.

How will the themes be in sync with the activities? Here's an example- suggest that our theme is changing to jungles, or something of the sort. We're more than likely to have our activity pages stuffed with activities that relate to your knowledge of the jungle, or just some simple fun things that involve trees and animals that live in a jungle. Even our 1np Auctions will be items that have that kind of jungle feel.

How exactly does this magical selection process work? During the last two weeks of the month we will gather suggestions. What seems to be the most popular few will be put into our poll, and voted on. We will also draw a few of the most popular runners up from last weeks poll into the new one. For example, if we voted on the topics Chinchillas, the Battledome, and the Jellyworld, and Battledome was almost as popular as the Jellyworld, it will be included in the next months poll.


and council who runs this

Username: puppylicious
Name You go by: Sommer
Age: 17
Birthday: 2.1.99
Country: US
Time Zone: NST+3
Favorite Color: orange
Hobbies and Interests: I sing all day every day, listen to music all day, and spend lots of time with my boyfriend.
Collecting on Neopets: plushies, stamps, cards.
Favorite Neopet: Kyrii and Draik c:
Goals on Neopets: Improve my account mostly, in the time that I play on the site- as well as work on my poirtfolio and hopefully get better at designing graphics c:
Weaknesses & strengths?: helpless animals is my weakness. I've had multiple breakdowns because I see a dead animal or a cat that is limping on it's paws. But strengths, would be logic. I can give very good advice, when I know what it is I'm talking about.
Anything else?: I hope to take this guild places! I can't wait until we get everything set up and start to settle down c:

Username: kacichaos
Name You go by: Kaci
Age: 23
Birthday: 1/23
Country: US
Time Zone: NST+3
Favorite Color: teal
Hobbies and Interests: I love playing guitar and Ukulele. Music means a lot to me.
Collecting on Neopets: Blue Meerca Gnome Plushies
Favorite Neopet: Draik and Xwees
Goals on Neopets: My goal is honestly to help others reach theirs! I want to help as many people as I can
Weaknesses & strengths?: Sometimes I can be too nice to people and be a bit of a push over, but I am getting better at that!
Anything else?: I am so excited to get to know each and every one of you!


ranks to achieve

Points are earned through various acts within the guild, such as chatting, completing any kind of activity, or helping the guild in any way.

Steady: Your default rank, earned when you first join the guild until you rank up. Try looking on the activity portal for some activities to earn points, and say hello on the guild chat!

Equable: At this point you've (hopefully) gotten yourself in a comfortable spot in the guild. You have 500 guild points & 50 posts.

Tranquil: You're going pretty steady, now. You know what's going on and you're aware of most things going on in the guild. have 1,500 guild points & 150 posts.

Amicable: You participate and/or contribute to the guild in more ways, and you're totally comfortable here. :) have 3,500 guild points & 350 posts.

Placid: You're well known by the leaders and members of H╬▒lcyon, you've contributed a large amount of time and effort into our guild. Plus we all love you ;) you should have 10,000 guild points & (at least) 750 posts.


just to keep everything cool and relaxed

1: We have no post requirements, but for certain activities (avatar lending, 1np auctions, etc.) you are asked to have a certain amount of posts or time in the guild.
2: We have no activity requirements, but we do urge you to come on at least every two days. We like to see you and talk to you!
3: If you are offended by another member or something within the guild, please don't take matters into your own hands- neomail one of the council members and we'll help you handle it, just to make sure everything ends positively.
4: Don't bring outside drama onto our boards, and if you discuss something that makes others uncomfortable, you will be warned to not talk about it again. But if you need to talk to someone, please don't hesitate to neomail anyone you're comfortable talking to that's in the guild, or any of the council members.

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